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In Memoriam: Andrew Breitbart’s Enemies React to His Passing (Updated w/ Ugliness from Slate’s Matt Yglesias)

Thursday, March 1st, 2012 - by The Tatler

One of Andrew Breitbart’s most endearing habits: when angry progressives sent their hatred his way he retweeted it for all his followers to see.

Andrew argued that we needed to show everyone the nature of the people working to destroy America. With that insight in mind, this post will serve as a continually-updated collection of the disgusting reactions to his death.

As of 2:00 PM on the East Coast:

  • Cenk Uygur ‏ @cenkuygur It’s confirmed. Breitbart has passed away. Ironic legacy is that no one was sure because it was reported by his website.
  • @brodeep Andrew Breitbart was a cancer of society, a separatist, and above all, a fucking CANCER. Enjoy Hell, you bastard.
  • @silasgalactic Andrew Breitbart is the Paris Hilton of political journalism except he has no money, no talent, and no original ideas.
  • @Dakoda_1022 Andrew Breitbart died, age 43. Laying doubt to the saying ‘the good die young’
  • @twolf10 Who will ask romney if his church will now baptize Andrew Breitbart?
  • @BenFinfer What kind of god takes Andrew Breitbart but leaves Ann Coulter?
  • @darrenfiorello: Andrew Breitbart died? Is it wrong that I’m happier about that than when they got bin Laden and Saddam?
  • @shivabeach Andrew Breitbart poisoned himself to death with lies and deception. He did this just to get away from Shirley Sherrod.
  • @janxjue7 LOLing at the image of Andrew Breitbart arguing on Twitter then clutching his chest like Fred Sanfor9um5OM
  • @FakeJanBrewer Andrew Breitbart dead at 43, proudly with no health insurance! xo AZ Gov Jan Brewer
  • @peterfhart ABC on Breitbart: He “broke the ACORN child sex trafficking scandal.” NO SUCH THING. Fitting tribute to his “work”
  • @patrickhermann [dead but he was a dick] Andrew Breitbart
  • @cliffordNYC Andrew Breitbart is dead now. It’s not funny I guess, technically
  • @CM721F So, Andrew Breitbart is dead. Congratulations humans on ridding yourself of one of your more angry members.
  • @dkbilson How long will it take before Michelle Malkin accuses ACORN of murdering Andrew Breitbart?
  • @Knightscribe Youdon’tdie of natural causes at 43 unless you were caught in a fucking earthquake. Coke, or smothered by a gay escort
  • @ChicoDelainky I thought I was going to have a good morning, it’s turning out to be a great morning;The sky is blue, & hatemonger #AndrewBreitbart is dead.
  • @BlackArcturus So apparantly #AndrewBreitbart is dead. Now who is going to randomly psychotically scream at #OWS supporters? #TooSoon?
  • @RenSaiyuri #AndrewBreitbart, I strongly suggest you stfu before you end up with your undercover lover, #JamesOKeefe, in jail.
  • @orgchaosmedia The Christian in me wants to conjure up some type of sympathy 4 #AndrewBreitbart & his family. Sorry, I just can’t.
  • @jaberard The world is a better place without #AndrewBreitbart Karma always levels the field.
  • @BillHicksHero #AndrewBreitbart I normally don’t celebrate when someone dies but in this case I’ll make an exception. 1 douche down about 100 million to go
  • @YhwhX “Live by the sword, die by the sword.” Happy National Breitbart Day [#p2 #AndrewBreitbart]
  • @Elexcinta #AndrewBreitbart dead unexpectantly at 43 yrs old!!! What!! God bless his family, for he was a racist sumn sumn.
  • #andrewbreitbart @anghellik9 And nothing of value was lost.
  • @MaryMacElveen Bad Karma begets bad Karma. #AndrewBreitbart what mud you slung in life, came back to you ten-fold. You could have been a force for good.
  • @DeAnnaMisrahi i wouldn’t be surprised if this was some kind of publicity stunt by andrew breitbart. he’s that skeevy. #andrewbreitbart
  • @KCMJournalist So long, #AndrewBreitbart. Let’s hope there are a few conservatives to protect you in the special hell you’re now…
  • @BloggerNewsNet: #AndrewBreitbart is dead? Oh well. Honestly, not a big loss for the world. The man was scum.”
  • @thejamestripp: “Is it wrong to click ‘Like’ when you read about the death of #AndrewBreitbart on #facebook?””
  • @BillHicksHero#AndrewBreitbart I hope when they do the autopsy they find cocaine and AIDS in is system. No one dies of natural causes @ 43.
  • @BillHicksHero #AndrewBreitbart Ding Dong The Douche Is Dead. The Wicked Douche Is Dead. Whoop! Whoop! Maybe Westboro Baptist Church can picket funeral.
  • @ChicoDelainky Oh! Here comes my Happy Feet. #AndrewBreitbart is dead, HOORAY! #AndrewBreitbart is dead, HOORAY! #AndrewBreitbart is dead, HOORAY!
  • @BillHicksHero #AndrewBreitbart 43, died unexpectedly from natural causes. That’s weird, I didn’t know you could die of being a douche fuck.
  • @Milmore #AndrewBreitbart waited until black history month ended before overdosing. He hated black history month…
  • #AndrewBreitbart @CelticAngloPres Jewish American Times writer dies,one less anti-white Jewish supremacist/Israel Firster Worlds a better place for the West
  • @Babycheezits we “lost” #andrewbreitbart, which dumbass is next?
  • @DwayneJohn1978 Hope he died in terrible pain. #AndrewBreitbart
  • @BillHicksHero Dead. Finally the first feel good story of 2012. Now maybe his wife can get some big black Obama cock she’s always craved.
  • @coughlan616: Apparently OD’ing on coke whilst bumming a 14 year old Nigerian rent boy is “natural causes” #AndrewBreitbart
  • @DannyRay Angry is just angry. Game Over dude! #AndrewBreitbart
  • @DwayneJohn1978: #AndrewBreitbart is dead. Good, one less dishonest dick. #toosoon? Fuck that racist cunt. Hope he died in terrible pain
  • @Mad_Ryan #AndrewBreitbart is dead huh? While I certainly feel for his family, I can’t help but thinking karma really is a bitch.
  • @jneproductions you don’t advocate for the deaths of millions like scum did. The world is a better place today. #AndrewBreitbart #goodriddance
