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Snowden’s Lawyer Says He’s Ready to Come Home

Edward Snowden’s lawyer said that the fugitive is ready to come home, as long as he can get a fair trial in the United States.

“He is thinking about it. He has a desire to return and we are doing everything we can to make it happen,” said Anatoly Kucherena, Snowden’s lawyer, Agence-France Presse reported Tuesday.

Snowden is currently in Russia, where he has political asylum after leaking classified documents to the public while working at the NSA and government contractor Booz Allen Hamilton.

State Department flunkie Marie Harf had this to say about the lawyer’s comments:

“We’re certainly happy for him to return to the United States to face a court in the very serious charges” he faces she said Tuesday.

“So he absolutely can and should return to the United States to face the justice system that will be fair in its judgment of him,” Harf said. “But he is accused of very serious crimes and should return home to face them.”

Snowden lawyer Kucherena said that so far, they have secured a guarantee from Attorney General Eric Holder that Snowden will not face the death penalty. But in addition, Snowden wants a guarantee of a “legal and impartial trial.”

“With a group of lawyers from other countries, we are working on the question of his return to America,” Kucherena said.



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Two Days Later, Hillary Responds with a Tweet, Should Be Enough for the MSM

Finally, an in-depth response from Her Madameship!


See? Everything is on the up and up. Hillary is going to have the State Department release emails from her private server. No word on how many people she has chained in a basement and scrubbing those emails first, all the while screaming, “Remember what happened to Vince Foster!” to make them work faster.

Meanwhile, the press was quick to pretend this nothingburger tweet was a thing.

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British Jihadi Defends Jihadi John’s ‘Right to be Violent,’ ‘Moral High Ground’ of ISIS

YouTube Preview Image

A British jihadist who slipped off to Syria under UK authorities’ noses last fall has apparently penned an essay defending the right of fellow Briton Mohammed “Jihadi John” Emwazi to behead people.

Siddhartha Dhar, who’s close to cleric Anjem Choudary and marched in his pro-Sharia events, was arrested in Britain in September on suspicion of encouraging terrorism. He jumped bail and fled to the Islamic State with his pregnant wife, who later gave birth to a boy.

In a column posted this week on a file-sharing site under his nom de guerre, Abu Rumaysah al-Britani, the jihadist argues that the desire of the families of Steven Sotloff and David Haines to see Jihadi John captured and imprisoned for life — “prolonged Guantanamo style incarceration” — “as opposed to a quick death, is made to appear morally acceptable.”

“Even though we have been force fed by the media to believe that the Islamic State is ‘barbaric’ and ‘medieval’, if you want to torture an Islamic State soldier, bomb an Islamic State building or perhaps nuke Raqqah, all of a sudden such behaviour is deemed perfectly rational. You are not barbaric for wanting this, on the contrary, you are civilised and educated,” he wrote. “So what is the difference between Jihadi John and the thousands of Westerners who seek to see blood on the streets of the Caliphate, I ask?”

“…Take the gloves off, leave the political correctness aside and be totally honest with ourselves. Yes, violence can be justified – bombs, bullets, knives, air strikes etc. are needed for the right enemy and we should not be made to feel ashamed about it.”

Dhar said the “identity of Jihadi John is largely irrelevant; he is after all just another soldier following orders.”

But he disagreed with the father of slain journalist James Foley, who spoke of the need to stop “hating one another and hurting one another.”

“I have always been of the opinion that the Islamic State has the moral high ground with regards to the use of violence and not the US led coalition. I have come to this conclusion because I see the Islamic State as the victim, and I view their ideology as something I can support because it is so undeniably Islamic,” Dhar wrote. “…From where I stand it was America who first interfered in the Caliphate, and not the other way round.”

Dhar, whose past media appearances to promote radical Islam have included BBC and VICE News, stressed he “cannot envisage any piece of land whether in Makkah, London or Washington where Islam is not the rule of law, because I have lived in a non-Muslim country and I now live in the Islamic State and know what each can bring.”

“You could choose to be a casual observer, but when the Islamic army comes knocking on your door will you remain calm, or exercise your right to be violent? And I would argue, in this instance, you do not have that right… And as for conquest, well, military coups have been around since the birth of civilisation itself, and virtually every country, particularly in the West, have been guilty of it. And I would argue that the Islamic model of governance is what civilisation needs, and that we can live together peacefully, just not under any other law.”

Dhar added “you will probably find that hard to swallow, but understand that equally shoving pluralism, the right to self-determination and the rest of the democratic jargon down my throat is just as unpalatable, because I as a Muslim do not believe in it, and quite frankly neither should you.”

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Hundreds of Lawmakers Urge Against Proposed Ammo Ban

Via The Hill:

Second Amendment supporters in Congress are rallying against a controversial ammunition ban from the Obama administration.

Hundreds of lawmakers wrote to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF) Wednesday, urging it to “abandon” a proposed ban on a popular armor-piercing bullet commonly used in AR-15 rifles.

The ATF’s proposed ban is intended to protect law enforcement officers from armor-piercing bullets and keep them out of harms way, but Republicans say the prohibition unfairly targets hunters, who sometimes use these guns.
“Under no circumstances should ATF adopt a standard that will ban ammunition that is overwhelmingly used by law-abiding Americans for legitimate purposes,” the lawmakers wrote in the letter to ATF Director B. Todd Jones.

The letter was signed by 239 House lawmakers, including Judiciary Chairman Bob Goodlatte (R-Va.) and seven Democrats.

