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Assessing the Palin Nation

Monday, September 5th, 2011 - by Tony Katz

When former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin took the stage at the Restoring America Tea Party Rally in Indianola, IA, the crowd that had sat through two and half hours of rain and humidity jumped to their feet and cheered.  The view from your TV could lead you to believe it was just another rally. Being there, however, gives a whole new look into what Palin means to those who love her, and what Palin Nation will do to get her to run, and elected.

Palin’s speech, at least the bullet points, was somewhat leaked in the days prior to the event.  She was going to bring a full on assault against crony capitalism, and the “good old boys” network.  This has been a continual theme of Palin.  She broke through that network to get elected in Alaska, and utilized this outsider approach in her introduction to the world stage as the Vice-Presidential nominee of Sen. John McCain in 2008.

She delivered.  On crony capitalism, she explained clearly the perils associated with the disassociation from free markets:

This is not the capitalism of free men and free markets, of innovation and hard work and ethics, of sacrifice and of risk. No, this is the capitalism of connections and government bailouts and handouts, of waste and influence peddling and corporate welfare. This is the crony capitalism that destroyed Europe’s economies. It’s the collusion of big government and big business and big finance to the detriment of all the rest – to the little guys.

When Palin posited to the crowd, “…what or who we will replace him (Obama) with…,” the crowd erupted.  The chants of “Run, Sarah, Run!” went throughout the grounds.  They cheered in every corner, they cheered from the booths selling every imaginable Palin-esqe tchotchke.  By this time, the crowd had grown.  During the rain – big rains – some of the crowd stayed in their cars, or in the booths at the top of the venue.  While we could see the constant stream of cars coming in from our view on stage, we could not see where they were parked.  But as the moment approached of Palin’s speech, the crowd filled in nicely for a rain soaked day.

Many looked to Palin’s speech as proof that she is going to announce, or not announce, her run for President.  Those people miss the point.  To understand what is happening, one needs to be on the ground with the people.  You need to look into their eyes, listen to them speak, watch them react.

In Iowa, Palin has more than just love and admiration on her side.  She also has a constituency.  While Rep. Michele Bachmann and Governor Rick Perry both occupy the same space – the fiscal agenda that the Tea Party approves of, along with strong leanings to the social conservative side – that space is not fully explained or understood without Palin.  Never mind any polling that includes Palin now, that is polling of a “maybe” Palin. Those numbers will be far different when people choose on a “candidate” Palin.  And, as Palin said to huge applause and laughs – “Polls are for strippers and cross-country skiers!”

If Palin gets into the race, Bachmann will face huge challenges in Iowa. If Palin gets into the race, Perry will face challenges nationwide.  More than Iowa was represented in Indianola.  People came from California, Nebraska, Illinois and Missouri to name a few states.  They also came from Texas.  While Perry is a three-term governor, his vetting has only come from the Texas press.  People on the ground feel that Palin has already been vetted by America.  For more than three years, she has suffered through the whimsical and the wicked attacks.  She has been called every name, used in every uninspired analogy and, simply, they see her as the stronger candidate.

Peter Singleton, who runs the Iowa chapter of Organize4Palin.com, stated clearly that both Bachmann and Perry are good at delivering rhetoric.   Singleton called Perry’s record in Texas, “…not that conservative.”  On Bachmann, while praising her willingness to stand up to the Obama Administration, Singleton said, “…(Bachmann) has been big on inspiring rhetoric, but has not been as strong on specific substantive policy proposals..,” like Palin has.

In her speech, Palin backed up Singleton’s thesis, and came forth with ideas.  She talked about what she – or perhaps someone she approves of? – should do if President.  As Jedediah Bila commented on The Daily Caller:

Most importantly, she offered real  solutions, including a plan that serves as a stark contrast to our president’s  perpetual empty rhetoric: repeal Obamacare, uphold the Tenth Amendment, rein in  overregulation, prioritize significant and legitimate spending cuts, cancel  unused stimulus money, “own up to the debt challenge that is entitlement  reform,” tap into our God-given energy resources and make America “the most  attractive and competitive place to do business” by eliminating all federal  corporate income tax, corporate welfare and loopholes.

After it was over, Palin left the stage to sign autographs.  20 minutes later, she was still signing autographs.  When it looked like she was going to finish, she turned back to sign more books, more t-shirts, more bumper stickers  She didn’t stop.  She signed, she smiled, she talked, she listened.  All the while, the crowd pushed towards her, beckoning her, begging her for a few seconds of her time.  At one moment, a young man approached, looking for Palin to sign his t-shirt. After signing the shirt, Palin gave the man a hug.  He then put his hand to his mouth, and began to cry.

YouTube Preview Image

It was like watching a Justin Beiber fan win front row seats.  It’s a reaction that you do not see at Bachmann rallies, and you will never see at a Perry rally….nor a Romney rally.

Craig Robinson, editor and publisher of The Iowa Republican.com, former political director of the Iowa Republican Party and with whom PJTV worked with to cover the Iowa Straw Poll, wrote this about Palin before the day of the event:

It takes more than just a willing politician to pull off a presidential campaign. Palin has always had the star power and charisma to succeed on the national stage, but that will only take her so far. Palin may have an inner circle that advises her, but what she needs are loyal professionals who will look out for her best interests in everything she is involved with.

To run for president you need people who will put their lives on hold and who will put their candidate’s best interests above their own. Palin doesn’t have anyone in Iowa that fits that bill. That alone is the reason why I’ve never thought she is running for president in 2012.

Robinson also stated that her speech would have to be “perfect” to avoid her “negative stereotype;” a stereotype placed upon her by the mainstream press.  From all accounts, it’s clear that Palin gave a speech that clearly articulates a vision for America, her disdain for the status quo and an open question regarding who in the GOP field is really qualified to take on President Obama and lead the nation.  It was a “perfect” speech for the occasion.  But what of Robinson’s view that Palin simply doesn’t have the Iowa ground game to make a presidential run possible?

The Palin Nation would argue that this isn’t a normal election, and this isn’t a normal candidate.  That what Robinson argues might be true of traditional politics, but Palin is not traditional.  What draws people, those on the ground, is her folksy appeal.  The idea that Palin is just like them; just a mom, just a wife, just worried about her nation and her children’s future.  But, in politics, and her personal life, Palin is in many ways nothing like them.  And politics, for all that it has changed with the Tea Party, still has rules.  Money and organization do matter.  Even more than that is setting the expectation.  In an email, Robinson elaborated on his point:

Her speech, especially the portion where she laid out her platform, makes it hard to believe that she not going to run for president in 2012.  Her ability to connect, motivate, and inspire members of the Tea Party would make her formidable populist candidate.  As we have seen time and time again, the rules of campaigns past don’t apply to Sarah Palin, but the calendar and the clock still do.  If Palin jumped into the race rather soon she can probably make up for lost time.

However, with the caucuses just months five months away and the possibility that they make move up to January, every second that Palin waits to announce works against her. Palin doesn’t need to do well in Iowa, she needs to win the Iowa caucuses outright.  If she can’t win it here, she’s probably not going to win anywhere else.  For Palin, the road to the nomination has to include a victory in the Iowa caucuses. It’s that simple.

It is anyone’s guess as to whether or not Palin announces a run for the presidency.  But it is clear that the decision is all hers.  Yes, she needs to have the fundamentals in place in Iowa, and nationwide, to move forward with a Presidential run.  But, as Robinson and Bila point out, she has made a case – and has politically differentiated herself from the field.  If she should decide, Iowa, and Palin Nation, will follow. They will campaign relentlessly.  They will fundraise constantly.  They will stand in the rain, in the blazing sun, in the bitter cold.  They will make Obama supporters of ’08 look like chumps compared to the work they are willing to do.  Palin Nation, from every indication, will not rest until their Grizzly is in the White Den.  It is an authentic intangible that no other candidate, including President Obama, can engage.  And it may make all the difference.


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The Sarah Palin “Will She/Won’t She” Tour Begins

Friday, September 2nd, 2011 - by Tony Katz

On Friday night, hundreds packed The Machine Shed restaurant in Urbandale, Iowa to get a glimpse of former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, in advance of her keynote address at the Tea Party of America event in Indianola, IA.

The room was warm, as the September night was rather humid, and it was filled with people from all over the country who have come to Iowa to hear for themselves whether or not Palin will run for President of the United States.  Reports of people from California, Virginia, Nebraska, Texas, Minnesota, Washington State and Florida, with rumors of 10,000 to 20,000 people expected at the big rally.

Palin didn’t speak to the crowd on stage, but spent about an hour talking with people, signing autographs and taking pictures.  Peter Singleton, of the Iowa chapter of Conservatives4Palin, gave his thoughts to why Palin should run, stating clearly that Palin – in his estimation – could win the nomination, and the general election, which received wild applause from the crowd.

Be sure to check for updates from the big event tomorrow on the Tatler.  Also, photos and videos will be up on the PJTV Facebook page.  Be sure to leave comments, and to “LIKE” the page.

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The Job Numbers say Zero – but Why Do I Think they are Better and Worse Than That?

Friday, September 2nd, 2011 - by Tony Katz

I’m currently sitting in the O’Hare Airport, on my way to Iowa.  After a quick lunch, I saw the latest job numbers – 0. It is the first time since World War II that there has been no jobs created in the United States. That got me thinking – WWII ended officially on August 15th, 1945.  The date of writing this is September 2nd, 2011.  That is 66 years, 19 days.  Or, in just days, 24,125 since we last had a time where no jobs were created.

As I looked at the numbers, I came across something that somewhat inspired, and left me crestfallen, all at the same time.  I read in the CNBC report:

Private payrolls actually rose 17,000, but that was offset by continued shrinkage in government. The number of people unemployed remained unchanged at 14 million.

Private payrolls up?  Shrinkage in government?  Isn’t this a banner day for the advocates of the Free Market?  This is, as a most simple snapshot, wonderful!  Private enterprise is building while the government is shedding jobs.  While it is the basic math (private sector up + government sector down) that gets us the “0″ job growth, could this be a sign for a prosperous future?

Then, I did more math.  17,000 more jobs in the private sector, and 14 million unemployed.  If we were to get to 0 unemployment, it would take 823.5 months to get there. (14million/17,000)  But let’s go with a more realistic number, and aim for 4.5% unemployment (one half of where it is right now.)  That would take, at 17,000 jobs per month, approximately 412 months – or 34 years! Or, 12,360 days.

I used a very simplistic formula, and statisticians can correct me if need be.  But, by any standard, those numbers are awful, and simple untenable.  If President Obama is going to offer his thoughts about jobs, they must focus around these numbers and how to allow true entrepreneurship and capitalism to drive the train towards upward employment. Any jobs plan must involve making it easier for business to thrive – including the removal of undue regulations and an end to even the idea of FED or other governmental interference in the marketplace.  If Obama’s statement involves stimulus, QE3 or government hiring, then it becomes even more obvious that the President has no idea about what he is talking about regarding the economy.  The numbers don’t lie.

(NOTE – did I make a mistake in my math?  Let me know!)

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Protesters Show Up – Then Quickly Leave

Saturday, August 27th, 2011 - by Tony Katz

As the Tea Party Express kick-off at the Napa Fairgrounds in Napa, CA, was getting started, (approximately 10:30am PST) the street that bordered the Fairgrounds was lined with protesters, carrying signs saying “Tax The Rich,” as well as multiple solidarity signs professing their connection with Wisconsin, complete with big red fists.  I had spotted two or three protesters on the street corner when the bus arrived at just after 10am PST, but the vast majority had yet to arrive.

