The Roman emperors dealt with Christianity by trying to send a message that it was dangerous to follow the teachings of Christ. Particularly brutal public executions were designed to make anyone think twice about joining the sect.

But the unintentional consequence of the emperor’s reign of terror was that the public executions of Christians set a shining example of grace and courage that many Romans admired — as much as they admired such attributes in the arena or in their army. Rather than snuff out Christianity, the brutality caused a flood of new converts.

Kim may not have bargained for something similar happening here. The types of people who will defy Kim’s anger are exactly the types most able to spread the Good News and give courage and hope to others.

In the meantime, I await the cries of outrage from western governments, whose very existence and animating ideals can be traced directly to the Christian church. Recently, it seems that most western countries are fleeing their foundational past rather than rediscovering the moral underpinnings of their beginnings that made their societies the richest, and the freest, in the world.

Time to remember them now.