Obama’s America was one of the largest grossing documentary films of all time in addition to being a #1 non-fiction bestseller, and America is also expected to do well at the box office. Isn’t the Times worried about its credibility?

Why should they be? The only people who subscribe to the Times are probably in agreement that D’Souza’s book should be disappeared. The editors couldn’t care less what a few conservatives think about censoring Mr. D’Souza’s work. If they stay true to form, there won’t be a review of either the book or the movie. Or, if they do deign to recognize the book or movie, you can probably guess what those reviews would be like.

The Times doesn’t have the power any more to make or break a publication or film. But the bestseller list is still influential in publishing circles, and not including D’Souza’s work when it deserves to be may mean some lost sales, but hardly a disaster. Those wishing to read it will find it.

And there’s nothing the New York Times can do to stop that.