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April 20, 2013 - 8:50 am
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Twitter featured perhaps the most irresponsible posters. Numerous tweets from liberals immediately blamed the attack on the right. Not to be outdone, some on the right blamed President Obama or radical Islamists. The latter might yet prove to be accurate but at the time, there was no evidence for stating it.

The speed with which information is sent out over social media is a problem. Haste in publishing leads to irresponsible speculation, false information, and unthinking criticism that sometimes goes over the line of decency and propriety.

And then there’s the paranoia. Alex Jones tweeted shortly after the bombing that the attack was a “false flag” operation by the Obama administration.

Jones suggested that the FBI orchestrated the bombings under the false flag of a terrorist organization in order to justify expanded security powers. The Boston attack, he theorized, was staged by the U.S. government to extend the reach of both the Dept. of Homeland Security and Transportation Security Administration.

“Just wait folks,” the 39-year-old Texan wrote. “#TSA groping you at sporting events coming soon.”

Jones posted a YouTube video further fanning the false-flag flames, saying that reports of a “controlled explosion” drill, scheduled to coincide with the race, was proof that the FBI was behind the Boston Marathon blasts.

A reporter working for Jones’ website InfoWars got to ask a question at the final press conference given by the police and Governor Patrick:

Why were the loud speakers telling people in the audience to be calm moments before the bombs went off? Is this another false flag staged attack to take our civil liberties and promote homeland security while sticking their hands down our pants on the streets?

Of course, there were no announcements made over the loudspeaker telling marathon observers to stay calm prior to the bombing. This is pure fantasy. But it was a fantasy spread by social media.

There is little doubt that Twitter, Facebook, and other social media sites have enormous potential for both good and bad. Like the internet itself, trying to separate the two is impossible. But like any other freedom we enjoy, responsibility must attend its exercise. Otherwise, our jungle instincts will take over and unintended consequences will flow.

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Rick Moran is PJ Media's Chicago editor and Blog editor at The American Thinker. He is also host of the"RINO Hour of Power" on Blog Talk Radio. His own blog is Right Wing Nut House.

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From the Minister of Misinformation, in future all media citations must fit within strictly defined classifications: unnamed, well-placed, unnamed well-placed, unofficial, official unnamed, unnamed reliable, well-placed reliable, and official unnamed well-placed
1 year ago
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The first indicators of hysteria were actually from the US Congress! A "ban on Ball Bearings!" More anti-gun legislation! Filing of ammendments to defeated POTUS legislation in the US Senate. Social media and MSM were actually in "circling-the-wagons" mode as regards protecting We The Elite People of culture of corruption in all of Washington DC.
Who dropped the ball? 1)USCIS with their screwy, full-of-holes immigration flim-flammery;2)FBI with their screwy double-dealings and and just plain ineptitude; 3)Boston City officials, not anticipating (Logan airport, anybody?) a heightened security detail with canine substance sniffing contingents;4)public safety organization with police preseances throughout the route (a la Britains examples) ;5)undercover contingent ferreting key areas of city proper and marathon route; 6)Security cameras, municipal and contracted for!!!
NAH! Boston's political, Tammany Hall, goofy administration is at fault! The blood is fully on (and in) their hands...they dropped the ball, and demeaned every victim and death as a result of this gross ineptitude. Focus on the Mayor and Governor. Our hearts and prayers go out to Marathon participants , their families and loved ones who suffered at the hands of grandstanding politicians pointing fingers away from themselves. Pray. Amen.
1 year ago
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I admit that I immediately thought "Islamists" once I heard of the attacks. I also didn't say anything about it on social media until there was confirmation of the religion of the two terrorists. When the police had issued the names of the suspects, though, I found Twitter in particular invaluable in gathering quick information about what was happening. I didn't really find the initial naming of Tripathi any different than what the traditional media has done in the past (for instance, initially calling out the wrong James Holmes as a Tea Partier and the Colorado shooter, simply based on the name and nothing else). Traditional and social media need to both be more careful about all of this.
1 year ago
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