As for his emotional outburst, here was a kid on pins and nails for 72 hours waiting for a call telling him his lifelong dream — something he had put countless hours in on the practice field, the weight room, and on Saturdays for four years — had come true. We’ve seen it countless times as straight men got the same call and broke down, kissing their girlfriends or wives. And yet so many of us lose it when a guy that no one suspected was gay until he came out exchanges a love smack with his significant other.

I’m sure there will be many in the comments who will express outrage at the kiss, and probably at me for not caring a whit what Mr. Sam does with whomever he wishes to do it with. I found nothing disgusting about it, nothing remotely sexual. I also don’t see anything that would harm children in viewing a same-sex kiss — except perhaps it might elicit some questions that nervous parents might not be prepared to answer.

Save your outrage for something serious — like an incompetent president — and leave Michael Sam and his boyfriend alone.