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Banafsheh Zand is a New York-based Iranian political analyst and human rights activist.
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Russian War Ships Dock at the Southern Iranian Port of Bandar Abbass, on the Persian Gulf.

Thursday, December 20th, 2012 - by Banafsheh Zand

Department One of the Iranian Navy, which is hosting the Russian destroyer, announced the arrival of the vessel via a press release.  Vice-Admiral Hossein Azad, commander of Iran’s First Fleet, said on Wednesday: “The Russian Navy’s Udaloy-class destroyer Marshal Shaposhnikov (BPK 543) has docked at Iranian port of Bandar Abbas, on the Persian Gulf. The visit by the anti-submarine ship (nicknamed “submarine chaser”) is the first by a Soviet/Russian Navy ship to an Iranian port in more than 40 years. “Marshal Shaposhnikov, a Russian Udaloy-class destroyer, has docked at this port with the aim of strengthening military ties between Iran and Russia.” He added: “During this visit we plan on announcing follow-up events that will be announced at a later date.”

Russia does not have the military presence that the United States, France and Britain enjoy with their respective bases in the region. Click the photo below to enlarge it.


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They say imitation is the best form of flattery….

Sunday, November 25th, 2012 - by Banafsheh Zand

…in the case of the Islamic regime in Iran, it’s the best form of vacuousness and recalcitrance.

A mural/relief in west Tehran’s Ekbâtân subway station depicts soldiers planting the flag of the Islamic regime.

The mural is a clear lift off of Joe Rosenthal’s famous WWII photo, Raising the Flag on Iwo Jima. The photo, taken on February 23rd, 1945, is the image of five U.S. marines and a corpsman raising the flag of the United States atop Mount Suribachi in Japan.

Now, in typical vacuous Iranian regime form, a wall mural has been created in Ekbâtân subway station (which was officially opened to the public in mid-July), mimicking the celebrated American photo; the differences are that instead of the U.S. flag, an Islamic regime’s flag is being raised. Though there appears to be only one flag, the three soldiers seen in this image, all seem to be holding their own poles (some without flags) atop which, a Khamsah - or Hamza, reminiscent of the Roman Eagle standard, is seen. Also in the background field,  reliefs of the Star of David is clearly seen and from the wave of the red and green (blood and Islam) Tulips have sprung…

I wonder what Jean Baudrillard would say to this Simulacrum…


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Gazan Justice (Warning: Graphic)

Tuesday, November 20th, 2012 - by Banafsheh Zand

After murdering a “collaborator” (no trial, no sentence), the body is dragged through the streets as a warning to others. This man was only one of the six men who were killed by Hamas thugs and dragged around Gaza.

Also tweeted by Anderson Cooper, here.




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Widow of assassinated Lebanese General Refuses Iranian Ambassador’s condolence

Sunday, October 28th, 2012 - by Banafsheh Zand

Anna, wife of Brigadier Wissam Al-Hassan, the assassinated chief of Lebanese intelligence refused to accept condolences from the Iranian ambassador to Lebanon.

Anti-Iranian and anti-Hezbollah media outlets in Lebanon published this image showing Anna Al-Hassan rejecting Ghazanfar Roknabadi, the Iranian regime’s representative to Beirut. Lebanon News quoted a member of the March 14th Coalition saying: “Even if you kiss her feet she will not forgive you. It is shameful that these characters kill people and then have the gall to show up at the funeral.”

Wissam Al-Hassan, 47, who was a strong opponent of Syria, was killed in a massive car bomb Friday. During the summer, he hunted down pro-Syria Lebanese officials and in 2005 he implicated Syria and Hezbollah in the assassination of the former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri.


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Iranian Cash Found in the Pockets of Assad’s Dead Soldiers

Friday, October 26th, 2012 - by Banafsheh Zand

Warning: This is a graphic video.

YouTube Preview Image

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[VIDEOS] Unrest Escalates in Iran

Wednesday, October 3rd, 2012 - by Banafsheh Zand
YouTube Preview Image


The protesters here are chanting: “Cannons, tanks and missiles…The Dollar must come down” (Toop, tank, feshfesheh, Dollar baayad kam besheh)

YouTube Preview Image


Chanting : Unity, Unity (Etehaad, etehaad)

YouTube Preview Image

See previous posts on the protests here and here.