  • @haikubituaries I chose not to use / “Burn in Hell, motherfucker” / As a middle line • #YoureWelcome #AndrewBreitbart
  • @evanmoody It’s days like this I wish I believed in Hell. #AndrewBreitbart
  • @ChicoDelainky #AndrewBreitbart’s Eulogy: He was a racist asshole.
  • @persuacussion When a person breathes fire,they should expect reciprocation. #andrewbreitbart
  • @jneproductions my name is Jorin Efstathiou. I am ecstatic that he is dead. Scum of the lowest on the planet. #goodriddance #AndrewBreitbart
  • @funnykeithlyle What #AndrewBreitbart did to Shirley Sherrod will surely get him into hell. He died at 43 of natural causes. That’s suspicious
  • @Damascus_Steele: I didn’t realize that karma was considered a natural cause of death. #AndrewBreitbart
  • @BillHicksHero: #AndrewBreitbart Awesome news. Now if we can just get Ann (cont)
  • @ScottQuenette at least the world got a little less awful today #AndrewBreitbart
  • @InnerPartisan It’s common decency not to celebrate the death of anyone. But we all have our dark side – so good riddance, douchebag! #AndrewBreitbart
  • @Dr_Truly_Evil So…I couldn’t have been the only one who smiled when I saw the headline….#AndrewBreitbart
  • @Jslip929 Goodbye #AndrewBreitbart you were truly a #doucebag just like @EricCantor @ThadMcCotter @THEHermainCain @farenthold @RickPerry & @MittRomney
  • @swellgalmary I try not to be happy when someone dies but there are times when I find myself whistling a happy tune #andrewbreitbart
  • @The_Johnny I won’t wish ppl dead but I also won’t pretend to feel sorry when an intolerant, hate mongering dick like #AndrewBreitbart checks out. #p2
  • @JGibsonDem Andrew Breitbart, 1969-2012 . May he rot in hell! /@TPM #andrewbreitbart #p2 #topprog #ripandrewbreitbart
  • @ChicoDelainky The hate #AndrewBreitbart was carrying finally killed him. My condolences goes out to the person who had to give him Mouth-to-Mouth. Yuk!
  • @roccaworld #andrewbreitbart I guess God couldn’t take it anymore and decided to shut him the fuck up! Condolences to his family.
  • From’s Matt Yglesias: @mattyglesias Conventions around dead people are ridiculous. The world outlook is slightly improved with @AndrewBrietbart dead.
  • @mattyglesias If you think @AndrewBrietbart‘s opponents shouldn’t be glad he’s dead, you’re not taking his life’s work seriously.
  • @BillHicksHero #AndrewBreitbart I can’t believe how crazy the right wing nuts are over this Andrew business.You guys will really go nuts when Limbaugh dies
  • @texad Wow. Right wing conservative/bigot/character destroyer #AndrewBreitbart dead at 43.
  • @mmboucher8 #andrewbreitbart Remember your tweets when our beloved Ted Kennedy died? Read them they apply to u U piece of shit.
  • @KCMJournalist #AndrewBreitbart was a stain on the profession of journalism, a man who made a name for himself by distorting…
  • @LeeringMaligner Who’s gonna fight fake racism in the agriculture department, or make sure non-profits don’t help fake pimps? #andrewbreitbart
  • @Arturo_Ulises “Cocaine is a hell of a drug!” – #AndrewBreitbart’s last words.
  • @Snoozer6645 I should probably feel bad that #AndrewBreitbart croaked. But I don’t.
  • @IsaiahLCarter #AndrewBreitbart was a man who told lies and ruined lives for political and financial profit. He was a man with neither integrity or class.
  • @jsmack710 @GGoddessVV – lets not forget #andrewbreitbart owned a rape van #rip #tcot
  • @_RobertaSparrow #AndrewBreitbart is dead. Good, fuck him.
  • @BettyBowers As if Hell wasn’t unpleasant enough! #AndrewBreitbart
  • @Real_People Eulogy: #AndrewBreitbart his short time on earth made America worse. Rest In Pieces
  • @INKTUP I just read #AndrewBreitbart was adopted .that explains a lot. As an adult adoptee myself we are a fucked up bunch. Fuck him anyway
  • @PissdOffDem Since when is autoerotic asphyxiation while blowing a homeless guy considered natural causes? #AndrewBreitbart #RotInHell
  • @web_rant #AndrewBreitbart dead at 43. Interesting that multiple confirmations must be used in his death notice as truth was never his strong suit.
  • @PissdOffDem “@ea32da32: #AndrewBreitbart very sad day for us that really liked Andrew.” yeah … all six of you.
  • @PissdOffDem Today Andrew Breitbart finally did one thing to make the world a better place. #AndrewBreitbart #DingDongTheBitchIsDead
  • @BettyBowers While technically true, I think calling Jesus’ wrath “natural causes” is a coy euphemism. #AndrewBreitbart
  • @ChicoDelainky: Yes, #AndrewBreitbart had a wife & 4 kids, but that didn’t stop him from spewing hateful rhetoric, so, burn in Hell, ass!
  • @ChicoDelainky I’m an Atheist. If there is a Satan, I would like to thank him for taking #AndrewBreitbart out of our lives.
  • @Bruce_Garrett “Death only closes a man’s reputation and determines it as good or bad.” You blew it #AndrewBreitbart
  • @Beatles0223 Why should a villain be elevated to special status because he croaked? Satan’s waiting for you, #AndrewBreitbart. U made the world uglier.
  • @NatefromUSA “BossCare” goes down in the Senate AND #AndrewBreitbart is dead. #news #p2
  • @NatefromUSA So…. does this mean #ows and go back to “raping the people”?? lol #AndrewBreitbart #AndrewBreitbartIsDead #p2 #news #politics
  • @AsaArmin Nothing any1 on the left can say can ever be as hateful as the venom #AndrewBreitbart spat on a regular basis in his routine hate speeches
  • @RJStockton #AndrewBreitbart died as he lived. . . With a bad heart.
  • @panboz #AndrewBreitbart was a hateful bully. The only reasonable thing to wish for him is justice. He took a giant step towards that this morning
  • @TheDailyScrew #OccupyHell you piece of shit. #AndrewBreitbart #OWS
  • @The_WSE #AndrewBreitbart Good riddance.
  • @nkvickers Thanks for erecting two of the most bullshit news propaganda sites in history! #andrewbreitbart #whatalegacy
