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Priceless: Rep. John Mica Asks Secret Service Why They Don’t Install ADT Security At White House (VIDEO)

Sometimes the news is just so unsettling that you have to make light of it. Hey, it’s not an Ebola story!

Posted at 6:42 pm on September 30th, 2014 by

Wonderful: Mexico Helping To Pay For DACA Applicants Here

“We don’t want them, they’re all yours.”

Mexico is helping some of its citizens apply for a controversial immigration program in the U.S. called Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA.

Since the Obama administration created the program in 2012, more than 580,000 unauthorized immigrants brought to the U.S. as minors have received temporary relief from deportation and been given work permits that last for at least two years.

But 45 percent of those who are eligible for DACA have not applied, and the cost may be holding some back. Immigrants have to pay a total of $465 to the Department of Homeland Security for fees related to the work permit and for required fingerprinting.

Mexican consulates around the U.S. have been paying those fees for some applicants through a little-known program for Mexican citizens with financial need.

Here’s a radical idea: maybe Mexico should help Mexican citizens in financial need while they’re in Mexico.

This has been one of the bigger problems that is never addressed in the charade of an illegal immigration debate. Mexico does nothing to help its own people. It would prefer its poor come here rather than have to deal with them domestically. No recent American president takes them to task for this or presses the issue. They pal around with whomever is in office in Mexico at the time as if all is right with the world.

Until we have leadership who will secure the border AND get tough with the Mexican government, the rest of the discussion is just so much theater.

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Netanyahu: Iran Still A More Pressing Threat Than ISIS

Hot mess.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu meets with President Barack Obama today at the White House in a bid to find common ground on Iran talks after a year of disputes over making peace with the Palestinians.

Netanyahu said he would stress to Obama the threat posed by Iran’s nuclear program, amid concern in Israel that the U.S. may lose focus on the issue because of its military campaign against Islamic State forces in Iraq and Syria.

“We all support the effort led by President Obama to stop and defeat ISIS,” Netanyahu told a gathering of American Jewish community leaders in New York yesterday, using an acronym for Islamic State’s former name. “But to defeat ISIS, and leave Iran as a threshold nuclear power, is to win the battle and lose the war.”

World powers are negotiating with Iran over its nuclear program as a U.S.-led military alliance strikes Islamic State, an al-Qaeda splinter group that has seized parts of Iraq and Syria and gained notoriety for beheadings and crucifixions. Although Iran isn’t part of that coalition, it’s also helping its Iraqi and Syrian allies to fight the militant group, and U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry has said it has a role to play in defeating Islamic State.

Kerry didn’t clarify exactly what Iran was offering to combat climate change, which he still maintains is our most pressing threat.

The adults in the room, however, face quite the conundrum. ISIS and its antics have made it impossible for even a detached golfer who moonlights as President of the United States to ignore. ISIS is beheading Americans but Iran hates ISIS too, and we can be safe in assuming it is not because of the way they’re treating U.S. citizens. So, if you want to play “the enemy of my enemy…” here it gets confusing.

The protracted way we’re going about dealing with ISIS just gives the Iranians more time to dupe the rest of the world when it comes to the nuclear negotiations.

We might actually welcome Ebola soon.

Posted at 6:01 pm on September 30th, 2014 by

Report: Just Four Hospitals in the US are Ready to Handle Ebola

So says this story from Montana. Because that state has one.

There are four places in the United States set up to handle a patient sickened by the Ebola virus, and Missoula is one of those.

It has been since 2007, in fact.

St. Patrick Hospital administrators have no notice about when or if they will be asked to care for someone stricken with the disease that’s killed more than 3,000 people in Africa in 2014. But the hospital has a special wing of its intensive care unit with three rooms modified to safely handle infectious diseases like Ebola.

The other U.S. sites cleared for Ebola treatment are in Bethesda, Maryland; Atlanta; and Omaha, Nebraska. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control have deployed teams of health workers to numerous sites in West Africa to slow the epidemic’s progress. U.S. military personnel have also been sent there to build hospital clinics, although Risi said those people would not be performing any care or have contact with Ebola patients.

So, not the hospital in Dallas that actually has an Ebola patient.

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Another Great Day for the US Secret Service

Can things get worse for the Secret Service after that guy leaped the White House fence and got deep inside the building? Probably. In fact, they just did, according to the Washington Post.

And it has an Ebola connection.

A security contractor with a gun and three prior convictions for assault and battery was allowed on an elevator with President Obama during a Sept. 16 trip to Atlanta, violating Secret Service protocols, according to three people familiar with the incident.

The incident occurred as Obama appeared at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to discuss the U.S. response to the Ebola crisis.

The contractor did not comply when Secret Service agents asked him to stop using a phone camera to videotape the president in the elevator, according to the people familiar with the incident.

Agents questioned him, and used a database check to learn of his criminal history.

When a supervisor from the private security firm approached and learned of the agents’ concern, the contractor was fired on the spot and agreed to turn over his gun — surprising agents, who had not realized he was armed during his encounter with Obama.

Good to know that they have top men on the job…


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Too Good To Check: Kim Jong Un Has Gotten So Fat He’s Broken His Ankles

Call Michelle Obama, STAT.

Kim Jong-Un, the North Korean dictator, has become so fat while in office that his ankles have fractured under his own weight, it was reported on Tuesday.

The 31-year-old, who has looked increasingly portly since taking power, had to undergo a hospital operation after putting too much strain on his ankles during a gruelling round of official engagements.

The treatment has also been linked to his unexpected failure to attend a recent session of the Supreme People’s Assembly, according to a Pyongyang source who spoke to the Chosun Ilbo newspaper in neighbouring South Korea.