There was even a 15 foot tall inflatable rat.  Really. (Video coming soon.)

Yet, as soon as the event got started, (11am PST) they were gone.  No sign of a protester anywhere.  We often hear in the MSM, throughout the leftists blogosphere and from Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) and others, that the Tea Party is dead….done….gone.  Yet it was the protestors who had no staying power. After a few poorly organized chants and one woman asking why I hate poor people, they went their own way.

The majority of the Tea Party crowd was still partying at 1:20pm.  The event officially ended at 1pm.  Who has the staying power?  It’s one hell of a metaphor.

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On Board with the Tea Party Express

Saturday, August 27th, 2011 - by Tony Katz

I have been part of the kick off of the Tea Party Express bus tour as it starts its 17 day, 30 city tour, ending in Tampa, Florida on September 12th for the Tea Party Express/CNN debate.  The tour starts in Napa Valley, and then heads east to Reno, NV, then across the nation up to Maine, finally following the eastern seaboard South to Tampa Bay.

On Friday, August 26th, the Napa Tea Partyheld a dinner in celebration of the impending Tea Party Express launch.  Over 400 people attended a night of music, laughter, conversation and cigars (if you were anywhere near me!)  At the table I sat at, I met a gentlemen in his sixties who drills water wells. With his wife by his side, he told me that he has been drilling for near 40 years, and this is the first year – ever – that there is simply no work.  The economy has just stalled his business.

Another person at the table identified himself as a real estate broker.  He mentioned the massive drop in real estate prices, with houses going for half of what they used to be worth.  I was quick to point out that, especially in California, housing prices are far higher than the national average, and it isn’t that surprising that there would still be serious depression in the California housing market.  He turned to me, agreed with my assessment, and then stated clearly:

It used to be that owning a home was the American dream.  Now, you go into a house, and all you see is broken dreams.

We will be reporting throughout the day on the upcoming rally, any corresponding protests and the feel of the Napa crowd as the 2012 Presidential Race heats up.

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The Real Enemies are Too Scary for Rep. Frederica Wilson

Wednesday, August 24th, 2011 - by Tony Katz

One must wonder what world Progressives live in.  Blind to the realities of totalitarian regimes, insulated from concepts of forced female circumcision, stoning of women who are “judged” to be guilty of whatever crime their Sharia compliant husband or father (or, in this case, just some guys) says they are guilty of, or dissidents thrown in Chinese jails for using the Internet.

Now, Rep. Frederica Wilson (D-FL) joins these ranks.  At a jobs fair in Miami, Wilson stated her reason for high unemployment across the nation:

“Let us all remember who the real enemy is. The real enemy is the Tea Party — the Tea Party holds the Congress hostage. They have one goal in mind, and that’s to make President Obama a one-term president,”

How outrageous, and foolhardy, for Rep. Wilson to blame the unemployment rate on the Tea Party. It’s third rate pandering, and unseemly for a member of Congress.  However, it seems that Rep. Wilson has to open her eyes to two important realities.  First, there are many who want Obama to be a one-term President.  Sen. Bernie Sanders is contemplating a primary challengeThe Daily Beast (far from a right-side-of-the-aisle website) ran a story about Obama being weak, and wishing that Secretary of State Hilary Clinton was president.  Specifically, they highlighted this quote:

Among Clinton fans, particularly older women, the language was frequently far more caustic. “Obama has no spine and no balls,” said a 67-year-old New Yorker.

This is not the Tea Party, this is Rep. Wilson’s own Progressive Party.  But it is the second reality that is most important.  Rep. Wilson’s ignorance of real enemies is a slap in the face to those who serve in uniform – past and present.  It is a hateful assault on those who believe the Constitution is what makes us great, not an impediment to greatness, like President Obama.  Like Vice-President Joe Biden concurring with House Democrats who call members of the Tea Party “terrorists,“ though terrorism (according the Department of Homeland Security) has been renamed “man-made disasters.

So, for Rep. Wilson’s edification, here is a partial list of the real enemies of America, and of all humanity:

Al Qaeda, malaria, Statism, Hugo Chavez, terrorists, Mahmood Ahmendinejad, Communism, Bashar Al-Assad, actual racism, Hamas, Hezbollah, Somali pirates, Ayman al-Zawahri, rapists, child pornographers, illegal invaders, H1N1….

More can be added to the list, but Tea Party is no where to be found.  By adding it for the sake of cheap applause, Rep. Wilson added one more to the list of real enemies of America, and of all humanity:


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Will Obama Quit Rather Than Lose Re-election?

Monday, August 22nd, 2011 - by Tony Katz

On my radio show, I have been discussing the 2012 presidential race, and when mentioning Obama, I have said, “Obama can’t win re-election.  I don’t even know why he is running.”  I have made this declarative statement on my show, as well as interviews on other radio shows around the country.

While some have made mention that it is too early in the race to make such a statement, and that such statements are generally reckless, I stand firm on my words.  Certainly, I could be wrong, and I advocate that no one give up working hard on the race to unseat him, but the writing is on the wall….and, now, on the web.

In today’s  ”Morning Jolt” from Jim Geraghty over at NRO, he – knowingly or otherwise – makes my case by quoting Morrissey and Noonan.  From Peggy Noonan, Geraghty quotes:

The market is dispirited. I’m wondering if the president is, too, and if that won’t carry implications for the 2012 race. You can imagine him having lunch with political advisers, hearing some unwanted advice — “Don’t go to Martha’s Vineyard!” — putting his napkin by his plate, pushing back from the table, rising, and saying in a clipped, well-modulated voice: “I’m tired. I’m going. If they want this job so much let them have it.”

Ed Morrissey, of Hot Air.com, gives his own take…with the same ending result:

Some will scoff at the notion that Obama and his large ego would walk away from the office…It’s a low-probability outcome, but it isn’t a zero probability outcome. Obama’s ratings have tanked this year along with the economy, and he hasn’t come up with an original thought on economic policy since Porkulus. The leaks of his rumored plan sound a lot like Porkulus II, a sequel to a flop. This gives the impression that Obama has run out of ideas, and as Noonan argues in her piece, his attacks on Republicans for their supposed refusal to pass a plan he has yet to even submit to them sounds like a man who realizes that he’s out of ideas, too.

I have been talking for months now that Obama’s problem with being President is that the job involves work. President Obama has never done work before – he is not a capitalist.  The capitalist accepts that a job has work attached to it, and that work gets measured – either you succeeded in your work, or you failed.  Obama has never had his work measured, and therefore becomes extremely agitated when people question his work, disagree with his answers or, in the case of groups like the Tea Party, actively work to undo his work – like Obamacare.

Since the election in 2008, which involved a complicit press that failed to do any proper vetting (no matter what Thomas Friedman may say!), Obama has shown that he is just not capable.  Not only does he understand this, but the voters do.  Independents have already turned their back on Obama.  Those who turned out for Obama in 2008, specifically hard-core Progressives, and black voters, won’t necessarily vote for another candidate, they’ll just stay home.  Obama’s record has made it impossible to win the “turn-out” battle.  To quote The Who, we won’t get fooled again.

In a recent interview on the radio show, Vodka Pundit.com’s Stephen Green stated that Obama would much rather resign with “dignity” than go through the embarrassment of losing an election.  He was unaware that I said the same thing just days before.  A loss is not only a repudiation of Obama, but it closes the book on America’s failed experiment with Statism.  It shows conclusively that America tried it, and rejected it. We don’t see ourselves as European Socialists – we’re Americans.  Believers in individual liberty, personal responsibility and free markets.  Believers in private charity, and the pursuit of Happiness.

Obama is on the ropes, and he may decide to simply slip through them, and head back to the locker room. However, people act in very strange ways when backed into a corner.  As I have written before, Obama has already showed an overt disdain for the current rule of law, and has engaged in a campaign of talking down the Constitution.  Who knows how we will react in the coming months?

This is why we must keep working, and take nothing for granted.  The writing is on the wall, and on-line: Obama can’t win re-election.

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Re: Rep. Maxine Waters’ Telling the Tea Party Where to Go

Sunday, August 21st, 2011 - by Tony Katz

With all the conviction of a traveling preacher, and a bought and paid for audience, Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) made sure her constituents understood that any conversation of a “New Tone” or “Civility” was meant solely for the political right, and would have no bearing on her, nor her devotees.

As Alexis wroter ealier, at a forum in Inglewood, CA, supposedly created to address the ever growing problem of unemployment in California – which is now at 12%, second highest in the Nation (2nd to Nevada at 12.9%) and significantly higher than the nation average – Rep. Waters told those in attendance that she was not afraid of a fight.

“I’m not afraid of anybody,” said Waters. “This is a tough game. You can’t be intimidated. You can’t be frightened. And as far as I’m concerned, the ‘tea party’ can go straight to hell.”

The crowd, according to The Daily Caller, peppered with purple SEIU t-shirts, cheered wildly after the statement (the video from The Daily Caller corroborates this statement.)  Problem is, the Tea Party has nothing to do with unemployment.  The Tea Party has nothing to do with California having a Democrat-controlled House, Senate and Governor that pushes tax increases (and we’re not happy about that, either!)  The Tea Party has nothing to do with Rep. Water’s voting record, and her desire for Socialism in America.

Saying the Tea Party can go to hell might get you a lot of cheers, but it gets you a lot of cheers from a group of ill-informed lackies who won’t do the hard work of asking themselves (to quote David Byrne) “How Did I Get Here?”  Questions like that would lead them, if they are honest with themselves, to the reality that governmental polices (state and federal) that encourage high taxation and low growth, that over-regulate and undervalue the individual and that put far too much power in the hand of unions, not job creators, leads to high unemployment and a bad future.

The Tea Party stands opposed to those kinds of bureaucratic nightmares.  The Tea Party has done more to help the American people than Rep. Waters has ever done for her country, never mind her constituents. The Tea Party pushes people to recognize the inconsistencies in our elected officials, to value hard work, to force conversations that are tough and hard and messy while not giving up on the Constitution (which some elected leaders have chosen to do.)  Rep. Waters pushes her constituents to hate.  In this case, the Tea Party.

Gov. Rick Perry was lambasted for his words on Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke.  But we will hear very little from the administration about the violent words of Rep. Waters.  No one person speaks for the Tea Party, but if there was one thought, it would go like this – Rep. Waters, we don’t want you to go hell.  We just want you to go away.  What you do with the time off, or where you go, is totally up to you.

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Will Ed Schultz Be Fired?

Wednesday, August 17th, 2011 - by Tony Katz

The Racer meme continues to move through the main stream media, and allows the MSM an easy way to discredit anyone who opposes President Obama’s policies.  After his announcement in South Carolina, and arrival in Iowa, Texas Governor (and presidential candidate) Rick Perry found himself under attack from the usual Racer suspects.

The other night, MSNBC host Ed Schultz, host of The Ed Show, showed a piece that accuses Gov. Perry of racism by selectively and deceptively editing a video of Perry speaking at the Des Moines Register Soapbox at the Iowa State Fair.

Schultz rails that when Perry states that a “Black Cloud” hangs over America, Perry means President Obama.  So there is no confusion, Schultz starts his piece talking about the overt racism in the United States:

I think there’s an element of racism every time people claim the first black President doesn’t love this country.  Perry comes from the radical country club that loves to remind white America President Obama is other; not like you.  Perry also wants you to know that he is pro-business.

We will set aside Schultz’ inane attack on Capitalism, and focus on his primary lie.  This meme, put forth by other key Racers like Janeane Garofalo, Al Sharpton and Keith Olbermann, is not based on reality or truth.  Rather, Racers push the meme solely as an attack vehicle, designed to engage class warfare and intimidate the target.  In this case, the target is the biggest threat to Obama’s re-election chances to date: Governor Rick Perry.

