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Stephen Kruiser is a professional comedian and writer who has also been a conservative political activist for over two decades. A co-founder of the first Los Angeles Tea Party, Kruiser often speaks to grassroots groups around America and has had the great honor of traveling around the world entertaining U.S. troops.
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MA Rep. Stephen Lynch Says Pelosi Can’t Lead Dems Back to Majority

Wednesday, April 8th, 2015 - by Stephen Kruiser

Well, this is uncomfortable.

Massachusetts Democratic Rep. Stephen Lynch said Tuesday that Nancy Pelosi should consider stepping aside from her post as minority leader in the House.

Speaking on a local television program in Boston, Lynch was pressed on whether Pelosi should continue leading House Democrats after the party lost a substantial number of congressional seats in 2014.

“Nancy Pelosi will not lead us back to the majority,” Lynch said. Asked if Pelosi should resign from her leadership post, Lynch replied, “Right.”

Gone are the heady days when House Democrats feared Grandma Nan so much that they would throw their careers away for her just to get some awful, Republic-ruining health care legislation passed.

Pelosi just turned 75 last month, so she’s practically a kid in Congress. So she’s not going anywhere anytime soon. Heck, she probably thinks she has another 20 years or so to become speaker again. Also, given her history, it doesn’t seem likely that she would would give up power for the good of the party.

The seems to be some disgruntlement with leadership after the embarrassing losses last November, but no one challenges Pelosi for the leadership position. The Republicans, of course, have been doing much the same with John Boehner. There is a lot of complaining about him, but no one makes a serious run at him.

Maybe it’s time to look at term limits for leadership positions?

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Leftist Pollution in Academia Continues: U. of Michigan Cancels American Sniper Showing

Wednesday, April 8th, 2015 - by Stephen Kruiser

Oh, the commies

The University of Michigan’s Center for Campus Involvement canceled a showing of American Sniper after 300 students protested, saying the film

“not only tolerates but promotes anti-Muslim…rhetoric and sympathizes with a mass killer. Chris Kyle was a racist who took a disturbing stance on murdering Iraqi civilians…watching this movie is provocative and unsafe to…Muslim students who are too often reminded of how little the media and world values their lives.”

This is (or was, anyway) a college, right, where learning and uncomfortable ideas are occassionally encountered?

The only kind of diversity one can’t celebrate on most American college campuses is diversity of thought. The mindless little prog mobs are easily motivated to protest anything that doesn’t fit the pre-approved Hive Mind agenda.

The point cannot be made often enough that this dumbing down of young American minds in the very places they are supposed to be expanding them is precisely the reason that leftists can get away with cheap emotional ploys almost devoid of facts to win elections.

Yes, they planned it this way.

Nick Gillespie makes a good point about the presupposition that any and all messages in movies will be absorbed by the audience. When my daughter was eleven and I was being very cautious about something she wanted to watch on television she said, “I’m not a monkey who is going to repeat everything I see on TV.”

I guess this U of M crowd is mostly monkey-based.

What thought-provoking college-level cinematic offering was shown instead, you ask? This:

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This Is What Democracy Looks Like: Number of Blacks on Ferguson City Council Triples After Election

Wednesday, April 8th, 2015 - by Stephen Kruiser

Via the  Associated Press:

Two black candidates were among three people elected to the Ferguson City Council Tuesday, tripling African-American representation in the St. Louis suburb where poor race relations have been a focal point since the August shooting death of an 18-year-old black by a white police officer.

The election means that half of the six-member city council in Ferguson, a town where two-thirds of the 21,000 residents are black, will now be African-American. The lone black incumbent councilman was not up for re-election. The mayor, who could break any tie votes, is white.

Voter turnout increased substantially from the previous election following a strong get-out-the-vote effort from labor unions and other national organizations.

After last year’s turmoil in Ferguson there was a lot of talk about more proportional representation for African-American residents in city government and the police force, which is certainly a more realistic and long-term solution than rioting. Neither can be coerced, however. The citizens have to be the catalysts for positive change (not the creeping influence of the federal government).

All too often, Americans don’t understand or use the power of the ballot box. Sadly, it almost always takes tragedy to remind us.

This story also illustrates that Big Labor still understands the power of the ballot box better than those to whom they might be politically opposed.

Hmmm…wonder who that might be?

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Comforting: FAA Hit with Cyber Attack Earlier This Year

Tuesday, April 7th, 2015 - by Stephen Kruiser

Fly the hacking skies…

Hackers spread malicious software through a computer network at the Federal Aviation Administration earlier this year, the agency said.

The administrative computer system was affected by a “known virus” that passed from computer to computer via email, NextGov reported late Monday.

The FAA told the publication that it identified no damage to agency systems after a “thorough review.”

The cyberattack was evident from an April 2 interim contract solicitation for the FAA’s Cybersecurity Management Center Security Operations Center.

“Due to a recent cyber-attack, the FAA requires additional planning time to determine the impact,” the notice stated.
It is not clear who was behind the cyberattack or what their intentions were.

This report is rather vague and such is the level of my suspicion of all things government that I immediately thought, “This was probably worse than they’re letting on.”

It is an odd little world we live in, where the good and bad guys are fluid groups depending upon present needs. In this case, one hopes that the government computer people can stay ahead of the computer people who would disrupt air travel.

Then again, do we want to root for the government computer people to become too powerful?

You can see why I don’t sleep much.

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Sculptor of Frightening Lucille Ball Statue Apologizes, Promises to Fix It

Tuesday, April 7th, 2015 - by Stephen Kruiser

Michael Walsh told you about this unfortunate piece of art last week.