This follows the introduction last week of the Protecting Second Amendment Rights Act from Rep. Tom Rooney (R-Fla.) that would roll back the ATF’s power to regulate ammunition.

If he can’t do it through Executive overreach, President Obama is more than happy to let federal regulations run amok and choke the freedom out of America. He made gun control a focal point of his second inauguration speech and has spectacularly failed at getting anything done about it. Never mind the fact that the failures have come because the American people don’t support his fringe-left position on guns, this president does not like to be told “no”. The new Boehner/McConnell Republican majority just rolled over for the funding of the Obama’s amnesty plans, which makes one question whether he’s in for more than a strongly-worded letter on this issue.

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U.S. Ambassador to South Korea Attacked by Blade-Wielding Assailant


(Yonhap News)

The U.S. ambassador to South Korea was attacked and wounded by at least one armed assailant on his way to a breakfast lecture event, according to Yonhap News Agency.

State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf said his injuries are not life-threatening and there was “no known motive.” He’s being treated at a hospital.

South Korea’s YTN News reported that the attacker, armed with a razor blade, was heard yelling something about Korean unification. The assailant also reportedly said he was opposed to joint military drills being conducted by the U.S. and South Korea.

North Korea warned Tuesday that it could deter the U.S. by “conducting a pre-emptive strike.”

Lippert, 42, became ambassador in Seoul last fall. He used to be chief of staff to Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel and is close to President Obama, whom he advised on foreign policy in his first presidential campaign.



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Ben Carson: Not Ready for Prime Time

As Barry Hussein reminds us every day, the presidency is not an entry-level job:

Retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson’s remarks on same-sex lifestyles are sparking more interest in the press than his announcement earlier this week that he has filed paperwork to run for the president of the United States.

In an interview with CNN’s Chris Cuomo that aired Wednesday, Carson dismissed comparisons between restrictions on gay marriage and slavery. ”People have no control over their race,” Carson said, adding that in his view people do have some control over their sexual orientation.

“Because a lot of people who go into prison go into prison straight — and when they come out, they’re gay,” the former head of pediatric neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins Hospital said. “So, did something happen while they were in there? Ask yourself that question.”

Leave aside the question of whether Carson is right or wrong in his statement; that’s not the issue here. The issue is: you don’t go marching into that  political box canyon in the first place. Remember that the media is going to try to make every potential GOP candidate look like an idiot, and the surest way to do that is via gotcha questions about sex or religion. The idea is to play into the media’s own stereotypes about conservatives and thus, in their eyes, validate them so that the paid operatives and mouthpieces of the progressive movement can proclaim themselves vindicated in their low opinion of conservatives yet again.

Ben Carson is a very impressive man, but he would be well served to forget running for the White House this year and maybe run for city council or mayor somewhere first. Otherwise he risks spoiling his own reputation and prematurely ending whatever career in politics he may one day have.

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DOJ Exonerates Officer Wilson, Excoriates Ferguson Police in ‘Searing’ Report

The Justice Department said today that there isn’t evidence to support federal civil rights charges against Officer Darren Wilson in the shooting death of Michael Brown, but issued a scathing report on racism within the Ferguson Police Department.

In a 105-page report, the DOJ found that the department “engaged in a pattern or practice of conduct that violates the First, Fourth, and 14th Amendments of the Constitution.”

Addressing reporters moments ago, Attorney General Eric Holder addressed the Brown case first, stressing that “the promise that I made … was not that we would arrive at a particular outcome.”

“Our investigation has been fair and rigorous from the start,” Holder said, and found that Brown’s death “did not involve prosecutable conduct on the part of Officer Darren Wilson… I concur with the investigative team’s judgment.”

“These findings may not be consistent with some people’s expectations,” he acknowledged, but before passing judgment “I urge you to read this report in full.”

Al Sharpton’s National Action Network issued a statement saying they are “deeply disappointed” with the decision to clear Wilson.

The congressman who represents Ferguson, Rep. Wm. Lacy Clay (D-Mo.), said he was grateful that Holder investigated the Brown shooting in the first place.

“While I am extremely disappointed that Mike Brown’s killer will not face criminal charges, his death has forced our nation to begin a long overdue conversation on race and the disparities it continues to perpetuate for too many Americans,” Clay said.

And Holder stressed that the second federal investigation, which revealed a “widespread pattern” of discrimination at the department, was the real root of the Michael Brown protests.

The “searing” report found “a community that was deeply polarized” with “eroded police legitimacy” and residents who “feel under assault or under siege” by those who serve and protect, Holder told reporters.

That, he said, made the Brown shooting “set off like a powder keg” demonstrations against the department.

Holder said the review found city officials viewing law enforcement as a “tool for raising revenue” that “fostered unconstitutional practices at nearly every level.”

Ninety-three percent of arrests from 2012 to 2014 were of African-Americans though the community is 67 percent black. Eighty-five percent of traffic stops and 90 percent of citations issued were against African-Americans. Every case in which a police dog bit someone the person was African-American.

The report also addresses the local courts system, noting blacks were 68 percent less likely to have their case dismissed and are 50 percent more likely to have their cases lead to an arrest warrant.

Holder said constitutional violations included officers interfering with people recording police activity and the “common practice” of stopping pedestrians and requesting identification “for no reason at all.” Some stops started out as start “defensible” with proper cause, he said, but then would “blatantly cross the line.”

Investigators found “no other basis” for the patterns than “implicit and explicit racial bias,” Holder concluded. They also uncovered “a number of public servants” expressing racial or gender bias.

“Some community perception may not have been accurate” on the Brown case, Holder said, but on the broader concerns of racism in the police ranks “some of those protesters were right.”

