“Shoot the consultants”? The level of desperation to avoid looking in the mirror and assigning blame for defeat exactly where it belongs is getting comical. Mitt Romney deserves much disapprobation for his performance during the campaign. But when consultants are blamed for not calling Obama vicious enough names, or for not hitting him hard enough, or for failing to point out that the president is trying to destroy the country, you have reached a level of denial that is both unhealthy and disheartening.

Where is the introspection, the self-examination that would lead to the beginning of an understanding of how conservatism has reached this, the lowest point in several generations? Instead, all we get is attack, and purge, and attack, and attack again, lashing out at those who would be the right’s natural allies and who agree with them on 90% of the issues, but fail some mythical test of ideology or temperament.

The issue is not political consultants, many of whom are indeed overpaid courtiers who leech off candidates and fatten their expense accounts while presiding over disaster after disaster. Nor is the issue a matter of ideological purity, or loyalty to a personality or a particular issue, or even candidate selection — a surprise to Karl Rove and his rich friends who believe the key to victory is running roughshod over local control of party matters in order to choose “winnable” candidates.

The issue is unity. Unless that can be achieved in the next few years, something simple and vital about America will be lost and we may never get it back.