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[VIDEOS] More Footage From Today’s Protests Throughout Iran

Wednesday, October 3rd, 2012 - by Banafsheh Zand

Today from Tehran — People are chanting: “Righteous Bazaari, support, support” (Bazaari’eh baa-ghayrat, hehmaayat, hehmaayat)

YouTube Preview Image


Regime security forces trolling the Tehran Bazaar, harassing business owners who have gone on strike and closed their shops.

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image




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[EXCLUSIVE VIDEOS] New Round of Anti-Regime Protests Begins in Tehran

Wednesday, October 3rd, 2012 - by Banafsheh Zand

Below: Today, in Tehran — Strikes in the Tehran Bazaar over the escalation of the sale price of the dollar and the plunge of the Iranian Rial.

YouTube Preview Image


Protest in Toopkhaaneh Square in Tehran. Protesters chanting: “Let go of Syria, start thinking about us.” (Suriyeh raa rahaa kon, fekri beh haal’eh maa kon.)

YouTube Preview Image


Iranians, sick of the bankrupt Iranian economy and the corruption of the Iranian regime leader protest in the streets of Tehran. People are chanting: “We are all together, let us not fear.” (Maa, hameh baa ham hasteem, natarseem, natarseem.)

YouTube Preview Image


More to come…



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Mr. President, Can I Hitch a Ride to Freedom?

Sunday, September 30th, 2012 - by Banafsheh Zand

An Iranian cameraman who entered the US as Ahmadinejad’s media crew requested political asylum from America.

Hassan Golkhandan, a veteran cameraman for the Iranian regime’s TV and Radio Seda o Sima. This was the second time Golkhandan had accompanied A’jad to NY. His family are said to have left Iran a while back and are safe, in Turkey.

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A’jad’s NY Meeting of Ideological Mob Bosses

Sunday, September 30th, 2012 - by Banafsheh Zand

Left to right: One Rev. Dr. Elyas D. Mallon, Louis Farrakhan, Iranian regime's UN Rep. Mohammad Khazaei, A'jad, A'jad's bossom buddy Esfandiar Rahim Mashaei (who has had so many jobs in the cabinet, it's hard to keep up with what his title is now!), Former US Attorney General under Lyndon Johnson and defender of all murderers and fascists, Ramsey Clark, A mullah I have not yet identified, a non-Iranian man I have also not as of yet identified and finally, the A'jad's foreign minister, Salehi.

It’s a scene out of the Simpsons: A boardroom meeting of all the show’s meanies and bloodsuckers, with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in the role of Montgomery Plantagenet Shicklegruber Burns.

As you see in Ahmadinejad’s own pwesidential website, the photos and the article about this meeting of the mob-minds, shows a room full of reporters, yet I don’t recall seeing any of these photos in the major international media outlets.  Gateway Pundit and Daily Caller wrote about it but nothing much else was reported. Isn’t this newsworthy stuff?!

Anyhow, glad Mr. Ahmadinejad deemed it necessary to boast about this event and offer us these clear photos. I will underline one little point though: notice how the names of his esteemed panel members are not included in the item. Search for yourself, you will not see the names of a single one of the panelists mentioned.

Agenda for this show of complicity, you ask? A new world order overseen by none other than the Iranian regime. Let’s face it, that regime has bolstered plenty of thugs; case in point, the Muslim Brotherhood. If it wasn’t for the Khomeinists throwing wads of cash at them in the early years of the revolution, the MB would have probably been nothing more than a flash in the pan. It was that regime’s bolstering of the MB that afforded them such longevity. Anyhow, I digress.