Holder said the findings call for “immediate, wholesale corrective action” in Ferguson, and “nothing is off the table” as far as mandates.

The report states that “city officials have frequently asserted that the harsh and disparate results of Ferguson’s law enforcement system do not indicate problems with police or court practices, but instead reflect a pervasive lack of ‘personal responsibility’ among ‘certain segments’ of the community. Our investigation has found that the practices about which area residents have complained are in fact unconstitutional and unduly harsh. But the City’s personal-responsibility refrain is telling: it reflects many of the same racial stereotypes found in the emails between police and court supervisors. This evidence of bias and stereotyping, together with evidence that Ferguson has long recognized bu t failed to correct the consistent racial disparities caused by its police and court practices, demonstrates that the discriminatory effects of Ferguson’s conduct are driven at least in part by discriminatory intent in violation of the Fourteenth Amendment.”

The email exchanges uncovered by investigators “involved several police and court supervisors, including FPD supervisors and commanders” and included one noting that President Obama wouldn’t be president for long because “what black man holds a steady job for four years,” one depicting Obama as a chimpanzee, and one that “included a photo of a bare-chested group of dancing women, apparently in Africa, with the caption, ‘Michelle Obama’s High School Reunion.’” Residents also told investigators of incidents when officers used racial epithets.

“While our investigation did not indicate that African Americans are disproportionately irresponsible, it did reveal that, as the above emails reflect, some Ferguson decision makers hold negative stereotypes about African Americans, and lack of personal responsibility is one of them. Application of this stereotype furthers the disproportionate impact of Ferguson’s police and court practices,” the report states. “It causes court and police decision makers to discredit African Americans’ explanations for not being able to pay tickets and allows officials to disown the harms of Ferguson’s law enforcement practices.”

Clay said the “disturbing findings” within the report “demand urgent remedies which must be swiftly implemented without obstruction or delay, and without further denials of the painful and undeniable facts.”

“It should serve as a template for transformational change, not just in Ferguson, but across this country,” the congressman added.

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Jimmy Kimmel Unapologetic About Offending Anti-Vaxxer Loons

Good for him.

Jimmy Kimmel has an 8-month-old daughter, and he is sick and tired of all this anti-vaccination chatter lately, so he decided to do something about it.

The TV host made a PSA last week about why parents should be vaccinating their children. He preceded the video with a long speech about his pro-vaccine stance, and slammed celebs like Jenny McCarthy for speaking out against the practice.

Kimmel then played a PSA he shot that featured frustrated doctors blasting parents who don’t vaccinate.

And after the PSA aired, the Twitterverse erupted in angry messages directed at Kimmel, he revealed this week on his show.

Kimmel tackled the issue once again on Monday night, saying despite the scores of angry messages calling for him to apologize, he had no intention of saying sorry.

There are far too many cries for public apologies lately. Face it, the country has gone weak. Whether I agree with the celebrity or not on a given issue (and I do agree on this one), I am always happy to see one who won’t yield to reflexive outrage. Sometimes, you just have to be dismissive. Kimmel states perfectly why he is in this case:

“A lot of these groups are insisting I present both sides of the argument, and I am not going to do that either for the same reason I wouldn’t present both sides if a group of people decided that pancakes make you gay. They don’t, and there is no point in discussing it.”

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NYC Public Schools to Get Muslim Holidays Off

Just don’t say “Christmas” on school property.

New York City public schools will now observe two Muslim holidays, officials announced Wednesday, making the district — the nation’s biggest — one of the few to put Islamic holy days on its calendar.

Under the change announced by New York Mayor Bill de Blasio and city Schools Chancellor Carmen Farina, there will be no class for Eid al-Adha, also known as the Festival of Sacrifice, starting next September 24. Another Muslim holiday, Eid al-Fitr — a festival marking the end of the holy month of Ramadan — will become a holiday for those in summer school starting in 2016.

“This is a common-sense change,” de Blasio said Wednesday, “and one that recognizes our growing Muslim community and honors its contributions to our city.”

The decision affects some 1 million students in New York City. While it’s not known exactly how many of them are Muslim, City Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito said that almost 1 million of the more than 8 million people in the city’s five boroughs practice Islam.

The move isn’t a surprise, given de Blasio’s campaign pledge to alter the school calendar with Muslim families in mind.

Leftists’ priorities would be pathetically amusing if they weren’t almost always ultimately destructive. Public schools aren’t supposed to be in the business of catering to a religious population anymore, remember? If a Christmas tree so much as passes within 500 feet of public property, radical atheists appear out of the ether with pitchforks in hand.

What is awful about the timing for this is that it plays into the false narrative that we need to be more sensitive to a religion that may or may not be telling its adherents to kill us because we really are the problem. Yes, there are a handful of moderate Islamist voices who claim that the violence isn’t an inherent part of the religion.

It’s difficult to hear them over the noise ISIS makes, however.

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Politico Faces Its Worst Fear and Ponders a 2016 Without Hillary

Someone has abandonment issues.

Until now, Hillary Clinton’s run for the presidency has been viewed as pretty much a sure thing. But lately the road to near-certain nomination has taken a couple of rough turns, especially with the revelation that Clinton may have broken federal rules as secretary of state by communicating only on her private email account. Which makes us wonder: What if The Unthinkable did happen and she actually dropped out? What would be the Democrats’ response?

