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Stephen Kruiser is a professional comedian and writer who has also been a conservative political activist for over two decades. A co-founder of the first Los Angeles Tea Party, Kruiser often speaks to grassroots groups around America and has had the great honor of traveling around the world entertaining U.S. troops.
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Whaddya Know-Eric Holder Notices Terrorists Are Dangerous And Working Together

Monday, July 14th, 2014 - by Stephen Kruiser


U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder is worried about wholes that are greater than the sum of their parts.

Take, for instance, the current mix of bomb-makers from Yemen with foreign fighters in Syria.

“That’s a deadly combination, where you have people who have the technical know-how along with the people who have this kind of fervor to give their lives in support of a cause that is directed at the United States and directed at its allies. And it’s something that gives us really extreme, extreme concern,” he told ABC’s “This Week.”

He estimated there are about 7,000 foreign fighters in Syria, coming from places like Europe and the United States.

In this sixth year of the “Politics of Oprah” presidency, it’s a bit different to hear his closest confidante in the administration acknowledge what most fourth graders have been aware of for a long time: hey these people want to kill us and they talk to each other. Oh, by the way, Syria is kind of a mess.

Holder is actually the only member of Team Lightbringer besides Crazy Joe the Wonder Veep who can get away with remotely making any realistic observations without incurring the wrath of President “Don’t Rush To Judgment” and keeping his job.

It probably isn’t safe to place bets on any reality making it to the guy at the top any time soon though.

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50 Colleges Where You Can Pay $60K A Year to Hear Hippie Profs Rail Against Capitalism

Friday, July 11th, 2014 - by Stephen Kruiser

“Do as I say…”

The list of colleges and universities that charge more than $60,000 per year in tuition, fees, and room and board has grown to 50, as reported by Business Insider.

At the top of the 2014-2015 list is Harvey Mudd College, at $64,527, followed by Bard College and the University of Chicago, at $63,626 and $63,585, respectively.

A year ago, the $60,000-plus list stood at nine, topped by New York University’s $61,977.

The bitter irony is, of course, the fact that universities have been safe havens for hippie remnants to wax poetic about socialism all the while screaming about the evils of capitalism. If any one of these lecherous, flea-bitten idiots ever had to live under the economic circumstances they so gleefully champion they’d be hanging Koch brothers posters up in their offices in less than a week.

The leftist political approach to these rising costs is a mix of whining and demanding more taxpayer support for “free” education, never once examining why the situation is out of control.

That’s an approach they learned in college, by the way.

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Senile Senate Majority Leader Prioritizes Going After Hobby Lobby

Monday, July 7th, 2014 - by Stephen Kruiser

Hapless Harry is back from vacay.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said Monday that Democrats will take up legislation in the “coming weeks” to address last month’s Supreme Court decision that allowed some employers with religious objections to opt out of Obamacare’s contraception mandate.

Democrats on Capitol Hill have overwhelmingly criticized the high court’s ruling in the Hobby Lobby case and are working to craft a response that would restore the coverage, though no specifics have yet been outlined.

“We’re going to do something about the Hobby Lobby legislation,” Reid said on the Senate floor Monday as he ticked off the Senate’s to-do list over the next several weeks.

Sure, it’s better than dealing with the fact that the Messiah presidency is imploding. Harry has certainly never met an overreach he didn’t embrace, so it only follows that he would look for a less conspicuously unconstitutional way to go about crushing religious freedom.

At least there is nothing more pressing on the domestic front. We’ve all been so worried about the oppressive lack of access to the morning after pill.

You’re a real hero Harry.

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CNN‘s Don Lemon Asks A Question, I Provide An Answer

Monday, July 7th, 2014 - by Stephen Kruiser

The question:

My answer:

(Google: “George W Bush effigy” for more.)

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Seattle Business Group Pushing Back On $15 Minimum Wage Nonsense

Monday, July 7th, 2014 - by Stephen Kruiser

I’ll have a cup of sanity, please.

A coalition of Seattle businesses has cleared a major hurdle in its effort to repeal the city’s newly enacted $15-an-hour minimum wage, gathering enough petition signatures to put the issue to voters on the November ballot if the signatures hold up.

Forward Seattle — which represents restaurants, merchants and other businesses — submitted roughly 19,500 signatures last Wednesday to City Hall.

The group needed 16,510 signatures. City officials could complete a preliminary count by as early as Monday, then send the signatures to the King County election office for final verification.

However, the effort also faces allegations of fraud that appear backed by well-funded groups intent on preserving the wage increase, Forward Seattle Co-Chair Angela Cough said.

She also told the group’s grassroots effort is under-funded in large part because members are being intimidated by opponents, who she said are compiling online boycott lists and going on members’ Facebook pages and websites like Yelp to post negative comments.

There are a couple of notable things about this fight. The most important is that the group is mad at the way the imperious Seattle City Council went about shoving this down the business community’s throat. Rabid leftists Democrats generally have no business experience or an all-out contempt for business owners, especially the successful owners. Measures like this happen because they either believe in economic fantasy (the inexperienced Dems) or are intentionally punitive (the contemptuous Dems). The measures are never in the best interest of anyone other than the politicians or activists pulling the strings of the people they will ostensibly help, but really don’t in the end.

