The Texas law was spurred by the grisly case of abortionist Dr. Kermit Gosnell in Pennsylvania. Gosnell conducted late-term abortions in a substandard, filthy clinic. He kept souvenirs of his kills and he endangered the lives of women for decades. He is serving life in prison for his heinous crimes.

Davis told reporter John McCormack that she wasn’t familiar with the Gosnell case at all when she filibustered the law that was spawned by that case. Though Davis did claim that Gosnell operated his slaughterhouse in an ambulatory surgery center — which was not true, and which the Texas law that Davis opposed corrected for abortion clinics in the state.

So, Wendy Davis doesn’t do her homework, doesn’t understand the law she became famous for opposing, but now says she would support part of that law.

What are Texans supposed to make of Wendy Davis now?

Wendy Davis has either become thoroughly confused on what she really believes, has no core beliefs and does not really know very much, or she is just trying to confuse all of Texas with all of these absurd, near daily position changes.