Unlike other members of North Korea’s political elite, for whom a sudden absence from public life often means they have been killed or imprisoned, in Kim Jong-Un’s case, in Kim Jong Un’s case it is said to be down to Elvis-style weight gain as a result of his unhealthy diet.

He is now believed to weigh at least 20 stone as a result of his fondness for heavy drinking and imported Swiss cheese, which he gained a taste for while at school in Switzerland.

Oh, the Swiss cheese eating commies are the worst, aren’t they?

Stay tuned here for more…um…breaking news on the dictator’s health.

Posted at 2:19 pm on September 30th, 2014 by

World Health Organization Ponders Bypassing Trial Phase For Ebola Vaccines

Necessity is the mother of eliminating the red tape.

Today, the World Health Organization concludes a two-day meeting to discuss a radical idea: bringing a vaccine into the field without having tested its effectiveness.

Traditional means of containing Ebola — such as isolating people who are infected with the disease and tracing the people they’ve come into contact with — aren’t working fast enough to get ahead of the epidemic. So the question is: Will giving an experimental vaccine to willing volunteers help contain the disease or put people at greater risk?

Dr. Adrian Hill, director of the Jenner Institute at Oxford, says the urgency of the Ebola situation has led to throwing traditional timelines “out the window.”

Perhaps the announcement of a confirmed case in the United States will nudge them along. The situation in Liberia should be enough to make this almost a no-brainer, as the number of infected there are doubling every three weeks.

Of course, it’s not a no brainer because the gamble is with human life. A public health ethicist says the Liberian situation greatly changes things, however:

Nancy Kass is a public health ethicist at Johns Hopkins University. She says that the best way to study a new vaccine is to test it against a placebo. But the situation in West Africa complicates that decision.

“The problem is that all of our norms change when thousands of new cases of Ebola are happening all the time and 50 to 60 percent of these people are dying. That changes the rules about what we have to lose when we try something new.”

Posted at 2:08 pm on September 30th, 2014 by

Has the State Department Learned Any Lessons from the Rise of ISIS? Ummm…(Crickets)

Has the US State Department learned anything from the rise of ISIS? Such as, should the Obama administration have pushed harder to leave a residual US military presence in Iraq after the war? Should the US have pushed Maliki harder for a status of forces agreement? Would that have helped stop ISIS before it became the threat that it is?

The AP’s Matt Lee tried pressing spokeswoman Jen Psaki for an answer on that in today’s press briefing. He didn’t get anywhere, at least, anywhere that’s not covered in Psaki’s approved talking points.

So Psaki does what she normally does — stick to the talking points, and treat reporters as if they’re children.

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Centers for Disease Control Confirms First U.S. Case of Ebola. It’s in Dallas.

No details are available yet. Check back on this breaking story.

Update: NBC’s Dallas affiliate reports that the case is there.


Update: More details.

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – A North Texas hospital has a patient in isolation as they evaluate them for potential exposure to the Ebola virus.

Officials with Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas released the following statement Monday night:

“Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas has admitted a patient into strict isolation to be evaluated for potential Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) based on the patient’s symptoms and recent travel history. The hospital is following all Centers for Disease Control and Texas Department of Heath recommendations to ensure the safety of patients, hospital staff, volunteers, physicians and visitors. The CDC anticipates preliminary results tomorrow.”

The patient’s travel history and specific symptoms remain unclear, but it is said to involve a high fever and vomiting. The name of the patient has not been released.

CBS 11 News spoke with Dallas County Health and Human Services director Zachary Thompson, who confirmed that the patient had been in the West Africa area where the Ebola virus exists.

Update: I’ve just watched the CDC’s press conference on the Ebola patient. He is not a US citizen, though the CDC refused to confirm that outright. He entered the US from Liberia, and was staying with family in the Dallas area. He entered on September 20. On September 24 he entered the hospital with unspecified illness (which we now know is Ebola), but he was sent home. He re-entered the hospital on September 28. He showed no signs or symptoms when he left Liberia.

Ebola tends to take about 21 days to manifest, so the CDC is trying to track down every person this man came into contact with since his symptoms first appeared around September 24-25, as that is when Ebola becomes contagious.


Report: Just Four Hospitals in the US are Ready to Handle Ebola

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Rage Against The Maitre D’ Or, Celebrity Commies Are Full Of It, Tom Morello Exhibit

A real man of the people.

Following his performance Friday night (September 26) at the El Corazon as part of a benefit concert for 15 Now, the grassroots organization that successfully fought for a $15 minimum wage in Seattle, Morello and his entourage allegedly tried to get “a special room” at The 5 Point Cafe even though the place was already “at capacity” and there was “a line” of people waiting to get in. The restaurant’s doorman apparently told Morello and his crew that he could not accommodate them, after which the guitarist took to his Twitter to blast the eatery, writing: “Five Point restaurant in Seattle is the WORST. Super rude & anti-worker. Sh****st doorman in the Northwest. P***k. Spread the word.”

Morello was one of the more vocal supporters of the Occupy Stink-in, and portrays himself as a real man of the people. Only in the diseased mind of a wealthy commie can being denied a place to sit where there aren’t any mean the person passing along that information is “anti-worker”.

Morello’s Twitter bio beings with: “Feed the poor.” That should obviously have an addendum that reads, “But feed me first, you peasant, because I’m a rock star.”

After being called out by many, Morello isn’t backing down. He does, however, have the gall to offer forgiveness with conditions (thus not really understanding forgiveness) instead of asking for it, which he should be doing. It’s also classic commie-achieving an end through coercion, which is all they’ve got.

