But someone is silent on the matter of persecution, and his name is Barack Obama. He gives lip service to the plight of Christians around the world, but does nothing at all to help them. In fact, he abandoned the Iraqi Christians Powers cites and sided with the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. He wanted America involved in Syria on the Brotherhood’s side. That group foments pogroms against Christians. President Obama brings their representatives into the White House. The Democratic Party is likewise silent, when it isn’t being unhelpful, on the matter of persecution (politically, the strength of the American family and church are unhelpful to the Democrats’ electoral fortunes). Powers is aware of the Democrats’ shameful silence, and even obliquely wrote about it, while blaming conservatives. Take this passage:

Wolf and Rep. Anna Eshoo (D-CA) sponsored legislation last year to create a special envoy at the State Department to advocate for religious minorities in the Middle East and South-Central Asia. It passed in the House overwhelmingly, but died in the Senate. Imagine the difference an outcry from constituents might have made. The legislation was reintroduced in January and again passed the House easily. It now sits in the Senate. According to the office of Sen. Roy Blunt (R-MO), the sponsor of the bill there, there is no date set for it to be taken up.

How dishonest is this? Doesn’t Sen. Harry Reid and his Democratic Party control the Senate, Ms. Powers? The Republicans control the House and passed the legislation that you say is vital. Then why are you not praising the Republican House leadership, and castigating the Democrats who run the Senate, on this matter? Would Reid and company have even listened to an outcry from church leaders? The Democrats as a party trash America’s conservative Christians with alarming stridency and regularity — we’re waging a “war on women,” remember? Its far-left base actively hates on Christians among its blogs and media outlets every single day. Powers almost never has an unkind word for them.

Why didn’t Powers take them to task? Because she is a Democrat first, and a Christian second, and criticism of conservatives always trumps supporting fellow Christians. One need not take my word for it. One merely needs to see which side gets direct fire from Powers, and which side consistently gets a pass.

Powers wasn’t done covering for her fellow Democrats.

Wolf has complained loudly of the State Department’s lack of attention to religious persecution, but is anybody listening? When American leaders meet with the Saudi government, where is the public outcry demanding they confront the Saudis for fomenting hatred of Christians, Jews, and even Muslim minorities through their propagandistic tracts and textbooks? In the debate on Syria, why has the fate of Christians and other religious minorities been almost completely ignored?

Who is the secretary of state, Ms. Powers, and who appointed him to that post? I believe that John Kerry holds that office, that Barack Obama put him there, and that both are Democrats.

As Ms. Powers writes in that same piece, “Not to speak is to speak.” As a prominent Democrat who may end up working in a Hillary Clinton campaign and White House, Powers’ active and knowing silence screams louder than the engine on a fighter jet.

The situation that we have in the United States is by no means as dire as what Christians face in Egypt, across the Middle East and into Africa. Those Christians do face a type of Jim Crow discrimination and worse — often perpetrated by governments, brutal, oppressive, toxic and often lethal. Christians are being deprived of livelihoods, property and life just because they are Christians. America’s Christians face the prospect of our government undermining our religious faith and freedoms in seemingly small ways now — forcing us to pay for abortifacient drugs against our consciences, and forcing us to participate in weddings that our faith teaches us are not within the bounds of what God established. That’s small compared to the burning of churches and murdering whole families, taking place in the Middle East.

It’s small, but it’s a start.

Saul eventually saw the light and became Paul, the unparalleled first century defender and propagator of the Christian faith. There is still time for Ms. Powers to change her trajectory.