“Panic,” says Democratic consultant Chris Lapetina. Indeed, the biggest problem is that the Democratic establishment is apparently so terrified of the idea of a Hillary-less race—and the vicious primary that might result—it’s not even considering contingency plans. Political professionals, like military generals and crisis management experts, know that the way to avoid being blindsided is to prepare for every scenario. But while the Democratic National Committee has to officially remain neutral, much of the extraparty infrastructure has been moving ahead on the presumption of a Hillary campaign.

The Democrats are afraid of the no-Hillary option because their bench is thinner than Joe Biden’s hair before he got the plugs. All eyes would turn towards Elizabeth Warren at first, prompting an “elderly white woman for elderly white woman” straight-up swap for the party of youth and diversity. If the Hillary money went her way, the problem is solved. Warren, however, is a favorite of the Obama crowd, which isn’t always in sync with the Hillary crowd, so there is no guarantee that would happen.

The only reason to believe that the email problem will have a negative impact on Hillary is the fact that it was the New York Times that made it well known. Her Madameship’s minions can’t scurry about screaming about right-wing conspiracies on this one. Sadly, the Clintons are practiced lawbreakers and have never had any of their countless infractions stick.

My personal conspiracy theory here (pure speculation) is that the email scandal will only gain traction if power players inside the Democratic Party decide that Mrs. Bill needs to be nudged out in favor of Fauxcahontas.

Then it’s popcorn time.

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IRGC Navy Commander Presents New ‘Strategic’ Weapon

Reprinted with permission from MEMRI.

Army of the Guardians of the Islamic Revolution Navy Commander Ali Fadavi presents a new “strategic” weapon and says: we have deterred America.

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Paging Indiana Jones: Who Doesn’t Love a ‘Lost City In the Jungle’ Story?

Well, here’s one now. With a Monkey God, too!

The jungle-choked remains of a “lost city”, abandoned by a mysterious civilisation several centuries ago and long fabled for reports of its gold and “monkey children”, have been uncovered in the depths of the rainforests of Honduras. A team of American and Honduran archaeologists, aided by the bushcraft and survival skills of former British SAS soldiers, has just emerged from one of the most remote locations on Earth with news of their stunning discovery.

The expedition was seeking the site of the legendary “White City”, also known as the “City of the Monkey God”, a goal for Western explorers since the days of the Spanish conquistadores in the 16th century. The city, believed to be one of many lost in the Mosquitia jungle, was home to an unknown people that thrived a thousand years ago but then vanished without trace – until now.

Unlike the Maya, so little is known of this pre-Columbian culture that it does not even have a name.


“It shows that even now, well into the 21st century, there is so much to discover about our world,” said Christopher Fisher, the lead archaeologist. ”The untouched nature of the site is unique and if preserved and properly studied can tell us much about these past people and provide critical data for modern conservation,” he told the Telegraph.

The site is located deep in the Mosquitia, a vast and barely inhabited region of swamps, rivers, and mountains. To navigate the choking foliage, the team was guided by Steve Sullivan and Andrew Wood, the former SAS soldiers who are experts in bushcraft survival skills.

Like this, you mean?

YouTube Preview Image

(And, yes, that’s Alfred Molina as the treacherous native guide.)

Here’s the link to the National Geographic story.



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Netanyahu Rebuts Obama: ‘I Presented a Practical Alternative’ to Administration’s Iran Deal

Countering President Obama’s assertion that he offered no alternative to Washington’s plan for an Iran nuke deal, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said after landing in Israel that there was indeed an alternative offered.

“After my short visit to the United States, I return to Israel knowing that many around the world heard what Israel has to say about the impending deal with Iran,” Netanyahu said. “In my speech before the Congress, I presented a practical alternative, which would impose tougher restrictions on Iran’s nuclear program, extending Iran’s breakout time by years.”

“I also called on the P5+1 to insist on a deal that would link the lifting of those restrictions to Iran’s ceasing its sponsorship of terrorism around the world, its aggression against its neighbors and its calls for Israel’s destruction,” he continued. “I heard encouraging responses from both Democrats and Republicans. They understood that the current proposal would lead to a bad deal and that the alternative is a better deal. Happy Purim.”

Obama, who didn’t watch Netanyahu’s speech but commented on it after reading a transcript, said “the prime minister didn’t offer any viable alternatives.”

Speaking from the nuclear talks in Switzerland today, Secretary of State John Kerry said they won’t be “distracted by external factors or politics.”

“Most importantly, as President Obama said yesterday, we know that no one has presented a more viable, lasting alternative for how you actually prevent Iran from getting a nuclear weapon,” Kerry said. “So, folks, simply demanding that Iran capitulate is not a plan, and nor would any of our P5+1 partners support us in that position. And it’s very important to remember we have partners in this effort – France, Germany, Britain, China, Russia – all of whom have similar feelings about the importance of what must be done here.”

Talks will resume on March 15, he added, “recognizing that time is of the essence, the days are ticking by, and important decisions need to be made.”

Like Deputy National Security Advisor Ben Rhodes, Kerry advised worrying about Iran’s terrorist activities after the deal.

“Now, for all the objections that any country has to Iranian activities in the region – and believe me, we have objections and others in the world have objections – the first step is to prevent Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon,” Kerry said.

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If Supes Rule Against Obamacare, GOP Must Finish It Off Immediately

Never let a crisis go to waste:

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) on Tuesday offered the latest in a series of Republican ObamaCare alternatives ahead of a Supreme Court ruling that could gut the law.

Cruz’s bill, called the Health Care Choices Act, would allow people to buy health insurance across state lines, long a Republican health policy goal. It would also repeal Title I of ObamaCare, which would undo much of the law, including the mandate to buy insurance, the insurance marketplaces and subsidies to help people afford coverage.