Now it seems the sculptor feels exactly the same way.

The sculptor responsible for the “frightening” Lucille Ball statue that’s been terrorizing local residents is now offering to fix it for free, admitting it is “by far my most unsettling sculpture.”

In a letter to The Hollywood Reporter, artist Dave Poulin writes, “I take full responsibility for ‘Scary Lucy,’ though by no means was that my intent or did I wish to disparage in any way the memories of the iconic Lucy image.”

The 400-pound bronze sculpture, which was privately commissioned and publicly displayed in Ball’s hometown of Celoron, NY in 2009, upset many locals and even inspired a Facebook group dedicated to its removal (“We Love Lucy! Get Rid of This Statue.”).

“From the day of its installation,” Poulin continues, “I have shared my disappointment in the final outcome and have always believed it to be by far my most unsettling sculpture, not befitting of Lucy’s beauty or my ability as a sculptor. Yes, in retrospect, it should have never been cast in bronze and made public, and I take complete ownership of that poor decision.”

Perhaps we should all take a moment and savor the fact that someone in the 21st Century is taking full responsibility for screwing up. We may not live long enough to see it happen again.

Poulin has offered to sculpt a new statue at his own expense to replace this one.

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Steyer Vows to Spend Big in 2016, Media Suddenly Not Concerned About ‘Money in Politics’

Monday, April 6th, 2015 - by Stephen Kruiser

He has a name (sort of)!

Environmental activist and billionaire Tom Steyer served notice on Monday that he will use his wealth to try to bring climate change into the 2016 U.S. presidential campaign, vowing to target Republican hopefuls who deny the connection between burning fossil fuels and rising global temperatures.

Steyer’s NextGen Climate political action committee launched what it calls the Hot Seat campaign aimed at calling out Republican candidates for taking money from the billionaire Koch brothers. The group will target Senator Rand Paul, who is expected to launch his presidential campaign on Tuesday.

Steyer’s PAC found limited success turning climate change into a wedge issue in the 2014 midterm elections, despite spending over $70 million on candidates backing strong climate change policies. Only three of seven candidates backed by NextGen won their races.

This time, it hopes to use the conservative Koch brothers as foils, highlighting the connection between their campaign spending and politicians who deny the science underpinning the rise in global temperatures.

It’s adorable that this piece pretends Steyer wasn’t using the Koch brothers as foils when his candidates were getting shellacked last November. However, as I pointed out last Thursday, this is a game the media is duty bound to play as Official Lap Dogs of the Democratic Party.

The media pretends that the Left’s benefactors aren’t really that rich, you know. Nothing like the KOCH BROTHERS FINANCIAL BEHEMOTH. In this post alone, the writer lets Steyer’s NextGen PAC play coy about how much it will spend, while quoting a NextGen memo decrying “the Koch brothers’ unprecedented campaign spending…” In reality, Steyer spent almost $69 million more than the Koch brothers in the last election cycle.

But it’s the Koch name that everyone knows, because the media keep screaming it from the rooftops. Harry Reid spent much of the time he wasn’t getting his butt kicked by the mob (exercise bands, whatever) on the Senate floor accusing the Kochs pretty much influencing the entire electoral process in America.

Steyer’s name, on the other hand, is rarely mentioned in the media. He’s practically a publicity ghost. Hell, his name didn’t even make it into the headline of the Reuters post. They referred to him as “green donor.” In fact, the Koch brothers get mentioned twice as many times as Steyer does in the article, and it’s about him.

Tom Steyer is the $74 million elephant in the room and the press barely knows his name or acknowledges his existence.

Wise GOP presidential candidates would do well to mention him often.

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CNN Uses Warren Buffet to Pretend Democrats Don’t Have Huge Donors

Thursday, April 2nd, 2015 - by Stephen Kruiser

This is how media bias works.

Warren Buffett likes giving away his money and he likes being involved in the nation’s political debate. But he won’t become a Democratic version of the Koch Brothers, giving away millions of dollars to his favorite candidates.

Buffett has given $25,000 to Ready for Hillary, a Super PAC that’s backing Hillary Clinton’s expected run for the White House. He strongly supports her and expects she’ll win. But she’ll have to do so without a six-figure check from Buffett, even if he can easily afford to write one.

“I support her, but I would not write a huge check,” he told CNN. He plans to help raise money for her campaign, but says he doesn’t believe in the kind of huge donations that current campaign laws allow.

“I just don’t believe that the elections should be decided by the super-rich,” he said. Being a billionaire, he has said, shouldn’t mean he can “outshout everybody else.”

This piece is so full of manure it could fertilize Iowa for a decade.

It gives Buffett an opportunity to parrot a Dem talking point about “the super-rich” and “elections.” He even gets a free pass on donating twenty five grand to a Super Pac while railing against them. The man who is notoriously detail-oriented with his money says he didn’t know it was going to a Super Pac, and that’s that. No need to do any journalism and call out his lame excuse, which was that he didn’t know it was a Super Pac because he was only giving $25,000 and he thinks of them as being things you donate millions to.

The real bias here, however, is what the article is none-too-subtly implying: since Warren Buffett isn’t giving millions like the Koch brothers, the Democrats don’t have anyone doing it. This is essential to keep the “super-rich” and “elections” nonsense from choking on hypocrisy. The unceasing mentions of the Koch brothers are meant to create the idea that no one in politics spreads money around like they do, especially no Democrat donors. Even people who are barely aware of politics know who the Koch brothers are now because this has been such an effective strategy.

Meanwhile, a name only known to Democrat insiders and people who read conservative political blogs remains King of the Donation Hill, and it is all going to Democrats.

