Democrats continue promoting their racist agenda that began with the formation of their party, and hardened before and after the Civil War. These days, they use entitlements and class envy to fool non-Caucasians into accepting the cookie crumbs of slavery in lieu of the risks and rewards of freedom.

Even NPR—which my wife says stands for No Personal Responsibility because it incessantly runs “victimization” stories—reports that “the face of poverty for the nation has changed from being white to being black and Latino.” The very government spending our tax dollars to prosecute this “war on poverty” declared in 2005 that the black middle class hasn’t grown “as a percentage of the African-American population.” Rather than blaming discrimination, here’s this very interesting conclusion from Professor Douglas Besharov from the University of Maryland School of Public Affairs:

Married-couple families tend to have higher incomes than female-headed families. According to data [Besharov] presented, African-Americans are less likely to be in married-couple families.

But the failure of the War on Poverty can get blamed on those “evil Republicans,” or at least some racist Tea Party conservatives. Democrats aren’t responsible, so vote them back in to try again.

Republicans hide behind the Bible and flag, pretending they care about personal rights like the Second Amendment. As liberty continues to erode, they get to blame those “evil Democrats” who are out for our guns. It’s all the fault of Feinstein and Schumer, so reelect these Constitution-loving conservatives (like John McCain) to try again.

And so the Kabuki theater plays on, while we direct our petty revenge towards each other, instead of stepping back from our Pavlovian conditioning and asking perceptive questions like: “If my representatives are so weak-minded and pathetic they can’t successfully implement a decent, high-sounding agenda, why am I still voting for them? Are they seriously trying to represent me, or are they merely hoodwinking me into reelecting them so they can continue feeding at the public trough? Will I continue being a useful fool in their game until I wake up one day to realize I live in a Hunger Games society?”

The famous phrase mistakenly attributed to P.T. Barnum says “there’s a sucker born every minute.” According to Census data, does this mean America grew at six suckers per minute last year?

Will enough Americans wake up in time and say “enough”?