It’s also important to note the tactics. Boycotts and social media sabotage are threatened because there isn’t a sound economic case to make. As that is the case for all progressive economic policy, they become more combative and desperate and, in the end, violent. These are the baby steps.

There is a temptation to let these socialist enclaves in America destroy themselves but the collateral damage is too high, including the fact that we often end up directly or indirectly funding bailout efforts.

The best move is probably just to focus on destroying progressivism.

I’m in.

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Couldn’t Hurt: DC May Vote To Legalize Pot

Monday, July 7th, 2014 - by Stephen Kruiser

High there

Supporters of legal marijuana in Washington on Monday delivered more than double the signatures needed to put the issue on a ballot, an initiative that could face congressional opposition.

Adam Eidinger, chairman of the DC Cannabis Campaign, said the group had collected about 57,000 signatures to put the measure on a Nov. 4 ballot in the U.S. capital, well over the 22,373 required by law.

“This would not open up stores. This would not lead to D.C. becoming a tourist haven,” he told reporters at the District of Columbia Board of Elections.

“This is just for the citizens who live here, the residents who pay taxes, to have the right to use marijuana freely in their homes without fear of arrest, harassment or a ticket.”

Look kids, the chairman of the DC Cannabis Campaign is so high he isn’t aware that the nation’s capital is already a “tourist haven”.

Personally, I’m in favor of letting the members of Congress get as stoned as they want. It would be much better for the country if they were truly “do-nothing” and devoted to the pursuit of Doritos while overwhelmed by the munchies.

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New Poll: Obama Worst POTUS In Modern Times

Wednesday, July 2nd, 2014 - by Stephen Kruiser


Two years into President Barack Obama’s second term, more voters say they are dissatisfied with his administration’s handling of everything from the economy to foreign policy, giving him the worst marks of any modern U.S. president, a poll on Wednesday said.

In a survey of 1,446 registered voters, 33 percent said Obama was the worst president since World War Two, while 28 percent pointed to his predecessor, George W. Bush, as the worst, the poll by Quinnipiac University found.

Voters were split over which of the two most recent presidents has done a better job with 39 percent saying Obama has been a better president than Bush and, 40 percent saying Obama is worse.

Most voters said Ronald Reagan, who served two terms in the 1980s, was the best president since 1945, the survey showed.

While I am no cheerleader for the George W. Bush era, I do believe that history will eventually make sure that he won’t be at the bottom of an barrel with The Lightbringer. Sadly for the country, it is almost impossible to imagine a scenario that sees President Obama greatly redeeming himself before the end of his presidency, especially now that he’s indicated he is ready to become even more executive action happy. He seems to make every decision on a whim, with almost no thought to the future.

Those of us who have to deal with his petulance in the future won’t remember that fondly.

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Fed-Up Californians Block Buses of Illegal Immigrants Being Shipped in from Texas

Tuesday, July 1st, 2014 - by Stephen Kruiser

Wish I’d thought of that

Angry protesters forced three buses carrying undocumented immigrants to turn around Tuesday in Southern California.

The immigrants had arrived in San Diego from south Texas and were on their way to be processed at the Murrieta Border Patrol station.

Protesters chanting “USA!” “Impeach Obama!” and “Deport, Deport!” blocked their route. It was not immediately clear where the buses then went.

Despite tough talk from the administration, I have still gone tin foil hat on this “crisis” and think that they are ultimately behind it somehow. That being said (typed…whatever), this crew does have a reputation for not thinking things through and having things go horribly awry.

Not that anyone at MSNBC would admit to that, of course.

It would seem that the best chance to minimize the damage is for the administration to do what it is promising to do and begin deporting people.

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Former Libertarian Candidate Johnson Becomes Pot Hot Shot

Tuesday, July 1st, 2014 - by Stephen Kruiser

Deep in the weed.

A Nevada-based startup that plans on selling medical and recreational marijuana products named former New Mexico governor and U.S. Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson as its CEO and president, the company announced Tuesday.

The announcement came as Cannabis Sativa Inc. said it had acquired marijuana research business Kush while company officials work to navigate changing state laws on marijuana and potential challenges from the federal government, which still views marijuana as a controlled substance.

Finally, a logical, legal, post-politics career step for libertarians!

I have been joking about it for a while but I do sort of believe that marijuana could be one of the next big boom industries once states go full Colorado. Who will emerge as the Apple or Microsoft of weed? Dream big, kids!

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MSNBC Too Childish Even For Some Of Its Liberal Guests

Tuesday, July 1st, 2014 - by Stephen Kruiser

Grow up.

Trying to portray the Supreme Court as being in the pocket of corporations is an inaccurate and unproductive way of understanding how it operates, according to left-leaning Harvard constitutional-law professor Laurence Tribe. He encouraged MSNBC and its viewers to abandon that practice in the aftermath of recent rulings.

As host Joy Reid tried to characterize the John Roberts Court as ruling at the expense of people in favor of corporations, Tribe repeatedly urged her to distance herself from that “much too simplistic” approach.

For example, he found the Hobby Lobby ruling was “not as radical a decision as some people think” in protecting private entities from needlessly burdening their faith. Additionally, he reminded her that Citizens United not only protected corporations’ free speech, but that of unions as well.

