I met Katrina a few years ago at a massive Tea Party rally that she organized in the Dallas area. The event itself was impressive. She is an extraordinary woman with an inspiring story and a spine of titanium. Katrina is not a rising star, she is a bona fide star. She is a friend of freedom and, to be honest, one of the most amazing people I’ve ever met. That’s why I asked her to contribute to the Tatler once in a while. Katrina already has a very visible media presence in her district and can be expected to wage a fierce issues-based campaign that will attract national attention.

I stick to a policy here of not endorsing in Republican primaries, but Katrina’s run promises to be exciting for grassroots conservatives. That said, she faces an uphill fight. She will be taking on Republican Rep. Pete Sessions in the GOP primary. Sessions is one of the most powerful congressmen in the GOP and in Washington.

Perhaps fortune favors the brave. This will be a race to watch.

Update: Katrina just won an important endorsement.

I have to say, Katrina is the kind of person the Founders had in mind when drawing up the legislative branch. Citizens who care enough about their country to put themselves on the line, but are not interested in just amassing power or making a career of being in Washington. That’s Katrina. She’s the real deal.