The solution for some doctors is to refuse to see anyone who got their insurance through the exchanges:

And any doctor who is paid by the insurance company during the last two months of the grace period will have to return that money, he said.

“Our overhead is about 50 percent; I get $100 and it costs me $50 to stay in business,” Brotherton said. “The most obvious solution is anything through the exchange, we’re not taking it.”

Fewer doctors are going to be seeing Medicaid patients as the number of beneficiaries rise. Now we have the prospect of millions of people receiving their insurance through the exchanges and not being able to find a doctor in their area to treat them.

These little Obamacare nuclear bombs keep going off as we discover just what’s in this monstrosity. You can be sure that deadbeats being deadbeats, they’ve already figured out the angles and will milk the rest of us for all we’re worth if we give them a chance.