However, Schultz and his team at MSNBC lied.  The video, when played in its entirety, clearly shows that the “Black Cloud” Perry is talking about is the debt, not Obama.

As pointed out by Larry O’Connor, editor of Breitbart.tv, Schultz admits the error in the editing, but does not apologize for the purpose of the editing, which is to engage the Racer meme and distort reality; To portray Gov. Perry as a racist and to engage the rabid, truth-be-damned, class warfare fanatical fan base at MSNBC to rally around President Obama.

While there are far too many apologies in American media today, (Schultz himself gave one of the best apologies in history a few months back, after a hate-filled radio show rant against conservative Laura Ingraham.  It earned him many kudos amongst conservatives.) an apology here would not be enough.  It simply won’t do.

If this was part of a stream of consciousness rant, an ever escalating, heated tirade that led to an inappropriate statement or falsifying of facts, then perhaps an apology (as it were) would suffice.  But this was not the situation.  This was calculated.  This was discussed.  And, unless Schultz is truly adept with Final Cut Pro, sent all of his producers out of the room while the clip was rolling and ran the production room by himself while on camera, this is also conspiratorial.  Schultz, and his staff, knew they were lying, and actively participated in deceiving their viewers while engaging, together, in a vicious slander of Gov. Perry.

They don’t have to apologize.  They have to be fired by MSNBC for engaging in a conspiracy to falsify the news to allow themselves a clearer path to espousing their rigid ideology.  Will MSNBC recognize this? Time will tell, and so will the viewership.

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Administration Kills Americans – MSM Doesn’t Care

Wednesday, August 17th, 2011 - by Tony Katz

The lack of main stream news coverage on the Fast and Furious debacle, that left at least one American dead, has been frightening.  Often called President Obama’s Watergate, Fast and Furious’ misguided premise put guns in the hands of violent criminals, cost millions of dollars, killed Border Agent Brian Terry and – if ever investigated – may expose barbaric corruption at the Department of Justice, and the White House.

As PJ Media has been reporting in a near exclusive fashion for over three months, the Department of Justice, which includes ATF (Department of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms) engaged in Operation Fast and Furious (also known as “GunWalker”) as a strategy to combat gun trafficking on the Southern Border.  From the 2009 Congressional Report:

In the fall of 2009, the Department of Justice (DOJ) developed a risky new strategy to combat gun trafficking along the Southwest Border.…The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) implemented that strategy using a reckless investigative technique that street agents call “gunwalking.” ATF’s Phoenix Field Division began allowing suspects to walk away with illegally purchased guns.

This shift in strategy was known and authorized at the highest levels of the Justice Department. Through both the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Arizona and “Main Justice,” headquarters in Washington, D.C., the Department closely monitored and supervised the activities of the ATF.

It has become increasingly obvious that the Justice Department, meaning Attorney General Eric Holder, and the White House, meaning President Barack Obama, were aware – in part or in full – about the plan. As others have mentioned, a second intention of this plan was to perpetuate the myth that American guns are flowing into Mexico, thus creating the violence on the border between the two countries.  The idea being that Operation Fast and Furious could be used as a vehicle to institute greater gun control; which is to push forward the Progressive ideal of eliminating 2nd Amendment rights.

What has also become obvious is that the main stream media has no plans to aggressively cover this story, and by aggressively I mean at all.  The New York Times, rather than report the facts of this story, (which show the President and the Attorney General as being complicit, if not advocates, in a plan to sell guns to Mexican drug cartels) writes incoherent drivel about Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA), who sits as Chairman of the House Government Operations and Reform Committee which is investigating the Fast and Furious disaster.

This case has exposed the MSM in two horrific ways.  First, it is yet more proof that the MSM refuses to portray the Administration honestly.  Second, it shows how absolute the first point is.  Border Agent Brian Terry is dead due to this operation, and who knows how many countless Mexicans.  This plan has put all US Border Agents at incalculable risk, and shows a level of complete incompetence from those in charge who put Progressive desires ahead of human life. Yet, in adherence with their rigid ideology, the majority of the MSM not only won’t cover the story, they – like the New York Times – write error-laden hit pieces against those who are investigating the story, like Rep. Issa.

Media bias doesn’t kill, but it seems to go out of its way to protect the killers.

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Live At The Straw Poll

Saturday, August 13th, 2011 - by Tony Katz

PJTV and PJ Media are live at the 2011 Straw Poll in Ames, Iowa.  PJTV is proud to have a prominent placement at the Google/TheIowaRepublican booth, hearing from the candidates who are coming by including Sen. Rick Santorum, Rep. Thaddeus McCotter, former Speaker Newt Gingrich and others.

Keep tabs on PJTV throughout the weekend, as we continue to post videos from the event.  Right here, we will be adding updates throughout the day.

UPDATE #17 – Another 20 minutes until the polls close.  Be sure to check PJTV.com for Straw Poll results and analysis.

UPDATE #16 – According to operatives from RebelPundit.com, there are reports that supporters of Rep. Ron Paul have been pranking the Rep. Bachmann campaign by messing with their golf carts (meant for moving people and supplies.)  The only real gossip of the entire event…..thank goodness.

UPDATE #15A – Once again, PJTV is called on stage at the Google/TheIowaRepublican.com Soap Box to ask Sen. Santorum questions in front of the live crowd.  Be sure to look for it at PJTV.com.

UPDATE #15 – Sen. Rick Santorum takes the stage.  So far, he has visited 68 of the 99 counties here.  He refers to America as a “moral enterprise” and that rights come to us from G-d.  He then went into a history lesson about Washington, and the concept of American Exceptionalism, ending with, “Mr. President, you don’t understand America.”  He then states that Obamacare is the example of government control that existed in the colonies before the Declaration of Independence.  He further pushed for his belief in smaller government, and how Democrats aren’t “evil,” they just believe in something different.  The crowd was the the biggest of the day.

UPDATE #14 – Texas Gov. Rick Perry has made his official announcement that he is in the race for president in 2012.  We knew it was coming.  However, while there are t-shirts a plenty here with “Americans for Rick Perry” on them, I haven’t heard much other chatter about him.  The Straw Poll results may say otherwise.

UPDATE #13 – The crowd is waiting for Sen. Rick Santorum.  The biggest crowd of the day so far.

UPDATE #12 – I caught up with former Speaker Newt Gingrich after he spoke at the Google/TheIowaRepublican Soap Box.  Here is the video.

UPDATE #11 – OK…a man named Al Shearer just took to the stage to announce that he is running for President, and is passing out bumper stickers.  Anyone heard of him?

UPDATE #10 – Up next is Sen. Thaddeus McCotter (R-MI).  The crowd is truly intrigued, as they don’t know much about him.  A surprise!  He’s not just giving a speech, he’s doing a Q&A, and I start the questioning for PJTV. The crowd in the tent is growing, and McCotter’s style – not dramatic, not overtly passionate, has this group of people fully engaged.  It seems that if he is given the chance to speak, he wins people over…just don’t know if that can translate into donations and a strong challenge.

UPDATE #9A – Sen. Grassley agreed to speak with us, on the stage at the Google/TheIowaRepublican.com Soap Box, in front of well over 150 people.  Be sure to look for it at PJTV.com.

UPDATE #9 – Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) is now speaking, and the tent just got really full.  He is talking about “The Buck Stops Here,” and how President Obama has failed to take any responsibility for the current state of affairs.  To quote, “You (the President) shouldn’t have any more excuses than Harry Truman had – the buck stops here!”  The crowd is now applauding on every other line….they are crazy about him, and love the message.  Big applause line comes when he sings the praises of the Tea Party.

UPDATE #8 – A quick word from former New York Lt. Governor Betsy McCoughey about the need to repeal Obamacare, and the viciousness of the IRS in implementing this law.

UPDATE #7 – A break in the action on stage, but lots of activity in this booth.  Across the way, the Rep. Bachmann tent is jam-packed.  Next to her, the Herman Cain tent also has plenty of activity.  As for passers by, the Ron Paul t-shirts are now out and about, along with lots of signage.

UPDATE #6 – Congressman Tom Latham (R-IA) is now speaking.  He is pushing for a majority in the Senate, to get the “regulatory burden” off the people.  It was a simple talk, speaking to the members of his district, which Ames is a part of.

UPDATE #5 – I just spoke at TheIowaRepublican.com soap box, comparing and contrasting the Tea Party and the Iowa voter with the rhetoric of the Democratic party.

UPDATE #4 – Newt Gingrich is now on the stage.  He was quick to say, “I don’t want you to be for me, I want you to be with me.”  He then made the same plea he made at the close of the FOX debate, imploring people not to wait 15 months to get started, start doing now.  He then started talking about the problems with bureaucratic Socialism.  (Aside from McCotter, you won’t hear that talking point from anyone else.) He finished up by stating that you can not describe America without saying that our rights come from     G-d, and that President Obama is wrong about the nature of America.  NEWCatch the interview here.

UPDATE #3 – Spotted!  Americans for Rick Perry t-shirts….lots of them.  Has someone been organizing?

UPDATE #2 – Rep. Steve King (R-IA) is speaking at the Google/TheIowaRepublican booth, where close to 100 people have gathered to listen to him.  His biggest applause line came when he asked the crowd to sign a pledge to help repeal Obamacare, which Rep. King referred to as a, “malignant tumor.”

UPDATE #1 – Walking on to the Iowa State University campus, where the Straw Poll is taking place, the first sight I saw was Sen. Rick Santorum, who is shaking hands as fast as he can.  Once on the main campus, I was struck at the number of Tim Pawlenty t-shirts I saw.  I don’t know how that translates to votes, but the shirts – a bright green with the number 12 on the back of them – are very visible.

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Winners and Losers in the Ames Debate

Friday, August 12th, 2011 - by Tony Katz

The debate in Ames, Iowa, in advance of the Straw Poll, was a far different affair than the first debate in New Hampshire.  It was no longer the “We’re all in it to beat Obama!” love-fest.  It was politics – 8 people who want the job, and want to draw a clear line in the sand that they are the people you can trust with the job.  Or, more factually, seven people who engaged the idea, and Amb. John Huntsman.

Here is how I rank the contenders: (You can watch my debate wrap up from the Spin Room in Ames, Iowa here.)

1 – Former Speaker Newt Gingrich – Never mind sitting on the couch with Nancy Pelosi, or the NY-23rd.  If you don’t think he won this debate – with room to spare – then check your premises.  Or, check your “rigid ideology.”  Or, if those two don’t work, check your head.  Gingrich has finally found his opportunity to gain a constituency.  He has positioned himself as the Statesman, with the understanding of the experiences of America to bring about the best solutions.  And, he did!  He reminded the audience, even in his closing statement, that the election was 15 months away, but there are things that people can do right now to help our country.  And, as the Statesman, not the politician, he was able to return fire to Chris Wallace (who asked some of the questions that night) and was able to give a more honest focus, without couching his words.  He was strong, funny and connected with an audience who two hours prior had written him off.  There can be no question that he won last night.  Does that translate into Straw Poll results?  Not sure.

2 – Sen. Rick Santorum – I’m as surprised as anyone on this front.  I had spoken at length on Wednesday and Thursday that Santorum and Gov. Tim Pawlenty need to show up in this debate.  Santorum did, in a most fascinating way – as foil to Rep. Ron Paul.  After, quite literally, having to beg to be heard in the debate, Santorum started to respond to Rep. Paul’s thoughts and theories with a competing view point.  The back and forth between Santorum and Paul was great for America, and the closest thing to a real debate I have ever seen in presidential politics.  Both men advocating for individual liberty, and that laws come from G-d, not man – and two different views of how that plays out.  Santorum bests Paul on just good humor – he came across better on stage.

