Battleground Texas has our state’s name in its, but it is not a Texas group. It is led by out-of-state operatives who hail from Barack Obama’s presidential campaigns. It is bringing the values and tactics of those campaigns into Texas in an attempt to shape Texas toward those out-of-state values. Those values  – curbing Second Amendment rights, expanding federal government power at the expense of the states, Obamacare, on-demand late-term abortion, high taxes, extreme and economically damaging regulations — do not play well in Texas. The majority here soundly reject them.

Davis has allied her campaign to Battleground Texas and its values, even lumping in her fundraising totals with theirs to claim that her campaign is outraising the Republicans. Having made that choice, she has not given herself the option of ignoring the videos showing Battleground Texas advocating forging election documents, and engaging in what appears to be illegal data-gathering activity.

The media in Texas, which have the duty of fairly covering this election and which have covered the old remarks of a rock star who supports a Republican candidate non-stop for the past couple of days, must ask Wendy Davis for her opinion of the content of those videos. Not for her opinion of Project Veritas or James O’Keefe, but for her opinion of what Battleground Texas operatives are saying and doing in those videos.

Wendy Davis should join Dewhurst and Paxton in calling for an investigation of Battleground Texas. If she does not, the media should put her on the spot, as it has put Republicans on the spot about a far less important issue than the integrity of our elections. If she does not, and if the media do not call her to account for the actions of her allies with the same energy it has called for and obtained an apology from Ted Nugent, what will that say about the media’ fairness? What will silence say about the character and values of Wendy Davis?

Wendy Davis must either explain and defend her continued alliance with Battleground Texas, or disavow the group and send it packing. The media must make sure that she makes that choice in front of all the eyes of Texas.