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[VIDEO] New Broken Down and Properly Explained Version of the Video of the Incident Surrounding Ahmadinejad’s Spokesman

Saturday, September 29th, 2012 - by Banafsheh Zand

In the last few days some shameful media outlets (Reuters for one) have decided to take the lies of the Iranian regime and propagandize the situation, as always, by claiming that it was in fact the MEK that chased after Ramin Mehmanparast in NY, on Wednesday. As you will see, the video explains that there were many people, the ones with the gold-yellow balloons and vests were indeed MEK but there were 3 of them; the rest were average Iranians who were at the rally and who felt the need to give this monster a taste of his own medicine.

I have received a few emails and seen on Facebook comments, arguments that this was unacceptable and that it should never have happened. With all due respect to those critics who have the right to their opinions and whose right I respect, if they do not agree, they do not have to either promote the videos or participate in any such incident but allow others to express themselves. Nothing violent happened and the man got a real taste of the horror that the regime he chooses to work for, inflicts on people in Iran and elsewhere around the world, on a daily, no hourly basis. Iranians have fought valiantly and have never so much as allowed a single guard on the street to be harmed, so fairness and proportionality when weighing the circumstances, would be greatly appreciated and apropos.

YouTube Preview Image



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[VIDEO] From Within the Cluster of People Attacking Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s Spokesman

Wednesday, September 26th, 2012 - by Banafsheh Zand

He’s being called a murderer…then chants of “terrorist”…they’re calling him a “bastard.” “Get lost and go back into your hotel…What are you doing in New York you sick criminal?”

“Yeah, you scared sh*t run away and go stand next to the police.”

YouTube Preview Image

See the first video here.

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A’jad & Fellow Thugs in Mid-Air

Monday, September 24th, 2012 - by Banafsheh Zand







Looks odd to me though given the fact that they’re facing the front of the cabin while flying west, which is DEFINITELY not facing in the direction of  Mecca!

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Once Again the Rancid Odors of Mamooti* Take Over Manhattan!

Monday, September 24th, 2012 - by Banafsheh Zand

Cartoon by Iranian cartoonist Baadbaan

* Mamooti is a nickname for Mahmood.

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Russia Taking Steps to Ban the Koran & Deport Sharia Supporters

Tuesday, September 18th, 2012 - by Banafsheh Zand

KavkazCenter.com reports that Russia is taking steps to ban the Koran and deport Sharia supporters. Let’s see if that’ll bring out people who are willing to go and burn Russian embassies in the North African and other Muslim countries. I bet you it won’t because the Russians know how to keep their enemies closer.

Take Russia’s relationship with the Iranian regime. Without getting into historical back-stories, take Russia’s relationship with the Iranian Mullahs! Mark my words, the Iranian regime won’t say boo to protest this to Russia; the same way the Iranian regime elite stayed silent as the grave when in 2009, the Chinese regime was attacking the Uighur,  jailing and killing Chinese Muslims.

And last but not least on the juicy Ruskie-Khomeinist front, in case you missed this tidbit: Though many of us Iranians suspected it, it recently came to light, thanks to the rather interesting slip of an RT reporter’s lip…guess who was revealed to have been a student during the early ’60′s, studying away, at Moscow’s Patrice Lemumba International School of Friendship? ~ * ~ Wait for it…The Supreme Leader Himself, Seyed Ali Khamenei (check out the below video). Now, that’s just one of those things that makes you go hmmmmm…

YouTube Preview Image

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Lies, Damn Lies and Fake Statistics

Monday, September 10th, 2012 - by Banafsheh Zand

This banner which is entitled “Return to Chastity” (in red on top of the sign) and hung in areas of Iran reads:

Findings by researchers from the IG Research Group based in the heart of New York shows that contrary to their predecessors from previous generation, today’s New York girls even prefer to cover up and not show off as much. — Signed: The Bandar’eh Anzali Basij Resistance Forces (Hezbollah Auxiliary Militia)

Now, I have searched high and low for this fictitious IG Research Group that is based in New York City (and I live in NYC) and there is NO such group and if there is, it neither has a website by the name of the IG Research Group or anything else, nor is it listed with the NY State Corporations and Non-Profits bureau, and finally, it is not listed in any of the NY City or NY State phone listings. As you see friends, the Iranian regime makes it up as it goes along.