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Cruz Campaign Picks Up $4 Million in First 8 Days

Thursday, April 2nd, 2015 - by Stephen Kruiser

Looks like somebody wants him to run.

Ted Cruz raked in around $4 million in the eight days following his presidential kickoff last week, his campaign announced Thursday.

The Texas Republican, the first candidate to formally launch a 2016 campaign, has capitalized on a wave of attention since kicking off his campaign last week at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia.

In his speech, he cast himself as a steadfast conservative who, if elected, would roll back much of President Barack Obama’s agenda.

Facing a crowded Republican field, Cruz, a tea party-aligned senator elected in 2012, is trying to erase doubts early on about whether he can raise enough money to compete against candidates like former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, who have established broad bases of fundraising support. Bush has spent recent months crisscrossing the country to raise money for a super PAC, Right to Rise, which is expected to spend tens of millions of dollars in support of his candidacy.

The Cruz campaign said 95 percent of the donations they received between his announcement on March 23 until the end of the first quarter on March 31 were for $100 or less.

I think the real reason so many establishment GOP talking heads got out the “Ted Cruz can’t win” message when he announced was that they wanted to derail his fundraising a bit. Well, so much for that.

It’s encouraging that so many were small donors, too. This is one area the Republicans have been awful in, always relying on the octogenarian harumph money. There are people who want to be involved, but can’t be involved for $1000 every time you ask them.

Cruz definitely has enthusiastic supporters but it remains to be seen whether this first week will encourage some new support.

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Good News for a Troubled World: SkyMall Might Relaunch

Wednesday, April 1st, 2015 - by Stephen Kruiser

The sun may shine again:

In January, SkyMall LLC and its parent company, Xhibit Corp., filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy, with some $50 million in liabilities. The company’s assets were set to go up for auction in late March. The news led to a strong show of support for the in-flight catalog.

On Friday, a company called C&A Marketing bought SkyMall, with a winning bid of $1.9 million. The company’s leadership already is hinting that they’ll bring back the SkyMall catalog. NPR spoke with Chiam Pikarski, executive vice president of C&A, for details about the catalog’s return.

But are they merely teasing us?

There have been a few articles saying that you might bring back SkyMall. Is that to be believed?

Everybody’s saying “bring back my SkyMall!” — sort of an outcry. And it’s something that we will definitely take a very close look at. We would start by reengaging our conversations with the airlines, get their understanding of what it is they liked in the SkyMall catalog, what did work for them. Then we can align that with what didn’t work for SkyMall, and see if there is an opportunity to bring it back in one form or another. To bring back something in print, and physically to the airlines … there will be some kind of catalog in one format or the other, whether it’s in the airline seat, whether it’s exclusive for regular customers in the mail, or some combination of that.

I’m the reason for SkyMall’s failure. During a quarter century of flying to gigs I used it for my reading entertainment, and to entertain my daughter when she’s traveling with me, but I never once purchased anything.

If it returns, I promise to become a customer. Until then, here are some weird products by which to remember the beloved catalog.

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House Oversight Committee Pretends to Care about Revolving Door Cronyism at Dept. of Energy

Wednesday, April 1st, 2015 - by Stephen Kruiser

I’m sure they’ll fix this right away.

House investigators are asking questions about former Deputy Energy Secretary Dan Poneman’s past dealings with Centrus Energy Corp., the nuclear enrichment company that just hired Poneman as CEO after getting hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of federal aid during his time at the Energy Department.

Leaders of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee released letters Tuesday night in which they demanded that the department and Centrus turn over five years’ worth of documents, including communications between Poneman and Centrus and any discussions of potential job opportunities at the company, formerly known as USEC.

Hey, isn’t this why people get involved with government jobs in the first place? Yes, the cronyism here is awful, but the joke is that this guy wouldn’t be getting a second look if he had just taken an energy lobbying job with the same salary.

This might surprise you, but I think THE FEDERAL AID IS THE ROOT OF THE PROBLEM.

The less taxpayer money the political class can dole out, the fewer opportunities for the Crony Express to ride. This is the reason I am so bitterly opposed to electing big government “compassionate” Republicans. They’re doing just as much damage, just doing it more slowly than their Democrat counterparts. Unless conservatives find a way to elect people who will fight the expansion of the size and scope of the federal behemoth, the Republic has a pretty short shelf life.

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GOP Voter Registration Tanking in California

Wednesday, April 1st, 2015 - by Stephen Kruiser

The Jebification continues

Republicans’ voter registration ranks continue to slip, with no-party preference voters now outnumbering Republicans in 13 counties and more than a third of the state’s cities, state numbers released this week show.

Since last fall, independent voters have overtaken Republicans in Humboldt County and in Burbank, Dublin and several other cities. No-party preference voters outnumber GOP registrants in 172 cities, according to Monday’s report from the Secretary of State’s Office.

Independent voters outnumber Democrats in 14 cities, but not in any county, the records show.

The dirty little secret that the rest of the country doesn’t understand is that the California GOP doesn’t need to be a hot mess, it chooses to be. For the last couple of years, Republicans have held more than half of the elected positions in the state, despite the party’s leadership constantly whining about shifting demographics. So the notion that people in the state won’t vote for Republicans is simply false.

The big problem with the California Republican Party comes in the bigger elections, where it has been embracing moderate, “electable” and largely self-funded candidates for two decades now.

None of whom have won elections, by the way.

This parade of unelectable electability is wearing thin with even the most hardcore Republicans in the state (“Present”). It has done done damage that is approaching the irreparable stage quickly. Sadly, even with the evidence in plain sight of what’s happened here, the national party is embracing the same penchant for self-inflicted wounds.

