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Robert Wargas


May 17, 2013 - 3:15 pm

Over at The Douche, ex-journalist Andrew Sullivan writes the following:

“So far as I can tell, this president has done nothing illegal, unethical or even wrong.”

He’s reacting to a column by Peggy Noonan that describes the IRS scandal as “the worst Washington scandal since Watergate.” You can either agree with that or not, but you cannot so glibly dismiss, as Sullivan does, the systemic implications of each of these assaults on the American public. “But how exactly is all this a crippling scandal for the president?” Sullivan asks, employing the singular rather than the plural, and apparently unaware that The White House is in panic mode. “He is not involved in any of these issues directly.” (Sullivan is still stuck on the “low-level” talking point; he’s willing to be outraged so long as that outrage doesn’t extend beyond the borders of a regional IRS office.)  Then: “I guess what I’m saying is that my own confidence in this president’s integrity and abilities is completely unfazed by these unconnected stories.”

I won’t quote anymore of this nonsense, lest people begin to suspect they should actually read it. To paraphrase a character from the movie The Paper, how stupid does Sullivan think we are? What does he think we get when we put two and two together? Three? Three and a half? The notion that no high-level official had any knowledge of, or guiding hand in, the IRS scandal is risible. It simply can’t be believed by anyone with some knowledge of politics and history.

Like Glenn Greenwald, Sullivan’s main rhetorical trope is a cranky self-righteousness, according to which we mere non-Sullivans are all just hateful little machines reflexively performing our hateful little duties. Let this creepy self-worship turn you off from him forever.

Robert Wargas is a contributor to PJ Media. A native of Long Island, he was educated at the City University of New York and Yale University, and has also written for The Daily Telegraph of London and The Weekly Standard. Outside of opinion writing, he has worked as a professional historian for a major research laboratory and university, documenting the history of biotechnology since the 1970s. He has also reported for both weekly and daily newspapers, including Newsday. He maintains a personal blog/website at Follow him on Twitter @RobertWargas

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Andrew, how long are you going to serve your master for looking the other way on that potential drug charge? A while longer, it appears.

So far as you can tell nothing to see here, and that is the best reason not to read your columns. Just a thought, Barry may not be the most reliable "friend". Just ask AP.
1 year ago
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-- “But how exactly is all this a crippling scandal for the president?” Sullivan asks, employing the singular rather than the plural, and apparently unaware that The White House is in panic mode. --

Sullivan is perfectly aware that the White House, the Obama regime, and the Democrat Party are panicking. It's his role as one of the regime's supposedly "moderate" (previously "conservative') defenders to pretend otherwise. It's a requirement of the position he's decided to defend.

Frankly, the notion that Obama himself is above it all --"President Passerby" in the words of one liberal columnist -- is, to me, the tawdriest and most disgusting aspect of the whole affair. Obama has fostered an atmosphere of outright, take-no-prisoners political combat -- under the guise of being "non-partisan" and a "uniter," at that! -- and we're supposed to believe none of these shenanigans is in any way his fault? C'MON!
1 year ago
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Pretty funny for a culture of morons who still attach Bush to everything under the sun. You'd think it was Obama who was 5 years out of the Presidency.

Sullivan and Greenwald are part of a cult of identity. They believe they are history's cast-offs; cast off by reason of their identity, and so that is how they parse the world, history and politics.

They think all things are equal and that the great deal-breaker and the greatest evil of all is history's greatest expression of bigotry, America and Great Britain.

All things then are driven, not by competence, culture, and values, but by identity hatred. Except for identity hatred, Africans would have colonies on Mars and sit around discussing string theory with Muslims.

Greenwald and Sullivan literally live in a world they see as devoid of principles, where all right and wrong can be easily parceled out according to skin and gender. Unfortunately, that makes simple comparisons almost impossible. That's why they have to ignore entire swaths of history just to sit down and blog.
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