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Myra Adams is a media producer, writer, and political observer who served on the McCain Ad Council during the 2008 McCain campaign, and on the 2004 Bush campaign creative team. Her columns have appeared on PJ Media, National Review, The Daily Beast, The Daily Caller, RedState, BizPacReview and Liberty Unyielding. . Myra's web site TheJesusStore.com contributes all profits to Christian charity. Follow Myra on Twitter @MyraKAdams
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New Caption Contest: ‘Yes, That IS a Tiara on Obama’s Head!’

Friday, December 26th, 2014 - by Myra Adams
Credit: WH photographer Pete Souza

Credit: White House photographer Pete Souza

The subject and headline of 2014’s last photo caption contest came to my attention from the following report by BizPacReview:

White House photographer Pete Souza shared this photo of the president wearing a tiara to Instagram on Wednesday as he prepared for the end-of-year Obama photo spread.

“Still editing 2014 Year in Photos. I may include this one even though it’s a posed photo. This is from the annual White House Science Fair,” Souza wrote. “The kids from Girl Scout Troop 2612 in Tulsa, Oklahoma, convinced the President to wear a tiara with them for their group photo. The girls had exhibited a Lego flood-proof bridge project.”

Your last mission is to write a caption that captures the magic of this photo and the fairytale that will be our Dear Leader’s forthcoming legacy.

(The real U.S. President Senior Advisor Valerie Jarrett is currently writing her his legacy as chief fundraiser for Obama’s presidential library.)

Also, “thought bubbles” are encouraged for all the adorable girls and please speculate about the content of the colorful messages on the board in the background. (The latter should be highly amusing.)

Speaking of “highly amusing,” click to the next page to see the three winners of our last caption contest.

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New Caption Contest: Matt Drudge Tweets About NSA Dirt on Boehner in Obama’s Christmas Sacks

Monday, December 15th, 2014 - by Myra Adams
Credit: Matt Drudge

Credit: Matt Drudge

Our newest caption contest shows our Beloved Leader bearing gifts.

The photo is from a tweet by Matt Drudge of Drudge Report fame with the caption:

“Obama got EVERYTHING. NSA dirt on Boehner must be incredible. Chicago wins.”

For some insight behind Drudge’s tweet, read Bridget Johnson’s report on the $1.1 trillion spending bill passed last Thursday by a close vote of 219-206 in the House of Representatives averting a government shutdown.

So, what is the “NSA dirt on Boehner” that Obama is carrying? What other gifts is Obama giving our nation, his friends and his enemies? Bold and brash speculation is your mission — should you choose to accept it.

Now here are the winners of our last contest where you were asked to comment on Romney Beats Clinton in Quinnipiac Poll – Third Time’s the Charm?

Credit: Speechgeek

Credit: Speechgeek

The winner was RockThisTown with:

2016? It took Reagan 3 tries too . . . but you’re not Reagan.

The runner-up was Kuce, who wrote:

The 3rd time’s the charm, but I’m not seeing Prince Charming.

Ouch, that hurt.

Finally, for our new contest, PLEASE try to be nice to our president before he flies off to Hawaii on Dec.19 for his annual Christmas vacation (costing taxpayers millions of dollars). We all know the poor guy works so hard at the White House watching ESPN every morning and meeting 61 times with Al Sharpton.





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When Will ISIS Release Their Torture Report?

Tuesday, December 9th, 2014 - by Myra Adams

Today the timing of the Senate Intelligence Committee’s declassified executive summary on enhanced interrogation techniques used by the Bush Administration raises an intriguing list of political questions. One is even about movies and another has huge implications for the 2016 presidential race.

Now that Senate Committee’s torture report is bedside reading for our enemies, when is ISIS, al-Qaeda, and the Taliban going to release their torture reports so we can all compare techniques?

With Republicans taking control of the Senate on January 3, 2015, why did the Democrats insist on releasing this controversial report today?

Today was scheduled to be “Gruber Day” when controversial MIT professor and Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber testified before the House Oversight Committee. As predicted, Gruber generated headlines embarrassing to President Obama and the Democrats.

There is no doubt that Gruber’s testimony would have been the lead story in the next 24-hour news cycle. But now, due to the torture report, Gruber’s apologetic, yet pathetic testimony will not get the media attention it deserves. (Gruber refused to tell the committee how much he was paid even though it was been widely reported that he pocketed over $2 million of your tax dollars.)

This leads one to ask, Was Gruber Day and the torture report release merely a news day coincidence?

Now let’s ask a Hollywood question.

The Senate Intelligence Committee report says that no useful intelligence was gained by these enhanced interrogation techniques.

Therefore, was the movie Zero Dark Thirty showing how these techniques gleaned information leading our SEALS to Osama bin Laden’s hiding place, just for the sake of  Hollywood action?  (Didn’t the Pentagon and CIA cooperate in the making of Zero Dark Thirty?)  I am confused!

Finally, let’s think about the effect of the torture report on 2016 politics.

The Senate Intelligence Committee report has been condemned by the CIA and Republicans as PJ Media’s Bridget Johnson reported. It is also a five-year $40 million one-sided exercise in Bush-bashing, detailing how the Bush Administration’s reacted to the War on Terror covering the years 2001 – 2009.

As everyone knows, there is a potential Republican presidential candidate named Jeb Bush who just happens to be the brother of the president at the center of the report. Jeb is supposed to make his decision about whether to run for the 2016 GOP nomination early next year.

As a result of this report, will Jeb Bush decide against entering the race? 

Think about it like this — in order for Jeb to run for president his family name needed to be somewhat restored. Thus today, with negative headlines around the world tied to the Bush Administration — coupled with the report’s gruesome details, the Bush family name is toxic once again.

These circumstances make Jeb’s potential candidacy highly unlikely. (His campaign trail safety too.) And that sets off an entire chain of 2016 political jockeying better left for another day.

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New Caption Contest: Romney Beats Clinton in Quinnipiac Poll – Third Time’s the Charm?

Tuesday, December 2nd, 2014 - by Myra Adams
Credit: Speechgeek

Credit: Speechgeek

Last Wednesday, while most Americans were on their way to Grandma’s house for Thanksgiving, a new Quinnipiac University poll was released. The poll revealed some interesting 2016 presidential election data for political junkies to ingest along with their pumpkin pie. (Why the heck else would they have picked Turkey Wednesday to release their poll?)

The poll’s snoozer news (you did not hear about) was how 2012 Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney beat former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton by one point, 45 – 44 percent, in a 2016 presidential match-up.

Predictably, and as PJ Media’s  Bridget Johnson reported, a Utah-based “draft Romney” group is already underway.

Here is more Quinnipiac data for you to ponder.

Clinton closely defeats Gov. Chris Christie, 43 – 42 percent. (Well, well THAT is interesting.)

Clinton bests U.S. Senator Rand Paul, 46 – 41 percent.

Clinton beats former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, 46 – 41 percent.

Clinton tops former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, 46 – 41 percent.

Clinton wins over U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan, 46 – 42 percent.

Clinton trounces U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas, 48 – 37 percent.

Taking all this data into account, your mission is to repeal or replace the words within the contest photo or write a caption for the entire photo.

But really, “what difference does it make?” Even though Mitt and Hillary are an even match, Romney’s wife has said “no way” to a 2016 run — and Romney replied, “Yes, dear.” (Like all good husbands are trained to say.)

Now, go have some fun by dusting off your “binders full of women,” and don’t worry about those “47 percent who don’t pay taxes.” Remind yourself that you “like being able to fire people” and don’t forget “corporations are people, my friend” the next time you talk to a computer while trying to resolve a difficult problem.

More fun awaits on the next page, as we announce the winners of our last contest, “Here’s How You Know Chuck Hagel Didn’t Really Resign in 1 Picture.” (Hat tip again to the Washington Post’s  Chris Cillizza, who wrote that headline.)

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New Caption Contest: ‘Here’s How You Know Chuck Hagel Didn’t Really Resign, in 1 Picture’

Monday, November 24th, 2014 - by Myra Adams


U.S. President Barack Obama (C) speaks as Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel (L) and Vice President Joe Biden look on during a press conference announcing Hagel's resignation in the State Dining Room of the White House November 24, 2014 in Washington, DC. (Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

U.S. President Barack Obama (C) speaks as Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel (L) and Vice President Joe Biden look on during a press conference announcing Hagel’s resignation in the State Dining Room of the White House November 24, 2014 in Washington, DC. (Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)


Our latest contest photo and headline come to us from the Washington Post’s  Chris Cillizza, who wrote at “The Fix” blog:

But, all of the reporting on the departure suggests that it was not really Hagel’s decision at all. And, judging from the body language and facial expressions on display at the announcement this morning, the reporting is right. Big time.

