The Texas Democratic Party has egged these protests on from the beginning. It has consistently hidden behind its phony “stand with women” rhetoric, ignoring the role in the debate played by women like Dr. Donna Campbell and state Rep. Jodie Laubenberg. It has encouraged the mob to descend on Austin and act up inside the capitol. It has not distanced itself from even the worst offenders on its side. Even after today’s revelations of discoveries of jars of human waste, the Texas Democrats found yet another low.


Nobody “wins” on a day like today.

Update: The bill passed the Texas Senate, 19-11, at 11:59 pm. It awaits Gov. Rick Perry’s signature to become law.

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Update: After the vote, and after President Obama’s irresponsible reaction to it, the mob continued to occupy the Texas capitol. Well, Austin may be the blue dot in Texas’ red sea but it’s not New York. DPS is escorting them out.


Photo by Ashley Everhart, posted on Facebook.