Police have to prioritize their calls and allocate resources to respond to them. Adams said that there is no guarantee that any officers will arrive in time to help you. If you are not armed and familiar with your firearm, it could mean the difference between life and death. Police chiefs, meanwhile, are hired by mayors, and mayors tend to be gun control-supporting Democrats. That explains the difference between the rank and file and their bosses, and why Feintstein claims to have “all the police” when she really means all of the police who work for mayors who also support her ban.

Adams says that one common thread connects the high-profile mass murderers who have shocked the country and whose actions have spurred the latest push for more gun control laws: Mental health. But the current background check system is inadequate to deal with that issue, and rather than fix it, gun control advocates just want to expand it. In Florida, Adams says that she passed legislation that tied mental competence to the gun background check system, but different laws in different states mean the system will not catch every potential problem.

“The problem with the background check that they do today is that they are riddled with holes. What’s considered a felony in one state may not be a felony in another. I told Sen. Durbin (D-IL) that you should fix the system before you ever considered expanding it.”

Those holes, she says, should be addressed before anyone considers expanding the system to a “universal” background check as the Obama administration is proposing.

Adams adds that gun ownership is not something to be taken lightly. “I had this conversation with one of my children. You have to understand that gun ownership is a huge responsibility. You have to learn how to handle it, how to shoot it, how to clean it. And you have to know in your own mind what you will do when you are attacked.”

Political leaders also have a responsibility regarding the laws that they pass. “Sen. Feinstein has been very vocal for many years, and her opinions on guns and gun control are very well known. But I stand by the fact that if you disarm law-abiding citizens, you leave them vulnerable to attack by criminals, who by definition break the law. They will find a way of getting guns” no matter what laws are passed.