3 – Rep. Ron Paul – For me, he seemed rather focused.  He was able to pivot back to the concept of individual liberty, and then expand out to economic realities, finishing with how his foreign policy (i.e., end the wars, bring home the troops) will save the people of the United States billions of dollars.  His engaged, yet respectful, countering of Sen. Rick Santorum’s thoughts on America, and the best way forward, will be the longest running theme from this debate.  Of most interest, he spoke of Cuba and free trade.  I interviewed Rep. Paul earlier that day (which received many comments on YouTube, some rather negative – calling it an “ambush interview” and painting me a neo-con) and asked him about his thoughts on isolationism and the Constitution.  He responded by stating his belief in free trade, and how we should be engaged in trade with Cuba!  Perhaps I planted the seed?

4 – Gov. Mitt Romney – He didn’t win, he didn’t lose.  He comes out unscathed.  That’s a good victory, and a big lesson for the rest of the field who let the pitch (the Mitt) go by.

5 – Gov. Tim Pawlenty – The editor and publisher of TheIowaRepublican.com, Craig Robinson, had mentioned on PJTV that Pawlenty had to show some fight.  He did.  He did it well.  In the opening conversation with Rep. Michele Bachmann, he was direct, forthright, honest, sincere, and most importantly, forceful without being rude.  In the second go-round with Bachmann, it got to be uncomfortable.  As I wrote on PJM last night, it went from “…wow to whoa.”  Pawlenty already had Bachmann reeling from the first round.  He should have taken his focus off of her, and put it back on Obama with much more speed.  And, if not Obama, then Romney.  Pawlenty got the second chance to discuss “ObamneyCare.”  He did so, and pretty well, but it all may be academic at this point.  As opposed to many others in the race, the Iowa Straw Poll may determine his immediate political fate.

6 – Rep. Michele Bachmann – Would you look at that…more hate mail for me!  The end result of Bachmann’s performance is that she allowed herself to be taken down by a lesser contender by engaging her.  Bachmann has massive Tea Party support, and a growing fan base.  She was sure to be complimentary of former Gov. Sarah Palin, whose supporters may flock to Bachmann if Palin is not in the race.  I don’t think her performance will hurt her at the Straw Poll, but she did not come across as well as she did last time on CNN.  Pawlenty got to her, and it showed.  Luckily, she has the time, the money and the platform to recover.

7 – Herman Cain – I like Herman Cain, but he just doesn’t connect on stage.  He had a great line about America taking a joke when discussing the border, but the rest of his answers through the majority of the debate seemed unformed.  Not the intent of his answers, but the answers themselves.  When Cain speaks of foreign policy, it comes across that he is completely out of his element.  It was refreshing to hear him talk about what he is learning, and that he gathering the information to be the best president possible.  That kind of honesty goes a long way, but it might not be the best idea to be the president who has to learn on the job (like Hillary Clinton warned!)  Off stage, on camera, in person, Cain is just fantastic.  Incredibly likable and engaging.  On the stage, he fades, and I don’t think there is enough time for Cain to correct that.

8 – Amb. John Huntsman – Oh, look.  There’s Ambassador John Huntsman.  Wow…he really got great seats.  Oh, look.  He’s going to answer a question..good thing he brought his can opener.

What do you think?  Please give your thoughts in the comments.

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Live Blogging The Debate from The Spin Room

Thursday, August 11th, 2011 - by Tony Katz

I am in the spin room on the campus of Iowa State University.  You can follow all of the Tweets, and all of the action, via Twitter.  Just look for hashtag #pjtvstraw, or follow me on Twitter.

Everyone is here.  Ran into Ed Morrissey of Hot Air, Guy Benson of TownHall.com, Stacy McCain himself is here, Chuck Todd of NBC is just 20 feet from me, and even Obama denizen David Axelrod was sighted outside.

Please tell us your thoughts about the debate.  Leave your comments below.  Thanks!

UPDATE #5: Be sure to check out PJTV for all of our debate wrap-up.

UPDATE #4: Rep. Paul has hit some stride on the conversation of individual liberty.  Sen. Santorum is hitting a stride on being for values, and being unapologetic.  It’s a very interesting back and forth between them.  I haven’t said much about Gov. Romney…and I don’t think that is going to change.  He started off with good fire, but now he is settling in to simple answers and getting done with this debate and away from the Straw Poll (which he is not participating in.)  And is Ambassador Huntsman still on the stage?

UPDATE #3: The conversation between Sen. Santorum and Rep. Paul was great. It should be a national conversation about who we are as a nation, and which way is the best way to secure our safety.  I like Herman Cain, but I think he is fading.  He’s not connecting on stage.  Newt continues to impress.  He is taking on the questions, and the stage, but keeping his answers focused, smart, witty and dynamic. Going back to Santorum, I have said that he is a VP candidate only, and I still believe it, but he is proving to his base that he is worth keeping in this race.

UPDATE #2: The Bachmann/Pawlenty back and forth went from wow to whoa.  Moving on.  Herman Cain was refreshingly honest, but quasi-tongue tied.  Rick Santorum gets a big laugh, and then ends with a big elbow on the other candidates.  It’s Newt who shined.  He is looking for his constituency, and he may find it with this style of answer and proposed statesmanship.

UPDATE #1: From Round One of the debate, Craig Robinson – editor of The Iowa Republican.com – stated that Rep. Michele Bachmann “…didn’t look like a front runner…” in the exchange with Gov. Tim Pawlenty.  I agree.  Pawlenty came out looking strong.  JulesLaLaLand on Twitter disagreed, question whether we see things differently as men and women.  We will see.

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Sen. Rand Paul Confirms Call For Vote Of No Confidence On Sec. Geithner (Update: Video Added)

Thursday, August 11th, 2011 - by Tony Katz

Today, Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) – campaigning with his father, Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) in Ames, Iowa – confirmed to PJTV that he will ask for a vote of “no confidence” on Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner.

I spoke with Sen. Paul at a small event in Ames, Iowa, just hours before the FOX News debate.  We talked about the Super Committee, and the problems with their mandate.  Sen. Paul also commented on the state of the current stock market, and the concern people should have.  It was then that Sen. Paul made clear he will call for a vote of “no confidence” on Sec. Geithner, stating that, “I think it’s a huge mistake for the president to keep him on.”  He admitted that the vote would have no legal standing.

On the subject of his father, he reminded that Rep. Paul correctly understood the problems with the housing market, specifically Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, and focused on his father’s fiscal discipline as valued trait in the race for President.

The full video of my interview with Sen. Rand Paul will available on PJTV, as well as linked on The Tatler.  Be sure to check back often at PJTV as we continue to provide coverage of the 2011 Straw Poll.

Update: Here’s my interview with Sen. Paul.

YouTube Preview Image

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Rep. Ron Paul in Ames (Update: Interview Added)

Thursday, August 11th, 2011 - by Tony Katz

Presidential candidate Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) spoke to a small group of supporters and press in Ames, Iowa in preparation for the Iowa Straw Poll, taking place on Saturday, August 13th.

His remarks covered a myriad of subjects – economy, foreign policy, monetary policy, the TSA, government over reach and education.  He said of education, to thunderous applause, “I don’t even believe in the Department of Education.”  On foreign policy, he blasted President Obama for being involved in “five wars,” and reminded the crowd that it was Afghanistan that “did in” the Russians.  Paul also advocated for the United States leaving the United Nations.

Specifically, I was able to ask Rep. Paul about his foreign policy stance, asking if it was “Constitutional,” or, rather, “Isolationist,” as well as a question about Israel and the White House. We will post it here once it is available.  Be sure to check PJTV for the latest news from the Straw Poll, and “Like” our Facebook page for exclusive behind the scenes photos.

Update: Here is my interview with Rep. Paul.

YouTube Preview Image

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Sarah Palin Comes To Iowa

Wednesday, August 10th, 2011 - by Tony Katz

According to The Iowa Republican.com, former Alaska Governor and 2008 Vice-Presidential candidate Sarah Palin will be coming to Iowa on Friday.  Craig Robinson, editor and publisher of The Iowa Republican.com, says that Palin’s reason for coming is, “Obviously, to make an impact on the field.  She’s creating a bookmark that allows her to keep her options open for getting in to the race.”

PJTV is covering the Straw Poll, and all the action throughout Iowa.  Be sure to check PJTV.com for video updates, and The Tatler for the latest breaking news from Iowa.

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Gandhi, The Tea Party and the Future of America

Tuesday, August 9th, 2011 - by Tony Katz

After the brutality of the market following the signing of the less than stellar debt limit bill, which allowed for the raising of our national debt by $2.4 trillion, and a first ever downgrade of America’s credit, President Obama was eerily silent.  The weekend passed with no word from the President, even after the loss of 21 US Navy Seals in a helicopter “crash” in Afghanistan.

When Monday came, the market dropped at the opening bell, and hovered down 400 points for the next few hours, with slight, but insignificant movement.  President Obama, who was set to speak at 1pm EST, didn’t go in front of the cameras for another 55 minutes.  The market was down 430 when he started speaking.  After he spoke, the market reacted to his statement.  The Dow closed down 634 points. President Obama’s speech cost the market another 200 points.

His speech reminded me of a quote attributed to Gandhi, which I first used at a Tea Party rally in Van Nuys, California in April of 2009, and have recently been talking about on radio:

First they ignore you.  Then they ridicule you.  Then they fight you.  Then you win.

Obama had already sent out his attack dogs over the weekend, with Sen. John Kerry (D-MA) and professional liar David Axelrod making appearances on the Sunday shows, pushing the latest Progressive narrative that the downgrade from Standard and Poor’s was a “Tea Party downgrade.”  This came on the heels of a week of elected officials, politicos and other assorted hacks referring to the Tea Party as “terrorists.”

Obama’s Monday speech set things off differently.  With a down market, and a downgraded nation, President Obama didn’t try to inspire.  He didn’t make the case for the American spirit, and our ability to beat any challenge.  He said the words, like this statement: “Markets will rise and fall, but this is the United States of America.  No matter what some agency may say, we’ve always been and will always be a Triple A country.”  But the words fell flat; they were not, for him, honest.  His weak platitudes were not the theme of his talk….not the point of his statement.

From ridicule, to fight.

Obama proved that the battle against the Tea Party is now on the move.  His speech on Monday did nothing to calm the markets, as it was not designed to.  Its intent was not to show strength to investors or credit agencies. It was another in a string of politically partisan campaign speeches.   It was a full scale engagement in the blame game.  The target was, and is, the Tea Party.

It is important for the Tea Party to recognize that the fight against them has ramped up.  Yes, for those not blinded by rigid ideology, it will seem odd that the president – who swore to uphold, defend and protect the Constitution – is so objectionable of those who believe in the following of the Constitution.  (As I have discussed in other articles, the president not only objects to those who believe in the Constitution, but the Constitution itself.)

But the president, his party and the main stream media, object to the Tea Party.  They ignored  the first rallies, calling them astroturf, and claiming the movement would go away.  They have followed the words of their savior – Janeane Garofalo – and focused strongly on the concept of ridicule; calling members racist, and making crude sexual innuendo around name calling members of the Tea Party. There has been some physical violence, with the Kenneth Gladney assault in Missouri (shockingly, a court found the SEIU perpetrators not guilty) and a man in Southern California who had his finger bitten off.