And to that I say, “Who needs a secretary of Defense anyway when we have such a strong commander in chief — winner of the Nobel Peace Prize?”

Caption-contest fans will find my declaration very comforting because we know a “Peace Through Strength” sign hangs in the Oval Office. (Shhhhh, Obama does not want you to know that he crossed out “Through Strength” with his famous “red line” using a Sharpie.)

For more on why Hagel “resigned” be sure to read  Bridget Johnson’s report here at PJ Media.  Here is my favorite line:

“You’ve always given it to me straight and for that I’ll always be grateful,” said Obama.

Now for more “straight” talk, click to the next page to find  out the winners of our last contest, which posed the question:

“Is Our King Playing with a Full Deck?”

Credit: Drudge Report

Credit: Drudge Report

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New Caption Contest: Is Our King Playing with a Full Deck?

Thursday, November 20th, 2014 - by Myra Adams

Credit: Drudge Report

At this writing, Drudge Report has our contest photo front and center with the boldfaced headline:


Drudge links to Reuters with the headline:

Obama to act unilaterally on immigration, irking Republicans.”

Then, here at PJ Tatler, be sure to read  Bryan Preston’s piece with all the background behind our beloved king, emperor, dictator, fuhrer, president’s amnesty plan announcement with the potential to “launch another Civil War.” (This quote is from another Drudge link to World News Daily.  We are all about sensationalism here at our PJ Media caption contests!)

Speaking of Obama causing a Civil War, be sure to read J. Christian Adams’ “Obama, Our Modern John C. Calhoun.” 

But for now, your mission is to caption the photo and write “thought bubbles” for those sickly thin and weak-looking pet eagles that obviously belong to Pajama Boy. (Our king is too weak to lift REAL AMERICAN EAGLES.)

So while you are having some fun with all that, click to the next page for the winners of our last contest, “Koala Bear Clings to Obama Like Republicans Cling to Their Guns and Religion.”  (My favorite caption contest title of all time.)

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New Caption Contest: Koala Bear Clings to Obama Like Republicans Cling to their Guns and Religion

Monday, November 17th, 2014 - by Myra Adams
Obama bear

President Obama holds a koala before the start of Saturday’s G20 Summit in Brisbane, Australia. Credit: Pete Souza


Pete Souza tweeted this photo while traveling with the President in Australia and it is the subject of our newest caption contest. The photo was Sunday’s “PIC DU JOUR” on Mike Allen’s Politico Playbook. (aka “The Bible” of D.C.)

Speaking of bibles, in case you forgot from where the title of this contest originated, here is a link to Politico from April 11, 2008 with “the gaffe” in full context as spoken by presidential candidate, Senator Barack Obama at a San Francisco fundraiser.  If only the media had done their job…..

Now back to the business at hand. The expression on the face of this adorable koala bear means he is doing a lot of thinking between those big ears. Your mission is to speculate about those thoughts in addition to writing an overall caption.

Moving along, here are the winners from our last caption contest which was very popular and highly competitive.

Obama Putin china

The Canadian Press/AP Photo – Russian President Vladimir Putin, right, passes by US President Barack Obama at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Summit, Tuesday, Nov. 11, 2014 in Beijing. (AP Photo/RIA)

Cfbleachers was the grand prize winner with:

“Let me take your elbow, Barry. I understand you and your guards enjoy an escort service.”

KUCE came in second with:

Putin – Thank you Barack for helping me relive my glorious youth when Carter was President.

Texan was third with:

Vlad “out of the way, punk! This is MY photo op.

Due to the outcome and all the excitement surrounding the midterm election, we held a special “creative contest.”  Here you were asked to rewrite President Obama’s post-election speech to reflect what really happened on November 4, 2014.

President Obama at post-election press conference on Nov. 5 2014

President Obama at post-election press conference on Nov. 5 2014

The winner was RockThisTown with this zinger:

 ”I’ve maxed out the race card, so I’m cutting it in half & will never use it again.”

EEEEAAAKK ….  That is the sound of Obama’s koala telling PJ Media readers to start writing because he has become an anxious “bitter clinger” and is BEARing arms.

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New Caption Contest: Obama and Putin — Brief Encounters of the Chinese Kind

Tuesday, November 11th, 2014 - by Myra Adams
Obama Putin china

The Canadian Press/AP Photo – Russian President Vladimir Putin, right, passes by US President Barack Obama at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Summit, Tuesday, Nov. 11, 2014 in Beijing. (AP Photo/RIA)


Our new contest photo is from Drudge with the headline “Odd Couple” – “Tense.”

Here is my favorite paragraph from the Reuters report linked to by Drudge with the headline “Obama and Putin are odd couple at Beijing summit”:

When the summit opened in a sprawling convention centre at a lake outside Beijing, Chinese President Xi Jinping walked in with Obama and Putin, both unsmiling, on either side of him.

“It’s beautiful, isn’t it?” Putin was overheard saying in English in Obama’s general direction, referring to the ornate conference room.

“Yes,” Obama replied, coldly, according to journalists who witnessed the scene.

Well, at least they were talking and making nice-nice, but what were they thinking?

That is your mission — to go inside their brains and reveal their true thoughts. In addition, tell us what they really wanted to say aloud to each other besides this polite non-dialog, dialog.

Also, caption the photo because I know you can do better than Drudge with “Odd Couple” and “Tense.”

Here is my conversation entry:

Putin: “Ha ha ha ha.… loser.”  

Obama whispers off to side: “Valerie, what I should I say?”

Now, speaking of painful moments, here are the winners of our post-election contest,

What Comes After OUCH at the Huffington Post?


Credit: Huffington Post


RockThisTown took the grand prize with two winners:

OUCH. I’m feeling pain in all 57 states.

OUCH. We were finally shovel-ready . . . and got buried.

JRSWINE won with:

OUCH! Honey, I shrunk the Party.

OurUnitedStates won for:

Ouch, Michelle, they cut my Harry off.

Have fun with this new contest and remember you can be as sweet and nice as Putin is to those who disagree with him.


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New Creative Contest: Your Chance to Rewrite Obama’s Post-Election Speech

Thursday, November 6th, 2014 - by Myra Adams
President Obama at post-election press conference on Nov. 5 2014

Credit: McClatchy     President Obama at November 5, post-election press conference


If you need any more proof that President Obama is a narcissist- in-chief rather than a commander-in-chief, here is one of the most revealing statements he uttered during his post-election press conference on November 5.

Obviously, Republicans had a good night. And they deserve credit for running good campaigns. Beyond that, I’ll leave it to all of you and the professional pundits to pick through yesterday’s results.

I dare you to read the complete transcript without cursing aloud the American people for twice-electing this man to be our leader.

Yesterday, after the press conference, PJ Tatler editor Bryan Preston succinctly summed up Obama’s message:

“He’s not going to change, not for you, not for the voters, not for anybody.”

But what if Obama actually had the guts to change?

What if he had reacted like a normal leader who had just suffered a catastrophic defeat? How different would his post-election presser have sounded?

That is your mission (if you dare.) You are tasked to write statements that Obama would have included in his post-election speech had he reacted more like a leader who had just been repudiated by the people and his party.

To start you off, here are my entries:

“I am the general in charge of the War on Women. I have just signed a declaration of surrender that puts an end to this phony war that I concocted to win reelection in 2012.”

“American voters have finally realized that I am nothing but a trumped-up community organizer and my organization has just been decimated.”

“I am now forced to admit that trying to divide the American people using class-warfare and racial/gender-identity politics has totally failed.”

“Please forgive me for immediately playing golf after the beheading of an American by ISIS. It was a boneheaded move because my head was into my game.”

“Now is a good time to admit that it was my children, Sasha and Malia, who first suggested the idea of blaming the Benghazi terror attack on a You Tube video.”

(Holding up a large pen)  ”Because the American people have spoken, here is the pen that I will use to sign any legislation that lands on my desk from the Republican-controlled Congress.”

“Republicans now have the opportunity to undo all the damage I have done to this nation since taking office.”

“These election results have proven that I am the problem.”

Michelle told me last night, “It not all about me anymore,” and I said, “Yes dear,” and I meant it.

Enough with my fantasy speech writing!

Now it is your turn to rewrite President Obama’s post-election speech.

Have fun, but remember that President Obama still controls the IRS.


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New Caption Contest: What Comes After ‘OUCH’ on The Huffington Post?

Wednesday, November 5th, 2014 - by Myra Adams
Credit: Huffington Post

Credit: Huffington Post

Nothing hurts liberals more than the iconic Obama campaign symbol when it is used to mock the President (formerly known as the Messiah) especially when it is the liberal, Obama cheer leading, Huffington Post doing the mocking.