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CAIR Calls on NFL to ‘Clarify Policy on Prayer’ After Abdullah’s Penalty


The Council on American-Islamic Relations said the National Football League needs to “clarify” its prayer policy after Kansas City Chiefs safety Husain Abdullah was penalized Monday night for kneeling in the end zone — “sajdah.”

Abdullah, an observant Muslim, had just received completed a 39-yard interception return versus the New England Patriots.

He was penalized for 15 yards for unsportsmanlike conduct under the NFL’s Rule 12, Section 3, Article 1 (d), “Players are prohibited from engaging in any celebrations or demonstrations while on the ground.”

“However, the officiating mechanic in this situation is not to flag a player who goes to the ground as part of religious expression, and as a result, there should have been no penalty on the play,” NFL spokesman Michael Signora said today, according to ESPN.

Abdullah told the Kansas City Star that he thought he was penalized for sliding on his knees. “I just got a little too excited,” he said. The safety added that his coach agreed and chided him for sliding.

This morning, Abdullah tweeted an Instagram of himself prostrated in prayer with the words, ”‘Subhana Rabbial-’Ala’ (Glory be to my Lord The Most High).”

CAIR noted the NFL rule, but said singled out the exception for religious expressions, “such as Tim Tebow’s prayer while kneeling.”

After Tebow, as a college player, wrote Bible scriptures on his eye black, the NCAA banned players from writing anything under their eyes. In the NFL, “Tebowing” became a verb for when the quarterback took a knee in prayer on the field.

“To prevent the appearance of a double standard, we urge league officials to clarify the policy on prayer and recognize that the official made a mistake in this case,” said CAIR National Communications Director Ibrahim Hooper urged the NFL in a statement.

Posted at 12:54 pm on September 30th, 2014 by

Did the Obama Administration Make Up the ‘Khorasan Group’ to Justify Evading Congress and the UN?

If you’d never heard of the “Khorasan Group” prior to September 23, 2014 — when the US-led airstrikes on Syria began — you’re not alone. The obscure name had not come up very much at all in terrorism reports or studies, in press reports or much of anywhere else. Most of us who have written about terrorism since shortly after 9-11 had never heard of the group.

Until, that is, President Obama named the Khorasan Group in the letter he sent to Congress justifying bombing Syria. In the same letter, Obama omitted any mention of the Islamic State, ISIS, or ISIL at all.

That curious omission generated some head-scratching. Were we baited and switched into bombing Syria? And just who is this “Khorasan Group” that seems to have materialized out of the Middle East’s desert sands?

Glenn Greenwald has gone through media reports in the days leading up to the bombing of Syria, which began on September 23. The ISIS beheading of American journalist James Foley on September 9 grabbed the world’s attention and forced Obama to step off the golf course and take some action.

There were scant mentions of the Khorasan group at all until an AP story appeared on September 13. That story, in which several US intelligence officials are quoted anonymously, painted the group as more dangerous than ISIS, and planning an “imminent” attack on US soil.

That word — “imminent” — turns out to play a key role, if Greenwald is right. If a terrorist group is planning an imminent attack and has the capability of carrying it out, then their target — in this case, the US or Europe — has not only the right but the duty to stop the terrorists.

The 9-13 AP story paved the way for a CBS News story and then numerous others leading up to September 23. But all along that period, Americans were focused on the Islamic State. It was the “jayvee” team who had butchered Americans and would butcher a British and a Frenchman, while swallowing up parts of Iraq and Syria, stranding the Yazidis on a mountaintop, engaging in mass killings and crucifixions of Christians, selling women into sex slavery, and becoming the world’s richest terrorist group by selling Iraqi oil on the black market to Turket at cut prices. In fact, ISIS’ oil piracy gave OPEC nations a reason to fight them beyond terrorism.

American citizens’ attentions were focused on ISIS from September 9 all the way through September 23. President Obama was compelled by polls to act after two Americans were beheaded and videos of their executions by ISIS broadcast on the Internet. But Obama did not want to take the issue up to Congress or to the UN. There also existed the complication of bombing on Syrian soil without Assad’s input or permission. Assad remains the head of government in a sovereign, albeit piecemeal, Syria, despite Obama’s calls for him to leave power.

According to Greenwald’s theory, the Obama administration made up the Khorasan threat and dubbed it “imminent” in order to conduct the bombing of Syria as a necessary move in American self-defense. As soon as the bombings had started, however, the Khorasan threat has receded in the Obama administration’s communications, and the ISIS threat has returned to be called the top threat. The “imminence” of the Khorasan threat has been downplayed and downgraded, and some in the media are starting to question the emphasis on that group in the run-up to bombing Syria.

All tolled, the people of the United States and the world may have been bamboozled through anonymous sourcing in willing media outlets into bombing a terrorist group that doesn’t actually exist.

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CNN’s Ashleigh Banfield Rips Obama for Getting Numerous Warnings About ISIS Yet Calling them ‘Jayvee’

CNN’s Ashleigh Banfield hammered President Obama today over the rise of the Islamic State. Obama blamed his own intelligence officials, including Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, for “underestimating” what ISIS could do.

Banfield was having none of that. She pointed out that the US-led airstrikes are not having much of an effect.

“Want to talk about this with James Reese and Bobby Gauche. Lieutenant Colonel, first to you, air strike after air strike and yet town after town after military base continues to fall to ISIS. This cannot just be because ground troops aren’t calling in the air strikes?”

The guests agreed, and noted that the Iraqi military continues to fail in the face of ISIS assaults. They also noted that the Maliki government neglected Sunni units and favored Shiite units.

Banfield refused to let Obama off the hook: “It’s complicated, I get it. But, Colonel, ultimately, it can’t be that complicated when back in July of 2013, October of 2013 and February of 2014, we had people like the Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency warning that these guys are a problem. This didn’t just come out of nowhere. They weren’t just a j.v. team back then. Why is it that we’re now sort of seeing President Obama saying, ‘We underestimated things?’”

