No doubt the Obama administration will pretend that nothing is amiss and aid to the military in Egypt will continue. Good thing because at the rate they’re expending bullets, they’re going to need a resupply soon.

Yes, Islamists are bad, bad people and the Muslim Brotherhood are the worst of them. We don’t want them in power. We don’t want them spreading their poisonous ideology. But guess what? The Islamists won 70% of the seats in the Egyptian parliament in an election last year. This isn’t some fringe opposition group they’re trying to suppress. The Egyptian people may be mad at the way that Morsi incompetently dealt with the economy and tried to suppress the opposition himself, but if the election were held tomorrow, Islamists would almost certainly receive a majority of the vote.

I’m just cynical enough to think it’s a good thing they’re out of power, but firing live bullets into a crowd? Tear gassing women and children?

Egypt’s travails are just beginning.