So it is with that spirit our first post-election caption contest is launched.

Your mission is to write a sentence beginning with the word “OUCH” that our Campaigner-in-Chief is thinking or saying today.

To start you off here is my entry:

As President Obama looks at the red election map he says, “OUCH, Valerie, Harry, Nancy, Debbie, you didn’t built that while I was out golfing, did you?

Now, loyal contest fans,  go build a better sentence and have some celebratory fun.

And speaking of contest fun, here is the winner of our last caption contest.

Hill and Nancy

Best Friends Forever

Freddie Sykes wrote:

Don’t let anyone tell you that Botox causes Global Warming!

OUCH, Hillary and Nancy are going to need hundreds of future Botox injections to erase all the new worry lines caused by this election.

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Politico Magazine: ‘How to Beat Hillary’ (with an unusual cover image that is not a caption contest)

Thursday, October 30th, 2014 - by Myra Adams


Politico, the arbiter of mainstream political thought and gossip for inside the Washington Beltway types, is out with an intriguing article in its weekly magazine, “How to Back Hillary Into a Corner.”  The piece details how the sausage is being made before it is shoved down our throats over the next two years.

Displaying the magazine cover is NOT an excuse for an official caption contest since the contest from earlier this week is still up and running and also features “that woman, Miss Hillary.”

BUT, if you insist on writing a creative caption that will crack us all up, we are powerless to stop you.

Here is the cover.

Credit: Politico Magazine

Credit: Politico Magazine


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New Caption Contest: ‘Don’t let anybody tell you… (fill in the blank)’

Tuesday, October 28th, 2014 - by Myra Adams
Best (Botox) Friends Forever

Best (Botox) Friends Forever

Hillary Clinton uttered one of the greatest gaffes in political history last week when she was campaigning in Massachusetts for Martha Coakley (who ironically is running to win Mitt Romney’s old job as governor) and said:

“Don’t let anybody tell you that it’s corporations and businesses that create jobs.”

Mitt, the business guru is probably calling his banker and asking if he has enough money to run against Hillary in 2016 just so he can debate that line.

Of course Hillary is now trying to clarify the comment but some comments just refuse to be clarified, and this is one of them.

But this zinger, besides totally ticking off everyone who owns, works for, or has ever tried to start a business, presents a fabulous opportunity here at PJ Tatler Caption Contest Land.

Not only can you caption this “best Botox friends forever” photo, but we want you to write a new ending to the sentence, “Don’t let anybody tell you….” and we will offer that to Hillary’s 2016 campaign as her new slogan.

We know Hillary is feeling sad and blue right now because she said what she really thinks, so she will appreciate all the love and support offered by our loyal contest goers.

Here is my entry: “Don’t let anybody tell you except me that I am through campaigning, so just freakin’ coronate me.”

Now in old Contest Land business:

The slogans from our last contest were flying right along with Hillary’s monkey and here are the top three bananas.


Credit: SABO in Hollywood Reporter

Cfbleachers: A vast ape winged conspiracy.

RockThisTown: Somewhere. . . over the campaign dough 

Kuce: Hillary 2016 – It depends on what the meaning of the word Oz is!

Congrats to our brain trust. See you at the IRS audit department if the master of this flying monkey is ever elected.

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New Photo Caption Contest: Hollywood’s Flying Monkeys Are Supporting Hillary in 2016

Monday, October 20th, 2014 - by Myra Adams
Credit: SABO

Credit: SABO in Hollywood Reporter


I can not wait until the day after the midterm elections when the 2016 presidential campaign “officially” begins. But in the meantime, our latest contest photo is an indication of the high-quality entertainment that awaits us on the campaign trail.

This photo and news appeared on October 17 in the Hollywood Reporter (so it must be true) with the headline:

Hillary Clinton Flying Monkey Signs Deface Brentwood Ahead of L.A. Fundraiser

Guerrilla street artist SABO, who made headlines with his Gwyneth Paltrow” Obama Drone” poster, has struck again — this time ahead of Hillary Clinton‘s upcoming Democratic fundraiser at Tavern restaurant in Brentwood. The Los Angeles artist early Friday hung signs depicting Wizard of Oz flying monkeys holding “Hillary 2016″ signs from traffic lights and pasted them on utility boxes near the San Vicente Boulevard restaurant. Although, as SABO told The Hollywood Reporter on Friday, one poster near a Whole Foods had been “violently” torn down.

“All these leftists, I’m tired of their s—,” SABO said via email.

There is nothing I can add to that report except reveal your contest mission which is to answer the following questions:

What is the flying monkey’s name?

What is the monkey saying?

What is the monkey thinking but afraid to say?

Extra credit:  On the sign under “Hillary 2016,” add another pithy phrase.

The only rule for this contest is “be nice,” PLEASE be nice.

Now, here are the winners from our last photo caption contest which asked the question, “Is this Obama’s JV Team?”

Credit: Drudge Report

Credit: Drudge Report

The grand prize winner went to Chris Henderson for:

Never in the field of  human conflict has so much been botched by so few endangering so many.

Here are the three runners- up.

Allan Crowson:

Obama: “Just look at these water glasses. Did I not promise you the most transparent administration ever?”


Obama: Just because the secret service puts on a Kobe jersey doesn’t mean the sex is consensual.

And finally, Chris Henderson won again for:

Obama: “The buck never got here!”

Thanks to all who played along and thanks in advance to our loyal contest goers who will fly along and help the monkey become an influential opinion leader in the 2016 presidential campaign.



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New Caption Contest: Is This Obama’s ‘JV Team?’

Wednesday, October 15th, 2014 - by Myra Adams
Credit: Drudge Report

Credit: Drudge Report

Back in January, David Remick had an extensive interview with President Obama in the New Yorker Magazine. This is where Obama famously said the following about the Islamic terror group we now know as ISIS:

“The analogy we use around here sometimes, and I think is accurate, is if a jayvee team puts on Lakers uniforms that doesn’t make them Kobe Bryant,” Obama said, resorting to an uncharacteristically flip analogy. “I think there is a distinction between the capacity and reach of a bin Laden and a network that is actively planning major terrorist plots against the homeland versus jihadists who are engaged in various local power struggles and disputes, often sectarian.

That is how the phrase “JV team” made its way into today’s foreign policy discussions. (In case you needed a reference.) Now, it has become painfully obvious that ISIS is the varsity and Obama’s team is the JV.

These unfortunate circumstances were revealed, once again, in the following headlines:

Turkey denies U.S. base deal in place to battle ISIS (Drudge)

The Obama Administration has a kiss and tell problem  (Foreign Policy.com and below)

In its excitement to trumpet the coalition against the Islamic State, the U.S. is outing partners before they’re ready to go steady.

Drudge linked to the above Foreign Policy piece accompanied by the photo that is the subject of our contest.

Your mission is to write an appropriate overall caption.

Additionally, here are some questions that you are encouraged to answer:

What is President Obama saying?

What is John Kerry daydreaming about?

What is Susan Rice thinking?

Bonus Question: Since we can assume the flowers are bugged, what did the buggers learn from this meeting?

Now, moving ahead, here are the winners from our last photo caption contest entitled, Capitol Dome Restoration Project to ‘Stop Deterioration.’

Credit: AP

Credit: AP

The grand prize goes to Allan Crowson for this zinger:

Guy on scaffolding: “Pelosi says we’ve got to cover this thing to find out what’s in it.”

The runners-up were:

Kuce for: The perfect political metaphor. If something is broken, cover it up and claim you’re fixing it.

And Zip Code won twice for:

Man on ledge talking,—- That’s one small step from the scaffolding, One giant makeover for America.

They don’t mind working till dawn’s early light, knowing the flag will still be there.

Yes, the flag is still there and we will stand by our flag — comforted and secure in the knowledge that the team pictured in our new caption contest photo is in charge of America’s foreign policy.  (Yikes, it’s time for my meds!)





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New Caption Contest: Capitol Dome Restoration Project to ‘Stop Deterioration’

Tuesday, October 7th, 2014 - by Myra Adams


Credit: AP

Credit: AP


The Capitol Dome, one of the most cherished buildings and symbol of our great nation, is currently undergoing a major restoration.

To help keep taxpayers posted on the progress of this $60 million project, the website of the Architect of the Capitol (AOC) offers full details and photos that will satisfy your inner engineer (especially if you have a thing for scaffolding.)

This is what the Dome will look like when scaffolding is completed.

Credit: AOC

Credit: AOC

The AOC site also offers frequently asked questions:

What is the purpose of the project?  

This project is a critical step for stopping the current level of deterioration in the Dome’s cast iron as well as ensuring the protection of the interior of the Dome and Rotunda.

