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Duane Lester is a former Navy journalist. He has been a contributor at the Watchdog Arena, Right Wing News and IJ Review, and served as Editor-in-Chief at Liberty News before launching The Missouri Torch, which focused on politics in his home state of Missouri. Today, Duane writes mainly at DuaneLester.com. In 2012, Duane was the first recipient of the Breitbart Blogger Award, and in 2015 he became a graduate of the Leadership Program of the Rockies. In addition to his writing, Duane produces a weekly podcast, “The Duane Lester Show“, as well as the YouTube series, “The Paradigm Shift." Duane lives in northwest Missouri with his wife and seven children.
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Romney Invokes OWS, Says He’d Make the 1% Pay Their Fair Share, “Or More.”

Wednesday, February 22nd, 2012 - by Duane Lester

Via Buzzfeed:

YouTube Preview Image

“I am going to lower rates across the board for all Americans by 20%. And in order to limit any impact on the deficit, because I do not want to add to the deficit, and also in order to make sure we continue to have progressivity as we’ve had in the past in our code, I’m going to limit the deductions and exemptions particularly for high income folks. And by the way, I want to make sure you understand that, for middle income families, the deductibility of home mortgage interest and charitable contributions will continue. But for high income folks, we are going to cut back on that, so we make sure the top 1% pay their fair share or more.”

It’s no wonder why this campaign has been one “Not Romney” candidate after another.

If you plan to make the rich pay more than their fair share, isn’t that planning to tax productive Americans unfairly? What kind of conservative makes a promise to tax people unfairly?

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OWS Letter to the Editor Suggests Members May Storm Wall Street with Guns

Wednesday, February 22nd, 2012 - by Duane Lester

“If they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun.” – President Barack Obama

USA Today printed a letter to the editor from Rich Latta, in Austin Texas, supposedly a member of the #OWS Austin commune. In the letter, he warns:

USA TODAY’s editorial is right to say that Occupy might lack clear goals on how to move forward, but the movement has accomplished its main original goal: to protest these injustices, not by simply holding a rally and going home, but by keeping the rally going to underscore the seriousness of this problem. Your piece accuses the protesters of sitting around and doing nothing. So maybe they should take up their Second Amendment-sanctioned guns and storm Wall Street and our nation’s capitals. If our country doesn’t change, it could very well come to that one day.

Recently I educated a co-worker on Occupy Wall Street. I concluded that I didn’t think they would go quietly into the good night. I thought there would be more violence, possibly with someone like a police officer being killed by one of the groups during one of their many riots.

He looked at me like I was crazy.

When you read the above, and look at what they have done so far, is it really that crazy?

Hat Tip: Big Journalism

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Obama Romney Told Catholic Doctors to Violate Their Religious Beliefs

Thursday, February 2nd, 2012 - by Duane Lester

While the Catholic Church is righteously angered by President Obama’s refusal to keep the promises he made at Notre Dame or more recently by the new rules in Obama’s signature health care reforms that would force “Catholic universities, hospitals, and charities to provide insurance for their employees covering contraception — even though that violates church teachings,” they can take some solace in the fact they have a Republican alternative that will be more respectful of their religious beliefs.


A defining moment in Mitt Romney’s post-pro-life-conversion political career came in his third year as governor of Massachusetts, when he decided Catholic hospitals would be required under his interpretation of a new state law to give rape victims a drug that can induce abortions.

Romney announced this decision — saying it was the “right thing for hospitals” to do — just two days after he had taken the opposite position.


I’m sure today’s version of Romney would not tell Catholic doctors and health care professionals to violate their conscience, especially with the Catholic vote possibly up for grabs, but it does reinforce something said by George Soros recently.

If it comes to Obama and Romney, there really isn’t much difference.



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Dem Rep. Schakowsky on Keystone: “Twenty thousand jobs is really not that many jobs…”

Wednesday, January 25th, 2012 - by Duane Lester

Marathon Pundit John Ruberry has the unfortunate pleasure of having known socialist Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky as his representative in the House. This morning on a radio station in Chicago, she said losing all the jobs Keystone would have created really isn’t that big a deal:

Illinois’ unemployment rate is 9.8 percent, which is more than a percentage point higher than the national rate.

But my congresswoman, liberal Democrat Jan Schakowsky, dismisses our nation’s largest ‘shovel-ready’ project, the Keystone XL pipeline which will create 20,000 jobs and bring petroleum from friendly Canada and lessen our dependence on oil from the Middle East and Venezuela. Keystone will also create 100,000 support positions.

On Don Wade & Roma’s WLS-AM show this morning, Schakowsky told the hosts, ”Twenty thousand jobs is really not that many jobs [emphasis mine] and investing in green technologies will produce that and more.”