I know many outside of California love to take the, “Who cares? Let it burn,” approach to the goings-on in this state, but Republicans do that at their own peril. Do we really want to concede the largest bloc of electoral votes every presidential election? This is the reason the GOP has to focus its entire strategy on fourteen people in Ohio every four years. The party will be skating on thin-margin ice until it fixes this problem.

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MSNBC Ratings Continue to Crater

Tuesday, March 31st, 2015 - by Stephen Kruiser

Surprise! But not.

Just when you thought things couldn’t get any worse for MSNBC, along came the quarterly ratings reports.

In both daytime and prime time, MSNBC endured its lowest quarterly demo numbers in a decade, and its total viewership since the final quarter of 2007. Prime-time viewership was down 45 percent in the demo from the first quarter of 2014, while daytime viewership was down 39 percent in the demo.

On Tuesday, while Fox News and CNN were boasting their own quarterly numbers — Fox News remained dominant, CNN made major strides in the demo — MSNBC chose to focus on the month of March instead, where it boasted gains in prime time and a victory for “Morning Joe” over CNN’s “New Day.”

But things are still looking grim for MSNBC: Between the hours of 12 p.m. and 4 p.m. on Monday, for instance, more people were watching Al Jazeera America than MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell, Thomas Roberts and “The Cycle.”

That’s right, even perpetually catering to the pro-terrorist crowd isn’t helping MSNBC pull numbers away from Al Jazeera America.

Unlike their favorite energy sources to talk about, the progressive audience isn’t a sustainable one because there aren’t as many progressives in America as the coastal media elites think there are. It doesn’t take that many to get distracted by things like prison or the occasional flirtation with employment to carve into your audience.

Bless their hearts, none of them have even tried to become more appealing. The entire lineup spent so many years being coddled by upper management that they don’t know they are failing miserably. Soon, most of them will be able to cuddle their participation trophies for comfort.

Until the money from their severance checks runs out.

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Poll: American Support for 2 State Solution in Israel Hits 20 Year Low

Tuesday, March 31st, 2015 - by Stephen Kruiser

So much for that story.

Support for a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is at nearly a 20-year low among Americans, according to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll.

Only 39 percent of respondents in the poll expressed support for a two-state solution, down from 58 percent in 2003, according to a Gallup Poll.

It is worth noting that Politico is running a huge picture of a Code Pink anti-Israel protest. That’s a powerful, not-so-subtle attempt to undermine the very news in the post running below the picture.

Also, it’s rather difficult to ascertain if Americans are losing hope, realizing that this is a part of the world that will always be in turmoil.

One thing is certain: the relationship between the United States and Israel is going to need a lot of repair when President Fundamentally Transform finally exits the arena. If he stays around to muck up the works like Jimmy Carter has all these years, things may never be patched up.

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Reeling Detroit Residents Hit with 62,000 Tax Foreclosure Notices

Monday, March 30th, 2015 - by Stephen Kruiser

Via NPR:

In Detroit, tens of thousands of people are facing a deadline tomorrow that could cost some of them their homes. That’s when homeowners have to make arrangements to either pay delinquent property taxes — or risk losing their home at a county auction.

When Detroit emerged from bankruptcy last year, it did so with a razor-thin financial cushion. It desperately needs every bit of tax revenue it can muster.

Earlier this year, county officials sent out 72,000 foreclosure notices to homeowners behind on property taxes — 62,000 of them in Detroit alone. They say about 18,000 of these properties are occupied, but fewer than half of those homeowners have paid all of their tax.

A tax moratorium has been discussed by some politicians but those pending “revenues” are already budgeted:

We pledge all the penalties and fees in our bond pledges to borrow money,” he says. “We can’t do a moratorium on police protection or fire protection.

The Democrats who drove Detroit off of the cliff for half a century probably planned on get some grand scale federal assistance, much like New York received in the mid 1970s. A slightly more fiscally responsible approach was taken, however, and the city is far from being out of the woods.

According to this piece, a thriving slumlord market is opening up.

The glitch here is obvious: kicking these people out and taking over the properties for nonpayment doesn’t solve the revenue problem. Can the city really expect to quickly sell over 60,000 properties for back taxes in time to take care of budgetary needs?

Is that Donald Trump at the door?

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California: No Room at the Death Penalty Inn

Monday, March 30th, 2015 - by Stephen Kruiser

What if they gave a death penalty and no one was killed?

The country’s largest death row has run out of room.

As NPR member station KCRW reports, that’s because a legal fight has meant that the state has not put an inmate to death in nearly a decade, leaving more than 750 of them on death row in the state.

Can it really be called a “death penalty” if they don’t really put criminals to death? California taxpayers suffer from the double whammy of funding automatic appeals for death sentences which then aren’t even carried out if upheld, so we get to pay for life imprisonment too. Add to all of that the need for additional funding to expand death rows in prisons and these murderers are getting pretty expensive.

Also, where are the supposed deterrent effects of the death penalty if criminals know the “death” part isn’t in play?

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GAME CHANGER: Hillary’s Campaign Is More Tech Savvy than in ’08

Wednesday, March 25th, 2015 - by Stephen Kruiser


Hillary Clinton is assembling a technology team that signals a significant departure from her 2008 presidential run, led by Obama veterans and geared toward recasting her analog-era image.

With the hiring of 2012 Obama campaign alumni Teddy Goff as chief digital strategist, Elan Kriegel as analytics director and Andrew Bleeker as a top outside adviser, the campaign is indicating a greater emphasis on the kinds of cutting-edge techniques that both parties now routinely use to tap into every possible fundraising dollar and seek out every available voter. Just as important, the new hires point to a candidate who’s learned from a 2008 campaign marked by its inability to harness technology to its advantage.

