Ed Lasky at the American Thinker reminds us that the appointment of Rhodes — a failed novelist — to a position on the National Security Council was a shocker:

He earned a master’s degree in fiction-writing from New York University just a few years ago . He did not have a degree in government, diplomacy, national security; nor has he served in the CIA, or the military. He was toiling away not that long ago on a novel called ‘The Oasis of Love” about a mega church in Houston, a dog track, and a failed romance.

Carol Lee of Politico wrote  in May, 2009, that

Not long ago, Rhodes was one of the obscure guys who wrote Obama’s campaign speeches in Starbucks and played video games into the early morning hours. Now he attends national security meetings and takes writer’s refuge in a secret office on the third floor of the Eisenhower Executive Office Building.

In such hands has our national security been entrusted.

Issa wants to get to the bottom of the talking-points controversy, and it appears some administration officials like Hicks are ready to finally go on the record. And when a full accounting of the lies, misleading statements, and stonewalling is given, one wonders how it will be possible for the phalanx of Obama sycophants in the press to salvage the president’s credibility.

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