The fight has ramped up into a full on psychological war.  With the debt ceiling debate and the downgrade, Progressives have moved to make this personal for America (something they could not accomplish with just Racer talk.)  They are moving to make the downgrade personal to everyone, and push blame not to themselves for their radical spending, but rather to the Tea Party – which opposes radical spending from both parties!

Obama’s Monday speech proves the point.  A speech that should have eased creditors and brought a sense of “can do” spirit to Americans gave way to blame and fanatical politics.  No plan from the president, other than his canned, illogical proposition that “Tax the Rich” is the answer.  Obama can not run for re-election on his record.  He can not, even with the full force of the MSM, sell America on the empty, flowery rhetoric of Hope and Change.  He has not cut the deficit, as he has promised.  Guantanamo Bay remains open.  We now have more wars than when Obama took office.  Obama can not campaign on the economy, jobs, or foreign policy.  His only chance at re-election is to make the false case that the Tea Party has been the impediment to his success, and supposedly America’s success.

The Tea Party must be prepared, and willing, to take on this fight – for themselves, their posterity and the future of America.  We are no longer involved in the hypothetical of what we think Obama, and this administration (and his elected and appointed political lackies) will say or do.  We know what their vision is for America, and it is awful – a big government wasteland that diminishes personal liberty and removes the reality of American Exceptionalism; a country that believes in the Bizzaro-Kennedy. “Ask not what you can do for your country; ask demand what your country can must do for you!”

Simply, we can not fail.  The Tea Party must remain vigilant in the face of the onslaught.  It’s members – millions of Americans strong – must respond to the lies of the Progressives with forceful truth.  We must take the opportunities available to us – blogs, video, radio, television, books, art, music – to share our view of America; one that engages in free markets, free people, private charity and individual responsibility.  An America that recognizes that its strength comes from its citizens, not its sprawling centralized government.  We must promote and defend the Four Basics of the Tea Party – The Constitution, Capitalism, Fiscal Responsibility and Smaller Government.  When we hear a lie, we must point it out.  We must do it with humor, with passion, with strength.  And we must do it again tomorrow.

The Tea Party can no longer be ignored, as we control the political and cultural debate in America.  We have weathered (and will continue to weather) the ridicule and the lies.  President Obama has made the move into the third phase.  We are in the fight, and there is no knowing whether it will last one week, one month, one year or longer.  What matters is that it is a fight that holds the future of our nation in the balance.  The fight can not be lost.  Gandhi was right, and so is the Tea Party.

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Obama Advocates For New Form Of Government For America

Monday, August 8th, 2011 - by Tony Katz

President Barack Obama has had many things to say about the Constitution, and America.  He has talked about both in radio interviews as a State Senator, and in his two books.  In the months and weeks that preceded the election, we heard then Senator Obama talk about transforming the United States.  As President, he has recently spoke of the problems of a tough, messy democracy.  A cursory look at his words and deeds set forth a thesis from the President; one that is far more insidious than is being reported.

The words of the President have a long and sordid history, yet put together a simple strand of belief. A look at his books, gives the start of the string; the desire to search out Marxist professors.  (Certainly, one could go further back, and a review of PJTV personality Bill Whittle’s expose on Obama’s history would be good for those people.)  It was with Marxist professors that he felt most comfortable.  It was with these teachers that he saw role models.  It was within their teachings he found his own salvation – which leads to his talking far too often about our collective salvation as the way to a better tomorrow.

This fascination, and the desire for like-minded role models, led him (via his wife, Michelle Obama) to the church of Reverend Jeremiah Wright, where he spent 20 years.  He did not spend them repudiating the viciousness of his chosen spiritual leader, he spent them reveling in it.  Obama formed a mindset that we see today, focused on the collective over the individual.  He formed his understanding in Black Liberation Theology, which former congressional candidate Chrystopher Smith refers to as the single reason why Attorney General Eric Holder was given the job, and why it will take the most extraordinary of circumstances to make Obama remove Holder.  (Gunwalker may be that extraordinary circumstance…time will tell.)

As a state Senator in Illinois, President Obama gave an interview to a local radio station where he was discussing civil rights and the courts, and it moved into a conversation on the Constitution. Obama, a supposed Constitutional scholar, did not spend much time in praise of the first of its kind, one of a kind document.  Rather, he derided it.  In the 2001 radio interview Obama specifically stated that the “problem” with the Constitution is that it is a grouping of “negative liberties.” Paraphrasing, he said the Constitution states what government can not do to you instead of what the government must do for you.

The Constitutional scholar has a problem with the basic tenets of the Constitution, as his entire basis (home life, college, spiritual adviser) put forth a competing (failed) theory of how the world should work.  The Constitution, based on the concept of Natural Laws as described in the Declaration of Independence – that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness – says man should be able to live without being told how to live (by a King or a centralized government.)  Obama states that government should do more for people, which historically comes at a “Freedom Cost.”

(NOTE – The “Freedom Cost” is the same as the idea of “Opportunity Cost” in economics.  It is the Freedom lost in the guise of alleged government support or safety.  Therefore, the Freedom Cost of ObamaCare, for example, is the loss of choice (Freedom) in one’s medical decisions.  Some may consider that ObamaCare is about wealth redistribution, not medical care.  I do not argue this.  It is just another Freedom Cost to Obamacare.)

In the lead up to the 2008 election, then Senator Obama spoke to a crowd of thousands, and crowed with great passion, “We are five days from fundamentally transforming the United States of America.”  If it weren’t for Glenn Beck, that phrase would have simply dropped under the radar. At most, it would simply have made some on the political right say, “What is he talking about?”  It’s the same way most right-leaning people took to the phrase “Hope and Change.”  They are words that mean nothing in the macro sense.  It’s flowery rhetoric.  But, to the individual, they force a personal reaction.  That is why Obama used them, and continues to use them.  But what, then, could the majority of people have thought about “fundamentally transforming” the United States?  Was it about extricating ourselves from Iraq and Afghanistan?  About curbing runaway spending?  About forging stronger relationships with our allies, and establishing new relationships with our enemies to bring about lasting peace? Quite obviously, the answer to those questions is no.

In the recent debt limit debate, the president spoke frequently, giving multiple press conferences to demonize the political right while offering no solutions of his own.  During this time, he gave a speech to the racist organization La Raza at their annual convention in Washington, D.C.  In this speech, he said the following about immigration reform, and “other” subjects:

“The idea of doing things on my own is very tempting. I promise you, not just on immigration reform. But that’s not how our system works. That’s not how our democracy functions. That’s not how our Constitution is written,”

The words stun.  While the press may play on the theme of doing things on his own, the real incendiary statements come just after.  His statement of our system, our democracy, our Constitution is not one of praise. It is one of disgust.  In front of La Raza, a group that believes in open borders and intimidation, Obama is letting his disdain for the our system of government, our system of laws, be known.  He is pining for the better tomorrow, where he is not burdened with a system that prevents him from fashioning immigration policy in his image (in La Raza’s image.)

Just a few weeks later, after the signing of the debt limit increase – and the ensuing Dow drop of 200, then 512 points – President Obama spoke on the evening of his birthday, during a $38,500 a plate celebration. He stated:

“When I said ‘change we can believe in, I didn’t say change we can believe in today. I didn’t say ‘change we can believe in tomorrow,’ not ‘change we can believe in next week.’ We knew this was going to take time. Because we’ve got this big, messy, tough democracy.”

The pattern is now formed.  Never mind that we are a republic, and not a democracy.  That isn’t the point.  It is the continued attack on our system. The problem, according to Obama, is not him, or his policies, or his big government point of view.  The problem, as previously stated – going as far back as 2001 – is the Constitution; “…this big, messy, tough democracy.”.  As he frames it, the rule of law keeps getting in his way of doing what he thinks is best for all of us.  As my colleague at PJTV, Katie Pavlich, reminds in her article on Townhall.com (with a H/T to HotAir.com):

FLASHBACK: Gee, sure would be easier to President of China

Mr. Obama has told people that it would be so much easier to be the president of China. As one official put it, “No one is scrutinizing Hu Jintao’s words in Tahrir Square.”

His upbringing, his college desires, his spiritual leader, his own words, his own actions and, most recently, his clear-as-day assault on the Constitution, and how much easier his job would be without it. (Even the First Lady has been commenting recently on how hard President Obama works, how gray his hair is getting.  Perhaps he would be more energetic, getting more sleep, if it weren’t for this tough, messy, Democracy?)

President Obama is actively engaging in a pre-meditated attack on the United States Constitution, and the American way of life.  His words are not missteps, like 57 states or the insulting inability to properly pronounce the word corpsman.  Obama is attempting to plant the seed into the already vitriolic and boisterous Progressives that the problem with America is the thing that makes America great – the rule of law that does not allow government to rule us.  (A very disappointing note for Valerie Jarrett, whose slip of the tongue before Inauguration Day may have been more telling about Obama’s desires than we realize.)

While Progressives, the main stream media and Obama devotees will attack this thesis, the words of the president throughout his known history can not be undone, or misconstrued.  Obama has an obvious dislike for the Constitution, and, as president, a true hatred for the things that get in his way – like the rule of law, and Congress, and open debate, and the Tea Party, and questions from the press or others Americans.

Recently, I was sent this cartoon from a friend of mine in Tampa Bay, which originally ran in the Chicago Tribune in 1934:

In the bottom left corner, it shows a man (perhaps Leon Trotsky?) writing on a placard.  On top, as a title, the character wrote, “Plan Of Action For U.S.” Underneath that, the character has written:


Under The Guise Of Recovery – Bust The Government – Blame The Capitalists For The Failure – Junk The Constitution And Declare A Dictatorship

Next to that, in small letters, as if a commentary from inside the Trotsky character’s head, it reads, “It Worked In Russia!”

There is no claim being made that President Obama is working towards a dictatorship.  But President Obama has clearly shown that he has a vehement disdain for the Constitution, and is actively engaged in sowing the seeds of derision and division in an attempt to bring about its modification, its ineffectiveness or it ultimate demise.

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The Downgrade is the fault of ObamaCare – Fighting the Leftist Narrative

Friday, August 5th, 2011 - by Tony Katz

(As the left begins to spin out-of-control yarns about how the recent S&P downgrade is the fault of Republicans and, as always, former President George Bush, I thought we should start a dialogue about simple ways to refute the nonsense claims of the Progressives, and focus the reality – President Obama’s spending is America’s biggest problem.  Here is one….add your own in the comments.)

If ObamaCare had never had passed (i.e., been forced down the throats of Americans) that would be $2 trillion less in unfunded mandates put around the neck of the American economy.

Without ObamaCare, it would have been much easier to achieve cuts in the recent debt limit deal to satisfy the credit ratings agencies.  The deal, to Standard and Poors, was not credible.  Coincidentally, neither is Obamacare.

ObamaCare ruins everything it touches.  First doctors, then patients, now the credit rating of the United States.  Next?  President Obama’s re-election chances.

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Government Attack on Food, Personal Freedom, Continues

Thursday, August 4th, 2011 - by Tony Katz

In Venice, CA, a beach community in Los Angeles, the owner of a health food market was arrested, along with two others, according to the Los Angeles County District Attorney, for the, “…criminal conspiracy charges stemming from the alleged illegal production and sale of unpasteurized goat milk, goat cheese and other products.”

As the Los Angeles Times reported:

The arrests followed a one-year investigation during which undercover agents purchased unpasteurized dairy products from Healthy Family Farms stands in Los Angeles, Ventura and Santa Barbara counties, said Matthew Krasnowski, a district attorney spokesman. The products included unpasteurized goat milk, cheese and yogurt.