“I’m a great watcher of MSNBC — I like preaching to the converted — but I think that when push comes to shove, we’ll do a lot better trying to understand what’s really going on inside the minds of all these people rather than just doing kind of cardboard cut-out caricatures,” he explained.

In his desperation, The Idiot King has already promised to flail and overreach even more. As the administration becomes increasingly covered in flop sweat, it follows that its cheerleading squad will plumb new depths of ridiculousness in their attempts to prop it up. It will remain to be seen if some of the more old school liberals who weren’t brought up in the hyperventilating new media era, want to distance themselves from the silliness.

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NPR: ‘Poor Obama Just Can’t Win on Immigration’

Monday, June 30th, 2014 - by Stephen Kruiser


President Obama’s tough predicament on immigration is only getting worse.

He certainly didn’t want to be dealing with an influx of unaccompanied minors illegally entering the U.S. across the Southern border, overwhelming the Homeland Security Department’s ability to deal with them during a critical midterm election year.

Obama also presumably didn’t want an immigration bill passed by the Senate a year ago to sit, forsaken, in the House. But that’s happened too, with Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, recently telling the president the Republican-controlled House won’t take up legislation to overhaul the nation’s immigration laws this year.

The contention that the president “certainly didn’t want to be dealing with an influx of unaccompanied minors” is flat-out wrong. For decades, American officials have done everything but build an amusement park in every border city to get the kiddies to come here quicker. For the Democrats, the children are the lynchpin to their plan to turn the border into a porous free-for-all that results in an emotional plea for amnesty.

As we can see from above, the other component is for the media to blame it all on the Republicans.

They’re lying.

He’s lying.

They want these kids in this position.

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Sit Down Kids-The White House Just Said No To A Tax Hike

Monday, June 23rd, 2014 - by Stephen Kruiser

Pinch me.

The White House on Monday rejected a proposal that would hike the gasoline tax in order to prevent the federal Highway Trust Fund from running out of money in August.

“That’s something that we’ve said a couple of times that we wouldn’t support,” White House spokesman Josh Earnest told reporters at a briefing.

Republican Senator Bob Corker and Democrat Chris Murphy last week suggested raising the tax 6 cents a year for two years and linking future fuel tax increases to inflation as ways to replenish the fund, which pays for about half of the country’s transportation projects.

Could Team Lightbringer be getting sensitive about public backlash about things like gas prices now? They shouldn’t. Like stories about the homeless, gas prices are only the responsibility of the president if he’s a Republican.

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Michigan Governor Snyder Nails Taxpayers So Detroit Doesn’t Have To Sell Artwork

Friday, June 20th, 2014 - by Stephen Kruiser


Calling it “an important milestone” in Detroit’s comeback, Gov. Rick Snyder Friday morning signed legislation that adds $195 million in state aid to a pool of $466 million in private funds to help the city emerge from bankruptcy.

Snyder signed the so-called “grand bargain” bills during a ceremony in the former Globe Trading Building, which the Michigan Department of Natural Resources is transforming into an Outdoor Adventure Center through a $13 million public-private partnership. The grand bargain is intended to limit cuts to city pensions and protect Detroit Institute of Arts masterworks from being sold.

Municipal and state governments that are run by liberals who are in the pockets of Big Labor eventually get bankrupted by the pension deals that are rammed down everyone’s throats. My home state was once the fifth largest economy in the world. Funding public employee union greed dropped it to ninth almost overnight (it has recently bounced back to eighth). It is still firmly on track to eventually be crippled by its pension liabilities, however.

Now the taxpayers of Michigan who don’t get cushy pensions are supposed to pony up for irresponsible Big Labor practices.

Those of us based in reality often have the “Why don’t governments have to behave like citizens when it comes to money?” conversation.

Regular Americans are forced to sell things that are precious to them in order to survive all the time. Houses, businesses, land, jewelry…it’s all fair game for sale when we are broke. I had to sell every valuable thing I had during a difficult post-divorce period.

The Catholic Church has been closing schools and parishes to sell the real estate in order to pay for the abuse scandal settlements.

Why do governments get a free pass? Why should a family in Grand Rapids fork over hard earned money just so Detroit can keep its art museum goodies (it should be noted that I am a huge fan and moderate patron of the arts)?

It’s a fair question.

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Rumors Of Charlie Rangel’s Political Demise Have Been Greatly Exaggerated

Thursday, June 19th, 2014 - by Stephen Kruiser

Another case for term limits?

Representative Charles Rangel of New York leads his challenger, State Senator Adriano Espaillat, 47 percentage points to 34 points ahead of the Democratic primary on Tuesday, according to a NY1/Siena College poll.

Rangel, who has represented the district in Congress for 22 terms, has seen his lead among likely voters jump to 13 points from a 9-point lead in last month’s Siena poll.

Voters believe, by a nearly two-to-one margin, that Rangel, 84, will emerge victorious in the district, which includes Harlem and parts of the Bronx, the poll released on Thursday found.

In that liberal bastion, the winner of the Democratic primary is all but guaranteed to win the general election in November.

The race is a re-match. In 2012, Rangel defeated Espaillat by fewer than 1,000 votes.