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ESPN’s Colin Cowherd: People Who Enlist in the U.S. Military ‘Have No Choices,’ Join ‘To Pay Bills’

ESPN’s Colin Cowherd went off on a rant today about Americans who do and do not, in his view, deserve his “sympathies.”

Those who do not include those who choose to smoke, eat fast food or drink “13 cokes” every day. “That’s on you,” Cowherd said, delivering a sentiment that many Americans would probably agree with.

Cowherd says that he does “sympathize” with Americans who enlist in the military, because of the reasons he believes they join.

“My sympathy goes to the military members in this country,” Cowherd said toward the end of Tuesday’s show. “Socio-economically, no choices, paid almost nothing, lose a limb, lose a life. That, I feel sympathy for.”

Military members past and present probably aren’t looking to Colin Cowherd in a feeling of gratitude for that. Americans who enlist or enter the officer corps do so for many reasons — family history of service, a desire to give back to their country, a desire to gain experience and education, and of course the need to do something positive to escape tough circumstances all factor in.

Cowherd wasn’t finished. He also said that police and firemen don’t join out of a sense of duty.

“What fireman becomes a fireman knowing that at some point he will at some point run into a house that’s burning?” Cowherd asked rhetorically. “It’s dangerous!”

The obvious answer is “All of them. Including the thousands of volunteer fireman around the country.”

Cowherd returned to explaining his understanding of why Americans join the military.

“We know most people that go into the military in this country — they need the military often to pay bills. That is is almost a federal safety net financially, and by the way you’ll take shots. You’ll be sent two or three times to a raging inferno in the Middle East. That stuff scares me. That stuff I’m worried about. There’s loss of life there.”

You can watch Cowherd make his remarks on the next page.

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Iran Executes 37-Year-Old Man for ‘Heresy’

Our new partners in the battle against terrorism are the same old Islamic supremacist theocrats. The Guardian reports that Iran has executed Mohsen Amir-Aslani, 37, for holding heretical views.

His crime? He held that the story of Jonah is allegorical.

The story of Jonah, the Jewish missionary sent by God to sinful Nineveh, is told in the Bible and mentioned in the Koran. Nineveh is in present-day Iraq, and is now held by the Islamic State. ISIS destroyed Jonah’s tomb in July and are become entrenched in Nineveh’s governance and daily life.

Mr. Amir-Aslani was arrested for questioning the Jonah story nine years ago. Iran’s judiciary sentenced him to death for heresy, and he was hanged last week.

The Iranian judiciary is now claiming that Aslani was really killed for having illicit sex with some of the clients of his psychotherapy practice. But human rights groups say that the government has produced little evidence of any such relationships.

Totalitarian governments often smear their victims after murdering them.

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Becoming Iran’s Bedfellow is a Mistake of Gargantuan Proportions

Senator Ted Cruz is right to praise president Obama for keeping his radar on the release of Iranian American Christian pastor Saeed Abedin from an Iranian prison. He’s also right to criticize our commander-in-chief on the danger of becoming Iran’s bedfellow now that ISIS (aka ISIL or the Islamic State) is terrorizing Syria and Iraq, vowing death to the West, and continues its hobby of making heads-rolling-flicks.

Yet after Obama’s controversial trade of what many deem traitor-deserter army private Bowe Bergdahl this brings up another captive closer to our shared border with Mexico, US Marine Andrew Tahmooressi who has weathered six months in a Mexican prison on gun charges.

According to Fox News, a Tijuana judge just green-lighted a psychiatrist to travel to Tecate prison to examine Tahmooressi to determine if he has post-traumatic stress disorder (PSTD). Tahmoorsessi’s attorney is requesting the court to transfer his client to the United States for PSTD treatment. Tahmooressi is facing six to 21 years if convicted of entering Mexico with legally purchased and registered firearms in his truck.

Now if president Obama could just convince Iran to stop spinning its centrifuges, gain the release of Abedin, bring back Tahmooressi and lose attorney general Eric Holder ASAP, maybe, just maybe we can try to find it in our hearts to forgive his administration’s lack of security in Benghazi, which epic failure singlehandedly took the lives of Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other consulate staff (though we will never forget the lame cover-up video).

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Prosecutor: Oklahoma Beheading Suspect Had Racist, Religious Motives

Charges have been filed against Oklahoma beheading suspect Alton Nolen, 30.

The former prison inmate, who converted to Islam and now goes by the name Jah’Keem Yisrael, is charged with first degree murder and assault.

Nolen admitted to beheading Colleen Hufford, 54.

According to the charges filed today against him, Nolen was suspended from Vaughan Foods on Thursday after an altercation with another employee, Traci Johnson, who says the dispute was about Nolen “not liking white people.”

According to the prosecutor, Nolen left, went home, retrieved a large knife and returned to his former workplace. Upon entering, he attacked Hufford from behind and began to saw her head off. Once he had severed her head, he attacked Johnson and stabbed her repeatedly. Nolen reportedly used several Arabic terms during the attack.

The company’s COO, Mark Vaughan, subdued Nolen by shooting him with a rifle. Vaughan is a reserve sheriff’s deputy in Oklahoma City.

Nolen is likely to face the death penalty according to the prosecutor, who says the attack was motivated more by racism as by religion.

“It had more to do with race rather than trying to convert people,” Mashburn said. He said there was a “back and forth with Ms. Johnson and that led her to make a complaint to the HR department.”

“There was some sort of infatuation with beheadings. It seemed to be related to his interest in killing someone that way,” the prosecutor said. “Other than that, it seemed to be related to his being suspended earlier in the day.”

