Texans like smaller government that leaves law-abiding citizens alone while it puts criminals away for a long time. That’s what we keep voting for. We’re rewarding ourselves with safer communities, more liberty, more jobs, and a less intrusive government. Our attitude is that New Yorkers can have their big government if they want, just keep it out of Texas. Democrats’ attitude, on the other hand, is that they want very much to spread their failure and statism as far and wide as they can. To put it bluntly, they would destroy Texas right now if they could. Liberals like the opposite of what Texans like. They like big government that pesters everybody and coddles criminals. Hey, don’t blame me for saying it like that. That’s what they keep voting for. Decade after decade. Recall Bill Clinton, the “new Democrat.” He claimed he was against all that stuff that liberals like. Liberals held their noses to elect him, but they’ve pined for a Barack Obama in their hearts all along and now they have him.

Now, here’s why the Jonathan Chaits of the world either sneer at us or ignore our success. It hurts them politically.

They really believe that the state should be master over all. They won’t say it that clearly, but everything they do say points in that direction. But California and New York stubbornly keep proving them wrong. Texas, most stubbornly, keeps poking them in their blinded eyes.

Liberals want to win in Texas, badly. They don’t care for us or what we stand for, but we’re a big electoral prize. Republicans are no longer viable nationally if Texas goes blue. So they’re ignoring our success and biding their time, hoping that demographics will do for them what their policies will not, and hand Texas to them. It just doesn’t serve their interests to even talk about Texas, except either in stories about how the next great Democrat effort will turn it blue, or to slam us for statistics at the edges of debates. We have too many uninsured, they say — leaving out the fact that that millions of those uninsured are not in the state legally. Liberals are not interested in a real policy discussion about what makes Texas tick, and how our success might be replicated. Texas stands as a shining argument against everything liberals believe in.

What I’m getting at is, it’s not to Democrats’ peril to ignore Texas’ success. It’s to their peril to talk about it at all. Not talking about it is a strategic decision on their part. It’s not an unfounded one, when you consider how Democrats buy and manipulate the low-information voting segments out there. If Democrats and their media allies don’t talk about something, and it’s not accompanied by a headline screaming KATE UPTON TOPLESS ON A HORSE or KIM KARDASHIAN HAS KANYE’S BABY, it didn’t happen.

And so, to millions of Americans out there, Texas’ success doesn’t prove anything because isn’t happening at all.