  • @BillHicksHero #AndrewBreitbart I had a lot fun today. For those who left negative replies I hope your mothers get raped by a gang of syphilitic Mexicans.
  • @mike_aday #andrewbreitbart will NOT be missed. The world doesn’t need more people spewing hatred and lies.
  • @Milmore “@SlashMorgath: #AndrewBreitbart was unprincipaled scum. We are better off without him. (Waves bye-bye and good riddance)”
  • @RJStockton To folks mad about neg. tweets re #AndrewBreitbart, consider: We’re mean to him bc he was a dishonorable pig. Hope that clears things up!
  • @ehhjeep #ShirelySherrod you are safe now from the evil #AndrewBreitbart
  • @ChicoDelainky I’ll admit it, at times like this, I wish I wasn’t an Atheist & believed #AndrewBreitbart was getting some punishment for his bigotry.
  • @Milmore “@ghosting13: fuck #AndrewBreitbart i am glad you are dead.”
  • @InfoshopDotOrg Good Riddance: Andrew Breitbart, 1969-2012 #andrewbreitbart #uspolitics #deadscumbags
  • @shananigins15 I feel a bit of sympathy for #AndrewBreitbart’s wife and kids….and for Satan who is now stuck with him in Hell for eternity. #p2
  • @RJStockton I’ve read that #AndrewBreitbart was the father of 4. #JosefGoebbles had 6!
  • @DammitWeber: Let’s all remember what #AndrewBreitbart was really about; he was an awful person.…
  • @Quiteinsane #AndrewBreitbart.God rest his soul..died of natural causes..I am surprised #RushLimbaugh is still alive..hate lies and deceit can kill YOU
  • @AmericanTee While we send condolences to the family of #AndrewBreitbart we have every hope he’ll be reincarnated as Snooki’s baby. #karma
  • @Tony_Cooke #AndrewBreitbart Karma is a bitch… LOVE EVERYONE….
  • @whitt_ashley #AndrewBreitbart Some people are just hateful and wouldn’t we all like to think that they get what they deserve.
  • @weskos: “You should never say bad things about the dead, you should only say good. #AndrewBreitbart is dead. Good.””
  • @realtalkforyou Because your “Fearless” and “Passionate” doesn’t mean your not also a self important lying blowhard #AndrewBreitbart
  • @ChicoDelainky “Hell is a bad enough place, now I have to deal with #AndrewBreitbart. Thanks for nothing, God”~ Satan
  • @DaisyDeadhead @Snarky_Basterd Is that why you liked the hate-filled bigot so much? Well, I guess *that* makes sense. (not) #AndrewBreitbart
  • @DaisyDeadhead @nycconservative Cokeheads who abandon their wives and children and spread bigotry are the real evil ones, doncha think? #AndrewBreitbart
  • @ChicoDelainky America truly lost an asshole. I’m sure Satan will treat him good. #AndrewBreitbart
  • @shananigins15 #AndrewBreitbart spent his life attacking the rights of women, LGBT, colored people, & Obama’s birth certificate…Satan is so ashamed. #p2
  • @ChicoDelainky I’m an Atheist. If there is a Satan, I would like to thank him for taking #AndrewBreitbart out of our lives.”
  • @BettyBowers People who die at 43 probably shouldn’t have made their raison d’être limiting healthcare. #AndrewBreitbart
  • @JimDMaynard #andrewbreitbart was a lying, neo-fascist right-wing hypocrite, he trashed Ted Kennedy when he died, same to you!
  • @DaisyDeadhead @ReaganRules2 Reagan was an adulterer too. Do you people read the Bible you *claim* to believe in? #AndrewBreitbart is in hell.
  • @DaisyDeadhead #AndrewBreitbart shows his deranged, drunken cokehead ass to the world, then he dies. Interesting timing.
  • @JoeLewisdixon Why do Republicans grieve? Doesn’t your good buddy Jesus & Daddy Reagan meet you folks on the other side when you die? #AndrewBreitbart
  • @shananigins15 Conservatives who are outraged at my Tweets about #AndrewBreitbart – give me a break…I’m only truthfully eulogizing him. Settle down. ;)
  • @shananigins15 Like I said before. I have sympathy for #AndrewBreitbart’s wife & kids. I have zero sympathy for him. He spent his life spreading hate. #p2
  • @theshaunnavarro @Freedomwarrior Douche Drops dead #andrewbreitbart
  • @AntiGlib #AndrewBreitbart is dead? Meh. Let’s see the death certificate. Then the corpse, so we can piss on it. #FuckThatGuy #LyingSackOShit
  • @TheWubster #AndrewBreitbart was a hateful bigot. I feel bad for his wife and kids.
  • @TheDailyScrew BREAKING NEWS! #Breitbart #AndrewBreitbart joins #OccupyHell. Unable to tweet. #TimeWarnerCable scheduled between 12pm and eternity #OWS
  • @JillHohnstein #AndrewBreitbart was a lying fuckwad, to be sure, but celebrating his death is inelegant. Cut it out.
  • @Dead_Peasant #AndrewBreitbart is dead. Proof that it’s not only the good that die young.
  • @jbrady77 #AndrewBreitbart Closest evr came 2 meeting him was at #WICapitol. Warming up for #sniperspice he yelled at us #gotohell. U first I guess.
  • @INKTUP Hey #andrewbreitbart when you get finished with orientation in hell do me a favor and say hi to my dad for me
  • @ToddPiken @KurtSchlichter If by warrior you mean bigot and liar, than you are correct #AndrewBreitbart
  • @TROYBROWNTV Not worth protesting @shananigins15 If there was ever a funeral that Westboro Baptist Church should protest at it’s #AndrewBreitbart #p2
  • @Stephenhonest @AndrewBreitbart True story- The world recieved a gift today!
  • @TweetsWithJesus @JamesOKeefeIII Like you never edited and hid the full video you POS. God struck @AndrewBreitbart down, you might be next
  • @TerryHunter When somebody dies, people often say, “He’s in a better place.” #Nobody is saying that about @AndrewBreitbart. #JustSaying #ItNeededToBeSaid
  • @JAE34 RT “@lawscribe: It has come around: RT @AndrewBreitbart: Rest in Chappaquiddick”\\Only their *Eternities* will be in 2 VERY DIFFERENT places
  • @EGrafenberg KARMA! ISN’T IT A BITCH.@andrewbreitbart @michellemalkin @danaloesch
  • @dwsNY @nigelcameron @dcseth @seanhackbarth @AndrewBreitbart can we toast him as an evil pile of shit? It’s what he’d want.
Michelle Malkin has also started collecting reactions.