Republicans are looking to show that they have a plan ready if the court strikes down subsidies for around 7.5 million people in the roughly three-dozen states using federally run marketplaces. The court will hear arguments in the case, King v. Burwell, on Wednesday. The Obama administration insists that it does not have a contingency plan and that it will prevail in Court.

Alas, given the Republicans’ general ineptitude — we have to prove we can govern by rolling over for Harry Reid and the minority Democrats! — nothing is a sure bet. McConnell and Boehner could easily manage to lose a tactical engagement to a Girls Scouts troop marching up Capitol Hill. Their most likely response to an Obamacare defeat would be to offer subsidies anyway — anything to keep the senior wing of the Permanent Bipartisan Fusion Party happy.

Still, the chance to jump on King v. Burwell should John Roberts, you know, actually believe Jonathan Gruber’s plain statement that the federal subsidies were deliberately not included in Barrycare in order to encourage the states to get on board with their own exchanges, should not be missed.  Deregulation is the way forward, not greater government control. Because you know the Democrats are just itching to impose their “single-payer” goal on the American people, by force if necessary.

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How Stupid Is the Obama Administration?

Or naive. Or, let’s face it, evil. It appears that we have an entire administration of expensively credentialed plutocrats, without the slightest clue how the world really works. Bibi Netanhayu gave his “good friend” John Kerry a hint yesterday when he referred to Iran as a “Persian bazaar,” where the hondeling is part of the fun and cheating is the name of the game. And now here come the Iranians to prove it!

Iran rejected on Tuesday as “unacceptable” U.S. President Barack Obama’s demand that it freeze sensitive nuclear activities for at least 10 years but said it would continue talks on a deal, Iran’s semi-official Fars news agency reported. Iran laid out the position as the U.S. and Iranian foreign ministers met for a second day of negotiations and as Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu delivered a stinging critique of the agreement they are trying to hammer out.

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammed Javad Zarif and U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry met a day after Obama told Reuters that Iran must commit to a verifiable halt of at least 10 years on sensitive nuclear work for a landmark atomic deal to be reached. ”Iran will not accept excessive and illogical demands,” Zarif was quoted by Fars as saying.

When dealing with anybody named “Mohammed” in that part of the world, it’s always wise to count your fingers after the handshake, but our intrepidly idiotic secretary of state plunges ahead, willing to absorb any humiliation for the sake of his boss, who’s still licking his wounds after yesterday beating by Bibi.

Obama’s stance … is expressed in unacceptable and threatening phrases,” he was reported as saying, adding that talks with Kerry in Switzerland would nonetheless carry on.

The aim of the negotiations is to persuade Iran to restrain its nuclear program in exchange for relief from sanctions that have crippled the oil exporter’s economy, thereby reducing the risk of war over the protracted dispute. The United States and some of its allies, notably Israel, suspect Iran of using its civil nuclear program as a cover to develop a nuclear weapons capability. Iran denies this, saying it is for peaceful purposes such as generating electricity.

Speaking before the U.S. Congress in Washington, Netanyahu warned Obama against accepting a nuclear deal with Iran that would be a “countdown to a potential nuclear nightmare” by a country that “will always be an enemy of America”.

But of course the Iranians will carry on — they’re getting everything they want. As I pointed out in this space nearly two weeks ago, the whole point of these “negotiations” is to give Iran a legitimate path to the bomb within ten years and probably a lot sooner, as in tomorrow — a point the Israeli prime minister made in his speech to Congress yesterday. And if Congress won’t oblige by ratifying whatever bad deal Barry Hussein & Co. come up with, well… there’s always executive action to make sure Valerie Jarrett’s Islamic friends get what they want.


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Facebook Explodes After Netanyahu’s Epic Speech

Are you wondering how the average American responded to Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu’s epic speech in Congress yesterday? Well, wonder no more. I’ve got the answer. We asked our Facebook followers yesterday what they thought of the speech:

Screen Shot 2015-03-04 at 13.33.50

The reactions came in fast and they were unanimous:

Screen Shot 2015-03-04 at 13.16.03

While rightfully praising Netanyahu, many readers also had a thing or two to say about President Obama and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, who had the nerve to turn her back on the prime minister when he said that, if necessary, his country will stand alone.

Screen Shot 2015-03-04 at 13.16.58


No wonder Obama was angry with Netanyahu: he hasn’t had a hit speech like that since 2008, when he ran for president and tens of millions of voters actually thought he could deliver “change we can believe in.” The only “hope and change” we see now comes – Facebook users said – from Israel’s prime minister, a military and political hero who fears no one, and who serves his country with great honor.

The contrast with President Obama couldn’t be clearer. Facebook sleeps when he gives a speech but lights up at the moment Netanyahu addresses the nation — and the rest of the world. Go Bibi!

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WY Food Freedom Act Is Signed into Law

Wyoming Governor Matt Mead signed into law legislation that would stop the government from interfering in certain transactions between consumers and farmers to procure food.

The bill was sponsored by state Rep. Tyler Lindholm and will “stop overregulation of locally produced foods typically sold at farmers markets and like venues. As long as there is only a single transaction between the producer and the informed end consumer, there would be no government regulation or inspection. Meats would not be allowed to be sold in this manner, except for chicken. Chicken meat is already allowed under federal regulations.”

Said Lindholm, “This law will take local foods off the black market. It will no longer be illegal to buy a lemon meringue pie from your neighbor or a jar of milk from your local farm.

The government has long interfered in the relationship between local farmers and their communities to the detriment of the communities’ freedom and hurting small farmer’s abilities to sell, literally, the fruits of their labors.