It is adorable that they are trying to make it seem as if a shift in approach to technology after eight years is a big deal. In an arena that changes by the second, only the Democratic front-runner could get this many words devoted to the fact that she will be doing something every other major candidate has been doing in recent years: focusing greater resources on tech.

It’s doubly adorable for the lapdogs to pretend this is completely new, given that she already had people on staff who were smart enough to get her private servers to skirt the law while she was secretary of State.

So she’s not really doing something that can be called markedly new when compared either to other campaigns or a recent professional incarnation of herself.

Yet Politico gave it a thousand words.

No bias to see here, move along…

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One FCC Commissioner Has A Suggestion for Stopping Net Neutrality

Wednesday, March 25th, 2015 - by Stephen Kruiser

Via the U.S. Chamber of Commerce:

It’s not every day that a federal official goes to Congress and tells them not to fund some of his agency’s functions. But that’s what FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai did at a House FCC budget hearing:

Congress should forbid the Commission from using any appropriated funds to implement or enforce the plan the FCC just adopted to regulate the Internet. Not only is this plan bad policy; absent outside intervention, the Commission will expend substantial resources implementing and enforcing regulations that are wasteful, unnecessary, and affirmatively detrimental to the American public.

This, of course, would be dependent upon the Republicans getting a little more fortitude when it comes to exercising the “power of the purse”. Thus far, that’s something they have been a little timid about. Even when they try (executive amnesty), they don’t commit.

One thing is for certain: nothing in the president’s overreach plans will be free, it all needs to be funded. Maybe if he gets the cookie jar lid slammed on his fingers a few times some of his enthusiasm will diminish.

It’s worth a try.

And now I want cookies.

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Obama’s Yemen Foreign Policy ‘Success’ Continues: President May Have Fled the Country

Wednesday, March 25th, 2015 - by Stephen Kruiser

This is going swimmingly.

Gunfire could be heard around the city centre, and security forces allied to the Houthis have taken over the international airport.

The rebels have made rapid gains since seizing a key airbase only 60km (37 miles) from Aden on Wednesday morning.

Government officials deny reports that the president has fled the country, and say he remains in Aden.

The US State Department says it was in touch with President Hadi earlier in the day. It said he is no longer at the compound but could not confirm any “additional details” about his location.

State television, which is controlled by the rebels, announced a reward of 20m Yemeni riyals ($93,000; £62,500) for anyone who captures the “fugitive” president.

Is there anything more comforting in these troubled times than assurances from our State Dept. that all is not as bad as it seems in a conflict-ridden region (pick one)?

If this were a Republican adminstration, the MSM would be competing to see how many “He called this a SUCCESS!” stories they could get out there each day. With this president, it’s like they’re all given daily hits of the memory zapper from the “Men In Black” series.

Oh, in case you need a real world barometer to counter the official news from our government, the rebels running roughshod over Yemen are backed by Iran.

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Flashback: President Poor Choices Says ‘Absolutely No Apologies’ for Bergdahl Swap

Wednesday, March 25th, 2015 - by Stephen Kruiser

Via The Hill:

President Obama said Thursday he would make “absolutely no apologies” for ordering the controversial prisoner swap to rescue Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, the last American prisoner of war in Afghanistan.

Obama said he was never surprised by “controversies that are whipped up in Washington,” but deflected criticism from members of Congress and the military over the trade of five Guantánamo prisoners for Bergdahl, who has been accused of abandoning his post in Afghanistan before his capture.

We see that Obama went with his standard “it’s all made up” dismissal. One really couldn’t blame him –the press has been letting him get away with it for the entire time he’s been in office.

Thankfully, the military is too busy protecting us to watch much cable news, so they proceeded with the investigation into Bergdahl despite the president’s assurance that it was all a Beltway fabrication.

If you ever have time to kill and want a brain teaser, try to remember any time President Obama staged a media op to address criminal activity and didn’t come down on the side of the criminal.

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Surprise! Taliban Opposed to U.S. Troops Remaining in Afghanistan

Wednesday, March 25th, 2015 - by Stephen Kruiser

Wonder why.

A Taliban spokesman says the U.S. decision to delay the reduction of troops in Afghanistan will badly undermine the chances for peace.

Meeting with Aghan President Ashraf Ghani at the White House on March 24, President Barack Obama said the United States would leave 9,800 troops in Afghanistan though the end of 2015 instead of cutting the number to 5,500, and would decide on plans for 2016 later this year.

Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid said on March 25 that Obama’s announcement “damages all prospects for peace.”

Mujahid said the U.S. decision “means the war will go on until they are all defeated.”

It really doesn’t take a hyperactive imagination to draw a mental picture of what a peace negotiation on the part of the Taliban looks like when they are not held in check militarily. There are people who can remember fifteen years ago, after all.

If the bad guys are in a hurry for you to get out of town, it generally isn’t because they just want to relax in your absence. The Unites States shouldn’t be there forever, obviously, but troops may need to be there longer than what is necessary for President Obama’s legacy-building plan.

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Canadian PM Harper Vows to Fight ISIS ‘as Long as It Is There’

Tuesday, March 24th, 2015 - by Stephen Kruiser

Well that’s different.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper said Tuesday that Canada intends to fight the Islamic State of Iraq and Al-Sham for as long as the militant group poses a threat.

The government introduced a motion to extend the current six-month mission in Iraq for up to a year, ending in March 2016. But the expiry date is apparently flexible.