Rangel is an ethically challenged octogenarian who first was elected when Nixon was president. He’s also quite cozy with the Wall Street types that the champions of the poor over in Unicorn Alley so loathe. Just a few days ago, HuffPo gleefully reported that Rangel was “getting hammered” for those ties.

It doesn’t seem to be much of a hammer.

And since when do Democrats ever punish one of their own for being a sleazebag?

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NPR Ponders ‘Free College’ And It’s Not An Awful Pondering

Thursday, June 19th, 2014 - by Stephen Kruiser

Maybe I’m just tired.

Predictably, I thought this was going to be an all-out cheerleading piece on higher education being a “right” and a guarantee to a unicorn-filled future.

It quickly dismissed the notion of “free” and that alone was refreshing enough to keep me going. Most progressives who talk about things like this really do believe that the federal government has a secret money tree somewhere.

In reality there’s no free college, just as there’s no free lunch. The real policy discussion is about how to best distribute the burden of paying for it — between individual families and the public at large — and, secondly, how to hold down the cost of providing it. All while leveraging the power of “free” responsibly.

The author gets around to discussing lowering the cost of education rather than just looking for new people to make pay for it. She concludes without offering a magic fix and by acknowledging an important point: the value of education is dependent upon what the student does with it along the way, and after having received it.

I post this here because I was surprised to see it on the NPR site. It’s a somewhat balanced examination of what is generally a heart string tugging fave of the Occupy freaks. There is even some spirited discussion in the comments that features some predictable “Koch brothers” whining and some push back by center-right types.

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75 CDC Workers May Have Been Exposed To Anthrax

Thursday, June 19th, 2014 - by Stephen Kruiser


About 75 Atlanta-based workers for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention may have been unintentionally exposed to anthrax, the agency said Thursday.

They are being monitored or provided antibiotics.

“Based on most of the potential exposure scenarios, the risk of infection is very low,” the agency said in a statement.

“CDC believes that other CDC staff, family members, and the general public are not at risk of exposure and do not need to take any protective action.”

Early reports show that a lab did not adequately inactivate samples, which were then moved and used for experimentation in three laboratories not equipped to handle live Bacillus anthracis, or anthrax.

There are a number of easy shots I could take here but let’s just hope that everyone is all right.

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Dems Want Asylum For Illegal Kids Being Shipp…Um…Fleeing To US

Thursday, June 19th, 2014 - by Stephen Kruiser

The children

The thousands of children fleeing drug violence and poverty in Central America could qualify for asylum in the United States and should have the right to make that case, Democratic lawmakers said on Thursday.

The United States is grappling with a surge of children arriving illegally, opening military bases to house the detained youths and working with the governments of Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador to keep them from leaving home.

Republicans contend that Obama administration policies have created an incentive for additional border crossings. They blame the influx of children on President Barack Obama’s 2012 decision to give temporary relief from deportation to some young people brought to the United States illegally by their parents.

But the Democratic lawmakers said the children are fleeing drug-fueled violence and said the masses at the border should be treated as a humanitarian and refugee crisis.

Let’s tackle that last part first. This “drug-fueled violence” has been going on for decades. Why is it only now seemingly every kid down there wants to flee?

As to the policies creating incentive, heck, I wouldn’t be surprised to find some Democrat big money funding some of this in a shadowy way.

That’s what this administration has done to me: I used to loathe conspiracy theories, now I’m seeing them everywhere.

It ain’t paranoid if it’s happening though.

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New Poll Has Scott Brown Trailing Shaheen By Double Digits In NH

Thursday, June 19th, 2014 - by Stephen Kruiser

Try, try again.

Republican Scott Brown, who won the Massachusetts Senate seat long held by Democrat Edward M. Kennedy, is trailing Jeanne Shaheen in a U.S. Senate race in neighboring New Hampshire, according to a poll released on Thursday.

A Boston Herald/Suffolk University poll of 800 likely New Hampshire voters in the November election found 49 percent support for Democrat Shaheen with 39 percent supporting Brown. That is a slightly narrower lead than Shaheen, a former governor of the state, held in earlier polls.

Brown carried a strong lead heading into the September Republican primary, with the support of 40 percent of likely primary voters polled from Sunday to Wednesday, well ahead of second-place Bob Smith, who had 12 percent support.

Brown is the kind of uber-moderate Republican we are always told is the only kind that can win in the northeast. From my perch on the other end of the country I can’t figure out if he is just not as dynamic as he seemed to be when he won the special election in Massachusetts or if the northeast is lurching ever-leftward. Maybe it’s a bit of both.

He might be in a stronger position at this point if he’d been back in New Hampshire for a longer period of time before making a Senate run. Circumstances, however, didn’t allow him that luxury.

There is still a lot of time left. At the rate things are unraveling for the Democrats in general he may be able to close that gap.

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New World Order: Study Shows Broccoli and Kale Are Actually Good For Us

Wednesday, June 18th, 2014 - by Stephen Kruiser

Veggie tales

We get a little suspicious when we hear the claims that it’s possible to get rid of the gunk that accumulates in our cells by doing a cleanse with “clean” foods.

But what if some foods actually do help detox the body?

