The comment by “fhk22553” was particularly noteworthy:

“Isn’t it amazing that we are asked to believe that a stationary billboard with simply a picture of an ugly (Joe) Camel on it , will make a young adult want to run out and buy a carton of cigarettes , yet , somehow that same young adult will be totally un-affected by watching a 90 minute film with a dozen people either blown-up , shot , or sliced and diced …. How does that work ? ….Is it magic , or just another case of Liberal Logic-101 …. What’s your best guess ?” [sic]

This highlights another compelling point: The LA Times has no problem reciting the fictional “gun violence” meme, implying that guns cause violence. A search on “LA Times gun violence” returned this opinion piece under their “Mental Illness” subheading:

The national effort to crack down on gun violence being led by President Obama is generating encouraging discussion in Congress, where until recently the subject of gun control had been largely taboo. That’s good news.

The author noted California ranked Number 1 according to the Brady Campaign — leading the way with the most gun control of any state — but claims they still need “some degree” more of gun control.

Another column labeled a Sacramento demonstration by pro-rights advocates as “some people celebrated their love of guns,” concluding that Obama’s gun control proposals are a “step in the right direction.” (Purists may claim the author quoted an interviewee, but remember that the closing paragraph contains the author’s overarching message.)

So the Times has no problem making guns a love object for supporters of the civil right of self-defense. Nor does the Times have a problem making guns a magical object that stimulates violence in those who possess one.

But after imbuing an inanimate object with the power to cause mental illness and turn us into violent monsters, the Times turns around and tells us that another inanimate object — violent movies — has no impact on our mental health.

This is what happens when we let the narrative be controlled by those for whom the agenda is more important than the truth.