Does Dewhurst believe that state Sen. Wendy Davis is a real threat to GOP dominance in Texas?

DHD: No, Wendy Davis isn’t a threat to Republicans. With all due respect to Wendy Davis…I started to say she was a 15-second flash in the pan. But now it’s a couple weeks flash in the pan. The majority of Texans are conservative….Wendy Davis is a very liberal person. She doesn’t represent the mainstream, the majority of Texans.

On why he should remain Texas’ lieutenant governor –

DHD: The majority of Texans want to see a state that’s growing. And I know how, as a businessman, to grow a business, and I know how to grow a state . And we’re growing. Texas is growing this year according to Comptroller Combs 3.4%. Our economy’s growing 3.4%. Over twice the rate of the national economy, at 1.6. I know how to create jobs. I’ve done it all my life. I am probably one of the most conservative elected officials — not probably — I’m one of the most conservative elected officials in the country. And one thing everyone knows about David Dewhurst, whether you’re talking about my standing there with a mob and then we got overrun, we didn’t have enough police officers here, I came back with more police officers, and we passed our historic pro-life bill. People know that I stood there, and when the House couldn’t pass it I passed voter ID three times. One night going 26 hours in a row without stopping. Cause it’s important, it’s right.

Lt. Gov. Dewhurst also addressed the constitutionality of that voter ID bill, pledging to fight for it all the way to the Supreme Court. He noted that states that have passed voter ID have seen voter turnout increase. He also spoke about the state’s demographic shift and what it means for the state’s future. Dewhurst explains that future in his fluent Spanish at about the 16 minute mark, and finishes with a salute to Texans.