Why is this project starting now?

Postponing the restoration would perpetuate the deterioration of the Dome.

In my mind, these answers actually raise more questions. For example, “How do we stop the current level of deterioration in the entire U.S. Government?” and “What level of restoration is needed to fix all the cracks in our political system?” (Please offer some snappy answers if you have no fear of being audited.)

Meanwhile, your mission is to write a caption that best describes our contest photo in your usual snarky, sarcastic, clever, humorous manner to which we have all become accustomed.

Then, just for an amusing comparison, here is the west front view of the Capitol Dome under construction in 1861. Please feel free to offer a caption.

Capitol 1861

Capitol Dome under construction in 1861


Speaking of amusing, we have a winner from our last contest where you were asked to write a caption for this totally creepy photo of Presidents Obama and Clinton backstage at the Clinton Global Initiative.

Clinton Obama scary

Submitted by Allstonian: “Remember, Barry, it all depends on what the meaning of ‘ISIS’ is…”

Seriously, this caption is one of the best in the glorious history of PJ Tatler photo caption contests. Congratulations Allstonian for reviving a long-forgotten, great moment in Clinton linguistic history and applying it to current events.

For our new contest, Allstonian has set the bar scaffolding very high.



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New Caption Contest: Presidents Obama and Clinton Backstage at the Clinton Global Initiative

Wednesday, September 24th, 2014 - by Myra Adams
Credit: Pete Souza

Credit: Pete Souza


Our contest photo courtesy of Pete Souza, Chief Official White House Photographer, is one of the best images EVER in the glorious history of PJ Tatler photo caption contests.

The image was tweeted by Souza, early last evening while he was backstage at the Clinton Global Initiative. Just the lighting and the body language alone is award-winning but the expression on Obama’s face is priceless.

So now loyal contest goers, you are tasked with three missions.

First, write an overall caption.

Second, answer the question, “What the heck are these guys talking about?”

Third, reconstruct the exact conversation because you know it was a doozy.

Have fun, and no need to be nice because these guys are obviously not making nice-nice with each other.

Then, if you are keeping score, here is the winner of our last caption contestYou Can Do Better Than ‘We’re Back.’


Credit: Drudge Report

The winning caption as it pertained to the Iowa Steak Fry (where Bill and Hillary gave the media much to chew on) was submitted by Zip Code:  

Eating her way to the White House one sound bite at a time.

Congrats to Zip Code, one of our many loyal contest followers.

Now for the question of the day: Is anyone sick of the Clinton’s yet?


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New Caption Contest: You Can Do Better Than ‘We’re Back’

Tuesday, September 16th, 2014 - by Myra Adams
Credit: Drudge Report

Credit: Drudge Report

On Sunday, Drudge Report’s headline and caption was “We’re Back” under the photo that is the subject of our latest contest. At the very least, the caption should have read “We’eeerr Ba-aaaccckkkkk” with a link to ominous music.

Then, “HILLARY CLINTON IN IOWA STIRS 2016 SPECULATION” was the AP piece‘s headline that Drudge used for his link. (Only read the AP piece if you care about the boring details of retiring Iowa Senator Tom Harkin’s annual steak fry fundraiser.)

So to save you time, here is the best line. When Hillary Clinton was asked about why she was at the Iowa steak fry, she joked that she was, “here for the steak.”

Oh, that Hillary really knows how to generate media attention! Her speech was a big, playful tease about her 2016 presidential ambitions that is one official announcement short of a done deal.

In addition to writing a more colorful caption than, “We’re back,” your mission is to answer the following questions:

What was Hillary saying to Bill the moment this photo was taken?

What was Bill smiling about?

Why did Bill’s shirt match the table cloths at the steak fry?

Was Bill also just there “for the steak?” (He is supposedly a vegetarian since his heart attacks.)  If so, that sounds fishy.

Should Hillary’s “joke” about being in Iowa “for the steak,” stand as her first official lie of the 2016 presidential campaign?

Bonus question: What will be her second official campaign lie?

With chaos reigning throughout the world, and now, according to the Pope, WWIII has already begun, (albeit “piece mail” he says) I know how important the answer to these questions are in the big scheme of life.  So get cracking!

There is so much at stake.





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Drudge Report: PHOTOS CAPTURE OBAMA ‘HEAD OF HORNS’ from Last Night’s White House Speech

Thursday, September 11th, 2014 - by Myra Adams
Credit: Drudge Report

Credit: Drudge Report

This post is not one of our usual caption contests, but I can not stop you from turning it into one.

Why no official contest? Honestly, this enlarged still image from President Obama’s ISIS speech last night with the White House drapes as a backdrop scares the heck out of me, that’s why.

Instead, I will just report what Drudge has posted on his site:


That’s it. Enough said. Is it getting hot in here?

But wait, your temperature will rise too when you refer back to our last caption contest.

Remember the doctored ISIS video with Obama’s resemblance to “that guy” in the History Channel’s Bible miniseries?  (Cue The Twilight Zone music.)

Today, I was planning on posting all the winners from that contest (there were so many great ones), but now there is a mysterious knock at my door and some black helicopters have just landed on my lawn…..

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New Caption Contest: Translate the Message Under Obama’s Doctored Image in the ISIS Video

Friday, September 5th, 2014 - by Myra Adams
Obama ISIS video

Caption from UK Telegraph: A grab from the Isil video

This week the Drudge Report had this link from the UK Telegraph with the headline and subhead:

How Isil doctored the image of Obama, making him appear haggard in videos

The terrorist group carefully manipulate their videos to make the US president look as tired and weary as possible, demonstrating its technical prowess

Welcome to war in the modern age where our enemies use media manipulation to taunt President Obama. (Remember when Putin and the Russians made light of Obama’s wimpy image using the kitty cats? Click here if you missed that unusual caption contest.)

Below, the Telegraph describes the techniques ISIL (or ISIS) used in the screen-grab image that is the subject of our contest.

In the same way, Mr. Obama’s blue jacket is made to appear a funereal black. His strands of grey hair are picked up and exaggerated. The editor has also caused an interlacing effect of black lines to run across the president’s white shirt. For good measure, he has carefully stretched the screen length ways in order to make Mr. Obama appear thin and gaunt.

Now, here is your “special ops” mission for these dangerous times. You must translate the message written in whatever language these barbarians used, into a language that PJ Media readers can better understand.

In addition to the “official translation,” you can also write a non-official translation from the Democratic National Committee, the Republican National Committee or from any committee or organization you wish, even the NRA or the Navy Seals.

Finally, is it just me, or does the ISIS video manipulation make Obama resemble, even more than before, “this guy” from the History Channel’s Bible mini-series? (Official name of “this guy” withheld for many political, religious and IRS reasons.)

Credit: History Channel

Credit: History Channel

Good luck, and you don’t have to be nice with your translations because the “folks” who did this video manipulation really are the personification of “this guy” in the photo above.


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Caption Contest Winners: Everything You Need To Know About the Democratic Party Is In This Picture and More DWS News

Tuesday, September 2nd, 2014 - by Myra Adams

Credit: Debbie  Wasserman Schultz ✔ @DWStweets

Thanks to everyone who participated in our latest successful contest.

Due to the fact that there were multiple caption challenges, and many of you submitted numerous award winning entries, we will announce the winners by name and the number of winning entries.

Just a housekeeping note: For space considerations, Debbie Wasserman Schultz will be referred to as DWS. (At the end there will be some very important DWS news about how you can make her go away in November, so stick around.)

Now, let’s celebrate our winners based on the quantity of their greatness.

RockThisTown had six winning entries:

DWS: ”Of course you can still vote for Hillary if you die before 2016! Multiple times, in fact!”

DWS: ”Yes, Republicans & the NRA are trying to kill you!”

Man holding neck: ”Can I get an AARP discount on a tracheotomy? You’ve sucked all the air out the room.”

Man in green shirt: “That face could stop a clock. Where’s Sarah Palin?”

Flag: Embarrassed to be seen with her.

Overall: The only thing DWS can get this crowd fired up for is pottery class.

The great and powerful cfbleachers had five winners:

Some of us aren’t Democrats, we’re in Depends ents

“Hillary sends her apologies for being unable to attend her class reunion with you tonight”

Saying: “Since we threw open the borders, there’s no longer any need for the word ‘New’ in this state anymore. (NOTE: The event was held in New Mexico)

“Ok, everyone…show me what Joe Biden would look like if he didn’t have fake teeth!”

That’s not an American flag, it’s the pin for the 18th green at Congressional Golf Course. They thought Obama was coming, not the Miami Medusa.

Allan Crowson also had five winning entries:

DWS: “I’m so pleased to appear before such a diverse group this afternoon!”