In one of their terse exchanges in question period, NDP Leader Tom Mulcair asked the prime minister if the military campaign had an exit strategy. Mr. Harper did not provide one.

What’s that? A leader not telling the enemy when he will stop fighting? What kind of madness is this?!?

This guy has obviously not read Obama’s “Cut and Run” playbook:

“Our goal here is to deal with the threat to [Canada],” Mr. Harper said, “and we will deal with it for as long as it is there and we will not stop dealing with it before that.”

Some may say that I am making an apples and oranges comparison here, but it’s the differences in focus between Obama and Harper that are interesting. Obama is in it for as long as he deems necessary, and Harper realizes that things like this have a messiness and fluidity about them.

In other words, he’s a grown-up. One who has perhaps read a history book or two, rather than gobble up the words of Alinsky and Bill Ayers.

They’ve got good beer up there…road trip, maybe?

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Report: DHS Deputy Chief Created Appearance of Politically Motivated Favoritism

Tuesday, March 24th, 2015 - by Stephen Kruiser

Another day, another corrupt government official.

The No. 2 official at the Homeland Security Department improperly intervened on behalf of foreign investors seeking U.S. visas in three cases involving prominent Democrats, including a company run by the youngest brother of likely Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton, the agency’s inspector general said Tuesday.

Investigators said Homeland Security Deputy Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas helped efforts to secure the visas in ways that created the appearance of favoritism and special access and caused resentment among career government employees, managers and lawyers.

The agency’s inspector general, John Roth, said he could not suggest a motive for Mayorkas, a longtime Democrat who served on President Barack Obama’s transition team after his 2008 election and was U.S. attorney in California under President Bill Clinton. Roth did not accuse Mayorkas of violating any laws and acknowledged that Mayorkas sometimes declined to become involved in cases because he said he did not think it would be appropriate.

Maybe it was just an oversight and this is all much ado about nothing, right?

Could be plausible, until you find out that Terry McAuliffe was involved.

Not long before he became governor of Virginia, Democrat Terry McAuliffe received special treatment on behalf of his electric-car company from a top official at the Department of Homeland Security, according to a new report from the department’s inspector general.

McAuliffe was among several politically powerful individuals from both parties, including Sen. Harry M. Reid (D-Nev.), seeking special visas for foreign investors through a program administered by the department. But intervention on behalf of McAuliffe’s GreenTech Automotive company by Alejandro Mayorkas, now the department’s No. 2 official, “was unprecedented,” according to the report.

A good rule of thumb when dealing with any appearance of impropriety in which a Clintonista is involved is “guilty until proven much guiltier than you could possibly imagine.”

Alas, when the Clinton folk are involved they always find a way to not make anything criminal stick, largely because they are such practiced criminals.

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Rick Perry More of a ‘Netanyahu Guy’ than an ‘Obama Guy’ (VIDEO)

Tuesday, March 24th, 2015 - by Stephen Kruiser

Here’s the Texan who hasn’t declared he is running yet, but has been making a lot of moves that would seem to indicate he is thinking about it. Perry is also a fan of the fact that Bibi is critical of Team Lightbringer’s footsie negotiations with Iran.

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George Zimmerman: Blame Obama for Racial Tension

Tuesday, March 24th, 2015 - by Stephen Kruiser

Sounds good to me.

George Zimmerman, the man acquitted in the 2012 shooting of unarmed teenager Trayvon Martin, blamed President Obama for inflaming racial tensions after the 17-year-old’s death, saying in a videotaped statement that Obama “overstretched, overreached, even broke the law” by allowing the Justice Department to pursue a civil rights investigation of him.

Zimmerman also criticized Obama’s public response to the shooting, in which he said a month after the shooting, “if I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon,” and for the president’s holding a ceremony marking the anniversary of Martin’s death with the boy’s parents.

“For him to make incendiary comments as he did and direct the Department of Justice to pursue a baseless prosecution, he by far overstretched, overreached, even broke the law in certain aspects to where you have an innocent American being prosecuted by the federal government which should never happen,” Zimmerman said.

While George Zimmerman may not be the poster boy for Neighborhood Watch, he is certainly right about this. Obama to jump in and ratchet up racial tensions in high-profile stories, often before the police have had a chance to weigh in. We all know the pattern now, too. He pretends to be concerned while either damning the suspect, the police, or both. Then his henchman Eric Holder would launch a very public DOJ investigation yet not find cause to file charges against the individual who was maligned by the president of the United States.

That’s how we end up with cops being targeted by deranged gunmen.

Can’t you just feel the post-racial hope and change calm all over the land?

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ISIS Has Big Plans for Afghanistan in 2016

Tuesday, March 24th, 2015 - by Stephen Kruiser

A date was given…

President Barack Obama is delaying the pace of his planned troop withdrawal from Afghanistan but has not changed his commitment to remove nearly all U.S. troops by the time he leaves office.

The White House cited a newly productive relationship with Afghanistan’s new co-leaders, President Ashraf Ghani and Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah, as one key reason why Obama agreed to grant what they called “flexibility” in the planned departure.
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Another reason, Obama suggested to reporters Tuesday at the White House, are the lessons learned from the collapse of security in Iraq following his withdrawal of U.S. forces in 2011, which ultimately necessitated the return of nearly 3,000 American troops this year to fight the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, along with an air war costing $8.5 million a day.

“We’re doing everything we can to help the Afghan Security Forces succeed, so we don’t have to go back,” Obama said, “so we don’t have to respond in an emergency because terrorist activities are being launched out of Afghanistan.”

You read that correctly. He learned so much from the Iraq debacle that he is going to do exactly the same thing in Afghanistan, he’s just going to take longer to do it.