I guess it depends on if you were one of the 20,000 who really needed a job. It’s also worth noting that the socialists in Spain experimented with green energy jobs as well.

Since 2000, Spain spent 571,138 euros on each green job, including subsidies of more than 1 million euros per job in the wind industry.
The programs creating those jobs destroyed nearly 110,500 jobs elsewhere in the economy (2.2 jobs destroyed for every green job created).

But don’t worry. Spain just didn’t implement the socialism right. We’ll do it better over here. Just ask any liberal.

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Canadian Pundit Destoys ‘Post American President’ Obama’s Reasoning for Passing On Keystone XL

Friday, January 20th, 2012 - by Duane Lester

Ezra Lavant of The Source took 12 minutes to destroy, and I mean destroy, every bit of reasoning President Obama used for passing on the Keystone XL pipeline.

As Doug Brady at Conservatives for Palin notes, “Be sure to watch the whole thing and pay particular attention to the map of the alleged ‘pristine, environmentally sensitive area’ through which the pipleline will pass.”

That’s an eye opener.

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Philly Councilwoman to Retire and Collect $478,000 Pension, Then Start Back To Work On Monday

Thursday, December 29th, 2011 - by Duane Lester

A woman described as “as one of Philadelphia’s most influential, politically savvy, and pro-active public officials” is about to prove the description true.

She’s about to play the system and pocket a cool $478,000:

Marion B. Tasco, who has been described as being “politically savvy,” will retire from her sixth term as councilwoman, collect $478,057, and then be sworn in on Monday to serve her seventh term, Catherine Lucy and Chris Brennan of the Philadelphia Daily News.

How does she get away with this?

Tasco, along with many of her fellow Council members, is enrolled in Philadelphia’s Deferred Retirement Option Plan (DROP). DROP allows city workers to collect salary and build up pension money during the last four years of their employment, writes Aaron Kase of Philadelphia Weekly.

Naturally, when DROP was originally introduced, it was touted as being “revenue neutral.” It’s been anything but that. SInce its introduction, Philadelphia’s DROP program has cost the city $258 million in extra pension costs over a decade, according to a 2010 Boston College study.

I love it when politicians describe something as revenue neutral.  It’s a great indicator of their arrogance.  It tells me they believe they have considered every possible scam millions of criminals could imagine and built in safeguards to prevent them from happening.

What makes it worse is when the criminals are passing the bills…

Hat Tip:  Doug Ross

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BlogCon Mercilessly Mocks Occupy Denver’s Failed Invasion of #BlogCon11 (Video)

Friday, November 11th, 2011 - by Duane Lester

Occupy Denver, sans Shelby the dog, attempted to invade BlogCon in Denver.

My cohorts reacted brilliantly.

They mercilessly mocked them.

Video courtesy of SunshineStateSara:

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Sen. John Cornyn Makes AG Holder Squash Fast And Furious “Bush Did It Too” Argument

Wednesday, November 9th, 2011 - by Duane Lester

I have been hearing about all these programs that were going on during the Bush Administration that were just like Fast and Furious.  The only thing is, they weren’t just like Fast and Furious.

Sen. John Cornyn must read the same sites I do, because he hammered Holder on it so much, Holder admitted the programs weren’t comparable:

It has become clear that for administration apologists, the favored approach for dealing with the “Project Gunwalker” fallout is to loudly shout “Bush did it too!” (as if that would somehow mitigate the atrocity of our government aiding in the murder two of federal law enforcement officers and hundreds of Mexican citizens).  If this had not been obvious before yesterday’s Senate Judiciary Committee hearing with Attorney General Eric Holder, it certainly is now, with Senators Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) and Chuck Schumer (D-NY) enthusiastically beating that drum.

In 75 seconds of pointed questioning of Attorney General Holder (see sidebar video), Senator John Cornyn has perhaps left the excuse makers scrambling for something better.  In that time, he asked Holder if he knew that Operation Wide Receiver (the Bush-era operation) actually did involve an attempt to track the firearms, while Fast and Furious did not.  Cornyn then asked Holder if he knew that Operation Wide Receiver was run in conjunction with the Mexican government, while Fast and Furious was kept secret from not only Mexico, but from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (BATFE) attaché to Mexico, Darren Gil.  Gil, in fact, after discovering on his own what was going on, was basically pushed into retirement when he balked at the near act of war of “walking” guns into Mexico without the Mexican government’s knowledge or permission.

Holder was eventually forced into the position of having to put the “Bush did it too” excuse out of its misery himself:

Senator, I have not tried to equate the two–I have not tried to equate Wide Receiver with Fast and Furious. . . .  Again, I’m not trying to equate the two.

That’s because you can’t equate the two.  What was going on under Holder’s watch was far different, and far deadlier.