The American flag was not originally in the shot, but it photobombed DWS. The top of the flag was the only coherent point of the speech, by the way.

Man in green: “She reminds me of my granddaughter, the one who was always two squares short of a BINGO.”

Overall caption: More Substance in the Balloons Than in the Speaker!

Overall caption: DWS: None of the people I’ve talked to remembers any administration failures!

Wintermute had three hilarious winners:

DWS: “…And that’s why you should consider a reverse-mortgage with the DNC!”

DWS: “We need your support for the 2016 elections! Now, I realize most of you will be dead by then, so it’s even more important for you to write a check today!”

DWS: “So…that’s why we need to harvest your organs…”

The talented Chris Henderson had two winners:

“Great to be here! You all must be the ‘corpse-men’ Obama was talking about!”

Typical Democrat: Canvassing for dead voters.

Kenril had a winner while channeling George Orwell in “1984″:

The Democrats are the hip young party.  (War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength.)

Allstonian made the judges laugh the loudest with:

Man in Blue – “Can’t…take…any more…must strangle myself to death…”

ZipCode won with:

And in conclusion, as soon as you make your donations, we will unlock the bathroom doors.

Reality Observer had a winner:

 Good… I see everyone got the tweet that we’re voting by the pound this year!

Finally, Fail Burton cracked up the judges with retro humor:

“No, Mr. Sanchez, I don’t know what it’s like to bayonet a ‘kraut’.”

As promised earlier, here is how you can make DWS disappear.

After the August 23 Florida primary a young Republican candidate named Joe Kaufman emerged as the winner and will oppose DWS for her seat in Florida’s 23rd congressional district.  No matter where you live, here is your chance to send a “love offering” to the future Congressman Kaufman. First, check out his campaign website and then you know what el$e to do!  Let’s all help Joe Kaufman become a dragon slayer in November!

See you next time a photo is worthy of a Tatler photo caption contest or we discover more ways to silence DWS.



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New Caption Contest: Everything You Need To Know About the Democratic Party Is In This Picture

Tuesday, August 26th, 2014 - by Myra Adams
Wasserman 2

Credit: D Wasserman Schultz ✔ @DWStweets


The subject of our newest caption contest is a photo tweeted by Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the Chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee on Sunday, August 24, in New Mexico. The first tweeted message that accompanied the photo was:

D Wasserman Schultz        ✔ @DWStweets

This pic says it all – @NMDEMS are motivated and ready to win! Thanks for bringing us together, @mssanchez4NM.

4:40 PM – 24 Aug 2014

Then, a few hours later the DNC Chairwoman followed up with this tweet:

D Wasserman Schultz        ✔ @DWStweets

.@mssanchez4NM Thank you for being such a wonderful host and turning out a fired up crowd of #Democrats!

6:54 PM – 24 Aug 2014

Let’s first analyze these two tweets and then your mission for the caption contest will be revealed.

“This pic says it all -…”

Yup, it says that the DNC Chairwoman is living in an alternative universe where sad, defeated, distraught, bored New Mexico Democrats are seen as “motivated and ready to win!”

If these people are what Democrats consider “a fired-up crowd” then Wasserman Schutz’s party will drown in a November election wave tsunami. No kidding, at my mother’s nursing home I’ve seen a more fired-up crowd during music hour then was exhibited by these foot soldiers in Debbie’s Democrat army. (Must be draftees.)

So, all you need to know about the Democratic Party and their Chairwoman is that they lie, she lies. (If you like your party you can keep your party. Period. If you like your fired-up crowd, you can keep your fired-up crowd. Woo-hoo!)

Now, here is your mission should you dare to enter this contest.

What was the DNC Chairwoman saying at this moment?

Why was the gentleman wearing the blue shirt in front of Ms. DWS holding his neck?

What was the older man wearing a light green shirt to the right of Mr. Neck Holder thinking?

Was that an American flag to the right of Ms. DWS? If so, why was it so low to the ground?

What should be the overall caption for this photo?

Have fun and stay “fired-up” at the prospects of defeating this DNC Chairwoman and Florida Congresswoman in November. And yes, you can caption her too. But, as usual, all entries must be classy and in good taste. I mean it!  (Don’t make me regret this part of the contest.)

Debbie Wasserman Schultz Twitter image

Debbie Wasserman Schultz   Twitter image

Hat tip to BizPac Review for DWS tweet.








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Caption Contest Winners: Nero Fiddled While Rome Burned, Obama Dances While the World Burns

Thursday, August 21st, 2014 - by Myra Adams
Obama party 2

Credit: Photo from the event tweeted by Elliott Schwartz

Thanks to everyone who entered our latest caption contest.

Contest participants were asked to answer several questions, write an overall photo caption or provide “thought bubbles” from the white circle lights. If you are confused, or are a low information voter, please refer back to the original contest.

We had a problem in that there were too many hilarious and clever entries compared to the space available for this winner’s post. Thus, since most of you provided numerous answers to our many contest questions, the winners below are announced by name rather than by your snappy answers to our contest questions.  Got all that? OK, so now let’s enter the winner’s circle.

Kuce had two winners: 

Song, Dance, and Dance Partner – Well, as a narcissist, it could only be “Dancing with Myself.”

From Barack to the lady on the left –  ”Hey! It’s my favorite song – Iran, (so far away)”

rbj with four winners:

Dance: The Hustle

Laughter: Because there are no peasants on Martha’s Vineyard, except for the ones used for trap shooting.

Dance partner: Himself, as he’s the only one worthy.

A good time was had by all after Obama joked: those voters actually thought I cared about the 99%.

RelayerM31: Song: Bohemian Rhapsody. “Nothing really matters, anyone can see. Nothing really matters to me.”

Zipcode had two winners:

Light globe thought bubble,—We might as well shut down, that guy brought a halo with him.

Name of song,—[ I did it my way]—Frank Sinatra

Chris Henderson with two winners:

Three of the lights partially powered by Solyndra.

The completely unbiased Nobel Committee just added a “Dancing” category.

RockThisTown had two winners:

“Hey, look everybody! I’m doing the pen & phone polka!”

Night of the Living Dead, The Sequel: Trance the Night Away

Allen Crowson had three winners:

Of course an overall photo caption is also needed. Dancing President Leads…From Behind

What is the woman to the left of Obama laughing about? BHO just said, “I am the greatest bridge builder in this neighborhood since Teddy Kennedy.”

Who is Obama’s dance partner? No partner. The One Dances Alone.

MeridianMan had one overall caption winner:

America, Barack’s dance partner, trips and falls over his two left feet.

And guess who had the most winners?  Cfbleachers of course!

Song: If I Ruled The World

Laughing: Working on improving GDP. Golfing, Dancing and Partying!

Lights: Doesn’t matter how many of us they turn on, it’s nothing but darkness here

Woman Laughing: “and I thought his bowling was bad”

Lights: “so this is what they mean when they say that we are on… but nobody’s home”

Laughing: “Even both his feet are leftists!”

Overall: I’m partying with an 80-year-old woman, practicing for a Hillary presidency.

Lights: “They’re indoctrinated leftists, you can’t illuminate them”

Overall: Why’s Everybody Always Picking On Me

Lights: if something goes wrong, we’ll be blamed. We’re white.

Song: Eve of Destruction

Then, the one and only Cfbleachers wrote this clever description of Farm Neck Golf Club in Martha’s Vineyard where our hard working president is STILL vacationing.

You might be in Farm Neck if:

You might be in Farm Neck if you celebrate the Fourth of July by lighting the flag on fire.

You might be in Farm Neck if you flew in on your private jet to complain about carbon footprints.

You might be in Farm Neck if your foursome are all billionaires who give speeches about the evils of the 1%.

You might be in Farm Neck if the women have higher testosterone levels than the men.

You might be in Farm Neck if the New York Times is gospel and the Bible is fantasy.

You might be in Farm Neck if the men incessantly ride pink Barbie bikes and the women incessantly ride men.

You might be in Farm Neck if you believe ISIS and Iran need outreach and Israel needs to be slapped down.

You might be in Farm Neck if you advocate open borders from behind your high security gated community walls.

You might be in Farm Neck if every hand is manicured and the only calluses are from bad golf grips.

See you all next time a photo is worthy of a Tatler photo caption contest and the purveyor of this contest is back from vacation.


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New Caption Contest: Nero Fiddled While Rome Burned, Obama Dances While the World Burns

Thursday, August 14th, 2014 - by Myra Adams
Obama dance 3

Credit: Photo from the event tweeted by Elliott Schwartz


From Glenn Beck, but widely reported, was this photo of President Obama dancing the night away at Ann Jordan’s 80th birthday party held at Farm Neck Golf Club in Martha’s Vineyard.