But in a world where Lebanese tattooed girls supporting Hezbollah (left) walk around with their tramp stamps hanging out, I’m thinking that the Iranian regime’s hoping no one sees what kinds of women really support them.

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“How to Eliminate Israel from the Planet,” the Iranian regimes give its own book an award

Sunday, December 4th, 2011 - by Banafsheh Zand

How to Eliminate Israel, a book written by a group seminarians in the city of Qom, was being promoted at the 13th book fair held in the north eastern Province of Khorasan Province, last week.

In an interview with RASA News, Hojjat ol’Eslam Mohammad Ebrahim-Nia, who headed up the team of writers, said: “How to Eliminate Israel won the Book of the Year award in the ‘soft war’ book category at the fair. Three thousand copies of this first edition of the 180-page book has been published by the Khorasan branch of the Ministry of Islamic culture and guidance. The book is seven chapters and it covers the Israeli mentality and weak points, the Israeli people’s crimes, warnings given to Muslims about the Jews in the Quran, and the effective methods of dealing with them. Also, other than current translations of relevant verses from the Quran, the book includes pictures of Zionists associated with the themes of the cited verses and relevant statements made by Jewish thinkers. The content and title of the book are based on religious rulings issued by Ayatollah Khomeini, who judged that the elimination of the State of Israel is a religious duty similar to other duties to which all Muslims are committed. The verses of the Quran which discuss the Jews are always applicable, and there is no other people about which the Quran warns the Muslims as much as the Jews, who continue their crimes against the Muslim nation.”

Ebrahim-Nia opined that there is generally a shortage of attention given to the struggle against Israel by the Iranian regime’s own institutions which should be considered the most dangerous enemy facing Muslims. He added:  “The issue of Israel is evidently not a top priority for the government which is involved in dealing with other matters. I urge all young students and seminarians to turn the instructions of our Supreme Leader, regarding the adaptation of education of the seminaries to the needs of the society, into reality. If this is done, the enemy will know that the entire Muslim nation is committed to implementing the Supreme Leader’s instructions, and will not even dare threaten a military attack.”

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Bahraini Shia opposition launches its own satellite network

Wednesday, June 8th, 2011 - by Banafsheh Zand

The Bahraini opposition satellite network, Lulu TV, began broadcasting its programming on Monday. Named after Lulu (Pearl) Square in Manama,  the area is thought of as the pivotal point of the protests in Bahrain.

Following Tehran’s Azadi Square and Egypt’s Tahrir Square, the Pearl Square’s 300-foot monument was torn down by the Bahraini authorities in March at the beginning of the Shia-led protests that are said to have the Iranian regime behind them.

Now Iranian-regime run media, led by the notorious Press TV, as well as news outlets sympathetic to Tehran, are boasting about the launch of the Shia run TV station, calling it the voice of the Bahraini revolution.

On Monday, European satellite companies such as Atlantic Bird 4A 7.0ºW, which belongs to the French Eutelsat and the Egyptian Nilesat, launched Lulu TV’s transmission.

This network, which is in direct opposition to Bahrain’s official broadcasting company, is said to be totally backed by the regime in Tehran.

The first image broadcast from the network was an animation of Pearl monument in Lulu square rebuilding itself, created by the Bahraini protesters.

YouTube Preview Image

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Iranian subs start to troll the Red Sea

Tuesday, June 7th, 2011 - by Banafsheh Zand

The Fars news agency, which is run by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, reported today that Iran has launched its first ever Iranian built submarines to the Red Sea. This is the first time such deployment has been attempted by the Iranian navy.

Quoting an anonymous source, Fars wrote that the submarines mission is to conduct an information gathering expedition in international waters in an attempt to identify and ascertain the capabilities of other countries’ naval vessels. Also due to several attempts on Iranian frigates by Somali pirates, the subs are meant to act in an ‘escorting’ capacity to those vessels passing through to the Red sea via the Gulf of Aden.

For now, there are no details regarding the number of submarines or specifics on their capabilities.