The “infatuation with beheadings” can’t have anything to do with ISIS’ recent beheadings. Can’t be that.

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FCC Sacks Sports Blackout Rules, But NFL Could Still Have Sway

The Federal Communications Commission ordered the elimination today of sports blackout rules that blocked cable and satellite broadcasts of games blacked out on local stations.
a local broadcast station.

“The action removes Commission protection of the NFL’s current private blackout policy, which requires local broadcast stations to black out a game if a team does not sell a certain percentage of tickets to the game at least 72 hours prior to the game,” the FCC said in a statement.

The FCC’s order found the blackout rules are “no longer justified in light of the significant changes in the sports industry since these rules were first adopted nearly forty years ago.”

“At that time, ticket sales were the primary source of revenue for the NFL and most NFL games failed to sell out. Today, television revenues have replaced ticket sales as the NFL’s main source of revenue, and blackouts of NFL games are increasingly rare.”

Only two games were blacked out last season, the FCC said.

“Today’s action may not eliminate all sports blackouts, because the NFL may choose to continue its private blackout policy. However, the NFL will no longer be entitled to the protection of the Commission’s sports blackout rules. Instead, the NFL must rely on the same avenues available to other entities that wish to protect their distribution rights in the private marketplace.”

The league, which objected to lifting the rules, said in a statement that teams “have made significant efforts in recent years to minimize blackouts.”

“The NFL is the only sports league that televises every one of its games on free, over-the-air television.  The FCC’s decision will not change that commitment for the foreseeable future.”

Sens. John McCain (R-Ariz.) and Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.) asked the FCC in June to lift the blackout rule, arguing in a letter to the commission that it “unfairly harms consumers by insulating the NFL from market realities and punishing fans in cities with large stadiums and declining populations.”

Today, Blumenthal declared the FCC “officially threw a flag on the NFL’s anti-fan blackout policy.”

“The sports blackout rule unfairly harms consumers by punishing fans in cities with large stadiums and declining populations,” Blumenthal said in a statement. “The FCC did the right thing today by removing this antiquated rule, which is no longer justified by facts or simple logic.”

“Even as the NFL made millions upon millions of dollars off of broadcasting rights, they continued as recently as this season to threaten fans with unnecessary blackout restrictions.”

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North Korea at the UN: U.S. Military Exercises a ‘Veiled Attempt to Succeed in a Surprise Attack’

North Korea got its shot at the UN podium during the General Assembly, with Foreign Minister Ri Su Yong denouncing the Security Council as “a forum for telling lies.”

The speech came as rumors have swirled about the health of Kim Jong-un, who’s been out of the public eye for weeks. Seoul’s Chosun Ilbo newspaper reported that Kim is up to nearly 300 pounds and had surgery for fractures of both of his ankles.

“Despite unprecedently persistent economic blockade, military threat and political obstruction, we have firmly safeguarded national dignity, effectively deterred war and put the stagnant economy onto an upward track, under the leadership of the Great General Kim Jong Il,” Ri told the UN. “Today we have at last secured the reliable springboard to leap into a powerful nation following the guidance of the respected Marshal Kim Jong Un.”

The foreign minister reported “a great leap in our fishing industry and livestock farming and as well as a blooming new civilization of the 21st century in the living environment and cultural and welfare spheres for the future generations and working masses.”

“…However, high-handedness and arbitrariness veiled under the various disguises such as democracy, humanitarian crises, counterterrorism, human rights protection, and non-proliferation are committed in brazen-face form of sanctions, blockade, military threat and armed intervention.”

Ri complained that the Security Council “turned its back” on the DPRK’s referrals of South Korean-U.S. military exercises to the UN body.

“As the joint military exercises were led by its permanent member state, the Security Council was bound to close its eyes, block its ears and shut its mouth, no matter how enormous in scale, aggressive in purpose and dangerous in nature they were,” he said.

“…The claim that these war exercises are annual in nature is just a veiled attempt to succeed in a surprise attack after creating chronic immunity to them.”

The North Korean representative proceeded to claim the Security Council “simply ignores civilian killings of the Palestinian people by Israel” and called the U.S. claim that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction “a big lie of the century.”

“The hostile policy, nuclear threat and stifling strategy pursued by the United States for more than half a century inevitably resulted in the decision of nuclear weapons state of the DPRK,” Ri said. “The nuclear deterrent of the DPRK is not intended to threaten or attack others. Neither is it a bargaining chip to be exchanged for something else.”

“The nuclear issue will be resolved if and when the threat to our sovereignty and right to life is removed in substance with termination of the US’s hostile policy against the DPRK. Politicization, selectivity and double standards should be withdrawn in dealing with human rights issues. Abusing the human rights issues for political purposes is in itself the biggest human rights violation.”

The country that makes anyone deemed a dissident disappear into forced labor camps, including American Kenneth Bae, said it is “always open to dialogue and cooperation for genuine human rights that have nothing to do with political motivation and hypocrisy in all their manifestations.”

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Owner Makes Gun Range a ‘Muslim Free Zone,’ and Will Probably Get Sued Out of Existence

The state of fundamental freedoms of religion and association, in two acts.

Act One: A gun range owner has announced that her business is now a “Muslim free zone.”

Jan Morgan owns the Gun Cave Indoor Shooting Range in Arkansas. She has posted a notice that Muslims may no longer use the range. She is attempting to exercise the freedom of association, along with her duties as a federally licensed firearm dealer.

The primary reasons I do not want muslims shooting at my range are listed:

1) The Koran (which I have read and studied thoroughly) and (which all muslims align themselves with), contains 109 verses commanding hate, murder and terror against all human beings who refuse to submit or convert to Islam. Read those verses of violence here.

