Here’s a helpful timeline of administration knowledge of the IRS program:

1. “High level” IRS managers informed of audit in 2011. (Note: A separate timeline of IRS actions in response to finding out about the targeting program reveals that several higher-ups were aware of the political targeting and were seeking to change the criteria to a more neutral determination as early as August of 2011.)

2. Treasury Department general counsel informed on June 4, 2012, of the IG audit of the IRS.

3. Deputy Treasury Secretary Neal Wolin, a political appointee, informed “shortly after” general counsel told.

4. Treasury officials told of the “results” of the audit in March of 2013. At around the same time, Secretary Lew claims he knew of the audit but was not told any details by the IG.

5. White House counsel Kathryn Ruemmler informed of the IG’s audit on April 22.

6. President Obama, Jack Lew, and anyone else who would get in trouble if it is revealed they knew about the targeting program earlier find out with the rest of us about the IRS scandal on May 10.

The list of people who knew months ago of the IRS targeting program and yet somehow forgot to tell their boss, the president of the United States, about it is growing longer.

And so is the witness list for House hearings on the matter.

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