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Why Did Oliver Stone’s Son Convert to Islam?

Wednesday, February 15th, 2012 - by The Tatler

Agence France Press reported yesterday that Oliver Stone’s son Sean converted to Islam in Iran. AFP made an error in its report, however, by asserting that the famed director is Jewish. Judaism is matrilineal and only Stone’s father is Jewish. His mother – ironically, given the nationality of the press agency – is French and Catholic.

But never mind. The question remains why would Stone’s son convert to Islam? A conventional answer might be the oft-cited links now between Islamism and leftism. But there may be another reason: Islam’s attitude towards women. Stone pere has been married three times, but his reputation as womanizer (and, to some, misogynist) extends far beyond that paltry number. Perhaps his son, in the tradition of the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, was seeking opportunities via Islam his father never had: simultaneous marriages, “temporary” marriages, divorce laws tilted notoriously in favor of men, etc.

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Video: Gov. Mitch Daniels’ Response to the SOTU Address

Wednesday, January 25th, 2012 - by The Tatler

In case you missed it.

YouTube Preview Image

In three short years, an unprecedented explosion of spending, with borrowed money, has added trillions to an already unaffordable national debt. And yet the president has put us on a course to make it radically worse in the years ahead.

The federal government now spends one of every four dollars in the entire economy. It borrows one of every three dollars it spends. No nation, no entity, large or small, public or private, can thrive, or survive intact, with debts as huge as ours.

The president’s grand experiment in trickle-down government has held back rather than sped economic recovery. He seems to sincerely believe we can build a middle class out of government jobs paid for with borrowed dollars. In fact, it works the other way: A government as big and bossy as this one is maintained on the backs of the middle class and those who hope to join it.

Out here in Indiana, when a businessperson asks me what he can do for our state, I say, “First, make money. Be successful. If you make a profit, you’ll have something left to hire someone else, and some to donate to the good causes we love.”

The extremism that stifles the development of homegrown energy, or cancels a perfectly safe pipeline that would employ tens of thousands, or jacks up consumer utility bills for no improvement in either human health or world temperature, is a pro-poverty policy. It must be replaced by a passionate pro-growth approach that breaks all ties and calls all close ones in favor of private-sector jobs that restore opportunity for all and generate the public revenues to pay our bills.

That means a dramatically simpler tax system of fewer loopholes and lower rates, a pause in the mindless piling on of expensive new regulations that devour dollars that otherwise could be used to hire somebody. It means maximizing on the new domestic energy technologies that are the best break our economy has gotten in years.

Full text here.

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WaPo Rolls Out ‘She The People’ Blog, Turning Back The Clock 40 Years

Tuesday, January 10th, 2012 - by The Tatler

Time was that if you were a woman and wanted to work at a newspaper, you were sent to cover parties and the doings of “high society.”  Either that or, like the late, great Dorothy Kilgallen, writing “sob stories,” human interest stories aimed at bringing a tear to the reader’s eye, a lump to the throat.

Then came the 1970s, Roe v. Wade, penumbras and emanations, women on the march, complete with their own anthem, I Am Woman, Hear Me Roar:

YouTube Preview Image

And now, having achieved parity in news columns and as columnists, The Washington Post’s relatively new publisher, Katharine Weymouth, granddaughter of the late Katharine Graham, has brought the institution full circle with a new blog with the air-sickness-inducing name of She The People,  — “The World As Women See It.” And the birth of  She The People –get this — has inspired the newspaper’s ombudsman, one Patrick B. Pexton to inquire, of all the questions in all the world, Is The Post Innovating Too Fast?

Earth to Mr. Pexton: What The Post is doing is not innovating too fast; it is, rather, bicycling backwards too slowly, uphill.  This ludicrous new blog is the opposite of progress.

Now the gals are back in the corral where they were lassoed from the 1920s to the 1970s.

Thanks a lot.

At least here at PJM we’re all considered bloggers, contributors and columnists, irrespective of our gender. Isn’t that what the so-called women’s movement was all about?


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HuffPost: Ron Paul Keeps Door Open for Third Party Run

Friday, January 6th, 2012 - by The Tatler

From Howard Fineman at the Huffington Post:

In a brief interview with The Huffington Post on Friday, Paul acknowledged he will have a decision to make if he loses the GOP bid come August.

In his conversation with HuffPost, Paul noted that he had won nearly as many delegates in Iowa as Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum had, and that he was likely to pick up a good share here in New Hampshire and — having hauled in $13 million last quarter — in other contests to come.

With many delegates in a bloc heading into the convention in Tampa, didn’t that mean he would remain committed to the GOP and not run an independent candidacy in the fall, even if he did not secure the nomination?

“I’ll decide that later,” Paul said while he was waiting for his son Rand Paul, a GOP senator from Kentucky, to finish an interview with the press.

When asked whether it would be difficult to run independently with a son who might want to run for the GOP nomination some day, the senior Paul said again, “I’ll decide that later,” before being hustled to a press event.

In the past, Paul has sounded more certain that he wouldn’t seek an independent presidential run, though he has not flatly denied the possibility.

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Breaking: Three GOP Candidates File Motion to Join Perry’s fight for Ballot Access in Virginia

Wednesday, January 4th, 2012 - by The Tatler

Newt Gingrich, Jon Huntsman, and Rick Santorum joined forces today and filed a joint motion with a district court in Virginia,  joining Rick Perry’s effort to force the Virginia Board of Elections to put them on the ballot for the state’s March 6 presidential primary.

The candidates are seeking to intervene as plaintiffs in a case filed by Rick Perry for ballot access to the Virginia primary pursuant to an order issued by the court on December 29, 2011.

