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Joseph Addison and Sir Richard Steele first published the Tatler in London in 1709. It was a periodical that ran three times weekly over the course of a couple of years, and covered the news and cultural items of its day.  According to the Encyclopedia Britannica:

At first its avowed intention was to present accounts of gallantry, pleasure, and entertainment, of poetry, and of foreign and domestic news. These all were reported and “issued” from various London coffee and chocolate houses. In time The Tatler began to investigate manners and society, establishing its principles of ideal behaviour, its concepts of a perfect gentleman and gentlewoman, and its standards of good taste. Dueling, gambling, rakish behaviour, and coquettishness were criticized, and virtuous action was admired.

So Addison & Steele were the bloggers of their day.  It’s with a tip of the hat to them that PJM and PJTV have established The PJ Tatler.  The quote on our masthead is from Steele.  We’re not sure we agree with them regarding dueling, though.