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Really: Is it Really News that the Political Elite Want us to Believe that All is Safe and Well Along Our Border with Mexico?

Monday, August 20th, 2012 - by Passaconaway

Wow, is it really news that the political elites along the border between Texas and Mexico want to continue to portray the border region as safe and crime is dropping?

Sadly the Obama administration has joined the local cabal, clueless as to how to defend our borders while appealing to some base political interests amongst Latino leadership that have sold out to the Democrats.

Texas state leaders such as Gov. Perry, Attorney General Greg Abbott and the Legislature have demonstrated time and time again that effective policing strategies work to protect not just the border region of Texas but in fact the entire country. The problem is the costs associated with placing additional “boots on the ground,” a function that is clearly a federal government responsibility under the US Constitution.

Sadly it takes a brave and dedicated law enforcement official to blow the whistle on the ostrich strategy deployed by too many leaders along the border. There are counties well inland from the border where dead bodies are regularly discovered along the desert ranch lands from those victims of the criminal gangs who engage in human smuggling while using the same tactics for drugs and other illegal schemes.

Hopefully the FBI and state authorities will take this whistle-blowers’ evidence of tampering with and falsifying crime statistics and shed light on the growing dangerous criminal elements that controls and dominates way too much of our nation’s border with Mexico.

Bryan Preston should be congratulated for bringing this issue to light. All of us need to focus our concern anger and anxiety to bear on public officials in Washington and Texas to ensure this travesty is uncovered completely and those involved suffer fullest extent of the law. It’s also another example of the MSM ignoring this issue and the criminality that is out of control on our border with Mexico.

Hopefully the MSM will do some self-examination and dedicate the resources necessary to look beyond the white wash of local Chamber of Commerce interests and the shallow the political interests of the federal government, and bring attention to the dangerous situation that millions of Americans living legally in America face on a daily basis along our nation’s border with Mexico.

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Blog from Israel: Tense, determined and not expecting their ‘strongest’ ally to help

Thursday, February 3rd, 2011 - by Passaconaway

(Jerusalem) Tense, determined and not expecting their “strongest” ally to help: Those words would describe the feelings of everyday Israelis here in Jerusalem.  They keep an ear and an eye posted towards all news channels and they are very aware of every misstep from the USA, and what every action and reaction is across the Middle East.  They note the call to prayer, or adhan, from the muezzin manning the Islamic minarets dotting the landscape, are not the benevolent sounds that Obama implies in his famous Cairo Speech.

Israelis are focused and determined to survive and they do not appear to be nervous or afraid.

When talking with Israelis, they have a common thread: That the American government will not be by their side when the days are darkest.  Some feel they will be thrown under the bus of political correctness and expediency.  But that the American people will be by their side.  Really, what would lead them to that conclusion? Your prayers are needed in this time of strife.

It is a powerful time to be here in Israel and I have had some briefings from senior government officials, which I’ll pass long in my next postings.

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Hey, at least I will be in the region

Monday, January 31st, 2011 - by Passaconaway

This week I’m heading to the Middle East, where I hope to do some on the ground reporting.

That’s more than most of the talking heads in our 24/7 all opinion coverage of the Egyptian uprising can say.  I hope that everyone takes these “experts” with a grain of salt.   Most of these former govt. officials have no more access to what’s happening than we all do.  They get their “briefing” sitting in the makeup chair in the green room just prior to their next segment.  Some are so ubiquitous they have not even had time to read the morning newspapers, never mind check with any current news sites.  As the events unfold, keep all this in mind.  The news clips showing the same frames over and over and the non-stop talking is no substitute for doing your own research and making up your own mind.  Remember, in most cases you have access to the same information as the person talking on the tube does.

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Your best friends can sometimes really hurt you!

Wednesday, January 26th, 2011 - by Passaconaway

Long time Barry pal Neil Abercrombie, the new governor of Hawaii, a very liberal former member of Congress and a diehard Obama fanatic, has rhetorically kicked the POTUS in the crotch.

The new governor pledged upon taking office this year to release all of the documents surrounding Obama’s birth in Hawaii, and put the crazy birther issue to bed once and for all.

Good for him.  I have never been a birther and was only amused at the dust-up this has caused for the past two years.

But governor Big Mouth has not only opened the can of worms, he has kicked the can way down the road and tipped it upside down.

Now reports come from friends of the governor that there are no documents to release, thus pouring barrels of fuel on the controversy!

This is not good news for the Obama forces, and I am sure they are livid at their old pal Neil for bringing this topic front and center, and providing endless distractions to the White House as they try and pivot towards the center.

