“When I’m talking with conservative members of the State Board of Education…not to review and approve CSCOPE because I don’t like CSCOPE.  But let’s go through with an aggressive, really aggressive, investigation on social studies, which is the most pressing subject, on those 431 different lesson plans, find the ones that have factual errors, bias, and point those out. I’m not interested in the State Board of Education approving CSCOPE. So let’s find out where the factual errors are, and where the bias exists, and point that out to the school boards [who intend to use CSCOPE].” Dewhurst noted that under a bill he supported, SB 1474 sponsored by Sen. Robert Duncan, when schools adopt a new curriculum, there has to be a period of public comment. As CSCOPE is new, parents will get the chance to weigh in with their local schools on CSCOPE and its errors.

Dewhurst also called on concerned parents and educators to “crowdsource” the error-hunting process.

“I don’t want to just depend on a well-intentioned group of reviewers by the conservative majority on the State Board of Education.  I want to crowdsource it. I want people to take a look at it and, any errors in there, whether they’re found by this very professional group in the State Board of Education, that I think most of us believe has given us good, conservative, accurate, textbooks over the years…I’d also like to have crowdsourcing so that anyone who really studies this can point out the errors, and we’re not going to be teaching children things that we don’t believe in.

“This is all about our children. This is all about our children having the best possible education, and teaching them the values that we hold dear to our heart,” Dewhurst said.

The CSCOPE lesson plans have been posted online here. Public schools across Texas open for the 2013-2014 school year near the end of August.

CSCOPE has become a massive issue across Texas, and was a hot-button issue during the recently concluded legislative sessions. One of Dewhurst’s rivals for the lieutenant governorship, state Sen. Dan Patrick of Houston, claimed at one point that he had ended CSCOPE entirely.

We will have more of our interview with Lt. Gov. Dewhurst, including the former CIA man’s thoughts on the Ft. Hood trial and Benghazi, later on PJM and PJTV.