Toensing told Tantaros that she has yet to hear from the White House, and that Rep. Issa’s committee has not heard from the White House either.

“What they are doing is against the law,” Toensing told Tantaros. “It violates both a civil statute that says all federal employees have a right to get information to Congress and that right should not be denied or interfered with in any way. That’s the civil statute. And the criminal statute…says that nobody can obstruct or interfere in any way with a person giving information to Congress.”

Toensing noted that the major broadcast networks have consistently failed to cover Benghazi and have reported nothing about the whistleblowers. She said that she received one call from the Washington Post, but the paper was not calling her to cover the whistleblowers. Instead, the Post’s story was to be about the allegation that the media are ignoring Benghazi.

Toensing says that the State Department’s foot dragging serves a purpose: minimizing what the whistleblowers can tell her, as their lawyer, and Congress.

“I can represent my clients,” she said, “and I have talked to her or him. And I have information. But when we reach a certain point, my client says, ‘Oh, this is really important but I learned it in a classified briefing so I can’t tell you about it.’ So what they’re doing is, they’re minimizing what can be told to me and members of Congress.” That inaction, says Toensing, not only hinders her ability to represent her clients. It also implies a threat to the whistleblowers against disclosing anything they learn during any classified briefing to her or to Congress, at risk of prosecution and termination of their jobs.

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