“The government is not my parent,” said Cheyenne resident Lisa Glauner. “I would much rather have food the way God made it than to have FDA-approved food that is not even real, like Kraft macaroni and cheese that doesn’t even have real ingredients.”

Representatives from the state’s health officials and the Department of Agriculture attended a hearing on the bill. They answered questions but did not testify against the legislation. Probably a good idea since the government doesn’t have a great track record on issues concerning the “proper” diet for Americans.



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Taliban: Hell No, We’re Not in Peace Talks

The Taliban in Afghanistan said reports that it is willing to negotiate have been greatly exaggerated — and are “baseless,” in fact.

Press reports last month indicated that the Afghan government and Taliban would sit down for Pakistan-moderated negotiations in the coming weeks. But the jihad is still on, the group calling itself the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan said in a statement today.

“The media has been publishing false reports periodically over the past week asserting the heating up of negotiations and even fabrications about visits by the delegations of Islamic Emirate. We reject all such claims. There is no such process taking place and neither can such matters shape up behind closed doors or be kept hidden,” the Taliban said. “If there was anything taking place in this regard, the Islamic Emirate would have informed the media and its countrymen through its official channels.”

They said they support a “dignified peace as a necessity and aspiration of its countrymen” — but in a Sharia state of mind as “the main factors fueling this war are the presence of foreign invaders and continued anti-Islam activities.”

“Since Jihad is an individual obligation due to the presence of invaders therefore the Islamic Emirate until now deems the use of weapon as upholding this command,” the statement continued.

“Since all reports about negotiations are baseless, which seem to be the work of intelligence circles, hence no one should believe them. Such baseless rumors have been circulated many times over the past 13 years but all praise is due to Allah, it has failed in harming the Mujahideen or cultivating distrust. This wave of lies shall also pass by fruitless this time around and time shall prove everything.”

The Taliban further stated it believes “such rumors are the work of secret agencies with sinister goals therefore the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan calls on its nation to be vigilant as ever about enemy plots and not be fooled by mere propaganda.”

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Rhodes: ‘The Day After a Deal Is Reached’ We’ll Still Care About Iran’s Terrorism

Deputy National Security Advisor Ben Rhodes told PBS that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s impassioned address to a joint session of Congress about the Iran nuclear threat won’t damage President Obama’s efforts to strike a deal with the Islamic Republic.

“I mean the fact of the matter is the president said there’s nothing new because we have been hearing these arguments from Prime Minister Netanyahu privately and publicly for some time now. He’s made very clear his opposition to the type of deal that we’re pursuing,” Rhodes said.

“What we heard today was a lot of different arguments we’ve heard from different places from the prime minister pulled together in one space. As the president said, he made similar arguments before the joint plan of action was agreed over a year ago and that has actually borne out as a successful effort to halt the progress of Iran’s program and roll it back in certain elements.”

Rhodes said Netanyahu “has been clear about his view but we don’t think he’s putting forward an alternative that can deal with the issue of preventing Iran from getting a nuclear weapon as effectively as the type of deal that we’re negotiating.”

He said the administration remains adamant about not roping in the regime’s other behaviors — support for terrorism, support for Bashar al-Assad and Houthi rebels included — because “the nuclear challenge is distinct.”

“But the day after a deal is reached if we get an agreement, our concerns about other Iranian activities in the region will be exactly the same as they are today. We’ll be just as concerned about their support for terrorism, their support for Hezbollah, their destabilizing actions in the region as we are today,” he said. “But the fact is if you can verifiably ensure that they’re not able to get a nuclear weapon, we will be more secure and the region will be more secure.”

Asked why the Israeli government is so worried, Rhodes replied, “I think the prime minister has a longstanding view on Iran that takes a particular line that opposes this type of diplomatic agreement.”

“But the fact is the type of deal that he laid out today is one that is simply unattainable. That involves Iran dismantling its entire nuclear structure. It involves Iran changing the nature of its behavior in the region. That’s a recipe for no deal,” he continued. “Not only will the Iranians not agree to that. No other country in the world would support us in taking that position in the negotiations.”

He also defended the sunset clause in the agreement, stressing “the fact of the matter is the same type of options that we have in place today to prevent Iran from getting a nuclear weapon will be available to the president of the United States in 10, 15 years — whenever the conclusion of the duration of the deal is.”

As far as how negotiations are proceeding, Rhodes said “it’s going to come down to a question of political will on the Iranian side.”

“We can see what this could look like but we’re not there because the Iranians saw further to move on some issues we really care about and we’re not going to make a bad deal as the president said. We have had plenty of opportunity to accept the bad deal and we haven’t done it.”

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Cosby Accuser: He Wanted Me to Smear Oatmeal on My Face

A woman who is accusing comedian Bill Cosby of rape is claiming he wanted her to smear oatmeal all over her face and style her hair like Queen Noor of Jordan.

Queen Noor:

Queen Noor of Jordan

“He was obsessed with her,” the new accuser told BuzzFeed News, referring to the beautiful American who wed King Hussein in 1978.

The accuser is identified only as an aspiring actress named “Patricia.” The unusual request was made when Cosby invited her to a taping of The Dinah Shore Show.

Cosby went out of his way to send a particular photo of Queen Noor with her golden hair in a teased bun so Patricia could replicate the style at a salon, Patricia told BuzzFeed.

She also drank something he gave her “as they engaged in some bizarre acting improvisation exercises that involved her pretending to be a queen while she had oatmeal on her face, she reportedly said.”