2) My life has been threatened repeatedly by muslims in response to my publication of those verses from their Koran. Why would I want to rent or sell a gun and hand ammunition to someone who aligns himself with a religion that commands him to kill me?

3) * The barbaric act of beheading an innocent American in Oklahoma by a muslim 
* the Boston bombings(by muslims)
* the Foot Hood mass shooting (by a muslim) that killed 13 people and injured over 30 people
* and the murder of 3000 innocent people (by muslims) on 9/11

She writes that two Muslims came to the range last week and caused a disturbance, which added to the recent news about Islamic terrorism home and abroad caused her to make the range a Muslim free zone.

Two muslims walked in to my range last week with allah akbar ring tone and message alert tones on their smart phones. They spoke very little english, one did not have proof of U.S. citizenship, yet they wanted to rent and shoot guns.

Their behavior was so strange, it was unnerving to my patrons. No one would enter the range to shoot while they were there. Some of my customers left.

(can you blame them?)

She also mentions that Muslim supporters of ISIS and al Qaeda are threatening to kill innocent Americans, which is true.

She also addresses the fact that most Muslims won’t pose a problem.

I understand that not all muslims are terrorists. I also believe there are as many Muslims who do not know what is in their Koran as there are Christians who do not know what is in their Bible.

Since I have no way of discerning which muslims will or will not kill in the name of their religion and the commands in their koran…I choose to err on the side of caution for the safety of my patrons.

8) On the issue of religious discrimination:
I view Islam as a theocracy, not a religion. Islam is the union of political, legal, and religious ideologies. In other words, law, religion and state are forged together to form what Muslims refer to as “The Nation of Islam.”

It is given the sovereign qualities of a nation with clerics in the governing body and Sharia law all in one. This is a Theocracy, not a religion.

The US Constitution does not protect a theocracy.

The 1st Amendment is very specific about protecting the rights of individuals from the government, as it concerns the practice of religions, not theocracies.

And that’s where she’s wrong. Or at least, cites opinions and facts that won’t matter.

The U.S. Constitution doesn’t protect theocracy, but it no longer protects our fundamental rights. The very specific First Amendment has been gutted by political correctness.

Here is Act Two.

A bakery owning married couple worked within existing Oregon state law when they refused to bake a cake for a gay couple who, in violation of state law at the time, planned to get married. The law has since been changed

That bakery no longer exists, and the couple face ruinous fines thanks to a state government ruling that their First Amendment religious rights no longer exist.

Earlier this year, the Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries found “substantial evidence” that Aaron and Melissa Klein, owners of Sweet Cakes by Melissa, discriminated against the lesbian couple.

They now face a fine in excess of $150,000.

In an exclusive interview with The Daily Signal on Friday at the 2014 Values Voter Summit, Aaron said the fee would “definitely” be enough to bankrupt the couple and their five children.

The ordeal started in February 2013, when Rachel Cryer and Laurel Bowman asked the bakery owners to design a wedding cake for their same-sex commitment ceremony.

At the time, Oregon defined marriage as the union between one man and one woman; voters overwhelmingly approved the constitutional amendment in 2004.

Aaron told The Daily Signal he thought he was “well within” his legal rights to decline the service, citing his traditional beliefs that a marriage is between a man and a woman.

In January 2014, the Kleins were charged with violating Oregon’s Equality Act of 2007, a law that protects the rights of the LGBT community.

It wasn’t until months later, May 19, 2014, that a federal judge would declare Oregon’s amendment unconstitutional, paving the way for same-sex marriages.

“Ironically, the state was in violation of its own anti-discrimination laws,” said Aaron.

So the law-abiding couple whose beliefs run back about 5,000 years have lost their business and face bankruptcy, because some rights have become more equal than others.

Eric Holder is still the reigning attorney general in Washington. If he gets wind of the Arkansas gun range owner’s decision to block Muslims from her business, her reasoning won’t matter. Holder will bring the Civil Rights Division down on her.

Or maybe he won’t, since the right to use the range is found in the Second Amendment, which is in disfavor with liberals such as Holder. But all it will take is a Muslim to file a discrimination lawsuit.


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Jay Carney May Be Off the White House Payroll, But He’s Still on the Team

President Obama is under fire this week for two things — ISIS grew and metastasized on his watch, and he used Sunday’s 60 Minutes interview to blame his intelligence team, and pretty much everyone else but himself.

The “ISIS are jayvee” comment came out of Obama’s own mouth, and reflected his own thinking — at a time when warnings were coming from the intelligence community indicating that ISIS was a clear and growing threat.

In the 2012 campaign, Obama spoke not only of killing Osama bin Laden; he also said that Al Qaeda had been “decimated.” I pointed out that the flag of Al Qaeda is now flying in Falluja, in Iraq, and among various rebel factions in Syria; Al Qaeda has asserted a presence in parts of Africa, too.

“The analogy we use around here sometimes, and I think is accurate, is if a jayvee team puts on Lakers uniforms that doesn’t make them Kobe Bryant,” Obama said, resorting to an uncharacteristically flip analogy.

Forget the Lakers, ISIS are the Spurs now. They’ve taken over territory the size of the UK and have a $1 billion stash.

Former (?) Obama spokesman Jay Carney appeared on CNN Monday night. Carney worked in the Obama White House during the rise of the Islamic State. So he is positioned to shed some light on the thinking inside, if he chooses to be candid.

Carney chooses to remain an apologist instead, insisting that when Obama tosses DNI James Clapper under the bus, he isn’t really tossing James Clapper under the bus.

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Ryan Says He’s Learned Lessons About ‘Slighting People Who are Depending Upon Government’

House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan (R-Wis.), who is out with a new book on his 2012 vice presidential run and beyond, says he’s “learned a lot” from the experiences of the past few years.