The results of a recent clinical trial suggest that compounds in cruciferous vegetables like broccoli (and kale) prod cells to get rid of certain air pollutants. The intriguing randomized control trial of about 300 Chinese adults found that consuming a beverage made with broccoli sprouts every day for three months lead to high rates of excretion (in urine) of two harmful chemicals: benzene and acrolein.

I am very fortunate, I’ve always liked vegetables, even as a kid. But I like beer and In-N-Out Burger a lot too. The one thing I’ve never really embraced is balance.

I’ve heard wonderful things about it though.

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IRS Officials: ‘Oops, Lerner’s Hard Drive Is Gone Too’

Wednesday, June 18th, 2014 - by Stephen Kruiser


Ex-IRS official Lois Lerner’s crashed hard drive has been recycled, making it likely the lost emails of the lightening rod in the tea party targeting controversy will never be found, according to multiple sources.

“We’ve been informed that the hard drive has been thrown away,” said Sen. Orrin Hatch of Utah, the top Republican on the Finance Committee, in a brief hallway interview.

Two additional sources told POLITICO the same late on Wednesday, citing IRS officials.

It may just be standard government procedure, but the revelation is significant because some lawmakers and observers thought there was a way that tech experts could revive Lerner’s emails after they were washed away in a computer crash in the summer of 2011. Oversight Chairman Darrell Issa (R-Calif.), for example, subpoenaed her damaged hard drive earlier this week, when he asked for “all hard drives, external drives, thumb drives, and computers” and “all electronic communication devices the IRS issued to Lois G. Lerner.”

“The computer crashed!”

“The computer is gone!”

“Lois Lerner? Never heard of her.”

Four year-olds can make up better stories than this. I don’t care how long it takes but I hope at least one or two Republicans stay focused on this until somebody fries for it.

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Illegal Immigrant ‘Rights’ Group Mad At Sheriff Joe For Enforcing Law

Wednesday, June 18th, 2014 - by Stephen Kruiser

The problem in a nutshell.

Immigration rights groups in a lawsuit filed on Wednesday accused Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio of overstepping his bounds as a local official by using anti-identity theft laws to target undocumented immigrants in workplace raids.

Puente Arizona, an immigrant rights groups, filed the lawsuit in federal court, along with two women who were arrested by Arpaio’s deputies last year and a local minister who contends the sheriff is squandering his tax dollars by conducting the operations.

The lawsuit represents the latest challenge by advocates for immigrants against Arpaio, the sheriff of Maricopa County who bills himself as “America’s Toughest Sheriff” and has become a divisive figure in the national immigration debate.

Arpaio is the only local law enforcement official in Arizona enforcing state laws that make it illegal for a person to use information belonging to someone else, such as a Social Security number, to obtain employment, said Dan Pochoda, legal director of the American Civil Liberties Union of Arizona, which is one of the groups representing the plaintiffs.

The illegal immigration “debate” has so many upside down components that it is almost a full time job cataloging them. The most glaring, however, are the push by eager-to-pander politicians on both sides of the aisle to remove the word “illegal” from all discussions and calm entertaining by so many of the idea that enforcing laws on the books is a bad thing.

Arpaio is eccentric and a little goofy at times but what he’s doing here is a little something called…his job.

If I stole somebody’s Social Security number and used it for any kind of gain these “rights” groups would be the first to scream for me to be arrested. Now they want people whose very presence here is illegal to be able to continue to break the law with impunity.

At least their disregard for the rule of law is consistent.

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Shucks, Libya Is Mad At Us

Wednesday, June 18th, 2014 - by Stephen Kruiser

Not always a bad thing.

Libya condemned the United States on Wednesday for snatching a man suspected of masterminding the deadly 2012 attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, describing the arrest as a violation of Libyan sovereignty.

President Barack Obama authorized Sunday’s operation in which U.S. special forces captured Ahmed Abu Khatallah in Libya for transfer to the United States.

The action is very sensitive for the weak Libyan government which is under pressure from various militias, Islamists and armed tribesmen who helped topple Muammar Gaddafi in a NATO-backed uprising in 2011 but defy state authority in the vast desert country.

In the first official reaction from Tripoli, Justice Minister Saleh al-Marghani said Khatallah should be returned to Libya and tried there.

“We had no prior notification,” Marghani told a news conference. “We expect the world to help us with security. We expected the United States to help us, but we did not expect the United States to upset the political scene.”

He said Khatallah had been wanted by Libyan authorities for questioning but they had been unable to arrest him due to the security situation.

Diplomats say Libya has done next to nothing to make arrests over the 2012 consulate attack in which four Americans died, as the government has little sway in Libya’s second-largest city.

Hey, whaddya know-the people in charge here have done next to nothing too! In fact, had there not been yet another doozy of a scandal (it’s like this administration has a vending machine dispensing them now) to deflect attention away from, this arrest probably wouldn’t have happened.

Honestly, after the last few years it is practically impossible to keep up with which regime in various countries in the Middle East we are supposed to play nice with on any given day. If it’s that difficult for those of us who keep up with the news, imagine who hard it is for President Obama.

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California Legislature Gearing Up to Ignore Court on Teacher Tenure

Wednesday, June 18th, 2014 - by Stephen Kruiser

When this happened last week, there was a lot of talk about court challenges to the ruling.

But this is California, where the teachers’ unions so thoroughly and completely own the progressive whack-jobs in Sacramento that they can make them dance at will.