This mild low-grade fever is now headed for full-scale infection:




More: Correction, restatement, recanting, retracting or circling the wagons update:

The reporter who unveiled this news has recanted and reworded his story.  What some reporters will do to keep their access?  Heartfelt recanting of a tall tale? Regrets about speaking out of school?   Regardless, readers should note that Mike Evans has a new version of what he said about birther Governor Neil Abercrombie.

This pot is well stirred and will boil on.

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Mike Pence: Will he or won’t he?

Monday, January 24th, 2011 - by Passaconaway

What will Rep. Mike Pence do this week?  Will he run for governor of his beloved state of Indiana, where he is as close to a sure bet as there is — in either party — in the upcoming 2012 race to replace Gov. Mitch Daniels? Or will he succumb to the sweet song of those bored due to the lack of active presidential campaigning across the nation, and toss his hat into the presidential ring?

This man has options: What’s your advice for him?

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West Virginia Hoe Down in the Holler

Friday, January 21st, 2011 - by Passaconaway

Keep an eye on the developing special election for governor of WV.  The WV Supreme Court has ruled that the politicians have to hold an election to pick the next governor to replace the newly elected, gun touting-turned-Obama backer U.S. Senator Joe Manchin.

The Mountaineer pols had planned to just keep one of their kin folk warming the seat until 2012.  Now they are falling all over themselves to pledge fidelity to primaries and self proclaimed disgust at picking the nominees in the dank corners of the capital as had been the tradition in previous years.

Now all of the Hatfields and the McCoys are thinking of running; Molly bar the door!  Watch out: the land of Robert Byrd will be front and center with just four governor’s races in the nation in this “off year.”  Besides West Virginia, Kentucky, Mississippi, and Louisiana all hold elections in 2011.  Another good year for the Republicans, maybe?

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Texas sized showdown

Thursday, January 20th, 2011 - by Passaconaway

Which direction will the right of center coalition in Texas head  as the 2012 US Senate race unfolds?

A movement conservative like Ted Cruz or Michael Williams or an establishment figure like Lt.Gov. Dewhurst, Roger Williams or Dallas Mayor Tom Leppert?

This race has begun and the first primary will between these two camps.

First amongst the conservatives, the invisible primary will decide which candidate will be able to raise enough early money to emerge as the leader of this block, and for the establishment camp  the first primary will be who will inherit the Kay Bailey Hutchison mantle?  This begs the question if a clone of KBH could win a primary in Texas anymore.

Keep an eye on this race.  And let folks know where you stand.

Who do you support in the Lone Star Shootout?

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Jon Huntsman may be for real

Tuesday, January 11th, 2011 - by Passaconaway

What if the presidential bid hint dropped by Obama ambassador to China Jon Huntsman over the holidays was for real?  Would that spell doom for Gov. Romney?  Over the past week, friends up in the snowy mountains of New Hampshire report they have received serious inquiries from emissaries of the ambassador.

See what a year does to ones thinking.  Below are two Huntsman interviews with Newsweek, the first from November from 2009, and the last from last week.

That will put the the powers that be in Utah (as well as the vaulted Romney Money Machine ) in a bind.

What do you all think?

The Nov 2009 interview…

“Does Huntsman plan to move on to the White House someday, like that other U.S. head of mission to China, George H.W. Bush? For now, the ambassador refuses to talk about 2016. A Chinese journalist in Guangzhou asked him point-blank last month: “Who would get the credit if you do a good job as ambassador and go on to run for president in 2016? You or the man who selected you, President Barack Obama?” Huntsman replied with a toothy smile—”Thank you for that last treacherous question, which I won’t answer because I don’t do politics here.” (emphasis mine)

13 months later….

“Now, it appears, the ambassador is ready to make some noise of his own. Sitting in the echo-y living room of his new Washington home, Huntsman, a tall, lean man with silver hair and impeccable posture, pauses only briefly when faced with the question of presidential aspirations. “You know, I’m really focused on what we’re doing in our current position,” he says. “But we won’t do this forever, and I think we may have one final run left in our bones.” Asked whether he is prepared to rule out a run in 2012 (since it would require him to campaign against his current boss), he declines to comment”. (emphasis mine)

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think bigger

Monday, January 10th, 2011 - by Passaconaway

This short 90 second video from ’09 has been making the rounds again, and with good reason.  It shows how just lame the Obama budget reduction plans really are.  Perhaps we can think a little bigger?

YouTube Preview Image

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