Yes, a year long investigation to go after the sale of unpasteurized milk, cheese and yogurt.  And not just one government agency, but nine different governmental agencies, according to the LA District Attorney’s office:

Agencies taking part in the ongoing investigation include the U.S. Food and Drug Administration; the California Franchise Tax Board; the California Department of Food and Agriculture’s Milk and Dairy Food Safety Branch and the department’s Division of Measurement Standards; the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office; the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health; the Ventura County Sheriff’s Department, the Ventura County Department of Public Health; the Los Angeles Police Department and the Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety.

The investigation ended in the raid of the Venice market, Rawesome Foods, and a farm, Palmer’s Healthy Family Farms in Ventura County.  Prosecutors claim that Rawesome Foods did not have a license to sell unpasteurized milk, which is required by the state of California.  Rawesome Foods, however, is not open to the public.  It is a private club that requires a paid membership.  It is not known how undercover officers got into the club to purchase the dairy items, or if they paid for a membership.  This is not the first raid on Rawesome Foods.  They were raided in 2010 for the sale of unpasteurized, or “raw” milk.

What is known is that the government has gone too far in “protecting” its citizens.  Grown men and women have the right to eat whatever they want.  While you and I may not think raw goat milk is the way to enjoy our Captain Crunch, there is no reason that government should outlaw its sale.  Further, the licensing requirements are called in to question when the type of sale does not fit into its parameters (to the public versus via private membership club.) On the surface, this looks more like governmental bullying than “protecting” the unpasteurized goat-milk-drinking public (which one could assume is a very niche market.)

The Tea Party movement has long advocated for smaller government as one of its central tenants.  This unwarranted attack on this small business is a perfect analogy as to why the Tea Party is on the side of all Americans who believe in personal liberty.  The politics of the owners of Rawesome Foods and Palmer’s Farm isn’t important.  The conversation here is about the continued over reach of government into our food and food choices.  We’ve seen New York work to ban salt and trans fats from restaurants. In California, food establishments are required to post calorie counts of all items.  McDonald’s is under attack for putting toys in Happy Meals, and now will only offer apple slices with Happy Meals instead of french fries.  In Chicago schools, students can have their home packed lunch thrown away, and then be forced to purchase the school lunch.

All of those things are not the advancement of a society, but a horrific growth of the Nanny State.  And, as we see from Rawesome, no one is immune.  From McDonalds to private food markets to the schools, government feels compelled to control what we eat.  Recently, it was announced that August 20th is Lemonade Freedom Day, in response to the nationwide crackdown on kids’ lemonade stands by police. Perhaps a Food Freedom Day will be next, as it certainly seems it is needed.


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Why The Tea Party Remains In Charge

Tuesday, August 2nd, 2011 - by Tony Katz

The debt and the debt limit provide a tremendous amount of drama and uncertainty. The drama focuses on who is right and who is wrong, on what happens if (now, when) we raise the debt limit from its current $14.3 trillion. The uncertainty focuses on America’s credit rating, increased interest rates, the availability of checks for those on Social Security and the assault on the image and prestige of the United States.

It’s easy to strip away the drama and uncertainty. Will the country default on it’s debts? No. Will Social Security checks go out? Yes, unless President Obama chooses not to send them out, and face possible Impeachment. Will the image of the United States be tainted? Does anyone really care what Iran, Syria or North Korea thinks of our image? Does it help our credit rating, or our debt limit, if England, France, Morocco or Australia think we’re still the cat’s meow?

Once you allow yourself to remove the distractions of the potential and (in many cases) fear-mongering fall out, you are able to take a look at the true catalyst of the conversation, and the real debate therein. Past the drama is the bi-partisan hatred for the Tea Party – a growing group of American citizens who advocate for The Four Basics – The Constitution, Capitalism, Fiscal Responsibility and Smaller Government.  I am a proud member of that group.

When the Tea Party started in February of 2009, no one could have known the size and strength that was to follow. No one could have been aware that it would be the force that brought about nationwide results in the 2010 mid-terms, providing victories for Tea Party candidates on the state and federal level.

During these elections, Democrats railed against the Tea Party.  Janeane Garofalo, in coordination with then MSNBC host Keith Olbermann, worked hard to push the “racist” meme of the Tea Party. Sens. Harry Reid (D-NV) and Charles Schumer (D-NY) have long advocated the description of “extreme” when talking about the Tea Party. Charges that the tea party is violent, that they want to eliminate government, that they want to engage a national theocracy (an altogether incoherent thought considering the Tea Party is focused on the fiscal issues, not the social issues.)

Most recently, Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) quoted the Wall Street Journal, calling members of the Tea Party “Hobbits”.  Then, not a day later, he called the Tea Party members push for a balanced budget amendment “bizarro.”  On the floor of the House, Rep. Thaddeus McCotter (R-MI) stated that the Tea Party needed to “grow up.”   Though not at the same level, in any way, as calling Tea Party members “racists,” it does show a dislike for the group, and its members.

Yet, in a style reminiscent of the Revolutionary war; totally outmanned by the Main Stream Media, and questions of their integrity by their “friends,” the Tea Party has survived, and thrived.  According to a recent articles from The Washington Post and The Daily Beast, the Tea Party has won this debate/negotiation/compromise over the debt ceiling. This is a stunning revelation.  The Tea Party has been maligned as uninspired and ignorant, its members attacked – verbally and physically! – and called racists and extremists.  It was Sen. Reid who was saying that the Tea Party would fade away.

For all of the Main Stream cloud cover and vicious and insulting attacks from elected leadership (including the president) the Tea Party controls the political and cultural debate in America.  If it wasn’t for the Tea Party, there would have been no debate on the debt ceiling.  No debate on the spending problem in the United States. No effort to make the attempts to fight the machine and make America a fiscally responsible nation.  The Tea Party has forced America to have the conversation, and the MSM was unable to stop it.  Yet the articles and the media spin on the Tea Party fail to pinpoint why the Tea Party is so effective, so strong and so entrenched.

Americans are not drawn to the Tea Party because they are extremists or anti-government.  This is a false premise, put forth by those who believe in insult, not investigation.  The Tea Party are firm believers in government that is far smaller – in terms of dollars and scope.  The Tea Party is not extremist, as there is nothing extreme about living within ones means.  There is nothing extreme about the recognition that you can not spend your way into prosperity.  There is nothing extreme about petitioning our government for a redress of grievances.  Certainly, it would be folly for opposition Leftists to assert that utilization of the 1st Amendment is extreme….but they continue to be deluded by their false premises.

Americans are drawn to the Tea Party because it is honest, and it works.  It brings a simple message – The Four Basics – that attracts the masses.  Is it sensical that a group of “racists” and “extremists” would garner so many supporters?  Of course not.  Rather, the Tea Party is filled with those who recognize that the value of our nation is its citizens.  Not the white citizens, the black citizens, the gay citizens, the cowboy poetry citizens, the Christian citizens, the Jewish citizens or whatever group that leftists want to play class warfare with today; but all citizens who believe that we must, “…ensure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity.”

The theory of Occam’s Razor has been proven true by the Tea Party.  It states, in part, “…simpler explanations are, other things being equal, generally better than more complex ones.”  The Tea Party is not racist, not extremist, not well-funded by corporations, not a functionary of the neo-cons, not a construct of the banking industry.  Nor is it an instrument of social conservatism, advocating on subjects like gay marriage, abortion or school prayer.

The Tea Party is about encouraging Americans to engage in their civic responsibility and opportunity.  Its simple, forthright message rises above the MSM attacks and political savagery.  It is undeniable, and unstoppable.  The Tea Party remains in charge because the American people have remembered that they are in charge.

Thank goodness.

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Sharpton Pushes Tea Party Lies and Nonsense. Surprised?

Tuesday, August 2nd, 2011 - by Tony Katz

Al Sharpton, playing the part of completely awful television host on MSNBC, recently decided to wade in to the not-at-all risky Progressive waters of attacking the Tea Party.  Yes….dangerous stuff.  What a rebel.

Sharpton (video here) decided to call the Tea Party, “…a monster that threatens to eat the Republican Party.”  In the same exact sentence, he states:

“Back in 2009, town halls were being disrupted by what appeared to be grassroots protests against healthcare. (Obamacare) Turns out, Republican backed, corporate funded groups were sponsoring speakers and bussing people to events when the Tea Party movement went prime time.”

His proof of the “corporate sponsorship” is a montage of FOX News clips talking about the Tea Party, and some of the Tea Party t-shirts that were for sale from budding capitalists all across America.

If MSNBC is serious about hiring Sharpton on a full-time, prime time basis, they should examine what he just said.  First, calling the Tea Party “monsters” is so 2010.  It’s uninspired, unimaginative and not funny.  What kind of writers does MSNBC have if the best they can come up with for Sharpton is Tea Party “monsters?”  (NOTE – I only assume the writers came up with this, as I do not believe that Sharpton could have come up with that kind of zinger on his own.)

Looking at the rest of the sentence, what MSNBC producer allowed Sharpton to completely contradict himself that quickly into the piece?  He states that the Tea Party is Republican backed and corporate funded.  If the Tea Party threatens to eat the Republican Party, why would  the Republican Party back the Tea Party?  The two things simply are incompatible, and Sharpton doesn’t really seem to care.  He is pushing a famously ignorant meme about the origins, and the validity, of the Tea Party.  Two things that are best left as questions about his National Action Network.

The Tea Party has pushed Republican candidates, and sitting legislators on the local, state and Federal level, to be better.  (We would like to push Democrats to be better, but they all got pushed out in the 2010 election, leaving only Hard Core Leftist-Progressive ideologues behind.)  The Tea Party is focused on accountability to we, the people.  This debate over the debt ceiling would never have happened if it weren’t for the Tea Party.  It would have been passed silently, like always.  Now, millions of Americans are aware of the out of control spending of this Administration, and prior administrations.  The Tea Party has done more to educate more Americans in the last two months than Al Sharpton and NAN has ever done for Americans.

As for the FOX montage, good for FOX.  At least one news organization was following the story, as opposed to the vicious attacks, or selective reporting, from groups like his employer, MSNBC.  The Tea Party was a cultural phenomenon, born out of the disgust for runaway government spending and politicians who refused to listen.  It has then been cultivated by the millions of members into a force for accountability.  It’s message of The Four Basics – The Constitution, Capitalism, Fiscal Responsibility and Smaller Government – resonates with all citizens, from all walks of life.  That is a story worth covering, yet Sharpton attacks FOX for engaging in journalism.

That’s to be expected from Sharpton.  But one could have hoped for more from MSNBC.  Once again, “hope” has let us down..we’ll see if the ratings follow.

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The Return of Gabby!

Tuesday, August 2nd, 2011 - by Tony Katz

While it seems that the debt limit compromise may have passed the House,  something far more important has happened.

The House broke out into spontaneous applause when Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-AZ) walked on to the House floor to vote on this bill.  Giffords was shot in the head at near point blank range at a campaign event in Arizona by Jared Lee Loughner.  The shooting killed 6, and wounded 19, including a young girl and a Federal Judge, John Roll.

The shooting took place on January 8th.  On August 1st – almost eight months later – Rep. Giffords walked back into her place of employment.  It is a testament to her, and to the great medical advances of America. Regardless of your place on the political aisle, this is something to marvel at, and to celebrate.

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President Jumps The Gun, Makes Awful Assumptions

Sunday, July 31st, 2011 - by Tony Katz

Earlier today, President Obama took to the White House briefing room to announce that a deal had been struck between Democrats and Republicans.  The president clearly stated that not everyone got what they wanted, but it is a deal that will be best for the country.  As always, he added his standard platitudes about the wealthy paying more, and corporations have to “…pay their fair share.”

