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Stephen Kruiser


March 1, 2013 - 7:07 pm


Over the fierce protests of this city’s elected leaders, the State of Michigan plans to send an emergency manager to repair the deeply troubled finances of Detroit, one of the largest cities ever to reach such a dire point or to face such a level of oversight.

“There is probably no city that is more financially challenged in the entire United States,” Gov. Rick Snyder said on Friday as he explained why he had deemed Detroit’s woes too fundamental, too lasting and too large to be solved by the city itself.

Mr. Snyder’s call for an emergency manager, who would wield sweeping powers to reshape the city, underscored a long, troubling arc for Detroit. Once the cradle of the American auto industry and the nation’s fourth most populous city, it is now less than half the size it was decades ago and has a public sector plagued by more than $14 billion in long-term liabilities and annual worries of cash shortfalls.

The notion set off a flurry of pointed and sometimes emotional reactions here, including an unavoidable racial and political component. Detroit is a mostly black city dominated by Democrats in a mostly white state where Republicans, including Mr. Snyder, control the capital.

Sure, taking the knives away from the jittery drunk who has been self-inflicting wounds for decades is racist. The “dominated by Democrats” component is key here-they’ve been in bed with Big Labor and have destroyed a once-great city. They were probably just coasting along hoping for a federal bailout with less oversight. They certainly haven’t done anything to change their ways and get things in order on their own.

Stephen Kruiser is a professional comedian and writer who has also been a conservative political activist for over two decades. A co-founder of the first Los Angeles Tea Party, Kruiser often speaks to grassroots groups around America and has had the great honor of traveling around the world entertaining U.S. troops.

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Detroit 1950: Forth largest city in the US. Detroit 2020: Abandoned. Frightening.
1 year ago
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Detroit is essentially a Third World city. People should understand this is the future for America, except it'll get worse as the new demography asserts itself. Let's admit it: they'd be riding donkeys in Detroit if it weren't for outside cultural influence. They're riding donkeys in Cairo right now - this is reality, not a fantasy. They're riding donkeys in Cairo right now because there's too many Cairenes in Cairo. This is not rocket science to figure out. Take 40 milion Europeans and put them in Cairo, and the donkeys stop. Take 40 million Cairenes to Detroit and the donkeys come.

That outside cultural influence that has sustained Detroit to this point is waning, being marginalized and cut down demographically. Warnings about doing this have been shouted down as racist, even though it's just a matter of opening your eyes and making simple observations about where success comes from, and where failure does.

Making sure success can only come a certain way is the exact same thing as failure - because success must be unhindered. The great American success story is in fact following success come what may. Now it follows come what race, class, gender identity is attached or forget it. Well, that won't work.

You can't build or sustain a civilization on recrimination, excuses and happy-pensions to 24 yr. old layabouts. If a leg is broke, fix it. If you say you'll only fix it if the right racial components are in place, that's called suicide. Water, wind and fire don't care anything about our cultural conceits nor will success wait to indulge them.
1 year ago
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While I like the notion being bandied about that Mitt Romney would be a great candidate for overseeing the turnaround, I wonder if the Democrats would have too much of a vested interest in sabotaging any such attempt.
1 year ago
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Although Mitt and Ann hail from the tri-county area surrounding and containing Detroit, there is no way in hell he'd take this one on.
STUPID he ain't and anyone of 'a light shade' is gonna be ignored, yet harrassed and dismissed out of hand. Not to mention needing a very large security detail, you-betch-a.
Gov. Snyder is rumored to have someone in mind .
Might we see a retired military figure with leftist leanings being popped in here?
1 year ago
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