Naturally, the press is treating this like a measured response on the part of the president. The problem, however, wasn’t just with how quickly troops were removed from Iraq, but that the enemy knew exactly when they would do so.

ISIS has proven to be patient and savvy, and they have been co-opting some Taliban warriors to gain a foothold in Afghanistan.

And now they know just how long they have to hang around.

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Even Barney Frank Thinks Joe Biden Is Embarrassing

Tuesday, March 24th, 2015 - by Stephen Kruiser

That thing in the attic…

Vice President Joe Biden is his own worst enemy, former Rep. Barney Frank said in a recent interview with Larry King, calling the veep “talented” but also “someone who lacks discipline.”

“Joe is his own worst enemy,” Frank said on “PoliticKING with Larry King” on Ora.tv. “He’s a very bright guy, very good values,” Frank said, noting the vice president’s years-old plan to divide Iraq into Sunni, Shia and Kurdish sections. “But he just — he can’t keep his mouth shut or his hands to himself.”

I’m always baffled when avowed Obama detractors on the right give Crazy Joe the Wonder Veep a pass because he’s “entertaining.” Hey, if the thought of having a guy with zero self control in charge of the launch codes amuses you, yours is a sense of humor that is even darker than mine.

I’ve always thought that Biden was the perfect companion piece to this horribly inept president. It’s like a bad vaudeville act: The Idiot King and The Wonder Veep. The scary thing is that even they won’t be laughing once all their damage is done.

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Welfare Reform Was Working to Reduce Dependency… Until Recently

Monday, March 23rd, 2015 - by Stephen Kruiser

From the Foundation for Government Accountability:

The results are clear: states that have embraced the spirit of welfare reform, including lifetime benefit limits, work requirements, short-term cash diversion programs and service integration, have seen the greatest reduction in welfare dependency. The states that have failed to implement these reforms continue to see generational poverty and dependence on state programs, along with dismal results in returning able-bodied adults to the workforce.

Now, however, many of the states that had implemented successful welfare reforms are applying for federal waivers in the food stamp program for the time limits and work requirements. Here at FGA, we’re documenting an alarming spike in spending on food stamps (SNAP). In some states, such as Nevada, food stamp dependency has risen as much as 219% in the last decade. Ironically, the same reforms that have created so many successes in the TANF program are being reversed in the SNAP program, with a corresponding explosion in spending.

There’s quite a snapshot of the federal government: create a problem for the citizens, decades later get around to somewhat undoing the problem, then blow it all out of the water with more “helping.”

This could be an interesting thing for the GOP to bring up to Hillary. She’ll be busy painting the Republicans as heartless haters of the poor, yet welfare reform was her husband’s biggest legislative success, even if the GOP did all the work he’s been taking credit for. It will be tempting to her to want to praise the “help” people are getting now, although it would undercut Bubba’s pride and joy.

And we all know that she’s really running on Bill’s record. Fun times.

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The Taxi Driver on Uber Driver Wars Have Begun

Monday, March 23rd, 2015 - by Stephen Kruiser

Oh, the Belgians.

Brussels police on Monday arrested a taxi driver who confessed to taking part in several incidents of intimidation against drivers using the Uber ride-sharing app, in the latest controversy over the U.S. tech company in Europe.

Public prosecutors in the Belgian capital said the 35-year-old licensed cabbie, identified only as N.C., admitted to being among several colleagues who had ordered rides on the Uber app on Sunday evening and then intimidated drivers who arrived at the rendezvous. Police said four such cases have been reported, some involving the throwing of eggs or flour. An Uber driver’s smartphone was stolen in one case.

No one was hurt in the four incidents. But with tensions mounting between licensed taxi firms and users of the services of California-based Uber, Brussels police called a crisis meeting with cabbies’ representatives on Tuesday.

Honestly, I was surprised when I found out that this happened in Brussels and not some American city. Then I remembered that municipalities here have been in cahoots with the cab drivers they bleed to death for licensing to shut down Uber. Thankfully, they have been failing thus far.

Perhaps cab companies might want take their eyes off of legal action and compete by cleaning up the cabs and providing better service.

I swear I’m sober.

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Falsely Accused UVA Fraternity Considers Legal Options Against Rolling Stone

Monday, March 23rd, 2015 - by Stephen Kruiser

It’s on.

The president of Phi Kappa Psi fraternity at the University of Virginia says the organization is considering legal options against Rolling Stone for the erroneous “A Rape on Campus” story.

“These false accusations have been extremely damaging to our entire organization, but we can only begin to imagine the setback this must have dealt to survivors of sexual assault,” Stephen Scipione told ABC News in a story published Monday.

The audacity of the magazine to run such heinous allegations without fact checking should not go unpunished. The average Rolling Stone reader isn’t going to flee because of this, but there should be some consequences.

Liberals have gotten rather casual with rape allegations in the last couple of years, mostly in the form of redefining many things that aren’t rape as being rape. This, however, was just plain old lying that was intended to destroy lives.

I believe there are still laws against such things.

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Family Feud? Cornyn Declines to Support Cruz Candidacy

Monday, March 23rd, 2015 - by Stephen Kruiser

A thing, or not a thing?

Sen. Rand Paul may have fellow Kentuckian Mitch McConnell’s support for his likely 2016 presidential bid. But Sen. Ted Cruz won’t have his senior senator from Texas, John Cornyn, behind him.

Cornyn, the Senate majority whip, said in an interview Monday that he would stay neutral in the Republican primary, declining to endorse Cruz just hours after he became the first candidate to officially declare his presidential run.