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Iranian Basiji students head to Bahrain on their own flotilla

Friday, April 22nd, 2011 - by Banafsheh Zand

Two hundred Iranian pro-regime students, members of the Basiji militia, stationed in the gulf city of Bushehr have sailed to Bahrain on their own flotilla to join the Bahraini Shiite protesters.

In an interview with the Iranian Student’s News Agency, Abbas Aalizadeh, public relations spokesperson for the so-called students claimed that this was ‘a spontaneous act on the part of the students and that they were not acting as anyone’s proxy and the ships were privately owned.’ Aalizadeh added: “We are determined and we will stay on our path to see the mission through.”

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Iran executes Jewish-Armenian couple in secret

Saturday, March 26th, 2011 - by Banafsheh Zand

On Monday, March 13th, the Iranian regime executed, in secret, a Jewish-Armenian (Orthodox Christian) couple along with three other individuals in Tehran’s Evin prison.  Ms. Adiva Mirza-Soleiman was of the Jewish faith who along with her Armenian husband, Varouzhan Petrossian, was executed. The Iranian regime has refused to disclose the specific charges against the five, that lead to their execution.

Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA) reports that though Iranian court part 28  confirmed that the five were in fact executed, they refused to surrender their bodies to their relatives for burial. The families of the couple who had planned to bury each of them according to each of their faith’s funeral customs have been threatened and arrested.

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Syrian protests make Tehran nervous

Thursday, March 24th, 2011 - by Banafsheh Zand

Fearing for the stability of its only real ally in the region, the Iranian regime media outlets have begun to downplay and even disparage the protests in Syria, claiming that what is happening in Libya, Bahrain and other countries in the region have nothing to do with what is happening in Syria.

The Islamic Republic News Agency also reports that Bashar Jafari, the Syrian representative to the U.N. has also said: “Those who who compare the issues in Syria with events in Libya and other parts of the region are delusional. There is an Arabic proverb that says human beings are always claiming to know things about things they know nothing. The major global problem today is the ignorance of some of the world leaders. Anyone who claims to know what is happening in Syria without knowing anything about Syria has proven to be ignorant.”

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EXCLUSIVE: Iranian Revolutionary Guard plane impounded in Turkey contained millions of $$ in cash, as well as arms

Thursday, March 24th, 2011 - by Banafsheh Zand

The Green Experts of Iran website reports that the IRGC (Russian-built Ilyshin) cargo plane that the Turkish government forced to land in the Diyarbakir airport in Turkey on Saturday was carrying 600 kilos of explosives, as well as rocket launchers, mortars and Kalashnikovs.

According to the report the amount of $560 million (US) in cash was also been discovered on the Iranian regime-owned plane.

The report also notes that Turkish authorities who were tipped off by several sources, including one American military source, requested that the pilot of the cargo plane land on Turkish soil. The pilot is said to have refused at which point Turkish military aircrafts forcibly escorted the plane to land at Diyarbakir.

Turkish authorities are said to have requested a list of the contents of the plane from Tehran to compare to a list that they themselves have compiled.  But given the fact that the Iranian regime will never admit to trafficking arms and money to Lebanon and other parts of the middle east, we can rest assured that this sum of money belonging to the people of Iran, like other amounts that the regime elite have embezzled, is forfeit. And that Turkish officials will let this little infraction go too, after they receive their several million dollars to sweep it all under the rug.

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Iranian regime thugs attack Saudi consulate in Mash’had

Saturday, March 19th, 2011 - by Banafsheh Zand

On Friday a large number of plain clothes members of the Iranian Basiji militia attacked the Saudi consulate in the north Eastern Iranian city of Mash’had. The Basijis hurled bricks and rocks at the consulate’s windows, shattering sheets of glass on the side of the consulate building. The so-called protesters also chanted slogans about the Saudi consulate being a nest of spies ‘owned’ by the Zionist regime of Israel!

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Iran’s Latest Naval Toy

Wednesday, March 16th, 2011 - by Banafsheh Zand

Last August Iran announced that it had come into possession of a single Bladerunner 51 Bradstone Challenger, a British-built boat, originally designed to be a luxury tender for a yacht. The boat, which came to be thought of as the world’s fastest in 2005, is capable of circling all of Britain in just over 27 hours, averaging 63.5 miles per hour.
The Iranian regime managed to get it’s hands on the Bladerunner through back channels, bypassing sanctions.