The president spoke as if the deal was done.   Nothing could be further from the truth.  While House Republicans and Senate Democrats have come to an “agreement,” the bill has not been voted on in the Senate, or in the House.  As of the time Obama spoke on Sunday evening, only highlights had been distributed to the rank and file in the House and Senate.

The president jumped the gun, and on purpose.  By speaking in the White House briefing room, he made the attempt to set the nation’s expectations.  If you were a layman just watching TV, you left Obama’s statement saying to yourself, “OK…done deal.  Good.  Finally.”

It is an obvious ploy, designed to put massive pressure on House Republicans to pass the legislation. We will now see how Speaker John Boehner responds to this pressure.  A long look has to be taken at the “triggers,” which include major cuts to defense, as opposed to across the board cuts.  Further, the deal raises the debt limit by $2.4 trillion, a number that might be more than most House members can accept.

House Democrats also have issue with this “compromise.”  Rep. Raul Grijalva (D-AZ), the head of the Progressive Caucus, has stated that the 70+ members of the caucus will not support this bill, as it does not include tax increases.

While the president may be positioning House Republicans for a fall, it is the president who has put himself out on a limb.  If this deal doesn’t go through, many will wonder how he got it so wrong, how he misread his own party, and if there is time enough before 2012 to mount a primary challenge against him.

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$2.4 Trillion and the Progressives Say No

Sunday, July 31st, 2011 - by Tony Katz

According to FOX NEWS, the latest debt limit deal has an increase of $2.4 Trillion, with $1 Trillion happening immediately, and the rest based on certain “triggers” as they have become known.  Congress would have until the Thanksgiving recess to come up with $1.2 Trillion in spending cuts.  If not passed by December, automatic “across the board” cuts would then go into effect.

Yet, FOX also announced that the Progressive Caucus (the ones who proposed the most embarrassing and insulting budget ever!) has stated that they can not support the new possible deal because it DOES NOT include tax increases.

It seems that the idea of compromise has gone out the window.  As the Progressives are showing, their “rigid ideology” of taxation (see Big Government and Government Control) is far more important than the welfare of the nation, and much more important than backing their weakened leader, President Obama. Rep. Raul Grijalva (D-AZ) leader of the Progressive Caucus has come out to say:

This deal trades peoples’ livelihoods for the votes of a few unappeasable right-wing radicals, and I will not support it

One no longer has to opine as to who the real radicals are.  They are obvious, and they want your money.

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Obama Speaks, Tries to Cool Markets by Spreading More Fear

Friday, July 29th, 2011 - by Tony Katz

President Obama took to the airwaves once again today, this time to make a pre-preemptive strike against any Republican plan.  Focusing on the false promise of compromise, Obama pushed for plans by both Sens. Reid (D-NV) and McConnell (R-KY) with non-specified modifications.  Both of these plans, however, have been rejected by multiple members of the Senate, and the House.

This continued talk of an enforcement mechanism, also known as the “trigger” or the Super Committee, has simply baffled everyone.  Why should we trust Congress to make cuts down the road when they can’t make them now?

And yet, he continues to push the false meme that Social Security checks won’t go out.  Also, he pushes the fear of a lower credit rating, stating that we wouldn’t have a triple A political system to go with our deserved triple A credit rating.  This is Obama fear mongering.

It seems that all of this is in an attempt to ease the markets, which has been in flux around the world. Gold is at record highs and stock market indices are falling everywhere.

Obama then mentions that all the American people should keep up the pressure on House and Senate members.  Call, email or “tweet” them, he says.  While claiming that he wants a deal on his desk that he can sign, he simultaneously goes from Commander-in-Chief to Beggar-in-Chief; begging the American people to push forth the idea of compromise, when Obama has not put out a plan to create a compromise with!

It is obvious that Obama isn’t interested in doing the work of being President.  He stated that it’s time to put aside partisan politics, and walked off without answering a question.

Will this “leader” do what he says?  Will he compromise?  What will it look like?  He gave a press conference to try and cool the markets.  He did not succeed.

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Martin Bashir Pushes Racer Nonsense, Christian Assault

Friday, July 29th, 2011 - by Tony Katz

Martin Bashir is a busy man these days. It is more obvious than ever that Bashir’s main role is to fill the void of former MSNBC nonsense mouthpiece Keith Olbermann…and that takes a lot of work.

On his show, Bashir had on Huffington Post contributor Frank Schaeffer to talk about a study that show 56% of Americans believe it is important for a Presidential candidate to have a strong religious belief. Bashir, right off the bat, asks this question:

Now, in secular Europe, people say that…religion plays no part in politics. How corrupting is the influence of religion on the political process in this country?

It’s almost laughable to have Bashir extol the virtues of a faithless Europe while simultaneously bashing the Judeo-Christian United States. As Europeans  (other than Bashir) will tell you, the faith of the United States is the reason they are all not under the thumb of Communism today.

Communism defeated, Europe saved. Damn world-saving Christians!

The answer from Schaeffer, however, is the focus here. Never underestimate the ability of a hard-core leftist progressive to stick to their talking points. Schaffer’s answer is rambling, and telling, and sick:

If you think the politics should be about facts, then religions can be very corrupting and is…the 86 members of congress who the Tea Party sent there with faith-based poltiics, rather than fact-based poltics. So, for instance, if there ideological commitment to the free market and to Ayn Rand and the Bible and this wierd mix that is the Tea Party tells them that it would be better to bring down the economy than to help the first African American President succeed, in an effort to delegitimize him, that’s what they do.

Bring on the Racer Alert! For the narrow minded progressives, how is it possible that the Tea Party can be focused on curtailing spending? How can the Tea Party push for a Balanced Budget Amendment? How can they be engaged in advocating for sound fiscal policy? The progressive will never accept the reality of the Tea Party position, and will do everything in their power to avoid a conversation, and to attack what they fear (like the truth!) So, Progressives like Schaeffer  and Bashir state that the Tea Party position is solely predicated on the idea that Obama is black and Tea Party members are racists. Nothing could be further from the truth, but progressives – and Racers – don’t care about the truth.

And, as for the idea that the Tea Party is about faith-based politics, not fact-based politics, it only shows that Schaeffer knows nothing about the Tea Party. The Tea Party is solely focused on The Four Basics – the constitution, capitalism, fiscal responsibility and smaller government. There is no religious litmus test for members of the Tea Party. However it’s the progressives that still push the well-debunked science of anthropogenic global warming, and it is the Progressives who shun those who don’t fall in line. Who’s really focused on the faith-based here?

But Schaeffer wasn’t done. He continued on his lying rant:

… I think a faith based politics is an immensly destructive thing….what do you think Iran, Saudi Arabia or the settlers on the West Bank of Israel who refuse to move and jeapordising world peace are thinking about..this is faith based politics, we want reasoned based politics. That’s what America doesn’t have right now when it comes to these Tea Party candidates.

Yes. Schaeffer has compared the Tea Party and the citizens of Israel to the regimes in Iran and Saudi Arabia. Is this the kind of smart people that the Huffington Post prides themselves in hiring? The Iranian government wants to wipe Israel off the map, shoots those who want free elections and believes that the Holocaust is a myth. Saudi Arabia doesn’t want women to drive, and won’t allow Jews in the country. Israel builds houses on their own land, allows for the practicing of all religions and they are jeopardizing world peace? That’s as flat out crazy as Rep. Nancy Pelosi saying that Democrats are trying to, “…save the world from the Republican budget. We’re trying to save life on this planet as we know it today.

No one should be surprised with Schaeffer’s answers.  On his own blog, he proudly proclaims that he “predicted” terror from the religious right, and seems to be thrilled that Anders Breivik killed 76 people in Norway to prove his “theory.”  Of course, Olbermann-replacement Bashir does not refute Schaeffer’s Racer comments and religious lies, but takes the lies as facts, and moves forward with other questions. Bashir ends his segment talking about the majesty of the founding documents, and commenting on how Thomas Jefferson’s belief in the Creator was truly important.  One has to wonder why Bashir would end this way, while allowing Schaeffer to spew such hate?

The progressives will never be interested in facts.  Facts get in the way of their fantasies – like global warming and thinking its good, sound fiscal policy to raise taxes in a recession.  Schaeffer’s longwinded rant is proof that Progressives know nothing about “…fact-based politics.”  Bashir has proved that he is the natural heir to Olbermann.  He is petulant, rabid, lacking in intellectual might and is all together off-putting.  And when complimentary, is hard to believe.

That is a fact.

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Obama Debt Talk – First Thoughts

Monday, July 25th, 2011 - by Tony Katz

After watching the most recent speech from President Obama on the debt and deficit, I can honestly say that there is no depth to which he won’t sink. It is stunning to see the president talk about compromise, when the Administration has yet to put forth its own plan. Stunning when you realize that the Senate, under Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) would not allow Cut, Cap and Balance to have an up or down vote. Stunning when he calls on Americans to call the Senate and House members to demand compromise, but walks out on those same negotiations.

This didn’t seem like a president who was effective. It looked like a panic-stricken leader who was now hoping the like-minded ideologues across America can place enough pressure on Washington to enact non-sensical tax increases. It seems obvious, based on the president’s words, that he is incapable of moving the nation forward based on his “rigid” ideology.

The president was elected to make hard decisions, yet he is unwilling to make any decision. He is supposed to be a great speaker, but has proven he is a horrible listener. And now, he has gone from speaking to begging….begging America to do what he wants, rather than accepting the idea of “compromise” himself.

If the left honestly thinks that he is not worried about re-election. Think again.

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Will The Tea Party Buy In, or Force Others to Spend?

Wednesday, July 20th, 2011 - by Tony Katz

Yesterday, in a 234-190 vote, the House passed the Cut, Cap and Balance Act. It now goes to the Senate for approval, where Senate Democrats, led by Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) have already stated that they will not vote for the legislation.

Nevermind the Senate Democrats. They say no to many things – not only this, but also no to passing a budget of the their own in the last 800+ days. But while Democrats may be needed in the Senate to get a plan in place, and to the president’s desk, all members of Congress have to accept that their plans have to get the approval of the Tea Party.

Rep. Paul Broun (R-GA) did not vote for the Cut Cap and Balance Act. As he stated in a press release:

“I gave my word to my constituents in Georgia and to the rest of the American people that I would not vote for any bill that increases the debt limit. Although the Cut, Cap, and Balance bill is a step in the right direction, it still raises the debt ceiling by $2.4 trillion, and we simply cannot afford it.

Broun owes his election victory to the Tea Party, and his statement expresses the sentiment of many Tea Party members. (He is also a member of the Tea Party Caucus.) The debt ceiling is unsustainable, and even tax cuts and spending cuts are not enough to warrant a raise in the debt ceiling. As many in the Tea Party see it, the raising of the debt ceiling is a self fulfilling prohpecy, which has no end in sight. Now is the time to take the tough measures, and we must end the idea that we can save ourselves now by placing added debt on unborn generations.

Fellow Tea Party Caucus member, and presidential candidate, Michele Bachmann (R-MN) voted for the Cut, Cap and Balance Act with the proviso that candidates agree to a complete repeal and defund of Obama. From her statement:

“However, in signing this pledge I’m also adding an additional line. In addition to cutting spending this year-not out into the future but this year-and in addition to guaranteeing a true cap in spending that will put us on a path to balance and also enforcing a balanced budget amendment we must also add this line and that’s to repeal and defund Obamacare.”

