From our reduced “real” savings of $493,000,000,000, we have to factor in two more things to get to the really real savings you can expect from a Democrat budget. What are those two more things? Democrats and RINOs.

Factoring in them brings the remaining $493,000,000,000 down to a big fat ZERO, from which we must further subtract whatever damn-fool thing the DemoRINOs think they’ll need to spend invest in next. Jobs programs, infrastructure, free condoms for snail darters, whatevs. Use your imagination; get all stupid with it — you know they will.

Murray’s budget — and the politicians who support it — is laughable on its face, and tragedy deep down.

P.S. Even if you take Patty’s numbers as real, although you can bet for damn sure her trillion-dollar tax-hike is as real as cancer, she still can’t get the budget balanced in ten years.

Try again, Patty-cakes.