It’s clear that the sharp knives are out for Ted Cruz.  It’s obvious that Cruz is coming on a little too strong for the liberal white men on Capitol Hill to tolerate.  So they’ve solicited their proxies in the so-called, “news” media, to help destroy and marginalize this man before his career in politics even takes off.  Their agenda is clearly seen by all of those who dare to see it.   We’re onto them.  And like the struggle undertaken by the great Dr. Martin Luther King decades ago, we conservative minorities will not allow their bullying to go unanswered.  We will fight the liberal establishment as they continue to try and shackle our people to the failure that is liberalism.  We’ll say with a resounding voice that they will not keep us down because we refuse to conform to their special brand of servitude to extremist causes.  Get used to us Chris Matthews, we conservative Latinos are not going anywhere.