Obama declared that he will stop Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon. But North Korea is getting them and blew up another one this morning. He has no strategy for dealing with them at all.

Then he said that he will work with Russia to reduce our nuclear arsenals. Russia just backed out of a bilateral relationship to fight crime. Putin has shown no interest in reducing Russia’s arsenal. Is Obama planning to use his promised “flexibility” to reduce ours anyway? Is he, in other words, going to just drop our guard based on his faith in a man who spent most of his life in the KGB?

Reality never seems to intrude on this president’s world. He has his ideology and he is sticking to it.

Case in point: Obama mentioned women in combat and gays in the military, but never mentioned Chris Kyle. Kyle was the most successful sniper in U.S. military history. He was laid to rest in Austin, TX, today. Could the president not spare one word for a genuine hero who saved countless lives? He could, but his ideology gets in the way.

Another case in point: Obama railed against any American having to spend three hours to vote, saying that it “betrays our ideals.” But he and his Justice Department militate against voter ID. So voter fraud does not “betray our ideals,” but having to wait in line because of healthy voter turnout does? How does this even make any sense, other than as political statements devoid of logic and depraved of any understanding of right and wrong?

Then he called for gun control, without calling it gun control. “Each of these proposals deserve a vote in Congress,” he said. But none of his proposals would have stopped any mass shooting. Why then do they deserve a vote? They don’t, but he tried distracting us from that fact by name-checking some victims of violence. He never name-checked anyone who has used a firearm to defend themselves. To Barack Obama, they do not exist.

Near the blessed end of his speech, Obama hailed the idea and ideals of the citizen. But this president is working to water down the legal meaning of the word. Again, incoherent.

The consequences of Barack Obama’s loose grasp on the real world are just going to have to work themselves out now. He will win some and he will lose some. Hopefully he will lose more than he wins.

“The evil that men do lives after them,” Shakespeare wrote of ambitious men centuries ago. So it will be with Barack Obama, who has done much evil to the Constitution, to the country, and to the concept of truth. He will continue to do more evil to them all for the next four years.

America, you were warned but you re-elected him anyway. And that’s the state of our union.