Well, considering the state of our union and the world, the optics of Obama’s vacation dance moves are so out of rhythm that even the French government was critical.  The French Foreign Minister was quoted as saying, “When people are dying, you must come back from vacation.”  Ooh la la, that must have hurt!

Here is a list of questions that demand answers from PJ Media’s brain trust of loyal caption contest followers:

What is the name of the song that is playing?

What is the name of the dance President Obama is doing?

What is the woman to the left of Obama laughing about?

Who is Obama’s dance partner?

Of course an overall photo caption is also needed.

Extra bonus: General “thought bubbles” from the lights above. (This is too good a visual opportunity to pass up.)

So have fun with this contest, or a least as much fun as Obama has being president as he goes from party to golf course to fundraiser to (fill in the blank.)


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Contest Winners: Obama’s Wimpy Image Taunted in Photo From Russia’s Deputy Prime Minister

Thursday, August 7th, 2014 - by Myra Adams

Photo tweet from Dmitry Rogozin

Thanks to everyone who entered our latest caption contest.  Russian-American relations have never been worse and it’s all your fault.

In case you are joining us late, Dmitry Rogozin whose official title is Deputy Prime Minister of Russia – tweeted the subject of our latest caption contest as reported by Fox News.  Now that everyone is up to speed, here are the winners.

Zipcode won the funniest caption award with:

Obama: The SPCA needs your help to place these three animals in a good home.

Zipcode also won an honorable mention for:

Putin talking to leopard: I’m sorry kitty but were out of Meow Mix, some mean man put a sanction on it.

JRSWINE cracked up the judges with this entry:

On the Left: a Bear with a Leopard.  On the Other Left: a Bore with his pet Media.

Kuce had several winners:

Poodle thought balloon – “Feel that warm tingle down your leg? Well, you’re now just like Chris Matthews”

Obama thought balloon – “This poodle is racist”

Poodle thought balloon – “All things considered, I think I’d rather be on Romney’s station wagon”

Obama – “Get Valerie in here. This was supposed to make me look like the Dos Equis Most Interesting Man!”

RockThisTown scored twice with:

Putin: Has a SuperBowl ring he didn’t earn.
Obama: Has a Nobel Prize he didn’t earn.

Putin transfers a country, Ukraine, to his domain.
Obama transforms a country, America, to down the drain.

Cfbleachers is on a roll lately and here is why:

Putin: I hunt, I ride horses and I practice martial arts. My highest ranking officials are bursting with pride.

Obama: I throw like a girl, bowl like a spaz and my highest ranking subordinate goes skinny dipping. We invented the face palm.

Putin: I never hit the lynx.  Obama: I always hit the links.

Putin: Meet my new pet. I teach it to capture prey. I call him Vlad the Impaler.
Obama: Meet my new pet. I teach it to roll over, fetch and play dead. I call it The Media.

Finally, the grand prize winner goes to cfbleachers OF COURSE for:

Putin: I can tame any feral beast.  Obama: I’m dog sitting for Pajama Boy.

This is truly hilarious because who can forget health care Pajama Boy? Well, in case you have, here is a reminder of the fun our nation had playing with him.

If Obama had a son

If Obama had a son.

See you all next time a photo is worthy of a Tatler photo caption contest OR if Dmitry Rogozin tweets again.

Oh no, he already has! Now he is making fun of that formally macho Vietnam War vet currently serving as our Secretary of State. Dmitry photo shopped John Kerry riding a pink Barbie bike around Nantucket, Mass.

This means war!

Oh wait, cancel the war.

Correction: Dmitry Rogozin did not tweet that photo. Our Secretary of State really does ride a pink Barbie bike around Nantucket. Please, pray for our nation!

Kerry pink bike

Image via Owen Perkins / Instagram



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Caption Contest Winners: Obama Says Muslims Built ‘The Very Fabric of Our Nation’

Monday, August 4th, 2014 - by Myra Adams

Photo Credit: AP

Thanks to everyone who entered our very popular caption contest from July 29. If you are just joining us, please refer back to the original contest to better understand what you are about to read.

Due to the provocative questions raised by the purveyor of this contest, we had several categories of winners.

Let’s start with the most competitive category that asked:

“What is Abe Lincoln thinking as he watches over the dinner?”

The grand prize winner was cfbleachers with:

Abe: Even a house divided against itself cannot stand this guy.

And cfbleachers won a double grand prize with:

Abe–Four score and seven years ago   Obama–Fore! Score? And seven holes ago?

MRG01 entered the winners circle with:

Abe Lincoln: All things considered, I’d rather be at the theater.

An honorable mention went to Me 2.0 for:

Lincoln: I knew Lincoln, and you, sir, are no Lincoln!

KUCE won a ribbon for:

Abe: “I fought the Civil War only for this guy to divide us again?”

Walterc earned a prize for:

The Lincoln picture is thinking, “please, shoot me now.”

The next category of winners answered the question:

“What would the Founding Fathers think of this White House statement?”

The grand prize was won by thesnake for:

Founding Fathers: “Dude, where’s my country?”

ME2.0 won again for:

Founders: King George’s revenge!

MrG01 also won again for:

Founding Fathers: WTF?!

The next category of winners was in response to the question:

“Is that a flying monkey from The Wizard of Oz on Obama’s podium?”

KUCE won with:

Of course that is a Flying Monkey. Valerie Jarrett doesn’t leave home without them.

RockThisTown had a brilliant observation:

Is that a flying monkey from The Wizard of Oz on Obama’s podium?
Either that or Obama’s Nobel Screech Prize.

Uncle Lar received an honorable mention for:

Might very well be a flying monkey, but to me looks more like a ruptured duck.

Cfbleachers, who is cleaning up in every category, won with:

The American eagle has formally been replaced by a gargoyle.

MRG01 scores again for:

Flying monkey: “Pay no attention to the man behind the teleprompter”

Our next contest question, “What is on the mind of the young man standing to the right of President Obama?” – was answered by Katherine in RB in the most politically incorrect manner:

“Did that woman just put on one of our table cloths?”  (Woman at far left seated next to the real President of the United States, Valerie Jarrett.)

Finally, we have the winners of the general caption category.

Spudnik won the grand prize with:

“As you can see from the portrait above me, some of our greatest presidents were Muslims!”

Spudnik also earned an honorable mention for:

“I don’t always leave the golf course. But when I do, it’s for something really important.”

Yoroscoe took home honors with:

“You didn’t build that Jihad.”

Belial Issimo received a trophy for:

“If you like your caliphate, you can keep your caliphate.”

 USMCVet ranked high with:

You fine folks are the fabric of our great nation. It is great to get away from the hatin’.

Cfbleachers won the grandest of grand prizes for the overall contest.

His two winners in the general category were:

If Muslims built that…who exactly then are the people who “didn’t build that?”

Obama took time out from golfing and vacations to throw a tantrum at Israel and celebrate a holiday named after him.  – Idle Fitter.

Thanks again to everyone who took the time to enter this contest. The contest was a reaction to an extremely controversial statement by President Obama which was widely reported  everywhere except in the mainstream media. The remark was made at the White House during the Eid-al-Fitr dinner marking the end of Ramadan.

Usually this is the part when I say, “See you next time a photo is worthy of a PJM photo caption contest.” However, on Sunday an old friend sent me a photo/tweet which deserved my immediate attention. Thanks RB!

Now that photo/tweet is our newest caption contest already in progress. See you there!


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New Contest: Obama’s Wimpy Image Taunted in Photo Tweet From Russia’s Deputy Prime Minister

Sunday, August 3rd, 2014 - by Myra Adams
Obama russia weet 2

Photo tweet from Dmitry Rogozin


On July 31, Dmitry Rogozin whose official title is Deputy Prime Minister of Russia – Head of the Military-Industrial Commission – Special Envoy of the President – PhD, tweeted the subject of our latest caption contest as reported by Fox News.

This is not a joke. Rogozin tweeted this photo with the caption, “We have different values and allies.”

Here is the photo tweet in context:

Dmitry Rogozin @DRogozin 

Please note that Rogozin’s tweet just above the Putin/Obama photo offers this patriotic message:

Congratulations to the staff, command and veterans of the legendary Airborne Troops of Russia on their holiday!

Glory to Russia! 

Now, the mission of PJ Media’s legendary caption contest writers on their summer holiday is to write an alternative sentence replacing, “We have different values and allies.”  As usual, “thought bubbles” are also encouraged.

Finally, all entries must be classy, clever and incorporate the advice of our poodle lovin’ leader, who recently yelled, “Stop hatin’ all the time!”