“He told me to convince him that I could remain regal and queen-like no matter what I looked like,” she said.

She later felt strange from the drink, blacked out, and woke up naked in Cosby’s guest bedroom with the robe-clad comedian claiming he had to remove her dress because she threw up, she told BuzzFeed.

Other Jane Does encouraged “Patricia” to come forward. “You’re not alone,” Patricia reportedly said. “You don’t have to keep this a secret anymore.”

“Patricia” is 58 and currently living in Southern California.


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Hoyer: ‘At a Minimum’ Deal ‘Must Dismantle Iran’s Nuclear Weapons Infrastructure’

YouTube Preview Image

It’s no secret on Capitol Hill that House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and Minority Whip Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) aren’t the best of friends, and that was evident in their very different reactions to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s address to a joint session of Congress yesterday.

Hoyer was seated next to Pelosi and jumped to his feet with enthusiastic applause often, while “near tears” Pelosi fidgeted and acted uncomfortable.

He was behind Pelosi at a press conference later, video above, and cast priceless looks in her direction as she described her near-tears experience.

Finally, Hoyer issued his own statement on Netanyahu’s speech:

“Today, Prime Minister Netanyahu spoke before a joint meeting of Congress regarding the ongoing negotiations with Iran, and I share his concern that Iran has shown it cannot be trusted. I remain hopeful – though skeptical – that an agreement can be reached, which is clearly the best option. If there is an agreement, at a minimum it must dismantle Iran’s nuclear weapons-related infrastructure, include what Deputy Secretary of State Tony Blinken called ‘the strongest, most intrusive inspection and access program that any country has ever seen,’ and deal with militarization. America’s policy toward Iran has consistently been and must continue to be prevention, not containment.”

Hoyer appeared side by side with Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) at the American Israel Public Affairs Committee conference in D.C. on Sunday. “Democrats and Republicans don’t always agree, but when it comes to the safety and security of Israel, we will stand together,” Hoyer said.

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Stan Evans: RIP

America lost a great man and scholar this week: Stan Evans.

If you don’t know Stan Evans, you don’t know Senator Joe McCarthy.  One of the thick, heavily footnoted works of Evans was Blacklisted by History: The Untold Story of Senator Joe McCarthy and His Fight Against America’s Enemies.  I have never read a book so thoroughly footnoted.

In sum, Evans recognized that McCarthy had his flaws, as everyone does.  But the truth is that McCarthy was onto  something when he claimed Soviet agents and sympathizers had infiltrated the United States government.  Evans used records from the Venona Project containing Soviet archives to match many of the people McCarthy claimed were Soviet moles with actual Soviet KGB records.  In short, McCarthy was more right than wrong.


But don’t tell Hollywood or the Democrats (and even some Republicans).  They long ago turned McCarthyism into a noun.

After I left the Justice Department, I got in touch with Evans.  Evans graciously spent hours on the telephone with me one day, chatting about some of my favorite topics: history, myth, the Soviets and the unique role of America in defending and preserving the dignity of human freedom.

Evans knew his stuff.  He was a giant in the defense of human freedom.

But our conversation touched on a matter that had profound historical import, especially for the mythology that McCarthy was a Witchfinder General who made false accusations.  It was also a matter which escaped his book.

A central criticism of McCarthy is that he was a fabulist, that he exaggerated the number of communist agents in a famous speech in Wheeling, West Virginia, on February 9, 1950.  The issue is whether McCarthy said he had a list of 57 or 205 communist agents or sympathizers.  Claims that he exaggerated this number would dog McCarthy through his fight with Truman, Eisenhower and the Senate.

Evans noted in his book two important facts.  First, McCarthy claimed he said 57, and he submitted this number in his official text of the speech into the Congressional record.  The truth is he got this list from State Department whistle blowers frustrated with the lax security at State toward Soviet sympathizers.  Second, all newspaper accounts of his speech in the Wheeling papers vanished.  Evans could not obtain firsthand contemporaneous accounts of the speech because, simply, they vanished from many of the usual sources that would have them.

I asked Stanton why he didn’t go to the Wise Library at West Virginia University, my alma mater, and look for the February 1950 Wheeling paper there.  Stanton excitedly told me that he did, though after his book was published.  He found a copy of the missing newspaper account at WVU.  Naturally, Stanton said McCarthy had in fact only referred to 57 Soviet agents and sympathizers — a claim backed up in time by records obtained in the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Nobody should be terribly surprised by the communist influence in the American government.  Through the 1930s, Stalin was Uncle Joe, presiding over a fundamental transformation of economic systems.  Fans from around the world flocked to participate in this new model.  Many ended up with bullets in the head. Papers like the New York Times hid the gulags and starvation from the world.  In World War II, Uncle Joe was our ally, and sympathizers in positions of power replicated themselves throughout government.

Stan Evans documented this history in footnoted detail.  It’s a documented history that lives on and the cause of freedom is better off because of Stan Evans.


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Ben & Jerry’s Ready to Make Marijuana Ice Cream

Last month, Ben & Jerry’s ice cream founders Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield told HuffPo Live they would consider creating a cannabis-based ice cream flavor…once it’s legal.

YouTube Preview Image

“Makes sense to me,” Cohen told host Alyona Minkovski matter-of-factly. “Combine your pleasures.”

Ben & Jerry?s and the marley family celebrate Bob Marley?s iconic legend album,  America, Sep 2014

“Ben and I have had previous experiences with substances, and I think legalizing marijuana is a wonderful thing,” Jerry Greenfield said. “It’s not my decision. If it were my decision, I’d be doing it, but fortunately we have wiser heads at the company that figure those things out.”




