Then again, maybe not. The only nations where he will be safe from prosecution (or U.S. government vengeance) are countries that don’t like the U.S. very much. Any of those nations mentioned above will not honor a request from our government to extradite Snowden. By definition, none of those countries (except Iceland) are “free” in how we might define the term. Snowden may want to live in a democratic paradise, but his options are extremely limited.

The Guardian
has a tweet from an ABC News editor:

Snowden’s Aeroflot flight to Havana passes thru US airspace. Will Federal authorities allow wanted man to fly over US or make plane land?

I doubt whether the Russian plane will obey any orders to land. And we’re not going to send up a couple of F-15s to force it to land either — not unless Obama is a total idiot. The chances of a mistake, while small, are significant and it’s crazy to risk an international incident with Russia over a passenger plane.

We have extradition treaties with both Cuba and Venezuela, but don’t expect much cooperation from either of those countries. The bottom line is that Snowden, unless their is a huge change in government in Venezuela, is probably going to be out of the reach of U.S. authorities there.