Have fun and keep in mind that Obama might actually be holding a Rottweiler disguised as a poodle. Ya think?



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New Caption Contest: Obama Says Muslims Built ‘The Very Fabric of Our Nation’

Tuesday, July 29th, 2014 - by Myra Adams
Photo Credit: AP

Photo Credit: AP

The Drudge Report linked to this Breitbart piece which is the source of our contest photo.

At a White House dinner on July 28 celebrating the end of Eid-al-Fitr marking the end of Ramadan, President Obama released the following statement with the bold added by me for emphasis:

Statement by the President on the Occasion of Eid-al-Fitr

As Muslims throughout the United States and around the world celebrate Eid-al-Fitr, Michelle and I extend our warmest wishes to them and their families.  This last month has been a time of fasting, reflection, spiritual renewal, and service to the less fortunate.  While Eid marks the completion of Ramadan, it also celebrates the common values that unite us in our humanity and reinforces the obligations that people of all faiths have to each other, especially those impacted by poverty, conflict, and disease.

In the United States, Eid also reminds us of the many achievements and contributions of Muslim Americans to building the very fabric of our nation and strengthening the core of our democracy.  That is why we stand with people of all faiths, here at home and around the world, to protect and advance their rights to prosper, and we welcome their commitment to giving back to their communities.

On behalf of the Administration, we wish Muslims in the United States and around the world a blessed and joyous celebration.  Eid Mubarak

After you digest all that and realize the statement above was ACTUALLY MADE BY THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES, here are your marching orders. Besides writing a snappy caption to the photo itself, readers can provide answers to the following questions:

What is Abe Lincoln thinking as he watches over the dinner?

What is on the mind of the young man standing to the right of President Obama?

What would the Founding Fathers think of this White House statement?

Now, as with all contests, we must be nice and stay classy or the IRS will pay you a friendly visit. (Sorry, folks, crashing hard drives is no excuse for not cooperating.)

Finally, all contest participants must take a stab at answering the most pressing question of the day:

Is that a flying monkey from The Wizard of Oz on Obama’s podium?


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What Would Cause President Obama to Cancel a Fundraiser?

Thursday, July 17th, 2014 - by Myra Adams
obama burger 1

Today President Obama stopped at the Charcoal Pit for lunch and gave a fist pump.
Credit: BizPacReview


What “tragedy” would be horrific enough for President Obama to cancel his usual schedule of speeches, lunches and fundraisers?

A commercial airliner shot down over Ukraine with Americans aboard?  No.

How about a terrorist attack on the American consulate in Benghazi on the anniversary of 9/11, killing our ambassador and three others? No.

Perhaps news that Israel has begun a ground offensive in the Gaza Strip? No way.

Obviously our president believes that any change to his schedule is a sign of weakness (and God forbid our commander in chief appear weak).

So today, despite the breaking news of possible Russian involvement with the missile attack against a Malaysian Airlines airliner carrying 295 passengers, crew and over 20 Americans, President Obama forged ahead with his previously planned infrastructure speech in Delaware. (But first he paused for a few seconds to say, “looks like it may be a terrible tragedy.” ) Then he proceeded as normal, including some lighthearted remarks.

Afterwards, he grabbed a burger and fries (“I’m starving” he was quoted as saying), and tonight he will attend a few fundraisers in New York. Just a typical day in the life of our 44th president. Obama is aiding world tranquility after all!

Therefore, my question is what kinds of national or international “tragedies”  would cause President Obama to cancel his fundraisers, partisan speeches and visits to burger joints?

Here is my list of the top five:

1. News that Beyonce and Jay Z are divorcing.

2. His favorite golf course was attacked by al-Qaeda.

3. Lebron James unexpectedly retired.

4. Air Force One was hijacked by the Tea Party.

5. A tsunami destroyed his August vacation compound on Martha’s Vineyard.

Now it’s your turn to add a few of your own…..

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Caption Contest Winners: Obama Parties in Denver Because There are No National Crisis and the World is at Peace

Monday, July 14th, 2014 - by Myra Adams

“Obama fist bumped a gorilla statue in a Denver bar tonight. ” Credit: Getty

Thanks to everyone who entered our latest successful contest.

Due to the high volume of banana daiquiris  clever entries, the judges “went ape” trying to determine the winners.

The grand prize winner for the first photo was RockThisTown with this amusing entry:

Obama with his Bronze Statue for “Best Performance in a Leading From Behind Role.”

Here are the other captions that made the winners circle:

Wintermute won with:

Wimp…Putin would have fist-bumped a live tiger.

Zip Code received high honors for two entries:

Man on left talking to Gorilla—- “See I told you he would not send you back to your country.”

Gorilla talking – “Hey bartender, no more drinks for this guy, he swears up and down that he is the President.”

Chris Henderson cracked up the judges with two winners:

The Planet of the (Photo) Ops

Obama meets with Dr. Zaius, the only “doctor” who approves of Obamacare.  (Editor’s note: Another  “Planet of the Apes” movie reference.)

shipley130 gave us: Obama’s 800 pound gorilla in the room moment…

fortibus85 had two winners:

“And then I told them I needed $3.7 billion to FIX it!”

The border burns while Obama fist bumps.

Now, here are the winners for the second contest photo.

The president shakes hands with a man in a horse mask while greeting supporters. | AP Photo


Two co-equal grand prizes were awarded.  The first one goes to Joe and Norma son for:

NYT headline: President Obama determined to mobilize trans-species voters for November election

The second was won by our Caption King, Chris Henderson:

“I see the meat for Michelle’s school lunch program has arrived.”

Joe and Norma son also had a winner’s circle caption:

Mr. President you are the perfect man to be the other half of my costume.

jdkchem entered the circle with:

The horse’s a$$ meets the rest of the horse.

Now, there is only one question remaining before we close out the contest: “Where in the world is cfbleachers?” 

My guess is that he “voluntarily” enrolled in some graduate-level summer classes at Re-education camp. Please report in cfbleachers because no contest is complete without you!

See you all next time a photo is worthy of a PJ Tatler photo caption contest.


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New Caption Contest: Obama Parties in Denver Because There are No National Crises and the World is at Peace

Wednesday, July 9th, 2014 - by Myra Adams


Credit: Getty

“Obama fist bumped a gorilla statue in a Denver bar tonight. ” Credit: Getty


This contest photo illustrates that once again, our Fundraiser in Chief is out doing the job he thinks he was reelected to do – partying while the taxpayers work.

The photo came to my attention through BizPac Review in a re-post of BuzzFeed’s Jon Passantino’s series of photo tweets as he closely followed President Obama partying yesterday in Denver.

Passantino’s caption was, “Obama fist bumped a gorilla statue in a Denver bar tonight.”

Loyal caption contest followers can do better than that, so here are some ideas for captions and thought bubbles:

What is the gorilla statue thinking?

What or who else should Obama be fist bumping instead of a gorilla statue?

Then, here is another action photo from yesterday with a caption from Politico that I am sure you can also improve.

Barack Obama

The president shakes hands with a man in a horse mask while greeting supporters. | AP Photo

It is so much fun to be president!

For time and space considerations here was the winning caption from our  last contest.

It was  rbj for, “Mommy, can I please have some pie?”

Obama pie 2

In this Nov. 21, 2008, photo, Barack Obama and adviser Valerie Jarrett look over the pie selection during a stop at Manny’s Coffee Shop and Deli in Chicago. Obama has given up smoking but apparently has a weakness for pie, which has elevated his cholesterol. Credit: Charles Dharapak/Associated Press


Thanks to all who entered our last contest and for those who will be entering our new contest always remember to “Be nice and stay classy!”









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New Contest: Crack Pies at the White House Explains Everything!

Tuesday, July 1st, 2014 - by Myra Adams
Obama pie 2

In this Nov. 21, 2008, photo, Barack Obama and adviser Valerie Jarrett look over the pie selection during a stop at Manny’s Coffee Shop and Deli in Chicago. Obama has given up smoking but apparently has a weakness for pie, which has elevated his cholesterol.   Credit: Charles Dharapak/Associated Press


Be sure to read Paula Bolyard’s report here at PJ Media about a little “crust-up” at the White House yesterday.

The controversy began after President Obama “joked” that the White House chef adds an additive illegal ingredient to his pies. This same substance is one that our president is known to have enjoyed in his wayward youth.

Now, because loyal caption contest followers know that the purveyor of these contests has a guaranteed one-way ticket to re-education camp, let’s hasten the voyage with this contest photo from 2008.

Here we see the “real president” and the soon to be inaugurated president inspecting pies at a deli in Chicago.