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U.S.-Backed Syrian Rebel Group Collapses, U.S.-Supplied Weapons End Up in Al-Qaeda Hands. Unexpectedly.

Reports this week revealed that a U.S.-backed Syrian rebel group, Harakat al-Hazm, had officially dissolved itself under pressure from Jabhat al-Nusra, Al-Qaeda’s official affiliate in Syria, and many of the fighters have joined up with the jihadist Islamic Front. With the group’s dissolution, the U.S.-provided TOW anti-tank missiles have reportedly falled into the hands of al-Nusra.

Hazm was the first U.S.-backed group to receive TOW missiles, the Washington Post reported last April – and at the time the Washington D.C. foreign policy establishment hailed Hazm as “rebels worth supporting.”

But now with the demise of Hazm it seems the fantasy of backing “vetted moderate” groups in Syria is effectively at an end.

Word of Hazm’s demise began early this week:

And word began spreading of Hazm fighters joining up with other more hardline groups:

And now comes evidence that the U.S.-supplied weapons given to Hazm are now in Al-Qaeda hands:

And one astute observation:

As I reported throughout the past year here at PJ Media, the U.S. reliance on the so-called “vetted moderate” groups was doomed to failure for no greater reason than that these groups were never moderate to begin with. Back in July I was reporting that U.S.-backed Free Syrian Army (FSA) units were defecting to ISIS.

By early September I reported that even more FSA units were operating openly with ISIS and al-Nusra, and two Hazm fighters were telling the L.A. Times that they fight alongside al-Nusra and approve of the group. A day later a FSA commander publicly admitted that his forces were fighting with ISIS and al-Nusra – both designated terrorist organizations — along the Syria/Lebanon border, confirming my earlier reporting.

As Congress approved an Obama administration request in mid-September for an additional $500 million in support for the “vetted moderate” rebel groups and the U.S. began bombing ISIS positions in northern Syria, Hazm issued a statement condemning the U.S. bombing campaign, calling it “an attack on the revolution.”

By mid-October, Obama officials were publicly throwing the “vetted moderate” rebel groups under the bus, saying they were going to instead train an entirely new force to confront ISIS. This happened just a few weeks after Obama persuaded the GOP leadership to buy into his failing Syria policy.

In early November reports began to emerge of Hazm, FSA and Syrian Revolutionary Front (SRF — another U.S.-backed group) units surrendering and defecting to al-Nusra. Those surrenders and defections continued up until now.

Then in December I reported on al-Nusra deploying U.S.-provided TOW missiles that had been previously supplied to the “vetted moderate” groups. By the end of the year, even the New York Times was reporting that the FSA was under effective control of Al-Qaeda.

And yet despite these developments some — namely Senator John McCain and his crew — continued to back the FSA:

While some will complain that the complete collapse of the three-year Obama Syria strategy was because we didn’t support the “vetted moderate” rebel groups… ENOUGH…

…the simple fact is that any fool with a pair of eyes and not blinded by the foreign policy establishment’s narrative could see this result coming. In fact, a few of us, myself included, warned of this end game going back to when the conflict in Syria began in 2011. And here we are.

With the Middle East in tatters in the wake of Obama’s “Arab Spring,” it is past time for the D.C. foreign policy establishment to admit to total failure. The evidence of this bipartisan policy disaster is written across the map.

As Instapundit is wont to say, this has all happened rather… unexpectedly.

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Israeli Court Rules to Allow Jewish Prayer on Temple Mount

An Israeli judge has reversed a police policy that barred Jews from praying on Jerusalem’s Temple Mount.

Temple activists were euphoric Monday after a precedent-setting ruling by Magistrates’ Court Judge Malka Aviv in the case of Yehuda Glick vs. the Israeli Police, a day earlier. The judge ruled that the police “must make sure that Jews are able to pray on the Temple Mount” – in a ruling replete with harsh criticism of the police’s policies on the Temple Mount.

Activists were quoted on a Temple activists blog as saying: “This day will be remembered for generations in the annals of the struggle for the return of Jews to the Temple Mount.”

The police are legally bound “to ensure that Jews are able to pray on the Temple Mount, and not to act sweepingly to prevent Jews from praying on the Temple Mount,” the judge determined.

Attorneys for Rabbi Glick pointed out the historic nature of the ruling.

Attorney Aviad Visoly, who represented Glick said Tuesday that the verdict “has made prayer on the Temple Mount ‘kosher’. In essence, the court took the Supreme Court’s rulings about the Jews’ right to pray on the Temple Mount, and implemented them.”

“This is almost the first ruling – and certainly the most sweeping – in which the court implements the right of Jews to pray on the Temple Mount. From today, every Jew is allowed to pray on the Temple Mount. The prayer itself is not an offense.”

Prior police policies had barred Jewish prayer at the site for fears that such actions would spark Palestinian violence. Judge Aviv ruled the policy “arbitrary” and “without appropriate consideration” and awarded Glick roughly the equivalent of $125,000 in damages and $37,700 in legal fees.

The site is an important one in both Jewish and Christian history:

Temple Mount is considered to be one of the most important religious sites in the Old City of Jerusalem. Jews, Christians and Muslims all consider it sacred, making it one of the most contested sites in the world. Among Christians and Jews, there is some dispute as to whether it is the biblical Mount Moriah or Mount Zion.

According to Jewish tradition, it is the place where God’s presence is most manifested, and followers of rabbinic Judaism believe it to be the site where God gathered dust to create Adam.

Featured image courtesy of Shutterstock / Mikhail Markovskiy

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