Felon voting is a top agenda item for the sophisticated election left. The unsophisticated fall for it.  The advocates of felon voting know that if felons had been allowed to vote, three Republican presidential victories would have been reversed and the GOP would have not held the U.S. Senate for many other years.

Felons empirically vote 9:1 for Democrats.

Bob McDonnell apparently never saw this data when he decided to hire six salaried government employees to push through felon voters in time for the November election, including Candice Reid, the “Restoration of Rights director.”  Reid’s job is to work closely with leftist groups to speed through as many felon voters as possible, all from within Governor McDonnell’s administration.

PJ Media will find out if felon voters indeed will cost Mark Obenshain a seat as Virginia attorney general.  If felons end up making the difference in the race, that’s another reason for Virginia Republicans to blame Bob McDonnell for the shellacking of November 2013.