Toomey told Fox News he hopes the dinner signaled “a new approach on the part of the president to reach out, to have some dialogue, to see if there’s common ground.”

“I’m not sure what his motivation is. He is the only one who knows that for sure. But I would suggest that the approach of campaigning in America and — and really being quite confrontational hasn’t been working so well,” the senator said.

“It was cordial, but it was also substantive. It really was. Everybody had a chance to make the points they wanted to make. There was back and forth. There was substantive discussion about actual fiscal policy, priorities and alternatives and ideas,” Toomey added. “So, you know the idea wasn’t that we were going to negotiate a deal last night. That was never part of the plan, and that isn’t going to happen over one dinner. But I think it was a constructive exchange.”

Toomey, Chambliss, and Johnson aided Paul with his filibuster at some point in the day or after dinner.

Corker called the meal “a very sincere and, I think, a constructive dinner” on Fox today.

“I thought there was a sincere and in-depth conversation about the various touch points. Obviously, Republicans want to see entitlement reform so that these programs are saved for the next 75 years,” he said. “The president, obviously, is looking for revenues, and so there were discussions along broad parameters last night, and I think there were some areas of commonality which I hope we can build upon to solve this problem.”

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