Jeremy Watts, the CEO of the Surrey-based company,  Ice Marine which designed and manufactures the boat commented on Iran’s tactics in acquiring one of their products by saying:

“…Iran managed to acquire one through smoke-screen tactics. The boat was based in the Med and being used as a luxury tender for a yacht when it was acquired by a South African dealer a years ago who said it was going to a wealthy man in Mozambique.”

Now, more than a couple of years after getting their hands on the Bladerunner, they have been modified, replicated and mass produced by the Iranian regime. Iran’s modifications however mean that their boats are equipped with missiles and torpedo launchers, prepared for trolling the Persian Gulf, the Indian Ocean and Red Sea.

Iran is infamous for seizing and detaining people on the waters of the Persian Gulf, claiming that they have tread on Iranian waters. In 2007, fifteen British Seamen were detained by the Iranian regime and over the years many other incidents have occurred.

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“Those evil evil Iranian opposition people make up lies about our Supreme Leader…”

Wednesday, March 16th, 2011 - by Banafsheh Zand

One of the fun parts of being an active member of the Iranian opposition is that the Iranian regime can’t help handing us sticks to hit them with. This week, the Iranian Revolutionary Guard website, Javan Online provides us once again, with yet another fine case in point.

Recently the Iranian press reported a flurry of messages on Twitter and Facebook from inside Iran that reported that Khamenei had suffered a heart attack. According to “eyewitnesses” during the wee hours of the morning, on Wednesday March 2nd, a large number of high-ranking revolutionary guards, senior clerics and various other regime officials were seen entering the private hospital (in Tehran’s exclusive Lashkarak section) that caters to only the highest ranking officials and is armed to the teeth with guards.

Though the regime-run media were slower than usual on the uptake and hesitated for a day (usually they react within whiplash speed) before denying this news. But now that they have, they’ve gone into one of their Uriah Heep postures of cloying humility, claiming to have been yet again once again, attacked and victimized by the ‘evil’ Iranian opposition that fabricates rumor after rumors in order to confuse public opinion. As if anyone really needs to do that where the Mullahs & IRGC Partners, Inc. are concerned.

They always have to have the last word, they always tip their hand. It’s impossible for them to just shut up.

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Iranian delegation heading to NY, again!

Tuesday, March 8th, 2011 - by Banafsheh Zand

Recently Ali-Akbar Salehi, Iran’s new foreign minister and former Iranian representative to the IAEA complained about America’s ‘inappropriate behavior’ but added that should this behavior be corrected, that relations between the U.S. and Iran can in fact improve. While the Iranian regime’s propaganda apparatus continues to call the U.S., ‘The Great Satan’, BBC Persian reveals that Esfandiar Rahim-Mashai, Ahmadinejad’s highly controversial chief of staff, has applied for a U.S. visa in order to travel to New York with a political delegation.

The Beeb writes:

“In an interview with the BBC, a high ranking official from the U.S. Department of State who wished to remain anonymous, has confirmed that an Iranian political delegation has applied for visas in order to travel to New York. Reliable sources have informed the offices of BBC Persian in Washington that the delegation will be headed by Esfandiar Rahim-Mashai. The aim of the delegation’s trip is to participate in the United Nations’ Earth Day which coincides with Norooz (the Iranian New Year) and according to the anonymous State Department source, it is likely that various meetings with American officials to discuss the prospect of the improvement of relations between the two countries will also take place. The U.S. Department of State has not yet announced whether the visa applications have been granted.”

Back in September Rahim-Mashai, whose daughter is married to Ahmadinejad’s son, accompanied Ahmadinejad to New York City for the U.N. General Assembly session. Rahim-Mashi was filmed by Voice of America reporters telling off Iranian activists (who just happened to catch him brazenly strolling through the protesters at the Dag Hammerskjold Plaza) who demanded answers in the case of Sakineh Mohammadi-Ashtiani, who was sentenced to execution by stoning. Rahim-Mashai then claims that Sakineh had in fact not been, as of yet, sentenced. Of course upon his return to Iran, Rahim-Mashai was then faced with vehement attacks by the head of the Iranian judiciary, Sadegh Larijani, for having spoken out of turn.