A union-backed bill in the California legislature would expand tenure protections for public school teachers to include other employees, despite a court ruling last week that the practice is unconstitutional and hurts students.

The measure comes as officials in the most populous U.S. state continue to wrestle with whether to appeal the ruling by a Los Angeles Superior Court judge, which overturned five laws meant to protect teachers’ jobs, saying the protections make it too hard to fire ineffective teachers and inadvertently lead to placing the worst teachers at schools in disadvantaged neighborhoods.

“The issue remains that there are a number of teachers, nurses, counselors – folks who take care of kids every single day – who don’t have basic protections,” said Democratic Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez, the bill’s author. “So while we may have a future compromise or fight over the dismissal process, this about having some basic protections.”

Her bill, which passed the Assembly and was set for a vote Wednesday in the Senate’s education committee, would require small school districts to grant tenure to credentialed teachers after three years on the job. Districts with fewer than 250 students are not currently required to grant tenure. It also would require all districts to grant tenure to vocational education teachers, nurses, psychologists and counselors after three years.

Only in the diseased minds of public employee union loons is guaranteed employment after three years a “basic protection.” And there will be no “future fight over the dismissal process,” because these tenure laws which shouldn’t even exist below the university level are all about making teachers as close to unfireable (if it’s not a word, it is now) as possible.

These are the same teachers’ unions who kept this pervert in a job for so long it has cost his school district $30 million in lawsuit settlements so far. But it’s just the taxpayers’ money, so they’re not worried.

Crush the public employee unions. It’s the only way to completely get rid of the infestation.

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Harry Reid Bares His Fascist Fangs After Patent Office Ruling On Redskins

Wednesday, June 18th, 2014 - by Stephen Kruiser


Given the quickness of his response, it’s obvious he’s rather gleeful about all of that government force, which I’m sure he plans more of in the near future.

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Insanity: Vancouver to Allow Transgender Bathrooms in Schools

Tuesday, June 17th, 2014 - by Stephen Kruiser

(h/t Blazing Cat Fur)

A preview of what’s to come here?

The Vancouver school board has voted to enact new guidelines and practices to support transgender students in schools.

Amid a deeply divided audience, trustees voted 7-2 Monday night in favour of the controversial amendments, with former NPA trustees Ken Denike and Sophia Woo in opposition.

“I’m extremely disappointed,” Denike told reporters after the vote, saying the process was compromised by a lack of consultation with some parents, particularly those who did not speak English.

Denike stressed his opposition did not stem from homophobia, noting he and Woo supported the original 2004 policy supporting LGBTQ students in schools.

The new amendments laid out details on how schools can improve inclusivity for students who identify as gender-variant or transgender.

The policy allows transgender students to be addressed by the name that corresponds with their own gender identity and allows them to use washrooms of their choice or, in sex-segregated activities such as physical education, to be included in the group in which they identify.

There is a vast difference between being tolerant and barking, “Inclusive!” as part of some ill-informed indoctrination. Strangely enough, I talked about this earlier today before I even read about this as a guest on this week’s Trifecta on PJTV. You will have to watch to see my less-than-charitable response to see how I would have handled this situation had it ever come up when my daughter was in grade school.

Canada has become a country that lives in perpetual fear of its Thought Police, even more so than what we are experiencing here.

But that fear WILL migrate south soon if we don’t push back.

Bottom line on this one: your school-aged children shouldn’t have to literally be exposed to the genitalia of the opposite sex in a school bathroom. How many kids are going to feel extremely uncomfortable about going to the restroom because the PC idiots have an overwhelming lust to pretend the smallest fractions of society are mainstream?

And what are the odds that this overreaching accommodation will actually create backlash, as so many misbegotten feel-good policies like this do?

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Another State Being Driven Broke By Greedy Public Employee Pensions

Tuesday, June 17th, 2014 - by Stephen Kruiser

Pennsylvania, you’re on the hot seat.

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett has renewed calls for pension reform as state lawmakers consider how to close a budget gap with just two weeks until the start of the new fiscal year.

The state is facing a shortfall of at least $1.5 billion for Corbett’s proposed $29.4 billion budget for fiscal 2015, according to some estimates. Pennsylvania has about $50 billion of unfunded long-term pension liabilities.

“We need you to act and we need you to act now,” Corbett said during a televised news conference on Tuesday.

Last year, Corbett introduced a bill that would have scaled back increases in pension contributions from the state and Pennsylvania’s school districts. The Republican governor estimated that could have saved $175 million in fiscal 2014 and helped ease budget pressures.

But that would also have widened the gap. To offset those reduced contributions, his previous plan would have cut future benefits for current employees – something likely to be challenged in court – and moved new hires to a 401(k)-style plan.

Weird how all of the states suffering this way are big union states, huh?

Of course it will be challenged in court, Big Labor bleeds its members and (in the case of public unions) the taxpayers dry and can afford to fire an unending supply of legal salvos.

The problem is really the unions themselves, and that is what is going to have to be fought out in court one day in the states that aren’t bright enough to go the Scott Walker route and fix things.

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Wyden: 15 Month Window To Rewrite Tax Code

Tuesday, June 17th, 2014 - by Stephen Kruiser

And then it’ll be 2016 fever.

