I lean socially conservative on issues relating to our society, but our imagination is an area where government regulation is nonsensical, ineffective, and illegal.  Also, the notion of regulating the internet is another inane characteristic of government overreach.  Valle’s no angel.  He did access a database without permission to find would-be victims in order to quench his depraved thirst for eating women – but did he hurt anyone?  While the evidence is strong – and macabre – Valle was interacting on a fetish site with like-minded company. Of course, they’ll push the envelope.  It’s a site designed to serve as an outlet for them to discuss their abnormal sexual proclivities.

There were no bodies, no monetary transactions, and no consumption.  A disturbed man with sordid sexual desires, a distraught woman, and an online community still talking about extreme fetishes are all that remains in this bizarre episode of American justice.