Here’s a link to the motion.


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Tatler Exclusive: DOJ Source Says Texas Attorney General Abbott Is Blowing the State’s Voter ID Defense

Wednesday, December 28th, 2011 - by The Tatler

Justice Department sources report to Tatler that DOJ lawyers are flabbergasted at the ineptitude of Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott on a variety of election related issues.  The latest example is yesterday’s Fort Worth Star Telegram story about voter ID.  In it, Abbott spokeswoman Lauren Bean says Abbott will defend Voter ID, but only after DOJ objects to the law.  The Star Telegram says:

“The Department of Justice’s decision to deny pre-clearance to South Carolina’s Voter ID law is inconsistent with its own previous decisions and flies in the face of U.S. Supreme Court precedent,” Bean said.

The DOJ sources report that Texas seems unaware that the Georgia preclearance was conducted using an old legal standard, no longer in effect.  A new standard was passed by Congress in 2006 and Texas’ misplaced reliance on the Georgia Voter ID approval by DOJ is making Texas seem out of touch with the environment they face.  They also say there is nothing in Supreme Court rules that are inconsistent with the South Carolina objection, and Texas doesn’t seem to understand that.  More from the story:

“The Texas attorney general’s office is prepared to take all necessary legal action to defend the voter ID law enacted by the Texas Legislature,” spokeswoman Lauren Bean said.

The DOJ source reports that “if that were really true, then Abbott would have filed in federal court against us after the South Carolina objection.  They have no clue what they are doing and the damage they are doing to Texas Voter ID.  They think they can win after an objection.  Good luck.  They have no idea what is about to happen.”

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On the Farm with Victor Davis Hanson: ‘Racism’ Is an Epithet Used by the Elite Classes

Wednesday, December 14th, 2011 - by The Tatler

In this conversation with Roger Simon, Victor Davis Hanson discusses his PJMedia article on race that prompted the Stanford Daily newspaper to demand his ouster from Stanford. He also talks about the difference between elite and middle class notions of what is racist and actual racism. Click on the image to watch.

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Gov. Jan Brewer on Border Issues: ‘We Have an Out of Control, Arrogant Federal Government’

Monday, December 12th, 2011 - by The Tatler

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer talks to Bill Whittle about the illegal immigration problem along the southern border. The border is starting to resemble a war zone. Brewer is outraged about the approach the federal government is taking on border issues. Has the Obama administration surrendered sovereign US territory to illegal immigrants? Will drug cartels take over the United States? Hear what Gov. Brewer has to say.

YouTube Preview Image

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Mark Block-head

Tuesday, November 8th, 2011 - by The Tatler

Whatever you think about Herman Cain’s guilt or innocence regarding sexual harassment, the candidate clearly has his issues when it comes to choosing campaign staff. From Katrina Trinko on The Corner:

On Fox News’ Hannity tonight, Cain chief of staff Mark Block said that Karen Kraushaar — who accused Herman Cain of sexual harassment during his time at the NRA – was the mother of a Politico reporter. But while there is a reporter named Josh Kraushaar, he denied on Twitter tonight that he is any relation to Karen Kraushaar. Josh Kraushaar did used to work for Politico, but is now at National Journal.

When Hannity inquired if Block was certain about this, Block replied, “We have confirmed that he does indeed work at Politico and that is his mother, yes.”

We guess it depends on what your definition of “confirmed” is.

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Bill Bennett Calls for Cain to Fess Up

Monday, November 7th, 2011 - by The Tatler

Bill Bennett – a man with his own problems, but nonetheless concerned with ethics – has called on Herman Cain to speak up completely and forthrightly on the allegations against him:

Four women are not an insignificant number. One or two anonymous charges, perhaps. Three anonymous charges (where, as I understand the story, Cain knows of at least two of the women) plus one woman who went very public and opened herself up to all manner of investigation are a lot. It is no longer insignificant. Neither is it insignificant that the Cain campaign discounted the charges in the initial stories, saying they were based on anonymous sources, only to make a mockery by blaming other campaigns with less substantiation than the original stories.

If Herman Cain wants to be taken seriously as a public advocate for anything, never mind running for the chief executive and commander in chief of the most powerful and important and blessed country in the world, he needs to give a full press conference dedicated exclusively to this issue and these allegations.

I have watched long enough and held my tongue long enough to give him the benefit of the doubt, but can no longer say this is a witch hunt, “a lynching” to use his word, or any other euphemism. There are allegations out there that matter and they have stacked up. For we who led the charge against Bill Clinton on a number of related issues to continue to blame the media or other campaigns or say it simply doesn’t matter makes us the hypocrites as well.

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Instavision: Atlas Shrugged: A How-To Manual for the Obama Administration?

Saturday, November 5th, 2011 - by The Tatler

To paraphrase Steven Den Beste on an earlier mid-century warning on the dangers of statism run amok, Atlas Shrugged: A warning for the rest of us, a user manual for the Obama Administration:

YouTube Preview Image

Given the mid-budget production values of the film, I suspect it will play better on the small screen than it did in theaters, but as a both timely and eternal message, it’s well worth checking out on DVD.

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Video: Are Police Giving OWS Protesters a Free Pass?

Friday, November 4th, 2011 - by The Tatler
YouTube Preview Image

Wednesday night, November 2nd, I went to the Occupy Los Angeles Protests in front of City Hall with my flip cam to take footage. At 5:30 PM approximately one thousand of the protesters gathered in the middle of the street and started marching. Mind you, this was at 5:30 PM, rush hour, in Downtown Los Angeles, where the traffic is already atrocious on a regular night. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I wondered how on earth these protesters got a permit to march in the middle of the street during rush hour, blocking traffic and making the drive home for thousands of people even worse. However, as you will see in the video I took, these protesters did not have a permit. They just marched in the street, completely breaking the law. And the most amazing part, the cops did not seem to care. In fact, they were escorting the marchers through the streets of downtown, as thousands of people sat in their cars waiting for these selfish brats to pass by. In fact, to my knowledge, not one single person was arrested. Unbelievable. This got me thinking: Would the city and the police be so accommodating if a tea party rally spontaneously started marching into the streets and obstructing traffic during rush hour? That, of course, is a rhetorical question.