“You know, we’ve got a lot of Texans who are running for president, so I’m going to watch from the sidelines,” Cornyn said when asked if he would back Cruz. (Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry is considering a run as well.)

Cornyn denied his position was retribution for Cruz’s refusal to back him during his Senate primary last year.

Cornyn’s position does not come as much of a surprise. The tea party freshman refused to back Cornyn during the senator’s crowded primary race last year, unlike in Kentucky where Paul aggressively campaigned for McConnell last year and backed him during his primary bid. But Cruz insisted he would stay neutral in Cornyn’s primary race, which he easily won.

While I am sure that Cruz and Cornyn probably aren’t on Snapchat with each other late at night, the tenor of this post is probably a bit much.

If Rick Perry decides to run, which seems likely, it would make more sense for Cornyn to back him, even if they all got along famously. Politico kicks this piece off with a false equivalency: McConnell hasn’t supported Rand Paul’s candidacy because Rand Paul is not yet a candidate. That may seem like quibbling, but it is true.

The media needs to create REPUBLICAN CIVIL WAR stories where there aren’t any.

But Valerie Jarrett’s machinations about Hillary’s emails are a non-story.

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Supreme Court Leaves Wisconsin Voter I.D. Law Intact

Monday, March 23rd, 2015 - by Stephen Kruiser

Via Reuters:

The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday rejected a challenge to Wisconsin’s Republican-backed law requiring voters to present photo identification to cast a ballot, a measure Democrats contend is aimed at keeping their supporters from voting.

The justices declined to hear an appeal filed by the American Civil Liberties Union, which challenged the law. The ACLU said it then filed an emergency motion with a federal appeals court to try to keep the law from taking effect immediately.

Republican Wisconsin Attorney General Brad Schimel said the law cannot be implemented for the state’s April 7 election because absentee ballots are already in the hands of voters but would be in place for future elections. “This decision is final,” Schimel said.

Naturally, the ACLU’s suit was based on the canard that requiring ID disenfranchises the poor, minorities, students and any other groups Democrats feel they have a good shot as manipulating votes for.

These same people who don’t think voters should have official identification are now calling for mandatory voting. Pretty sweet little fraud setup if you are legally required to produce bodies at the polls but they can’t be legally identified, no?

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Hillary Clinton Leaves Her Millions for an Hour to Pontificate on Income Inequality

Monday, March 23rd, 2015 - by Stephen Kruiser

Down with the struggle.

Hillary Clinton made an appearance with labor leaders Monday, calling for a non-partisan struggle against economic inequality in one of her last speeches before formally launching her expected bid for the White House.

Clinton returned to a theme she has sounded frequently in recent months, lamenting the “ideological bunkers” that she said have prevented solutions from being found to the nation’s problems.

“It’s really nice to get back into an evidence-based discussion, about what works and what doesn’t work, and to try and learn from examples,” she told the audience at the Center for American Progress, a liberal think tank.

One hundred words, and there is enough hypocrisy there to last her entire campaign, both from her and the reporting.

Clinton returned to a theme she has sounded frequently in recent months

Note how the dutiful press helps Team Mrs. Bill maintain the illusion that she’s been out there working hard for America. Her book tour reminded everyone of how awful she is in front of people and they’ve managed her more tightly than the way Tony LaRussa handled a pitching staff back in the day. The only thing she has done “frequently in recent months” is avoid the commoners she professes to be oh-so-concerned about.

When she’s not scrubbing her emails, of course.

The pitch about wanting to be “non-partisan” and have a “discussion” is where this narrative becomes a train on icy mountain tracks that’s just lost its brakes.

Politics in America have certainly always been divisive, but the Clintons redefined bitter partisanship in the 1990s. In fact, Hillary’s only solo accomplishment may be that she introduced the phrase “politics of personal destruction” into the vernacular all the while engaged in those very same politics. Add to that the fact that she doesn’t really have discussions, she issues edicts and gives orders.

Her Madameship and the press can keep trying to paint a portrait of her that is awash in warm fuzziness, but she’s going to be out in public a lot soon.

If the Republicans are smart they’ll send someone with a camera to try and have a “discussion” with her about how to earn money.

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Jay Leno Says College Kids Too PC, Ageist Salon Calls Him a ‘Grumpy Old Man’

Friday, March 20th, 2015 - by Stephen Kruiser

He’s right, of course.

Meyers asked Leno how colleges have changed since he played them decades ago. Leno said, “College kids now are so politically correct.”

He gave an example of a Tonight Show intern who said he sounded racist for not liking Mexican food. Leno said, “Being anti-guacamole is not racist, okay? You have no idea what racism is. That’s not racism, you idiot, you moron!”

A cursory glance at campus protests on any given day will prove that Leno is correct. What should be the segment of the population that is carefree and enjoying life has been turned into a bunch of perpetually aggrieved shrews by their commie masters in academia.

The single-digit IQ brain trust at Salon, which loves to write stories decrying ageism, by the way, responded with this:


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Dems Wearing Out Race Card Over Lynch Nomination

Friday, March 20th, 2015 - by Stephen Kruiser

We begin with a video sampling:

As we know, Dick Durbin got the ball rolling on this particular talking point. As has always been the case in the Obama era, the race card is played to cover up something else, not actually make a point about race. The Wall Street Journal‘s Kimberley Strassel says this particular snit is really about the fact that Mitch McConnell is finally acting like Republicans won last November.

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(VIDEO) Josh Earnest Confirms that Obama was a Petulant Scold to Netanyahu

Friday, March 20th, 2015 - by Stephen Kruiser

Has there ever been a more thin-skinned, toddler-like man occupying the White House? Obama makes Nixon look self-assured and emotionally balanced.

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