Past the hypocrisy of the left, we run into their gullibility and stupidity. Leftists consistently slam the greed and evil of big business, increasingly devalue hard work in favor of creative laziness, and cast government as society’s great salvation. They do this even as it has become clear that the big government they want is often equal parts incompetence and thuggery. Big government is spying on our Facebook updates while it misses Russia preparing to invade Ukraine. Big government gave us Obamacare, which is driving doctors out of practice, canceling millions of Americans’ health care, and strangling hiring. Big government couldn’t even manage to roll out its awful Obamacare competently. And big government in the form of the IRS has put its boot on the throat of Americans who wanted to organize and express their rights to peaceably assemble and make their views known. In the Obama age, big government is unchecked and getting bigger.

For all the power that big business wields, though, nothing on this earth wields more power than the federal government. The federal government is everywhere, not just inside our borders, but all over the world. It’s collecting taxes over here, keeping landowners from using their own land over there, pushing new regulations on car makers, telling fuel makers exactly what they can and cannot do, spying on our cell phone use, etc etc, all the time, everywhere.

No business or insurance company — the left’s perennial targets — exercises anything close to the power of the government. Because the government is so powerful, and because it handles so much money and information, it is obviously a magnet for greed and corruption. It is obviously a magnet for people who want to force their will onto other people. Where Americans have the choice to work for a big business or not, and until Obamacare had the choice of which insurance to buy or even whether to buy insurance at all, Americans often have no choice when federal regulations and federal bureaucrats are concerned. You will do what it says or, in many cases, you will end up losing your property and your livelihood and even going to jail. A powerful government is going to attract tyrants, both petty and not so petty.

But despite their claim to want everyone to be free, leftists never seem to have a problem with government getting bigger and bigger and more and more powerful.

They’re either gullible — unaware that a powerful government is going to attract greedy people who lust for power for themselves — or they’re not very smart about how the world works and how despicable people can really be. Or they’re just dishonest about it all, and don’t really care about fairness, don’t really resent privilege as long as it benefits the right people, and are fine with government accumulating more power because they expect that that power will end up benefiting them in some way.