- Sammy Levine (Associate Producer PJTV)

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Sharia in action: Hyatt Houston Cancels Pam Geller

Monday, October 31st, 2011 - by The Tatler

From Atlas Shrugs:

I am on the road but just got word that CAIR thugs intimidated Hyatt Place Houston/Sugar Land into cancelling their event tonight where I was scheduled to speak. Giving tea party organizers little time to find a new venue, the Hyatt Place in Sugarland caved to Islamic pressure yesterday and agreed to enforce the blasphemy law under the sharia. Cowards. Dhimmis.

Free speech, the cornerstone of our constitutional republic, is in serious jeopardy. Under the sharia, criticism of Islam is blasphemy (punishable by death in Muslims countries living under the sharia). This is the death of free speech in the continuing Islamization of America.

Hyatt Place Houston/Sugar Land received a couple of threatening calls and they surrendered to Islamic supremacists without even firing a shot.

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Perry Releases Statement on the Release of Gilad Shalit

Tuesday, October 18th, 2011 - by The Tatler

AUSTIN – Gov. Rick Perry today released the following statement on the release of Gilad Shalit:

“Anita and I rejoice that Gilad Shalit is finally free more than five years after he was captured by Hamas. The perseverance and faith of the Shalit family is a testament to the fortitude of the people of Israel.

“We must remain on our guard against the terrorist enemies who held Gilad for so long, and who may be emboldened by the release of so many prisoners in exchange for him.

“The Palestinians need to condemn the terrorist activities of Hamas, or expect to pay a price in terms of U.S. aid and support for the peace process.  It is important for the Obama administration to make the Palestinians understand the importance of rejecting terror and blackmail.”

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We Must Use the Furniture to Build a Barricade!

Tuesday, October 18th, 2011 - by The Tatler

TOTUS has been stolen! If you are currently in the White House, the sensible thing to do now is run for your very life.

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Occupy Protests in LA and DC: Socialists, Crazies and Hate-Mongers

Friday, October 14th, 2011 - by The Tatler

Who are the Other 99%? PJTV went to the Occupy Wall Street protests in Los Angeles and Washington D.C. to talk to protesters and find out what exactly they are protesting. Listen to the demands of socialists, crazies, and people who think American capitalism needs to be destroyed. If this is the 99%, then what does that say about the rest of America? Find out.

YouTube Preview Image

“Each American is going to have 1 million dollars and then we’re going to restructure this whole planet.” — Occupy LA Protester


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IPhone 4S to Sell 4 (Million)

Thursday, October 13th, 2011 - by The Tatler


Apple Inc. is poised to sell as many as 4 million units of its new iPhone 4S this weekend as customers around the world clamor for one of the last products developed under Steve Jobs.

The device, available today in the U.S., Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Japan and U.K., is projected to outperform last year’s introduction of the iPhone 4, which topped 1.7 million units in its introductory weekend.

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Soros and the Wall Street Protests

Thursday, October 13th, 2011 - by The Tatler

From Reuters:

There has been much speculation over who is financing the disparate protest, which has spread to cities across America and lasted nearly four weeks. One name that keeps coming up is investor George Soros, who in September debuted in the top 10 list of wealthiest Americans. Conservative critics contend the movement is a Trojan horse for a secret Soros agenda.

Soros and the protesters deny any connection. But Reuters did find indirect financial links between Soros and Adbusters, an anti-capitalist group in Canada which started the protests with an inventive marketing campaign aimed at sparking an Arab Spring type uprising against Wall Street. Moreover, Soros and the protesters share some ideological ground.

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Iranian Guidance Systems Compromised?

Thursday, October 13th, 2011 - by The Tatler

A report in Space Travel, Exploration and Tourism that “Iran failed with space monkey launch” has led to speculation that IRI’s guidance systems have been compromised.

“The Kavoshgar-5 rocket carrying a capsule with a live animal (a monkey) was launched during Shahrivar,” an Iranian calendar month spanning August 23 to September 22, Deputy Science Minister Mohammad Mehdinejad-Nouri was quoted as saying by the ISNA news agency.

“However, the launch was not publicised as all of its anticipated objectives were not accomplished,” Mehdinejad-Nouri told reporters.

He said the launch of a live animal into space was “strategic, and a priority,” and expressed hope that future launches would attain more of the objectives set.

On October 3, Iran indefinitely postponed plans to send a live monkey into space, without giving any reasons.

Last year, according to multiple reports, a computer virus of unknown provenance named Stuxnet wreaked havoc with Iranian nuclear facilities. Whatever the case, bad luck for the monkey.

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Perry Camp Touts ‘Unmatched’ Jobs Record

Tuesday, October 11th, 2011 - by The Tatler

From the Perry campaign, after the Dartmouth debate:

HANOVER, N.H. – Gov. Rick Perry this evening reiterated his unmatched job creation record at the Washington Post/Bloomberg Republican Presidential Debate at Dartmouth College.

“Americans want a president with the experience and understanding of how to create jobs and get our nation’s economy back on track,” said Gov. Perry. “I am proud of my work to establish the environment necessary for job creation. I look forward to applying the Texas jobs blueprint to the rest of the country by implementing a predictable tax structure, placing a moratorium on unnecessary regulations, creating a fair legal climate and putting an end to out-of-control government spending.”

During the debate, Gov. Perry shared his record of implementing fiscally conservative policies that have helped Texas lead the nation in job creation. Texas has created more than one million net new jobs under Gov. Perry, and since June of 2009, the state of Texas has been the source of 40 percent of all the jobs created across the nation. In contrast, under President Obama, America has lost 2.5 million jobs.

Gov. Perry emphasized his dedication to implementing low, flat and fair taxes, repealing job-killing regulations, establishing a fair legal climate and restraining government spending in order to get America working again.

Gov. Perry also reiterated his steadfast commitment to repealing Obamacare, the government-mandated healthcare plan President Obama modeled after Mitt Romney’s job-killing and signature accomplishment in Massachusetts. Additionally, while Gov. Perry has presided over the nation’s number one job creating state, Gov. Romney’s Massachusetts ranked 47th in job creation during his term in office.

For information setting the record straight about various statements made during the debate, please visit, or follow @PerryTruthTeam on Twitter.