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Delusional Basij boss Naghdi’s claims U.S. states are one by one rising against government

Tuesday, March 1st, 2011 - by Banafsheh Zand

On Monday, Basiji commandant Mohammad-Reza Naghdi laughed off sanctions placed on him by US Treasury and said: “If I were in fact rich, I would squirrel my money away in a safe country, not the U.S. The U.S. has reached such an all time low that they have to get permission from every member of the Security Council to block my alleged bank accounts. I’m announcing to U.S. officials right here and now that they better extricate their ships and frigates out of our region as we here will take them as war booty. Currently six American states are heading toward a revolution in order to gain their independence and the U.S. is on the brink of an internal crisis. So again, I say to U.S. leaders that it is to your benefit to pull all your military forces and armament out of our part of the world, as you will soon need them to put down the revolution in your own country. ‘The Fictitiously United States of America’ is now facing a major social upheaval and six of the states in the south, which have been held at gunpoint by their so-called law enforcement, are ready to secede; and the good news is that they are willing to fight for their independence.”

Naghdi is said to have embezzled several hundred million dollars from the Iranian coffers, invested in various businesses in Macau and elsewhere around the world.

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Iran’s Ministry of Islamic Culture & Guidance threatens foreign media with expulsion

Tuesday, February 22nd, 2011 - by Banafsheh Zand

Mohammad-Javad Aghajari, director of the foreign press bureau of the Iranian Ministry of Islamic culture and guidance has announced that the regime is cracking down on ‘negative’ broadcasts from inside Iran. In an interview with the regime-run Fars News, Aghajari said that those members of the foreign press residing in Iran who ‘take it upon themselves’ to report damaging information will not be tolerated.

“The news and broadcasts produced by foreign press based in Iran will be observed and evaluated on a daily basis; we are extremely clear on our guidelines; all foreign press bureaus inside Iran must be vigilant on their legal duties and will be held accountable,” Aghajari said. The enforcement of the “no bad news” rule will require regular meetings with the journalists and producers. “We will let their representatives know what our expectations are and then, if they wish, they can respond. For example the BBC’s Jon Lyne who was stationed in Iran was expelled from Iran due to his activities.”

Oddly, the Beeb has long towed the political correctness line where the Iranian regime is concerned.  But the regime is under a lot of pressure, and wants the world—inside and outside Iran’s borders—ignorant of what’s going on.

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Karroubi in ultimate danger in Tehran

Monday, February 21st, 2011 - by Banafsheh Zand

Members of the Iranian regime’s ‘parliament’ and basij have thrown sonic grenades at opposition leader Mehdi Karroubi’s residence & members of the regime have put out a declaration announcing that they are waiting on an order from the ‘Fuhrer’ Khamenei to hand down the final order to cut Karroubi & his wife, Fatemeh’s heads off & to parade their heads in squares around Tehran. They are sociopaths going for broke.

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AIDS in Iran’s ‘holy’ city of Qom

Saturday, February 19th, 2011 - by Banafsheh Zand

Dr. Ebrahim Hadji-Mozaffari, director of the Health and Wellness organization of the province of Qom has reported that as of March 21, 2010, ninety six people have died in the holy city of Qom, due to complications from AIDS; three were women and ninety three were men.

Also during this period 522 individuals have been diagnosed with full blown AIDS in Qom, of which 477 of them are men and 45 are women.

The skyrocketing of HIV/AIDS in Iran is mainly fueled by an epidemic of injecting drug use as well as sexual transmission. Iran has the largest heroin problem in the world.

In a recent editorial, the German publication Die Welt finally divulged that the Iranian regime itself is in fact the biggest drug dealer in the world, a fact also confirmed by top-secret dispatches from the U.S. Embassy in Azerbaijan and revealed by Wikileaks. Iranians have known and reported this for years.

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