Choosing his words, Dewhurst continued: “Everyone that knew about this…everyone that knew about this, ought to be going to jail over that. This is murder.”

Then Dewhurst turned to the trial of admitted Fort Hood killer and jihadist Nidal Hasan. That trial got underway in military court this week.

Hasan admitted in his opening statement that not only is he the shooter, but that he wanted to kill as many American soldiers as possible to wage jihad, or Islamic holy war, against the United States. He was known to have been in contact with radical imam Anwar al-Awlaki prior to the 2009 rampage, which left 13 dead and more than 30 injured.

“Not to call this an act of terrorism, not to be able to give the Purple Heart to people that were wounded, the 32, 33 brave Americans that were wounded, some of which were charging the gunner unarmed…Not to call it an act of terrorism, but call it ‘workplace violence’…is incredible. Incredible! What are they thinking, this Obama administration?

“They’ve gotten busted so many times, it’s clear, there is nothing this administration won’t do in violating, stretching, avoiding, not paying any attention to federal laws and American values.”

Before the Boston Marathon bombing, the Obama administration’s designation of the Fort Hood massacre as “workplace violence” allowed it to claim that there had been no terrorist attacks on American soil on its watch.

We will have more from our interview with Lt. Gov. Dewhurst, including his opinion of Democratic state Sen. Wendy Davis’ chances of being elected governor of Texas.