For more information about Gov. Rick Perry’s record, presidential campaign and plan to get America working again, please visit:

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Mitt Romney Delivers Remarks on US Foreign Policy

Friday, October 7th, 2011 - by The Tatler

Charleston, SC – Today, Mitt Romney delivered remarks on U.S. foreign policy at The Citadel in Charleston, South Carolina. The following speech was prepared for delivery:

It’s a great honor to be in South Carolina, where patriotism is a passion that tops even barbeque and football.

And it’s a great honor to be here at the Citadel.

Every great university and college produces future engineers, doctors, lawyers and entrepreneurs. Here at the Citadel, you do all that but you have another specialty – you produce heroes.  Over 1400 of your alumni have served in Iraq, Afghanistan, and elsewhere fighting the war against terrorism.  And sixteen have paid the ultimate price.

Since 1842, every tyrant, petty thug or great power that threatened America learned that if you wanted to take on America, you were taking on the Citadel.  That’s a line of heroes that’s never broken and never will be.

This is a true citadel of American honor, values and courage.

The other day I heard the President say that Americans had gone “soft.” I guess he wasn’t talking about how hard it is for millions of Americans who are trying to get a job or stretch a too small paycheck through the week.

As each of you looks beyond this great institution, to the life before you, I know you face many difficult questions in a world fraught with uncertainty.  America is in an economic crisis the likes of which we have never seen in our lifetime. Europe is struggling with the greatest economic crisis since the Cold War, one that calls into question the very definition of the European Union.

Around the world we see tremendous upheaval and change. Our next President will face extraordinary challenges that could alter the destiny of America and, indeed, the future of freedom.

Today, I want you to join me in looking forward. Forward beyond that next Recognition Day, beyond Ring Weekend to four years from today, October 7th, 2015.

What kind of world will we be facing?

Will Iran be a fully activated nuclear weapons state, threatening its neighbors, dominating the world’s oil supply with a stranglehold on the Strait of Hormuz?  In the hands of the ayatollahs, a nuclear Iran is nothing less than an existential threat to Israel. Iran’s suicidal fanatics could blackmail the world.

By 2015, will Israel be even more isolated by a hostile international community? Will those who seek Israel’s destruction feel emboldened by American ambivalence? Will Israel have been forced to fight yet another war to protect its citizens and its right to exist?

In Afghanistan, after the United States and NATO have withdrawn all forces, will the Taliban find a path back to power? After over a decade of American sacrifice in treasure and blood, will the country sink back into the medieval terrors of fundamentalist rule and the mullahs again open a sanctuary for terrorists?

Next door, Pakistan awaits the uncertain future, armed with more than 100 nuclear weapons. The danger of a failed Pakistan is difficult to overestimate, fraught with nightmare scenarios: Will a nuclear weapon be in the hands of Islamic Jihadists?

China has made it clear that it intends to be a military and economic superpower. Will her rulers lead their people to a new era of freedom and prosperity or will they go down a darker path, intimidating their neighbors, brushing aside an inferior American Navy in the Pacific, and building a global alliance of authoritarian states?

Russia is at a historic crossroads.  Vladimir Putin has called the breakup of the Soviet empire the great tragedy of the 20th Century. Will he try to reverse that tragedy and bludgeon the countries of the former Soviet Union into submission, and intimidate Europe with the levers of its energy resources?

To our South, will the malign socialism of Hugo Chavez’s Venezuela, in tight alliance with the malign socialism of Castro’s Cuba, undermine the prospects of democracy in a region thirsting for freedom and stability and prosperity?

Our border with Mexico remains an open sore.  Will drug cartels dominate the regions adjoining the United States, with greater and greater violence spilling over into our country? Will we have failed to secure the border and to stem the tide of illegal immigrants? And will drug smugglers and terrorists increasingly make their way into our midst?

This would be a troubling and threatening world for America. But it is not unrealistic. These are only some of the very real dangers that America faces, if we continue with the feckless policies of the past three years.

But of course, it doesn’t have to be this way. This isn’t our destiny, it is a choice. We are a democracy. You decide. In this campaign for President, I will offer a very different vision of America’s role in the world and of America’s destiny.

Our next President will face many difficult and complex foreign policy decisions. Few will be black and white.

But I am here today to tell you that I am guided by one overwhelming conviction and passion: This century must be an American Century. In an American Century, America has the strongest economy and the strongest military in the world. In an American Century, America leads the free world and the free world leads the entire world.

God did not create this country to be a nation of followers. America is not destined to be one of several equally balanced global powers.  America must lead the world, or someone else will. Without American leadership, without clarity of American purpose and resolve, the world becomes a far more dangerous place, and liberty and prosperity would surely be among the first casualties.

Let me make this very clear. As President of the United States, I will devote myself to an American Century. And I will never, ever apologize for America.

Some may ask, “Why America? Why should America be any different than scores of other countries around the globe?”

I believe we are an exceptional country with a unique destiny and role in the world. Not exceptional, as the President has derisively said, in the way that the British think Great Britain is exceptional or the Greeks think Greece is exceptional. In Barack Obama’s profoundly mistaken view, there is nothing unique about the United States.

But we are exceptional because we are a nation founded on a precious idea that was birthed in the American Revolution, and propounded by our greatest statesmen, in our fundamental documents. We are a people who threw off the yoke of tyranny and established a government, in Abraham Lincoln’s words, “of the people, by the people, and for the people.”

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Cain Gains

Thursday, October 6th, 2011 - by The Tatler

Despite predictions he would be just flash-in-the-pan on the Republican side, Herman Cain’s candidacy continues to gain traction in the latest Pew Poll, which now shows the Georgian in clear second place (18%) just four points behind Mitt Romney (22%) and three ahead of Rick Perry (15%). In this poll Ron Paul appears to be holding firm at 13% with the others trailing in single digits.

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And Now, A Word From Joe Biden

Friday, September 30th, 2011 - by The Tatler

A fundraising email from the vice president, subject line: What’s stopping you, right now?

Friend –

I need to ask you one last thing before tonight’s midnight deadline:

If you know you’re going to donate to this campaign eventually, what’s stopping you from doing it right now?

If you’re going to be a part of history in 2012, it’s time to get off the sidelines.

So, before midnight, will you chip in what you can and say you’re in?

This has never been about Barack and me.

