Even McDonnell’s smear of the chef fits in with the pattern described in the federal indictment: McDonnell was willing to bear false witness against a lowly chef, to wreck the chef’s reputation. He was the governor, after all, so who would believe a mere chef?  The power and prestige of the office was leveraged to thrust doubt at the chef’s story of corruption and graft inside the mansion, just as the power and prestige of the office was previously used to snag free golf, hot tub covers, and Rolexes.


McDonnell’s collapse has another life lesson: when Republicans sell out to the left, they get nothing in return.  I’ve documented for over a year McDonnell’s close work with Soros-funded leftist groups like the Advancement Project.  He even crowed about it on the governor’s website.

McDonnell pushed hard to gain the automatic rights of felons to vote in Virginia.  The left demanded it, and McDonnell thought he could get support in the black and leftist community by adopting their felon-voting cause.

So where is the Advancement Project today? Are they defending McDonnell or doing anything to help his cause? Is the Advancement Project sugar daddy George Soros writing any checks to McDonnell’s “Restoration Fund”?

We’ll find out, because anyone who throws more than $200 at McDonnell’s effort to stay out of prison will have their name disclosed on the IRS 990 tax form.  Anyone can call the Restoration Fund and demand a copy of the 990 form.  It will be interesting to see if McDonnell’s skill at generating cash handouts continues after his indictment.