The caption and photo ran in a Washington Post piece dated December 10, 2010 with the headline:

Obama has not smoked for 9 months; his real weakness is pie, though

This 2008 photo and 2010 headline viewed through the lens of the current controversy ranks among our most contest worthy photos in recent memory. Therefore, it is up to you to give this photo the treatment it truly deserves.

No need to cut back on the crack or the calories for this contest!


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Contest Winners: Obama Opens Wide and More

Monday, June 30th, 2014 - by Myra Adams
Obama icecream

Credit: Doug Mills

Thanks to everyone who entered our latest, successful contest.

Now, good luck defeating that kick-a** IRS audit team who will soon be knocking down YOUR door! And here is why….

The grand prize winner was Allan Crowson with:

From: “I have a pen and I have a phone” To: “I have a chin and I have a cone.”

The rest of the winners were:

Chris Henderson with:

Ice cream courtesy of Ben & Ghazi’s 57 states 31 excuses flavors.

MeridianMan won with:  Conehead.

Two from Cfbleachers:

Obama is celebrating his month of VA waiting list death march, IRS destruction of evidence, the economy contracting at an alarming rate, ISIS rampaging Iraq, and Obamacare second monthly payments evaporating. The path he’s charted for America has only one flavor. Rocky Road.

Eating ice cream like Jaws? Most people lick it.  But as Putin, the Mullahs, Assad and ISIS have shown, Obama can’t lick anything.

RockThisTown gave us:

The President’s Top Ten favorite ice cream flavors:
10) Equal Distribution 9) Fudge on Everything 8) America Snickers 7) My Un-Rocky Road [to the White House] 6) Seventeen-Trillion Mint 5) Neapolitan Media Spin 4) Let ‘em Eat Cake 3) Michelle’s Vacation Delight 2) Choom ‘n Cherry Garcia 1) GNP Crunch n’ Slide

Here are the soccer photo winners.

Credit: Doug Mills

Credit: Doug Mills

The grand prize goes to wintermute for:

Soccer continues to grow in popularity and even America’s leader is known to relax while watching a World Cup match (also pictured, Barack Obama).

The second grand prize winner is CraigZ with: Obama in the Situation Room during the assault on Benghazi.

Wintermute also had a runner-up with: Hey, have the NSA pull up Merkel’s phone feed to see if she’s gloating about this.

Cfbleachers had several winners:

Some people say that Obama ignores world crises while watching sports on TV. That’s not fair.   Sometimes he plays golf.

Obama and Jarrett sit and watch helplessly as yet another opponent delivers a crushing defeat.  Oh, and they also watched soccer.

Why is Obama sitting around watching soccer? Because Air Force One doesn’t have a golf course.

Someone raised in Iran sits with someone raised in Indonesia to take time out from rooting against America.  

(Editor’s note: Most people do not know that our “Madame President” was born and raised in Iran for the first six years of her in life.)

Allan Crowson had two winners:

Watching soccer: “Now THIS is what I’m talking about! I wish my foreign policy worked like this game: moving us forward by losing!”

Just like the Obama economy: all the good stuff’s at the top, with empty remnants of crumbs at the bottom.

Chris Henderson won with this amazing entry:

No wonder Obama likes soccer: It’s a Third World and European namby-pamby sport that often has no winners, is watched by rioting hooligans and has a red line drawn down the middle of the field that is crossed without penalty.

Zip Code (our newest Caption) King won with:

Mr President, Mr President, yoo-hoo Mr President:
(The emergency phone is ringing and all the lights are flashing.)
The President:  Is there any popcorn left?

See you all next time a photo is worthy of a PJ Media photo caption contest!

Oh wait there’s more…  I love this image from Roger Simon’s piece on the Blood Feud  book (that I am reading as I post this contest because I can not put it down.) So go ahead and caption this image, courtesy of Ed Driscoll, if you are up for a deeper, longer and more expensive audit.


Credit: Ed Driscoll



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New Caption Contest: Obama Opens Wide and More

Friday, June 27th, 2014 - by Myra Adams
Credit: Doug Mills

Credit: Doug Mills

The subject of our latest caption contest is from New York Times staff photographer Doug Mills’ Twitter account.

Mills’ caption read: “President Obama takes a bite of his ice cream at the Grand Ole Creamery in Minneapolis.”

Now I bet a double scoop that PJ Media readers are capable of writing sweeter and creamier captions.

There are no rules for this contest but just a note of caution: Obama’s IRS may be under fire but still can make your life hot enough to melt all your ice cream.

Because Doug Mills’ Twitter account is a gold mine of contest worthy photos, below is another caption writing opportunity that will be sure to catch the eyes of IRS auditors.

Credit: Doug Mills

Credit: Doug Mills

“President Obama watches the USA vs Germany World Cup game aboard Air Force One en route to Minneapolis,” read Mills’ caption.

I expect loyal contest writers will score more goals with their captions than the USA scored against Germany.

Have fun and try to stay within bounds.

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Caption Contest Winners: Democratic Party Screws Up Flag Day and More Summertime Fun

Monday, June 23rd, 2014 - by Myra Adams
Flag day

Image tweeted by DNC on Flag Day


Thanks for all who entered our latest contest. As usual, PJM readers showed the world what great believers they are in, “Truth, Justice and the American Way.” (As an aside, the first person who can identify the character associated with that slogan receives a shout-out during our next contest.)

Now, the news is bad all around: the Middle East is imploding, it’s a free-for-all on our southern border, Putin is poised to conquer the Ukraine, and since our days as a great nation are numbered, without further ado, here are the winning captions.

There was one grand pooh-bah of a winner who deserves to wrap himself in the flag and that is RockThisTown who wrote the grand prize winning caption:

Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses . . . yearning to get an EBT card.

And… RockThisTown had another winning caption that reflected a memorable Obama-ism of days gone by:

At some point, you’ve made enough American flags.

Our reigning Caption King, Chris Henderson was also a winner with a twist on another Obama-ism:

“Betsy Ross, you didn’t build that!”

Zip Code won with:

I came here for the American dream and now I find out even the ex First Lady is dead broke.

Then the great cfbleachers had several winners:

First, making light of the Democratic National Committee celebrating Flag Day with a photo tweet using red, white and blue bunting instead of a flag, he wrote:

Iraq collapsing into ISIS hands, Benghazi a swirl of deceit and corruption, Ukraine overrun by communist tanks.  … Just when American morale needs a patriotic home run…Obama and the Democrats are bunting.

Second, because making fun of the IRS is just so easy these days (before they come after us) cfbleachers wrote:

All the real US flags were being held for safekeeping by the IRS…but they lost them.

Finally, because there is nothing important happening in our nation or the world, the Vice-President of the United States threw his annual first day of summer pool party this past weekend.  Here is a photo of the jolly host with his water weapon of choice, a deadly super-soaker.  This is not an official caption contest but I am confident you will all have some fun playing around with it. See you all next time a photo is super worthy of an official PJ Media caption contest!

Biden supersoaker

Credit: David Nakamura





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New Contest: Democratic Party Screws Up Flag Day

Monday, June 16th, 2014 - by Myra Adams


Flag day

Image tweeted by DNC on Flag Day

The DemocratsVerified account‏@TheDemocrats

Happy Flag Day! pic.twitter.com/I93jQ7ji1e

BizPac Review has what I am calling a “so sad it’s funny” post about the botched attempt by the Democratic National Committee (DNC) to celebrate Flag Day on June 14.  Instead of Old Glory the DNC tweeted our contest photo.

Now all PJ Media patriots can plainly see that this is not a traditional flag, but flag bunting normally used to decorate stages and tables on patriotic occasions.

This major national faux pas would be like using a GI Joe doll to represent Veterans Day.  (Or submit your own analogy.)

Not only did the DNC tweet fail to honor the real Stars and Stripes of Flag Day but was there some perverse symbolism on display?

For example, the flag bunting resembles the Texas state flag and the child looks Hispanic. Was this image supposed to rally sympathy and support for thousands of unaccompanied minors from Central America who are flooding Texas and Arizona?

Was the DNC suggesting that all these children will soon be flag-waving Americans?

Was the DNC implying,  “With his help, Texas will turn from Red to Blue?”

Was the DNC using Flag Day to further align the party with Hispanic voters?

What subliminal message was the DNC sending by not using a real flag on Flag Day?

Am I reading too much into this?

Your mission is to caption this photo, ask some questions, or offer some thought bubbles from either the flag bunting or the adorable little boy who might be President some day.

If you are mad as hell that the party in control of the White House and the Senate can not even properly tweet a flag on Flag Day, here is your chance to vent.

The only contest rule is TRY to stay somewhat classy and patriotic.

Finally, I could not resist and must pose the question, “Is this the future of Flag Day?”

Flag a lincoln



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