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Sam Levine


March 3, 2013 - 1:53 pm

I had a chance to ask Bret Stephens of the Wall Street Journal about his thoughts on the Hagel confirmation in front of hundreds of AIPAC attendees, and he did not disappoint.

He said the selection of Hagel by Obama was an “absolutely outrageous pick,” and that it is “hard to imagine a worse signal the administration could have sent about Iran.”

He also said, “If I were an Israeli decision-maker, I would be drawing some conclusions” about the pick, and that “[Hagel's] idea of Iran is that it is a misunderstood country.”

He went on, saying “[Hagel] got defended in ways that are frightening,” surely referring to all the the Jewish Democrats in the Senate who came out and supported Hagel, and unanimously voted for his confirmation.

AIPAC prides itself as being a “bipartisan” organization, and they were noticeably silent during the entire Hagel fiasco, because they wouldn’t dare criticize Obama. So it was refreshing to have Stephens air out his well-known views in this AIPAC forum, where many democrats were surely listening.

Sam Levine is the Zionist Organization of America's Executive Director of the West Coast Office. He can be reached at;

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Well that's an improvement over Stephens' attempted whitewash of Eason Jordan, then president of CNN. Malkin wrote about that at the time, unfortunately the WSJ seems to have airbrushed the Stephens editorial linked by her.

He's one of the reasons I cancelled my WSJ subscription about that time.
2 years ago
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So what's with Jewish Democrats? Do they look at Israelis the same way we looked at Jerry Falwell or what's the story?
2 years ago
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Jewish Democrats have bought the "coexist/peace process" nonsense hook, line, and sinker. They think that Netanyahu is a "right-wing extremist" and believe that "the settlers" are the "obstacle to peace," the more so since "the settlers" are, in many cases, "religious," and Jewish Democrats are, for the most part, resolutely secular---which is to say, Jewish by descent according to halacha, but barely observant as far as the tenets of Judaism are concerned.
2 years ago
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