The U.S. Senate’s chief tax law writer on Tuesday vowed to work on overhauling the federal tax code by August 2015, citing a move by Medtronic Inc to shift its tax home base to Ireland as a spur to congressional action.

Senator Ron Wyden, the chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, said he wants to cut the corporate income tax rate to 24 percent from 35 percent, chiefly by eliminating loopholes. Wyden has advocated this proposal for years. Multinational companies have been clamoring for a tax cut.

The Oregon Democrat said there will be an opening for tax reform between now and Congress’ August 2015 break. After that, lawmakers will be consumed by 2016 presidential election-campaign politics, he said.

“There is a prime 15-month window from now until the August recess of 2015,” he said at a Wall Street Journal conference.

“We do need to go after some of these loopholes,” Wyden said. “You go in there, clean those out, and use the money to hold down the rates.”

Wyden is one of the few lawmakers in the U.S. Congress to have a comprehensive plan for rewriting the tax code. He first offered it as legislation in 2010. Congress has not thoroughly recrafted the loophole-riddled tax code since 1986.

I’m so old I remember when this kind of thing was a real priority for Republicans. They’re paying it some lip-service this year but it’s difficult to take the Debt Ceiling Punters seriously when it comes to anything having to with real fiscal responsibility.

Hey, if a Democrat can get the ball rolling maybe, just maybe, the Republicans can keep it going if they take back the Senate.


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Laser-Like Focus: While Kerry Bromances DiCaprio, Biden Talks About…Brazil

Tuesday, June 17th, 2014 - by Stephen Kruiser

They get briefings, right?

U.S. Vice President Joe Biden said on Tuesday he was confident relations with Brazil were on the road to recovery after he assured President Dilma Rousseff that Washington has changed the way it conducts electronic surveillance.

U.S.-Brazil relations have been largely on ice since documents leaked last year by former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden showed that Washington had spied on Rousseff and other world leaders.

A day after watching the U.S. soccer team’s victorious debut in the World Cup in the northeastern Brazilian city of Natal, Biden traveled to the capital to meet with Rousseff in hopes of turning the page on the espionage spat.

Biden said he and Rousseff had a “candid” talk about the episode and Internet surveillance, and that he was “confident” the hour-long discussion would help thaw relations between the hemisphere’s two biggest economies.

True, there is some work to be done here despite the fact that we were told the whole world would love us if we just elected The Lightbringer to bathe the planet in soothing words and hugs. I’m not sure any sober person is comforted by the words, “Biden’s on it,” though.

Meanwhile, while the rest of the world heads down a low-flush toilet, this is what our Secretary of State is up to:

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Mexican Cartel Ties In Record Ohio Drug Bust?

Tuesday, June 17th, 2014 - by Stephen Kruiser

Business expansion!

Sheriff’s detectives in rural northeast Ohio have made the county’s biggest drug seizure ever as part of an investigation that could have ties to Mexican drug cartels.

Investigators in Geauga County, east of Cleveland, raided a home in a secluded neighborhood in Newbury Township last week and seized 6 pounds of crystal methamphetamine, 2.2 pounds of black tar heroin, 100 pounds of marijuana and $128,000 in cash.

A sheriff’s department official says deputies arrested four people and that a number of loaded firearms were found during the raid. The official says it’s possible the ring had ties to Mexican drug cartels.

The official says it appears that some of the home’s occupants made regular trips back and forth to California.

Worry not, kids, Crazy Joe the Wonder Veep says this kind of stuff bolsters the economy.

The Democrats’ push for the horribly misnamed “immigration reform” is built entirely upon pretending that the violent drug cartel component of the ILLEGAL immigrant problem doesn’t exist. Their fairy tale says that the only people streaming across the border are plucky types who just want to make a living and the children.

This is the kind of problem that used to be unique to border states but has been allowed to expand and move because we have practically made it illegal to enforce immigration laws.

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Auditions For ‘Rob Ford The Musical’ Were Held Today

Monday, June 16th, 2014 - by Stephen Kruiser

I’m too old for the role.

They arrived in various states of blond, portly and pinstriped to the basement audition suites of the Second City training centre.

At least 40 candidates for Toronto’s next top mayor, the fictional variety, auditioned for a role in the upcoming production Rob Ford the Musical: Birth of a Ford Nation, which is slated to have a two-week run in September.

The casting call attracted serious actors, neophytes, fans of the Rob Ford spectacle and even one man who briefly played a part in the ongoing, non-fiction version of the political drama as it began to play out last year.

If this guy were an American he would either have been born a Kennedy or they would have adopted him by now.

And we all know who we wish were alive to play him:
Chris Farley                   comedian

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McCain Questions ‘Cronyism’ Regarding A-10 Replacement F-35

Monday, June 16th, 2014 - by Stephen Kruiser

He’s awake!

Republican Senator John McCain on Monday said he was concerned by recent revelations of U.S. government-industry “cronyism” in developing Lockheed Martin Corp’s F-35 fighter jet, and said the $398.6 billion program still had “major problems.”

McCain, a key member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, said he had long been troubled by the Pentagon’s payment of 85-percent or higher award fees to Lockheed on the F-35 program despite cost increases and schedule delays, adding the background to those decisions was “disturbing.”

