Most Republicans would have no problem expanding the healthcare savings accounts, or allowing insurance companies to sell across state lines, or allowing companies to offer far more than the idiotic four plans that Obamacare pushes as “choice” for consumers. Carefully crafted tort reform would also meet with a lot of Republican support. Risk pools at the state level — a GOP idea — could help get coverage for the chronically ill. There may be some Republicans willing to support an expansion of Medicaid to cover the truly poor — not those making a whopping 133% above the poverty line.

And no Republican would oppose getting rid of the individual mandate.

It’s not “comprehensive” reform, but such nonsense shouldn’t have been attempted in the first place. The problems with inadequate coverage, lack of coverage, and inability to get coverage would begin to be addressed — not all at once in a coercive and wildly expensive “reform” package, but in a prudent, responsible, gradual manner that recognizes problems with the health insurance system did not happen overnight and the solutions to it aren’t going to be found by waving a magic government wand over 1/6 of the economy and proclaiming the problem solved.

President Obama was fond of lying about GOP ideas for health insurance reform during the debate over Obamacare, saying Republicans had no proposals of their own. It’s time to expose the president’s lies and craft a genuine market-based approach to health insurance that the American people could support while avoiding the quicksand that has engulfed Obamacare.