“I made some mistakes. And I think you need to own up. That’s the other thing. People in public life, for some reason they don’t think it is right to own up to mistakes,” Ryan told PBS. “In private lives we are supposed to, I mean as adults. So I made some mistakes and I own up to those mistakes. I can learn from that.”

That includes using the phrase “makers and takers” to describe those using public assistance programs.

“What I meant when I said it was that we have a system where too many people are becoming dependent upon the government, and there won’t be enough people paying for the government to keep that kind of a system going,” Ryan said. “And what I meant to say is we need to focus on getting people off of welfare into work. We need to focus on getting people to where they want to get in life so that they can be upwardly mobile, so they can be self-sufficient. So they can reach their dreams. Because the whole American idea as I describe here is that the condition of your birth in this country doesn’t determine the outcome of your life.”

“And the role and goal of government is to protect our natural rights and promote equality of opportunity so we can make the most of our lives. And I was trying to articulate the fact that our system, our federal government has gotten too big, has gotten to top down, too coercive and a lot of people aren’t seeing this. A lot of people aren’t getting this opportunity.”

What it sounded like, the congressman said, ”is I was slighting people who are depending upon government who earned benefits.”

“And so that was not what I meant to say but it is — it took a liberal Democrat at the Rock County Fair in Janesville, Wisconsin, to come up to me and tell me really what it sounded like. And I realized after this guy kind of laid into me, you know, he is right,” Ryan continued.

“I think it does come across that way so I need to change the way I talked, and the thinking behind it, so that I can communicate more effectively, which is we want a system where everybody can make the most of their lives. Those of us who are conservatives, that doesn’t mean we are for no government. We want government to be effective and limited so that it can do what it is supposed to do well to help get people where they need to be.”

Ryan admitted that his running mate on the GOP ticket, 2012 presidential candidate Mitt Romney, had the same problem with his 47 percent comments.

“What I am trying to say is in this hyperpolarized time we are in, I would like to think that there is a majority in this country that if given a very clear mandate, a very clear choice, built upon a clear governing philosophy that we can recapture that spirit in this country and get these reforms passed,” he said. ”…What I think is prevailing is a government-centered view of American life that is based on collaboration, that is more top- down, that is not respecting people in communities, that is not respecting local control.”

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Hong Kong v China – Less Government Is So Obviously Better

Perhaps lost in the incessant, rolling bad news shuffle that is the Barack Obama Administration are the ongoing Hong Kong protests of rising Chinese domestic interference.

This is exactly the sort of thing we freedom lovers and free marketeers feared when in 1984 the British agreed to in 1997 hand over control of the island to the mainland Communists.

To alleviate the concern, the Chinese Communists pledged non-interventionism.

(T)he Chinese government in Beijing promised to let Hong Kong keep its special rights and its autonomy — a deal known as “one country, two systems.”

But we knew the Chinese Communist Party couldn’t forever resist assaulting the golden goose.

(S)tudent groups led peaceful marches to protest China’s new plan for Hong Kong’s 2017 election, which looked like China reneging on its promise to grant the autonomous region full democracy….

Crackdown on Protests by Hong Kong Police Draws More to the Streets

Downtown Hong Kong turned into a battlefield of tear gas and seething crowds on Sunday after the police moved against a student democracy protest, inciting public fury that brought tens of thousands of people onto the streets of a city long known as a stable financial center.

Sound familiar?

Chaos In Hong Kong Rivals Tiananmen Square Crackdown 25 Years Ago

And there is no question Hong Kong is a golden goose.  Left to its autonomous, less-government ways Hong Kong has become a free speech-free market Xanadu.

As one of the world’s leading international financial centers, Hong Kong’s service-oriented economy is characterized by low taxation, near free port trade and well established international financial market….

According to Index of Economic Freedom since the inception of the index in 1995, Hong Kong has remained the world’s freest economy. 

The economy is governed under positive non-interventionism, and is highly dependent on international trade and finance….

Hong Kong’s gross domestic product, between 1961 and 1997, has grown 180 times. Also, the GDP rose by 87 times per capita….

This policy has often been cited by economists such as Milton Friedman and the Cato Institute as an example of the benefits of laissez-faire capitalism.

Is the golden goose threatened?  The entire flock is.

Hong Kong Unrest May Shake World Economy

The Chinese Communists should understand this.  They have over the last couple of decades loosened ever so slightly their internal economic restrictions.  Which has allowed for some selective, amazing growthAlibaba, anyone? – of which those under the authoritarians could previously only dream.

So here we have perfect, evolutionary compares-and-contrasts.

Decades of on-all-fours, Huge Government China – resulting in horrendous human condition, tens of millions of deaths and abject destitution.

Slightly loosened Chinese government shackles – resulting in limited economic explosion.

And walking upright – sprinting forward, actually?  Minimalist regulation Hong Kong – whose free markets and free trade have resulted in the freest and best economy on Earth.

Which would you choose?

We here have the opportunity to learn these lessons – and make the right choices.  In sectors throughout our economy.

A horrendous example of de-evolutionary, destructive, China-esque domestic policy?

Over those seventy or so years, our anti-free-market farm policy warped the emerging global farm market.  The world’s growers saw our bad moves – and matched them.  Subsidy-for-subsidy, tax-for-tax, protectionism-for-protectionism.

Seven decades later, we have a worldwide Crony Socialist nightmare mess.

All of which can be simply fixed.

The world’s crop-producing nations need to sit down together, each with a copy of everyone else’s lists of protectionist policies. And start horse trading.

“Brazil – how about if you get rid of this subsidy, we’ll each get rid of one.”

