So we have physicians — from schools that lack proper medical tools — conducting these grisly procedures.  That sounds safe.  Furthermore, you can’t really call ELAM a medical school since it’s tinged with communist philosophy.  As Marc Lacey of the New York Times wrote back in 2006:

Cuban-trained doctors must be able not only to diagnose an ulcer and treat hypertension but also to expound on the principles put forward by “el comandante.”

It was President Castro himself who in the late 1990s came up with the idea for this place, which gives potential doctors from throughout the Americas and Africa not just the A B C’s of medicine but also the basic philosophy behind offering good health care to the struggling masses.

The Cuban government offers full scholarships to poor students from abroad, and many, including 90 or so Americans, have jumped at the chance of a free medical education, even with a bit of Communist theory thrown in.

Landau, who’s cited towards the end of the ’07 Times article, admitted that Cuba “is a highly flawed system…after six years here I could go on and on regarding things that I think should be different.” She went on to praise Michael Moore’s Sicko, which was released at the time, as a film that would help start discussions about reforming American health care. In the meantime, she’ll abort some babies.

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