As Breitbart’s Kerry Picket reported yesterday, the ACU and GOProud have a ways to go in settling their differences. “The minute the check hit the ACU office, there were forces on the ACU board that sought to keep us from being a sponsor of CPAC because we’re gay,” said GOProud co-founder Jimmy LaSalvia.  At the same time,  saying your “ashamed” of being a Republican does nothing concerning ameliorating relations with the ACU board.

So, let’s have a ceasefire.  The ACU should not exclude any organization, like GOProud, because they might be moderate on a SINGLE issue – and GOProud would make more inroads with the conservative movement by not saying they’re “ashamed” of it.  The ACU needs to understand that groups with some different opinions foster the intellectual debates that keep our movement fresh and modern.  It allows us to adapt our policy messaging and strategy to a changing political landscape.  As for GOProud, be patient, and keep pressing your organization’s platform.  They’re conservatives who support your cause, and it’s inevitable that you’ll be more widely accepted as younger conservatives take the reins.  It wouldn’t surprise me if more panels hosted by more organizations at CPAC  might – sadly– be part of the slow process to ending this distracting feud.  However, if GOProud continues to slam fellow conservatives, they shouldn’t be surprised if they remain at the kids’ table.


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