Former Deputy Defense Secretary Ashton Carter last month said the Pentagon’s F-35 program manager told him he had kept the fees high because he liked the Lockheed executive in charge, and the company official had said he would be fired if the fees fell below 85 percent.

The schedule delayed, high cost jet is one of the planes replacing ground troops’ favorite, the A-10.

Ironically, one of the main selling points for the new jet is efficiency and cost. OK, that’s not really ironic when the federal bureaucracy is involved, it’s pretty much business as usual.

There is an outside chance McCain is finally coming to the defense of his constituents, many of whom have claimed he’s been absent on this backyard issue. The A-10s are the primary reason Davis-Monthan AFB is still in business in my hometown and there is a lot of worry that their demise could spell doom for the base.

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Of Course: NY Dem Wants Illegals To Have Right To Vote

Monday, June 16th, 2014 - by Stephen Kruiser

At least he’s honest about it.

A New York lawmaker wants to grant many of the rights of citizenship to millions of illegal immigrants and non-citizen residents, including the right to vote in local and state elections, under a bill introduced on Monday.

The New York Is Home Act is the first bill in the United States that would provide such broad rights to non-citizens who can show they have lived and paid taxes in New York for at least three years, according to the bill’s sponsor, state Senator Gustavo Rivera.

“Nearly 3 million people in the state of New York currently reside here and make New York their home, but can’t fully participate in civic, political, and economic life,” Rivera, a Democrat who represents the Bronx in New York City, said in a telephone interview.

He described the bill as a response to the stagnation of immigration reform efforts in the U.S. Congress.

The “stagnation” exists because most efforts at “reform” are just veiled attempts to do exactly what this bill aims to do: make something that is illegal for a good reason legal just to mint new voters.

Since the national efforts keep stalling (for now) look for more of these state efforts and look for them to be this brazen.

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CA Lawmakers Approve Bullet Train Budget To Oblivion

Monday, June 16th, 2014 - by Stephen Kruiser

Fiddle, Nero, fiddle!

California lawmakers approved a $156.4 billion budget on Sunday, sending the plan that includes funding for a controversial high-speed rail project and preschool education for low-income children to Democratic Governor Jerry Brown to be signed.

The state Senate voted 25-11 two hours after the Assembly approved the spending plan, a compromise deal that sets aside money for a so-called rainy day fund in line with Brown’s vision of fiscal restraint.

“This budget is not perfect, but after a very dark time, we are stepping out into the light,” said Senator Mark Leno during floor deliberations.

The vote followed months of political wrangling among Democrats seeking to restore spending on social programs cut during the recession.

The train is not a “social program” in any twist of even the most diseased imagination. It is pure folly (note: I am not opposed to privately funded high speed rail). Jerry Brown occasionally does things that indicate he might be a moderate Democrat, then he goes right back to his magic money choo-choo toy. He’s like a college kid who has a few extra bucks in his pocket for the first time since he got to school and just can’t wait until he gets to blow it.

This state has a few extra cents rattling around in the coin jar at the moment but is still facing crippling unfunded liabilities because of its ridiculous public employee guaranteed benefits. Let someone else pay for Moonbeam’s basement toys.

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Worst Hillary Defense Yet: ‘Chris Christie Is Testy Too’

Monday, June 16th, 2014 - by Stephen Kruiser


The media message to Clinton was clear last week: You can’t lose your cool when dealing with the press. You can’t try to intimidate reporters. And you certainly can’t try to bluster them off tough questions. Those are the guidelines established for Clinton if she plans to run to become the country’s first woman president.

Who is allowed to do all those things? Chris Christie, for one.

Prior to the eruption of his lane-closing controversy in January, the Republican governor of New Jersey and presidential hopeful had spent four years basking in the Beltway media glow specifically because of his eagerness to unleash combative, insulting bromides, including some against the press. It showed he was authentic!

This attempt that has been going on for several months to make it seem as if the media is unfair to Her Madameship is going to be fun to watch. Few people not named “Barack Obama” have been as coddled by the media as Mrs. Clinton. The very people who pretend she is a feminist icon all the while ignoring that she’s in this position thanks to the men in her life are saying that some among their ranks are unfair to her.

Cute, but no.

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Woman Who Threw Shoe At Hillary Getting Competency Evaluation

Thursday, June 12th, 2014 - by Stephen Kruiser

I say she’s fine.

A federal judge in Nevada has ordered a competency evaluation for a woman charged with throwing a shoe at former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton during an April speaking appearance in Las Vegas, according to court papers released on Thursday.

Alison Michelle Ernst is accused of getting past security at an event at Las Vegas’ Mandalay Bay Hotel where Clinton was speaking and hurling a soccer shoe and several papers at Clinton from the audience.

A video of the incident posted on the website of CBS News shows Clinton ducking as a shoe flies over her head.

“Is that somebody throwing something at me? Is that part of Cirque de Soleil?” Clinton said. “Thank Goodness she didn’t play softball like I did.”

Softball, huh? You don’t say…

Anyway, back to the competency thing: I’m tired of its overuse. She got past security. Crazy people rarely get past breakfast in a functional manner. The fact that your crime was juvenile and stupid doesn’t make you crazy, it makes you an idiot. A criminal idiot.

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