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High Profile Attorney Gloria Allred Says Cain Has High Profile Lawyer to Intimidate Women

Wednesday, November 9th, 2011 - by Duane Lester

On MSNBC, liberal lawyer Gloria Allred offered several answers on why Herman Cain has retained the services of a lawyer, including the very insightful, “Maybe he thinks he needs a lawyer?”


But she saved the best for last, when she got back on message.  That message being that Cain is nothing but a well polished harassment machine who only retained a lawyer to scare the women:

YouTube Preview Image

Now, if Cain retained a high profile attorney to intimidate women, then why did Sharon Bialet retain her high profile attorney, especially since she’s not suing anyone?

Strange, that.

Hat Tip: Gateway Pundit

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School Hires Cross Dressing Substitute for 6th Grade Humanities Class

Friday, October 28th, 2011 - by Duane Lester

Sixth graders really didn’t know how to react when they realized the sub they had was actually a man wearing a dress, so they did exactly what you’d expect:

Students said it was obvious that their substitute teacher was a man dressed in women’s clothing and from what we understand, some of the kids had a hard time settling down because they were laughing and making jokes. Some were eventually pulled out of class.

The school said as long as the teacher wasn’t violating the dress code, meaning wearing clothes that were “too short, too tight or low cut,” there’s really no issue.

Interesting. I wonder what would happened if he showed up wearing a cross on his tie.

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Graphic of the Day: #OWS vs. The Tea Party

Thursday, October 27th, 2011 - by Duane Lester

I keep hearing about how the Occupy Wall Street folks are just like the Tea Party.

There’s a few minor differences:

Hat Tip: Wizbang

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Teacher’s Union Lobbyists Sub One Day, Earn $108,000 State Pension

Tuesday, October 25th, 2011 - by Duane Lester

By getting a teacher’s license and subbing for one day, two teacher’s union lobbyists have “earned” themselves a pension double that of the average teacher.  It’s estimated they will receive over a million dollars during their lifetime:

Steven Preckwinkle, the political director for the Illinois Federation of Teachers, and fellow union lobbyist David Piccioli were the only people who took advantage of a small window opened by lawmakers a few months earlier.

The legislation enabled union officials to get into the state teachers pension fund and count their previous years as union employees after quickly obtaining teaching certificates and working in a classroom. They just had to do it before the bill was signed into law.

Preckwinkle’s one day of subbing qualified him to become a participant in the state teachers pension fund, allowing him to pick up 16 years of previous union work and nearly five more years since he joined. He’s 59, and at age 60 he’ll be eligible for a state pension based on the four-highest consecutive years of his last 10 years of work.

His paycheck fluctuates as a union lobbyist, but pension records show his earnings in the last school year were at least $245,000. Based on his salary history so far, he could earn a pension of about $108,000 a year, more than double what the average teacher receives.

His pay for one day as a substitute was $93, according to records of the Illinois Teachers Retirement System.

Over the course of their lifetimes, both men stand to receive more than a million dollars each from a state pension fund that has less than half of the assets it needs to cover promises made to tens of thousands of public school teachers. With billions of dollars in unfunded liabilities, the Illinois Teachers’ Retirement System, which serves public school teachers outside of Chicago, is one of several pension plans that are in debt as state government reels in a fiscal crisis.

The union said everything is legal and they acted on their own, but it probably should be done again in the future.  Yeah, they were that hard on the two for scamming the system out of hundreds of thousands of dollars.


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We Are the 1% of the 99%!

Tuesday, October 25th, 2011 - by Duane Lester

Socialism is hard:

Occupy Wall Street’s New York encampment has amassed nearly half a million dollars — $480,000 — since they first started, according to Brooklynite Pete Dutro, 36, of the organization’s finance committee.

But New York protesters haven’t shared one cent with other Occupy camps set up across the nation.

“We could definitely use [New York’s funds],” Vernon Johnson, a volunteer at Occupy Philly, said yesterday. “What’s the point of collecting money if you’re not releasing it to the people you’re trying to help?”

“We need money bad,” agreed fellow Philadelphia protester Kate Corbett. Occupy Philly has raised $10,000.

It’s really not that hard, kids.

New York has the loot.  They need to give according to their ability.  They should decide what they need, and put the rest up for the collective to take.

Now, each of the other Occupy camps need communicate their needs and have the loot from New York parceled out.

Hmm, but who does the parceling?  I suppose there will need to be some central “Occupy Authority” to decide what each encampment really needs.  So now you need to set that up and have all the groups petition it for money and they’ll look at the requests and decide what you need from hundreds, maybe thousands, of miles away.

Because they know best.

And I’m sure this won’t result in any favoritism or corruption.  After all, that only happens in corporations and capitalism.

Good luck!

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