So have women been even more unfairly abused by Obama’s IRS than others? Well, at this point we don’t know. But it has been obvious for years that liberals reserve special venom for women who happen to be conservatives. The left pushes a narrative that it “stands for women” — that was the Texas Democrat Party’s exact line during the recent battle to pass a modest abortion law — but the reality is that while it does stand for some women it by no means stands for all women. Juanita Broaderick found out how little sympathy women who stand up against powerful Democrats will get.

When women disrupt that narrative, as state Sen. Donna Campbell, state Rep. Jodie Laubenberg, state Rep. Stephanie Klick, state Rep. Stefani Carter and other women did by championing the abortion bill through the Texas legislature, leftists either denounce them or pretend that they do not exist. Either tactic is demeaning and dismissive of women who happen to disagree with the left’s lines on issues. Carter, who is black, is running for statewide office now on the Republican ticket. As a black woman running as a conservative and pro-life Republican, Carter can expect to become the left’s next target of unreasoned hate. Battleground Texas is probably already building an arsenal of hate to unleash on her.

Sarah Palin has endured years of misogynistic abuse from the left for being a working mom who was a successful governor who happens to be a pro-life conservative. During my own years at Hot Air and on the Laura Ingraham Show I saw liberal abuse of notable conservative women up close. The abuse liberals heap on conservative women every single day is quite real and it reaches insane levels. It remains to be seen whether the IRS reserved any special scrutiny for women who stand for themselves as anything other than Democrat.