There was not a statement from President Obama, who hit the golf course at Fort Belvoir after the Korean War 60th anniversary ceremony.

Signs carried by anti-Morsi demonstrators have included Obama wearing an Osama beard, accusing the U.S. of supporting terrorism by supporting the Muslim Brotherhood.

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel called Egyptian Defense Minister al-Sisi, according to the Pentagon, “to express deep concern about the security situation and recent violence in Egypt, and to encourage that restraint be exercised during this difficult period.”

“The United States believes that the current transition needs to be marked by inclusivity, that Egyptian authorities should avoid politicized arrests and detentions, and take steps to prevent further bloodshed and loss of life,” the readout continued. “It is in the short and long term interests of the Egyptian people to renew their path toward democratic transition, and to emphasize tolerance across the political spectrum.”

Egypt’s interim President Adly Mansour called on Islamist protesters “to go back home and I promise you will not be harmed,” adding that the Egyptian people have determined “there is no way back” and “there are no negotiations with those who committed crimes.”

Morsi was expected to be transferred to Tora Prison, the new home of Hosni Mubarak. Charges against Morsi could include collaboration with Hamas and murder.