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Stephen Kruiser


February 27, 2013 - 10:39 pm

The crumbling narrative

His strategy instead is to provoke citizens into demanding that tax hikes on the wealthy replace the scheduled spending cuts. His speeches give the impression of a man exaggerating his arguments for exaggerated effect: Removing a comparatively small $85 billion from the final seven months of a $3.6 trillion budget just isn’t the biggest danger our republic will confront in this or any decade. Managed well, any family, business or government should be able to cut its budget by 2.4 percent in difficult times.

Unless, that is, the head of the family, business or government wants to make that reduction look suicidal. It’s telling that, as congressional Republicans prepare to give the president flexibility to pick and choose which spending to cut, the White House wants no such authority. Having it would undermine the message that the sequester is a GOP-inspired assault on Americans, and would expose Obama to criticism if his agency heads make unpopular choices. As The New York Times reported Tuesday: “White House budget officials are leery. If Congress grants the White House the authority to protect air traffic controllers, Border Patrol agents and national parks, the administration’s carefully devised high-pressure campaign that has been mounted for weeks could deflate.”

Yes, the MSM is in love with Obama, but they’re more in love with themselves and will ultimately opt for self-preservation. Should the GOP surprise virtually everyone and not blink, they’ll have to spin for themselves for a while to make it seem as if they weren’t complicit in the president’s doomsday mongering.

And that will be kind of fun to watch.

Stephen Kruiser is a professional comedian and writer who has also been a conservative political activist for over two decades. A co-founder of the first Los Angeles Tea Party, Kruiser often speaks to grassroots groups around America and has had the great honor of traveling around the world entertaining U.S. troops.

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The media loves themselves some much that their pride will be the last to go. Holding Obama accountable calls into question the media's own judgement and choice to leg hump for him.
2 years ago
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DePravda will resort to its usual suspects. If you can blame the Republicans (who don't fight back) you do. When you can't, you fuzzy up why leftists are not to blame or bury the story. When you can't, you make moral equivalency arguments. When you can't....oh, look...a puppy!
2 years ago
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It would be more fun to watch if they weren't all but certain to get away with it.
2 years ago
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I have my doubts about the MSM's instinct for self-preservation. I believe they would go full kamikaze if they thought it would serve Obama and the left-liberal narrative. Satisfying as it would be to see them turn on The One, I'm not sure it will happen.
2 years ago
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The 2008 financial crash
The 2008 election
The 2009 Stimulus
The 2012 Election

For every single one of those events we saw the media opt to completely ignore ethics, law and facts in order to serve Obama. Each time they did it we said "This is it, they've finally lost their credibility. This is the one they won't be able to live down." And every time we say that we're wrong.

Monster is right. They would go completely kamikaze in order to serve Obama. But they don't have to, because they know that low-information voters now rule the republic and they know those people a) have no attention span whatsoever and b) will believe whatever they're told.

Until we make some significant inroads into the media and academia this is how things are going to be. The only real question is if America as the Founders intended can survive long enough for us to do it.
2 years ago
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Don't count your chickens before they hatch.

I expect a heart-rendering profile of some poor urban single mom about how the evil Republicans and their sequester is dooming her child to poverty and ignorance because she can't send them to pre-school or get free school meals. This will be featured in the Sunday edition of the NYT or WaPo (trying to get back into the admin's good standing) and eventually win some award for reporting.
2 years ago
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If there's anything adults hate, it's to be in the presence of a squalling, complaining, ego-driven juvenile delinquent. Ten minutes of that, and you want to backhand the kid and tell him to shut the hell up.

Well, 'Bam, that's you, and you've now officially jumped the shark. How's that for you, eh? Even Bob Woodward is sniping at you. And you? More squalling, more complaining. "ME! ME!!!"

What a walking, steaming POS he is.
2 years ago
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Sequestration – The Real Truth
Amy Payne(The Heritage Foundation)
February 27, 2013 at 9:52 pm
All this talk of “spending cuts” in sequestration is forgetting one important point: These aren’t true spending cuts. They are reductions in the rate at which government spending is continuing to grow, said Heritage President-elect Jim DeMint on “The Kudlow Report.”
He told host Larry Kudlow, “You can see…there’s no cuts in spending. In fact, it will continue to increase at a rather dramatic pace.”
While President Obama runs around warning everyone of economic devastation, it’s the President’s policies that are truly harmful to the economy, DeMint said. “He’s tried to discredit capitalism over the last four years, and now he’s trying to make a case that the only way to grow the economy is to continue to grow spending.”
Heritage recommends an approach to budgeting that would set the country back on a prosperous track.
“We want to see the country on a 10-year path to a balanced budget that creates some financial stability,” DeMint said. “We need some pro-growth policies like good, simple tax reform and entitlement reform to give some certainty out over the next 10 years.”
Conclusion? The “Prevaricator-In-Chief” has been caught once again professing one of his lies…”Spending cuts!!!” Fact is, the rate of deficit spending is slowed by a mere 2.23%. That’s all!!! Jim DeMint has it right!!! ‘Ol Kabuki Theatre, smoke-an-mirrors, “prevaricator-in-Chief” is just plain lying.
2 years ago
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