“And that mission, that mission is to make sure that everyone, everyone in New Jersey who’s affected by Sandy is returned to normalcy in their life. And I want to promise you tonight, I will not let anyone, anything, any political party, any governmental entity, or any force get in between me and the completion of my mission.”

In telling the story of the past year of recovery, Christie said: “I’ve had a lot of people ask me for hugs.” That’s when a handful of audience members shouted that they wanted their hugs.

“You’ll get your hug later, brother. And I can tell you this. I guess there is open bar tonight, huh?”

Christie’s hug buddy after Sandy, though, left him off a list of congratulatory phone calls. The White House said President Obama called Virginia Gov.-elect Terry McAuliffe, New York Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio, and Boston Mayor-elect Martin Walsh to hail their victories.

“I know that tonight a dispirited America, angry with their dysfunctional government in Washington, looks to New Jersey to say, ‘Is what I think happening really happening? Are people really coming together? Are we really working, African-Americans and Hispanics, suburbanites and city dwellers, farmers and teachers? Are we really all working together?’ Let me give the answer to everyone who is watching tonight. Under this government, our first job is to get the job done. And as long as I’m governor, that job will always, always be finished.”