“Mexico – if you get rid of this tariff, we’ll each get rid of one.”

Let the subsequent discussions ensue. Lather, rinse, repeat.

And then we do the same with iPhone parts.  And cars.  And tires.  And….

China has slowly, selectively learned these lessons – and has begun crawling towards the triumphant Hong Kong free market model.  Even as they now look to rein in the visual aide.

We have spent the last decades too often assuming the Chinese-model fetal positions.

There’s an old joke:

Patient: “Doctor, it hurts when I do this.”

Doctor: “Don’t do that.”

It hurts when China does it.  It hurts when China does it to Hong Kong.

Why are we doing it to ourselves?  And thus the rest of the world?

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Ben Carson Lends Name to NRSC Fundraising Effort

With the end-of-month fundraising deadline upon us, Republicans and Democrats have been lobbying supporters hard for campaign cash.

Dr. Ben Carson, a retired neurosurgeon who piqued conservatives’ interest with his speech at the February 2013 National Prayer Breakfast, lent his name to a fundraising letter emailed Monday by the campaign arm of the Senate GOP.

“Replacing Obamacare starts with taking back the Senate from Harry Reid and the Democrats,” states the Carson email for the National Republican Senatorial Committee. “We, as a country, need to have a real conversation about how to reform our healthcare system in a way that improves quality, reduces costs, expands access, and honors America’s legacy.”

“Instead of having that conversation, Democrats have been raising millions of dollars to spread their false attacks on conservatives….We need your help to set the record straight.”

The email links to a donation page asking for supporters to chip in $20.14 to the NRSC.

“Control of the U.S. Senate hangs in the balance this year, but the Democrats are currently outspending Republicans in the most competitive states,” Carson continues. “Election Day is getting closer and closer. We need supporters like you to win back the Senate and reform our healthcare system.”

Carson’s endorsements this election cycle have favored the Tea Party challenger in some instances and the NRSC-favored candidate in others.

In the Oklahoma Senate race, Carson endorsed Tea Party favorite T.W. Shannon over the eventual primary winner, Rep. James Lankford (R-Okla.). In Louisiana, Rep. Bill Cassidy (R-La.) and Tea Party challenger Rob Maness are vying to oust Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-La.); Carson has endorsed Cassidy. He’s also endorsed Scott Brown in the New Hampshire Senate race and Monica Wehby in Oregon, the latter drawing the ire of former Sen. Rick Santorum (R-Pa.) because of Wehby’s stance on abortion.

Carson argued that Wehby is “personally… pro-life,” but “she’s pragmatic also and she knows that there’s no way you’re going to win in Oregon with that stance.”

Recently he launched his own political action committee, the USA First PAC.

It’s part of his consideration of a presidential run in 2016.

“It would be much more pleasant to put my feet up, to relax. You know, I’ve made plenty of money, I can live a very comfortable life, and that would be my preference,” Carson told Fox News Sunday. “However, given the state of our nation, looking at what’s going on, and understanding that sometimes we’re called to do things that we don’t want to do because we have to do them, and we look at the future of our children, our grandchildren, all the people who come behind us, if we all run for the hills, if we all run for the most comfortable place and just allow whatever to happen happen, then we get what we deserve.”

Carson said a lack of political experience wouldn’t affect how he would perform in the Oval Office.

“I think what is required for leadership is wisdom and the ability to assemble an appropriate team, ability to listen and an ability to make wise decisions,” he said.

A peek at just a bit of the avalanche of fundraising begs on Monday:

Screen Shot 2014-09-29 at 9.42.06 PM

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Is the DOJ Correct to Ban Religious and Racial Profiling?

Race seems to be a major theme of the moment. The events in Ferguson, Missouri have brought race relations to the surface of the political and cultural discourse.

Now, among his final acts as outgoing Attorney General of the United States, Eric Holder stands poised to expand a ban on racial and religious profiling in federal investigations, eliminating a national security exemption. The news hits immediately after the Council on American-Islamic Relations called upon Holder to do so. Fox News reports:

The expected ban comes amid heightened concerns of Islamic militant groups executing a terror attack on U.S. soil and was reportedly opposed by national security officials.

A Justice Department official told Fox News on Monday that outgoing Attorney General Eric Holder will announce the policy change in the coming weeks and that it will also put an end to profiling based on ethnicity and sexual orientation.

Holder intended to announce the policy change several months ago, but the White House ordered a last-minute hold so the Department of Homeland Security could review the national security implications, a congressional aide told The Los Angeles Times, which on Saturday first reported the story.

Either the DHS review concluded that policy change would make sense in the midst of an ongoing investigation into the beheading of a woman in Oklahoma by an apparent Islamic militant, or the administration doesn’t care what its national security experts think. Either way, the feds stand set to consider white Catholic nuns as no less likely to commit acts of terrorism than Arab Muslim totalitarians.

The practice of profiling bears an unfair negative connotation. Profiling has been an integral part of law enforcement and national security operations for as long as such endeavors have existed, and for good reason. When a crime is committed, investigators could proceed randomly. Or they could proceed based upon the trends evident in past cases. The latter method does not model an irrational prejudice.

Factors such as race and religion may prove critical to an investigation. The Fox News article cites “the monitoring of some religious groups and surveillance on mosques without evidence of suspected criminal activity” as being of particular concern to Holder and the DOJ. But what if criminal activity proves part and parcel of your religious beliefs? If you adhere to a religion which preaches the killing of non-believers, doesn’t that make you suspect in and of itself?

(Today’s Fightin Words podcast is on this topic available here. 10:43 minutes long; 10.36 MB file size. Right click here to download this show to your hard drive. Subscribe through iTunes or RSS feed.)

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