Yet other Tea Party favorites like Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY), speaking on FOX News recently, stated that he could only vote for a raise in the debt ceiling with corresponding tax and spending cuts. He favors the Cut, Cap and Balance Act. And, for many, he is the Senate stalwart – the voice of the Tea Party in the Senate, along with Sen. Jim DeMint (R-SC). On the Cut, Cap and Balance Act, DeMint has stated:

President Obama says it is an ‘unrealistic goal’ to stop deficit spending over the next decade. He promises to veto the Republican plan (Cut, Cap and Balance) to save our credit rating, and instead is asking for a blank check debt to borrow trillions of dollars more. This extreme position puts the President on the wrong side of the American people who are demanding an end to wasteful Washington spending.

Reps. Broun and Bachmann, and Sens. Paul and DeMint are working within well defined Tea Party boundaries. No tax increases will be accepted. Some members will accept a raise in the debt ceiling, while others will gladly (and loudly!) respect Rep. Broun and his decision to vote no.

While hysteria-merchants like Sens. Reid and Schumer, and Congressmen Frank and Wasserman-Schultz continue to deride the Tea Party, calling them (falsely) extreme and ideologues, the reality doesn’t fall far from the tree. If the American people see tax increases, Democrats (except for those protected by hard-left districts, like Rep. Nancy Pelosi) will have to deal with more upstart Tea Party candidates in the upcoming election. Republicans will find themselves in serious primary challenges if they fail to listen to their constituents.

In the Gang of Six plan, $3.75 trillion in cuts are proposed, along with Medicare cuts. It even has some initial support from President Obama, and seems like something that can get passed. However, it includes $1.2 trillion in added “revenues” over the next ten years. Revenues are, by and large, taxes. It is highly doubtful that any member of the Tea Party will see this as a proper course, and even more doubtful that it will see any chance of survival in the House.

Passage of tax increases, of any kind, will force those “Yea” voting Republicans into harsh, expensive primary challenges. For Democrats, it will mean an energized voting block willing to aggressively campaign for their competition. This means that Democrats will need to raise more money, and spend more time actually campaigning for votes they once may have thought are in the bag.

The Tea Party will, by all accounts, look at multiple options and ideas to move the nation past August 2nd. But, if tax increase are involved, retribution will be fierce, and, for the members who voted for the increases, very expensive.

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The South Central LA Tea Party Proves Leftist Lies

Thursday, July 14th, 2011 - by Tony Katz

Since the inception of the Tea Party, its members – millions of Americans from all walks of life – have been battling the calculated and crafted lies that it, and its members, are racists.

We’ve seen the meme repeated and supposedly proven by a series of Racers, Racists and Race-hustlers, including Janeane Garofalo, Keith Olbermann, Chris Matthews, Al Sharpton, Van Jones and the staff at NPR.

What a shock and a surprise for them when it was announced on Facebook yesterday that Reverend Jesse Lee Peterson, a black man, is leading a Tea Party rally and protest, “…to expose the lies and misinformation of the NAACP in Los Angeles…” He even announced the formation of the “black led” South Central LA Tea Party. The event is scheduled for Sunday, July 24th from 2pm to 4pm.

If you don’t know Jesse Lee Peterson, he is what Hard-Core Leftist Progressives would call a traitor. For those of us who are actually accepting, Peterson is the founder of BOND – The Brotherhood Organization of a New Destiny. The group, as identified by their Wikipedia page, is, “…dedicated to a conservative agenda among African Americans.” He is also the author of SCAM – How Black Leadership Exploits Black America. (Peterson is also the creator of the National Day of Repudiation of Jesse Jackson, just to add to his bona fides!)

Often, members of the Tea Party are asked to name, point out or show off members of color to prove that the Tea Party isn’t racist. That practice is absurd, as to start pointing fingers based on color takes away from the bigger picture; we’re all in this together! We don’t judge people on color, nor do we judge the legitimacy of our events or rallies by the number of black or brown faces in the audience. That is the purview of the Left! There is more openness and welcoming spirit at any Tea Party in America than there is at a Media Matters for America open house, or, as the NAACP recently purported, CNN.

But as the meme of racism from the true Racists, Racers and Race-Hustlers continues to exist, it’s important to notice that they (as a total group) are liars. They lie to the American people, they lie to the media and they lie to themselves. The Tea Party is not now, nor has it ever been, nor would it ever tolerate, racism. Racism takes away from the message of the Tea Party, which has always been the Four Basics – The Constitution, Capitalism, Fiscal Responsibility and Smaller Government, four subjects that effect all Americans regardless of skin color.

The creation of this new Tea Party in South Central LA is just more proof of the lies of Garofalo and company. And one wonders, with all of their pronouncements decrying the Tea Party over the last two years, if they would attend a Tea Party whose group of organizers are black? I know I will be there. Maybe now is a good time for Matthews, Sharpton, Garofalo and the rest to come on out, see what a Tea Party is all about and finally admit they have been lying about the Tea Party for years.

Will they show? You’ll have to be there to find out!

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Chicagoans want to ban Sarah Palin’s books

Monday, July 11th, 2011 - by Tony Katz

In an unscientific, but amazing on-the-ground poll, 36% of Chicagoans voted to ban Sarah Palin’s books from being sold in the Windy City.

The guys from RebelPundit.com attended the Printer’s Row Literature Festival in June. The festival has city blocks roped off and thousands of titles on hand for display, discussion and sale.

RebelPundit staff then set up a sandwich board device that offered people 11 choices of authors, and asked passersby which, if any, of these authors they would “ban” from Chicagoland bookstores.

The authors included : Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin, Ann Coulter, Andrew Breitbart, Ayn Rand, Michael Savage, Bill Clinton, Michael Moore, Karl Marx, Adolf Hitler and Barack Obama.

Here’s a quick summation of their findings. The video of their findings is available on their website:

Participants overwhelmingly chose Sarah Palin who received 53 votes putting her at 36% overall, Glenn Beck at 23% and Ann Coulter at 22%. All of the other choices received a very minimal amount of votes, with the next most popular to ban being Adolf Hitler at 0.5%.

RebelPundit.com also pointed out that a few people (no exact number given) did say that no books should be banned, and those few people should be applauded. Yet this unscientific study shows, again, that those who claim to be the most open-minded rarely are.

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Screw Reagan!

Tuesday, July 5th, 2011 - by Tony Katz

President Barack Obama has shown, over the past 2 and a half years, an amazing amount of contempt for Great Britain.  From the earliest days in the White House, Obama sent the bust of Winston Churchill packing.  He traded gifts with the Royal Family, giving them ipods of all things.  Then, the lack of manners and customary protocol in the quasi-groping of the Queen by the First Lady.  A possible simple mistake, but a lack of protocol and respect nonetheless.  Fast forward a few years, and you have the worst toast in the history of the world, again showing his lack of manners and protocol – but now showing an odd willingness not to care about such things in regard to England.

Most recently, however, the insult to England has international implications.  This weekend, as America celebrated Independence Day, a statue of President Ronald Reagan was unveiled in London.  Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and others were on hand for the dedication.  The bronze statue sits in the same park as a statue dedicated to the memory of Former President Dwight D. Eisenhower, which was dedicated in 1989 by the Iron Lady herself, Margaret Thatcher.  The Reagan statue is part of the world-wide celebrations celebrating the centennial of Reagan’s birth.

That night, a dinner was held in honor of Reagan.  It capped a day of events that celebrated the life and extraordinary achievements of the 40th President of the United States.  Yet, missing from the dinner – clearly the biggest event of the day – was United States Ambassador Louis Susman.  While he did host a VIP breakfast that morning, Susman was absent from the grandest event, where speeches were given and the memory of Reagan was put forth – reminding everyone of his impact, and his legacy.

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L.A. Mayor to citizens of L.A. – Forget You!

Friday, July 1st, 2011 - by Tony Katz

As mayor of Los Angeles, Antionio Villarigosa gets to live in Getty House.  It is a historic building donated to the city of Los Angeles by the Getty Family, and sits in the Hancock Park area.  For those who don’t know Mayor Villaraigosa, as well as being a hard-core leftist progressive, he is also a member of La Raza (translation – The Race) a group that advocates for, among other things, open borders.

At his government paid for mansion, Mayor Villaraigosa recently made headlines when he requested that a six foot security fence be built on the perimeter of the house.  The purpose of the fence, according the Los Angeles Police Department, was based on a recommendation from Homeland Security, stating that Getty House was at high risk of a security breach.

The city of Hancock Park disagreed with this.  The building has historical significance, and the town felt a six foot structure would alter, according to the LA Times, “…the architectural integrity and beauty of the community, known for its historic, European revival mansions.”  In addition, a six foot fence was a violation of zoning rules in the town; rules that residents have to comply with.

This month, Los Angeles officials approved a variance for Mayor Villaraigosa and Getty House, allowing for the six foot fence to be built, along with additional shrubbery to make it look pretty.

To recap – The Mayor of Los Angeles, who belongs to a group that advocates for open borders, and who loudly opposed Arizona’s SB 1070 (a law built to protect the citizens from invasion,) just told the concerned citizens of Hancock Park to take their concerns about existing zoning laws and shove it – in the name of his protection.

Elitist? Hypocrite?  Both?  You decide.

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Wisconsin firefighters oppose 9/11 4th of July parade float

Friday, July 1st, 2011 - by Tony Katz

In 2002, a group of firefighters put together a float for the Racine, WI 4th of July parade to re-enact the moment when New York City firefighters raised the American Flag soon after the attacks of 9/11.  This 4th of July, and coming on the 10 year anniversary of the attacks that murdered 3000 people in New York, Washington D.C. and Pennsylvania, one of the firefighters decided to bring that float back to the parade.

As reported in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel by Daniel Bice, Racine firefighter Lieutenant Matt Gorniak, is having problems putting the float in the parade:

The problem: Gorniak had recently invoked a little-used provision in his union contract and opted out of membership in the Wisconsin State Firefighters Association.

Members of the executive board of the Racine firefighters union ultimately decided not to support or march with his float.

As Bice reports, firefighter and union officials were, at first, on board with Gorniak’s decision to revive the float, going so far as to want to invite a NYC firefighter to march in the parade with Racine picking up the cost.  But, before they could get to planning, Gorniak was asked if he was “fair share,” a term designated to those fire fighters who opt out of the union.  Gorniak did so just a few months ago, in the wake of the firefighter’s union’s support of the protestors opposed to the state’s collective bargaining law — the one supported by Gov. Scott Walker, and which the Democrats and unions fought.  Once it was discovered that Gorniak was not part of the union, the board voted against the float idea.

Gorniak has decided to run the float in the parade, with or without the firefighter’s union, or with or without other firefighters.

Mr. Gorniak, I know thousands upon thousands of people (probably more!) who will gladly march with you on July 4th, and will support what you are doing.  We are the same people who recognize that unions put unions before everything, including the nation, our national memories and the members they purport to protect.


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President Obama on the debt negotiations

Wednesday, June 29th, 2011 - by Tony Katz

Today, the president decided that there is no need to campaign on the trail, when he can do so from the White House, and bring the press to him.  He held a press conference to discuss the national debt and deficit.

The president started by discussing the problems of middle class families, and acknowledging that the problem won’t get fixed overnight.  He stated that his administration is reviewing regulations that may be an issue, and that getting credit to small business owners is important.

He quickly moved into a discussion of Congress, and how they can/must help.  He then made a laundry list of bills that Congress could send him to create jobs (like putting construction workers to work on roads in the US) or they could send trade agreements to him with other nations.  Stunningly, he said Congress could send him an extension of tax credits (which he also took credit for, highlighting that he signed them back in September).

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