We’re just two guys. It’s folks like you out there who will decide this election.

And what you’re capable of is incredible — if you decide to do it.

Thank you,


P.S. — That deadline also applies to the dinner Barack is having with four supporters. Donate today and you’ll be automatically entered for the chance to be there.

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Iran’s Secret War

Wednesday, September 28th, 2011 - by The Tatler

Disturbing post at Big Peace that deserves more attention:

At a time when Senator Lindsey Graham, Admiral Mike Mullen, and many others see the reality of Pakistan’s involvement in aiding enemies like the Haqqani network, very few accept or comprehend the magnitude which Iran plays into this mix supporting Pakistan’s ISI. Yes, Iran supports Pakistan’s ISI and yes, Iranian agents have been known to operate in the region.

Iran has also been a major contributor to the ongoing violence in Iraq. In fact, a great majority of the weapons used against U.S. forces comes directly out of Iran. The Shiite nation patiently awaits the departure of U.S. forces so it can eventually take over.

Not only does Iran support the ISI and patiently awaits U.S. withdrawals in Iraq, they have also supported numerous Shiite and non-Shiite terrorist groups like Al Qaeda, Libyan Islamic Fighting Group, Hezbollah, and Hamas. Since the release of the 9-11 Commission Report, U.S. policy makers have understood Iran’s involvement with terrorism yet very few politicians have been willing to deal with the threat they pose.

Now, Palestinians seek statehood. The Palestinian people have constantly engaged in terrorist activities against Israel and the great majority of their operations have been directly tied to Iran. If the Palestinians get their wish, they will be the little child of Iran.

We can worry about Iran’s nuclear endeavors all we want. The real threat posed by the Shiite terror sponsoring regime stems from its current activities of proxy warfare throughout the Middle East. President Obama, or a newly elected American President, will be forced to deal with Iran. Sanctions will not marginalize Iranian activities so the real question must be asked—how will any American President deal with Iran?

Read the whole thing.

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Dennis Miller Endorses Herman Cain for President

Monday, September 26th, 2011 - by The Tatler

Nationally syndicated talk show host and former Saturday Night Live comedian Dennis Miller has endorsed Herman Cain for the Republican nomination for president.

Miller, who mentioned his support for the Cain campaign on his national radio show, will headline a fundraiser for Cain in Los Angeles and has donated to the campaign, a Cain spokeswoman confirmed.

“I’d like to thank [Miller] for his support,” Cain said in a statement on his campaign Twitter feed. “I look forward to working with him as we continue our journey to the White House!”

Miller has been supportive of Cain for months–his website directed readers to the Georgia businessman’s campaign site in July–but had not formally endorsed him until today.

Miller has come up with the slogan of the campaign for the Georgia businessman if he were to run against Obama: “Cain Versus Not Able.”

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ZoNation: Are the Ronulans Inviting Bigger Government?

Thursday, September 22nd, 2011 - by The Tatler

Are Ron Paul libertarians tolerant conservatives, or just people who want to legalize everything, thus inviting big government to clean up the mess? Find out what AlfonZo Rachel thinks.

YouTube Preview Image

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PJTV Preview: Former VP Dick Cheney Weighs in on the Palestinian Statehood Gambit, Obama and Perry

Thursday, September 22nd, 2011 - by The Tatler

PJ CEO Roger Simon interviewed former Vice President Dick Cheney this week, about a range of topics including the Palestinians’ moves in the UN and the overall Middle East peace process. Roger kicks off this preview with a quote from Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s speech on the subject earlier this week, to get the former vice president’s reaction to it.

YouTube Preview Image

The full and fascinating interview with former Vice President Dick Cheney will be available on PJTV.

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PJTV Exclusive: Roger Simon Talks with Rick Perry Adviser Dave Carney About the Governor’s Stance on Social Security

Thursday, September 8th, 2011 - by The Tatler

Is Social Security a Ponzi scheme? Rick Perry adviser, Dave Carney, discusses the status of entitlement programs and the trickery employed by the political elite to make these programs appear under control. What does Carney think about global warming? Find out as Roger L. Simon catches up with Carney at the Reagan Library following the GOP debate.

Click the image to head over to PJTV and play.

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Video: PJTV’s Tony Katz Chats with Ed Rollins in the Spin Room

Wednesday, September 7th, 2011 - by The Tatler

Ed Rollins was recently moved to a “Yoda” advisory role in the Bachmann campaign, but he is still clearly her fierce advocate. Tony Katz caught up with Rollins in the post-debate spin room.

YouTube Preview Image

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Video: PJTV’s Roger Simon, Alexis Garcia and Tony Katz Score the GOP Presidential Debate

Wednesday, September 7th, 2011 - by The Tatler
YouTube Preview Image

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GOP Debate: Live Chat on the Tatler

Wednesday, September 7th, 2011 - by The Tatler

Chat away…


EveryWhereChat Free Flash Chatrooms


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PJTV in Iowa: Tony Katz One-on-One with Newt Gingrich

Saturday, August 13th, 2011 - by The Tatler

PJTV’s Tony Katz catches up with the man many consider to have won Thursday’s Iowa debate, former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich. Tony asks Gingrich about “bureaucratic socialism,” which he uses to describe President Obama’s behavior in using the federal regulatory state to impose Washington’s will on Americans at every level.

YouTube Preview Image

Tony’s interview with Speaker Gingrich is also up on PJTV.

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PJTV in Iowa: Iowa Blogger Craig Robinson Predicts the Results of Today’s Straw Poll

Saturday, August 13th, 2011 - by The Tatler

Who does Iowa blogger and insider Craig Robinson think will win today’s Ames Straw Poll? Tony Katz finds out.

YouTube Preview Image

Tony’s interview with Craig Robinson is also up on PJTV.

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PJTV in Iowa: Tony Katz Interviews Frank Luntz

Saturday, August 13th, 2011 - by The Tatler

PJTV’s Tony Katz catches up with pollster Frank Luntz at the Iowa State Fair, site of today’s Iowa Straw Poll. Luntz addresses Newt Gingrich’s combative stance against the media during Thursday’s debate, and whether the straw poll itself is a reliable gauge of a candidate’s support in the GOP race.

YouTube Preview Image

Tony’s interview with Frank Luntz is also on PJTV.

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